“Ek needs to talk money”’ Prospective new owner told to show Kroenke the money

Mail Sports’ Martin Samuel has urged Daniel Ek to put his money where his mouth is after declaring his intention to buy Arsenal.

The Spotify co-founder has become the latest billionaire to announce that he will save the club from Stan Kroenke.

He claims to be a boyhood Arsenal fan and reports say he is prepared to have some former Arsenal players as members of his board when he completes the purchase of the club.

However, making an announcement about your intention to buy on social media isn’t a step to buying the club because it’s money that makes purchases.

Samuel says if the Swedish entrepreneur is serious about buying the club, then he will need to bring out money and place it in front of Kroenke to show his seriousness.

He says Ek doesn’t need to make the announcements to his Twitter fans, he just has to negotiate with Kroenke because that is the person that matters.

He writes in his column on Mail Sport: “Anyone who wants to buy Arsenal knows who to speak to. It is not 182,600 random followers on Twitter. It is not Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp. It is not the national newspapers.

“If you want to buy Arsenal, get in touch with Stan Kroenke. And any prospective owner who does not can hardly be serious.”

Reacting directly to his Twitter announcement, he adds: “And if hats bought football clubs that would be a fine statement. If Kroenke wanted out and all he wished for in return was a nice trilby, this could indeed be a momentous occasion.

“Yet what the owners of major football clubs are interested in — and recent events have given us incontrovertible proof of this — is money. Lots and lots of money. So Ek needs to talk money, not hats, if he wants to buy, and he needs to talk it with the person whose club it is to sell.”

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  1. I don’t know if Daniel Ek is really going to make a bid, but I am glad he announced it on twitter. We all needed a boost and whatever happens Kroenke has lost the supporters for ever. He is now the Devil Incarnate for Arsenal supporters….footballs most evil owner…..with his head up his own *£*&.

  2. MARTIN SAMUEL is among my favourite sports journalists and always gets to the heart of the matter. Any billionaire who announces on Twitter his intent to buy is ,imo, not serious about buying.

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