Elneny is yet another example of the Arteta effect

Newfound confidence changed Elneny for the better!


Falling down the pecking order under Unai Emery, it seemed as though Mohamed Elneny’s future at the club was coming to an end. But forward on nearly a year, with a new manager at the helm at Arsenal and Elneny now feels like he is part of the team and is wanted again.

Low on confidence and being loaned out to Besiktas in Turkey, it seemed as though Elneny would no longer be an Arsenal player upon his return. Mikel Arteta saw otherwise though and has shown faith in our midfielder ever since his return.

Talking to Talksport, Elneny says he now feels wanted at Arsenal having rediscovered his confidence from Besiktas, carrying it through under Mikel Arteta:

“Before I came to London, I didn’t speak to him and I was a bit…. not stressed, but just thinking about what would he like. When I sat with him, I said, ‘The way you train, the way you want to play is the way I love to play’ and really I love the way we train, the way he is assisting everything in the club now and it makes me excited to give 100 per cent for the team. Under Emery, I was not playing much, that is why you can lose your confidence and your feeling to play. That is why when I went to Besiktas, I played always and brought the confidence back, and when I came back here I saw everyone happy for me to come back. Everyone was excited to see me back, and when I trained, everyone gave me good feedback, saying ’Mo, you did well’ and this makes you get your confidence back. I will build it and build it and every day I try to learn new things. [I now feel wanted], all the time, every day.”

I am happy for Elneny, to feel wanted and to feel part of a team again is the best thing ever and of course keeping him, also saved us money as we didn’t have to go out and buy a midfielder to replace him.

As we have seen he has come back a reformed and more confident player and long may it continue. Gooners?


Shenel Osman


  1. You used to call Elnerny a flop or outcast, now you’ve changed your tone. I used to say that Elnerny is better than Xhaka, and people were disrespectful of me. Don’t let pundits and media to brainwash you

      1. I wish people would stop saying that Elneny isn’t top 4 material! In the couple of games he has played on his return he’s played a crucial role and I wish some of the fans would give him a wait and see attitude. I’d understand if he’d been at the club for years not doing much but like he said he went away and rediscovered his form and has brought that back here and has played little a warrior on the pitch. Let’s help build his confidence when he’s so far done a good job for us and help lift him up. We all have the same goal here, seeing arsenal do well… He could be hitting his best possible footballer period.
        Let’s all give him a chance!!!

    1. I Still remember baca vs arsenal in champions league where elneny scored for us the only goal.he is a great guy who only needs trust

      1. Arteta just gave Elnerny a chance and he showed him what is capable of. I’m still saying Arteta is not good enough when it come to youth. He prefers experience over capabilities

  2. I argued Consistently how foolish we was under both Wenger and Elneny not playing him more.
    He’s a proper protective midfielder Which is what we needed. so why was we previously playing xhaka in DM (who has zero defensive attributes) or Guendozi who’s not nearly as good

  3. I like Elneny. He does simple things flawlessly. Tell me who in our current lot can brag THAT? It might not be the fashionable thing to sell to an audience but is a necessary commodity in a football match nonetheless. And he is dependable. And he is improving his game still.

  4. He has undoubtedly improved ,is he good enough to start for a top team ?IMO definitely not .
    What we are seeing once again though is just how good Arteta is at getting that extra 10-20% out of players .
    Every player was at their lowest having to work under Emery ,and most had their confidence shot ,6months later we are now reaping the rewards of having a proper manager ,one that doesn’t try to cause friction but rally’s them all together.
    Shame we didn’t get him 6 months earlier Then maybe we wouldn’t be playing catch up as much as we should .

  5. I would say the improvement in Elneny’s form is both due to Elneny himself working hard enough and Arteta having a positive effect on him by getting the best out of him.

  6. we’re two months into the season. Feel like we have been here many times with so many players. I’ll applaud when the players can put a whole consistent season together. Until then it’s nothing but a good start and nothing more. Arteta will be happy as well i’m sure but want even more. Same goes for Gabriel who i am also happy with but we’ve had so many players who start off well and then fall off quickly. So just going to keep seeing what happens instead of getting carried away.

  7. He is a good player who can play the CDM role well. From what I have seen he can be a part of a 4-3-3 formation as the deepest midfielder. Also sometimes can pick great aerial passes.

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