Ek could add Arsene Wenger to his takeover bid

Arsene Wenger could become another ex-Arsenal man that returns to the club when Daniel Ek buys it.

The Swedish billionaire has declared an interest in buying the club from its current owner, Stan Kroenke, as fans continue to demand that the American leaves.

Ek says he is an Arsenal fan and wants to return them back to their former glory days.

Kroenke insists that he isn’t selling, but Ek’s bid has gathered pace in recent days and he is expected to table an official offer soon.

To strengthen his bid for ownership, he has enlisted the help of the likes of Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira.

The two players are very popular among Arsenal’s fans because of their history at the club.

Ek hopes to involve fans and former players more in the club’s decision making.

L’Equipe is now reporting that Arsene Wenger could also join the effort to help reclaim the team and put it in the hands of a serious owner.

They cannot force Kroenke to sell, but everyone has a price and the club’s fans will hope that Ek will make him an offer that is big enough to tempt him into selling.

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  1. Yes all! Hope ing and 🙏 👋👍✌️ from Timmy Blazen Gunner Paul in Bermuda Gunner’s 4 life!!! That Kroenke Sells!!! Please!!!

  2. Arteta the most idiotic coach in Arsenal history.We need a goal to qualify.He went ahead and bench two strikers

  3. Wenger as GM
    Coach Viera
    Ian Wright, Henry, Bergamp, in board.

    EK looks at Man U difficulty to make transition from his legendary coach, we in same case.

    Only way Viera can grow and succeed, is by Wenger being around as Sir Alew in Man U….He advises and supports his old player/coach.

    Or we need to bring Bielsa’s experience and tac tic, great football. style… If he can do this job with Leeds 3 years, he will secure CL football and have this same squad fight for title as Tuchel does, even more so.

    Amazing coach Guardiola praises as his mentor.

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