Elneny and Xhaka have been crucial to Arsenal’s turnaround

Arsenal has been making a statement of intent to play the Champions League football next season, the Gunners have won two of two games scoring a total number of seven goals against Chelsea and Man United. No one expected the turnaround, but you have to respect the mentality of these players, they have been outstanding in all areas.

One player that has been underrated in Arsenal’s victories in their last two games is Mohamed Elneny. People don’t seem to recognize the turnaround he has made since his involvement in the team, the midfield combination with Granit Xhaka has been nothing short of top quality.

He made things very easy for Arsenal by doing the dirty work of making interceptions. He won back the possession of the ball yesterday afternoon that sealed Arsenal’s victory. That vital tackle made by him in regaining the ball back for Arsenal produced Granit Xhaka’s amazing goal.

The combination of Xhaka and Elneny in the midfield is starting to give other teams nightmares. And it’s only fair to say that Arsenal is long overdue to play in the Champions League next season.

Arsenal’s next 3 games against West Ham, Leeds, and Spurs will not be any easier so let’s hope the good performances continue.

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    1. For the last 2 games the stats favour an arsenal win too against Spurs. Please let it be ….

  1. I agree Mo has always been underated in my opinion.i think he is a good squad player.also,I couldn’t believe some of the comments after our win against MU about his back/sideways passing,I must have watched a different game because most of the time,he was looking for and finding the forward pass,he was not only pushing the team forward but broke few counters too.

    1. The problem is, Siamois, those that have criticised Elneny since Wenger first brought him to the club, cannot bring themselves to admit what a good buy he was.
      Even MA refused to play him in front of Loks until those three defeats meant he had to.
      I remember someone saying he would never wear the shirt again, yet here he is MOTM in the two must win games that were crucial to our top 4 ambitions.
      He’s never let the club or himself down – a model professional.

      1. He’s got the same problem coquelin had – arsenal fans actually don’t like midfielders who can’t play many incisive forward passes. When the attack lacks cohesion and we get bad results, players like elneny and coquelin are made the scapegoats.

  2. Be honest 6 weeks ago who picked Arsenal to get hammered by Palace out classed by Brighton and out passioned by Southampton. Then for Arsenal to play terribly against both Chelsea and Man U but still win? Nobody that’s who. Nobody. Who predicted we would be saved by Nketiah’s first two PL goals of the season, Xhaka’s first goal of the season and Tavarez first ever goal for Arsenal. In truth no one has a clue about what brought about the last 5 results not the players, fans, pundits or Arteta. In Mikels last two interviews he has simply held his hand up and more or less admitted “I haven’t a clue ” Right now tho all that matters are results and the table. I predict the super computer, and genius pundits like Kev Campbell and Paul Merson none of whom pedicted any of the last 5 results let alone the next lotto numbers willl be “revealing” the astonishing news that Arsenal has our nose in front regards top 4. 🙂 Who knew 🙂

    1. I agree no one could have predicted this rollercoaster of results & performances.we actually lost the games most us thought we should have won and won those not many of us thought we would win.

    2. Why they made a mess of the three losses, their win against Chelsea and ManU were required to prove we indeed are ready for the CL

      But the level of inconsistency is a little heartbreaking. Tired of keeping my hyper*** tablets close by whenever Arsenal is playing.

  3. If we win Westham and Liverpool beat Tottenham we,it looks like we get fourth even if we loose to spurs

  4. To me, WestHam game at London Stadium is as important as our last two games. A win there, and we put ourselves 85% in the driving seat. Even if Spurs beat Lester, their game against Liverpool will be difficult for them as we play Leeds.
    Elneny and Xhaka (especially, being a good leader for the guys) have stepped up further to push us. Hopefully, we can have a good momentum and end the season well.

  5. That is where experience counts… As much as I appreciate our young guns, the place of experienced guns can never be overlooked. The good thing here is unlike other times, our old guns are putting in their shift for the team. We hope they keep it up because the next few weeks (games) are going to define our season.

  6. Our third goal against ManU through Xhaka’s shot is what I know him for. He should be encouraged to try it more often. It was fantastic

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