Elneny is already impressing his Arsenal team-mates (plus video)

Mohamed Elneny was an unknown entity when he arrived at Arsenal last week after his long drawn out transfer from Basle, and I for one expected the Egyptian international to take time to settle and get to know his surroundings and his team-mates, but it looks like he has put his head down and got straight into vigorous training with the first team squad.

He has certainly impressed Olivier Giroud already. “I’ve trained with him and he’s a good player, very talented but first of all he is a good guy – I think he will settle well into the team,” Giroud said on the Arsenal Official website. “I think he’s basically a box-to-box midfielder, so he can attack and defend, run a lot and has good power and technique. He is quite a complete player.

“It always takes time to adapt to English football because there is a lot of intensity, it is very physical and even tactically [you must get used to it] – but I think Premier League football will suit him well.”

Mohamed certainly has a wealth of experience in Europe and also at international level. His former coach is Bob Bradley, who nurtured him through the ranks in the Egyptian side, and he thinks that Arsenal fans may be surprised at his old star player.

“When Elneny started he was still young, he was only 19, but you could see that he trained really well every day. In the training he was improving technically. You could tell how he worked and how he wanted to get better. Little by little he became an important part of our team,” Bradley said. “His passing got sharper. He started to improve his ability with long passes. He was always a player who didn’t hesitate to shoot from distance and at that time it wasn’t always that he was scoring a lot, but you could see all these starting points.”

“He is an all-round midfielder capable of playing different roles. He reads the game, he moves well and he can play a little bit deeper,”

“He’s an all-round midfielder who can play deeper when needed, he can move forward and shoot from distance but he’s not just a guy who stays in there and breaks up plays.”

If you look at the video below, it certainly looks like Elneny is looking relaxed (and talented!). It looks like Wenger has found yet another gem…..

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  1. hope he slots into the team seamlessly. TGIF, sunday is near & can’t wait to see alexis in action again.

  2. I am not surprised to hear positive things being said about Elneny, Let the Lemmings who moaned about this signing take note! ? and hang their ‘no neck’ heads in shame ?

  3. He probably needs a couple of
    seasons before we can really
    assess him. We need to go back
    to 2004 when Reyes signed in
    January to find a player who
    won a title that same May.
    With both Man U and Chelsea struggling
    he should succeed very quickly
    and pick up an EPL winners
    medal in just 4 months time.

  4. All that being said………. Is Wenger willing and ready to throw him into the chelski game?

    Or is he thinking of doing a gabriel like pre-requisite??

    Its Time for EL-neny….. Le coq is coming soon

  5. If you look at his video very well, u will discover that he has the tenacity needed for the epl, he may just have to raise it a little bit,infact he is a bit more technical and versatile than Coquelin., he is very different from other midfielders we have..
    I think in the future, he and Coq can form a very solid partnership

  6. Many people are saying we should have gone for krychowiak,Granit Xhaka,Schneiderlin and wanyama…I dnt blame them as they all want the progress of their club buh am very happy with Elneny..
    Look, Krychowiak was unknown from Rennes, now look @ his value, Xhaka was unknown from basel too,and even Morgan.S…
    Buh look at how good these players have all become..
    One of the things that improves a player is hardwork and Elneny is very hardworking and committed…
    It won’t be long before his value and ability increase under Wenger..

  7. If Wenger agreed & bought him, then he’s a very technical player, (Don’t even think of Sonogo) am sure Elneny will give le Coq, Carzola a push.
    But, we need give him some time… Don’t expect too much for now. He’ll definitely shine, and make us happy….
    GOYG, COYG…. #Elnenysigns#

  8. I honestly think we should not use him as a box to box but develop him more of a CDM. Someone with his Stamina..Strength and Hunger can be another Coqulien but maybe better. We all have heard he is good with passing and can deliver some good long balls. From the video (yes just the video and other clips) it seems as if he has a really good first touch and pass movement.

    Lets work on his marking and tackling (which we have not seen yet) with all the rest of his attributes plus the fact he likes to shoot from distance he is sounding like a young Xabi Alonso.

    How Great would that The Pursian Prince Elneny our own version of Alonso!!

  9. Best thing I think is to play MF with him and push him up just a little with defending in mind as MF flys all over the park. Then Le coq playing with him in games we don’t need to lose like Stoke or the scum on Sunday. Thing with Sunday game they can’t win for crap at the mo but what’s the bets ???? There luck is turning look at the weekend 9 min over and both lines men and ref should be sacked. Play it tight AW give them nothing then bang 3 goles in 10 min then we can park the bus

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