Elneny has very high hopes for his Arsenal career!

Mohammed Elneny may not be the player on every Arsenal fan’s mind week in week out, with the midfielder largely more of a backup man than first team member. However that doesn’t stop the player himself from dreaming big and according to his latest statement, he is going for a legendary status at Arsenal.

Elneny is very much a player who does his job well without acclaiming too much credit for his performances. Considered a steal by Arsene Wenger in the current transfer climate, a reported £5 million for Elneny last January has turned out to be a very welcomed investment. Admittedly, Elneny may not be the player who is going to make all the difference to your team and at the end of the day, the midfielder is yet to show the capabilities of making a major impact in a game. However many fans will agree that he is a reliable member of the squad who seems to be happy to get on with his job when called upon.

Such a role unfortunately means he’s a bit more of a reservist than starting eleven quality, especially when comparing if he’d get into the teams at some of Europe’s biggest clubs. However Elneny is aiming for much higher at Arsenal and has revealed that he fully intends on achieving legendary status with the club.

Elneny told the media: “I want to be a legend at this club, like Thierry Henry. I mean, obviously not exactly like him. I have my own personality, my own character. I want to be different to anyone that’s gone before. But since I got here, I’ve always had that in mind. I wanted to become an Arsenal legend.”

Comparing himself to Thierry Henry’s status may be a big claim, but I get his point on what he wants to achieve with Arsenal. Much like other players at the club, such as Laurent Koscielny and Hector Bellerin, they feel they owe something to Arsenal for giving them a big break in major European football. As a result they have a loyalty to the Gunners that would take a lot of breaking and they only have eyes for success at Arsenal. The likes of Koscielny and Bellerin have also stated in the past that they only wish to win big with Arsenal and although of course they aren’t going to come out and say any different, I really do believe them, and Elneny, when they state that want to win with Arsenal and become legends at the club.

Personally, I’m still yet to become a big fan of Elneny. The player was a fantastic purchase for Wenger, especially at a reported £5 million. However I just keep thinking back as to whether someone of Elneny’s quality and capability ever has a chance of becoming a regular at Arsenal, especially in such a competitive midfield. At the moment I can’t see that happening, but of course at 24 years old, he still has plenty of time to stake his claim.

Elneny has completed a full 90 minutes just once this season and has been used sparingly by Arsene Wenger since the Egyptians move from FC Basel. Elneny is currently away from Arsenal on international duty at AFCON with Egypt, but the Gunners could really do with his presence at the club at the moment, given the absences of Xhaka, Cazorla and Wilshere in midfield.



  1. Kostafi says:

    Every Arsenal player should aim to be a legend- have a stand named after you or a statue outside. His lofty ambitions however far-fetched they might sound now should be lauded.

    Being a legend however begins on the pitch.

  2. G-Rude says:

    He seems to be one of Egypt’s star players over at the African Cup. Its a shame he’s gone as I think he would have got a run in the team right now.
    Until he plays regularly I don’t hink we can even judge if he’ll turn out to be a ‘legend’ or not

    1. seniortibbs says:

      El Neny will probably never rise to the Henry level, but I could see him becoming like a Rosicky. A player fans love to have in the side – hard working, determined, gives 100% every minute on the pitch. Rosicky never had world-class quality, but he holds a special place in Arsenal history. Probably Santi too one day when he retires.

  3. hide_TR07 says:

    I guess it’s not a bad thing to have high hopes at all. I like him and would like to see him play more because he has quite unique “groove” and stability in his performance.

    Sometimes he gets criticism for being “Arteta like”, always passing square or backward, but I think he is capable of long passes and penetrating passes whenever he can. He doesn’t tackle too often but he is good at slowing the opponent’s attack by his positioning.

    Now Egypt topped group C in African Cup, he will have more confidence and possibley get more support from fans when he comes back, which is what I’d love to see.

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