Elneny wants more! Great news for Arsenal

Mohamed Elneny may just have arrived at Arsenal, but the lad has very high ambitions and is obviously aiming for the very top, ans where better to reach those heights than at Arsenal? He has won the Swiss League title for the last three years and is obviously aiming to carry on that record this year with the Gunners.

But he does realise that coming to Arsenal is his biggest challenge yet. “I expect it to be a massive shift in my career and a big starting point,” he said on Arsenal.com. “I would like to achieve a lot and prove to myself and everyone that I am capable of playing in the Premier League and any league around the world. Hopefully I can develop my skills more and more.

“I always work hard to develop all aspects of my skills to benefit the club I play for. As I mentioned before, Arsenal is a big club and I have to live up to this responsibility. That’s why I work hard to develop myself continuously.”

“I can see that Arsenal are having one of their best seasons, that makes me very enthusiastic to play with the best team in the Premier League, both now and in the past,” Elneny continued. “That is why I am very keen to accept this responsibility. I am very aware of this and I am well prepared for this task.”

I am very impressed with his attitude and if he lives up to his beliefs I am thinking we have got an excellent player with the right attitude on our hands, which is what Arsene cherishes above all. Let’s hope his skill matches his desire….

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  1. I really hope we get a WC ST during this week..chealsea and liverpool are offering 25 millions for
    Alex Teixeira ( this guy goal average is very good ) and we can snap them for 30 IF Me Wenger is really ambitious about winning silverware..

  2. Alli seems like a fantastic player. He would’ve never gotten the chance at Arsenal what he is given at Tottenham. We give a run for players only when our starting XI are out injured. And even if you would continue YEARS without improvement, nothing would happen.

    When Afobe was banging in the goals at MK Dons, he was still an Arsenal player. Why on EARTH did we sell him without a buy-back clause (like with Vela)? And for real, what has Sanogo done in the past few seasons to justify his place on Arsenal’s payroll? He’s got ZERO starts for Ajax. And Afobe had been representing Arsenal since he was a wee-lad!

    But to be honest, it doesn’t really matter which and how fantastic English players we would have, they would turn into injury-ravaged Hargreaves’ all of them within their first season.

    Something ain’t right at Arsenal.

    1. What’s not right is these very English players barely or does nothing to improve our squad as a whole and that has been the case for years to be truthful. Some complain that we shouldn’t encourage having too many foreign players but guess what? Which of our English or British core are even considered world class? Last time I checked players like Özil, Alexis, Cazorla, Cech, Monreal, Kosielny, Coquelin are all foreign players. Hell even Giroud and Campbell have done us proud. Now ask yourself where would we be without these players? We even just bought an African player in Elneny who is proned to leave during the African Cup of Nations instead of getting someone homegrown. The only reason I see us persisting with this British core is to make the homegrown quota. That’s it!!!

    2. Sorry but that’s a load of crap! All got his chance because quite frankly Spurs didn’t have any better options in midfield. Pretty sure he came in to cover mason and ended up outperforming him.
      People are happy to complain about Afobe now that he is gone but how many people would have been happy to see him come in and lead the line especially when our strikers were putting in the goals?
      This is Arsenal FC. Of course young players get a chance. Iwobi, Adelaide, BELLERIN, Chambers, Chamberlain, Campbell.
      The fact is Spurs have allowed in young players because they didn’t have better options. If Wenger had tried that everyone would have given him shit about not buying anyone in the transfer market!
      Besides who do you expect to be dropped from the first team? Sanchez? Ozil? Cech? Coquelin? Cazorla? Koscielny? Monreal?
      Easy to sit back and complain but this isn’t football manager. Can we not just appreciate the rise of a young English player? (Even if it is with the spuds).
      I do agree about Sanogo though…….

  3. Every time we go behind I feel no confidence in us turning it around most of the time and we end up putting more pressure on ourselves and make it easier for the opposition on that day. Yet other teams have no difficulties in turning games in their favor from a losing stand point. I get nervous every time I hear talk like this is perfect time to face this team and that team and the inevitable happens, we end up losing our dropping precious points. Make no mistake with Chelsea tomorrow as playing at home is of no significance. I hope we mentally prepare ourselves as well as the next time we face City, Tottenham, Leicester, Utd, West Ham, Southampton, Stoke, and Everton. Teams that have caused obvious problems for us in the past. Take nothing for granted!!!

  4. Jenkinson is not good enough for Arsenal,for the time he was on the pitch in the West Ham vs Man City game he was awful!

  5. well west ham is winning but pellegrini now sent Sterling-iheneacho and playing with 5 attackers and toure as holding right now..go for it..on the other hand , our bench is mere defensive choices…as uual.

  6. as it happened

    Manure 0 – 1 Soton
    Foxes 3 – 0 potters

    still in play
    Hammers 2 – 1 citizens

    this Leaves no room for a Loss or Draw(for all those who are used to thinking a draw is a better result) against the chavs 2moro…..

    Dn’t expect me to accept anything Less than a win 2moro….we have no excuse whatsoever

    seriously, how many EPL games have the spuds won in a row so far?….it isn’t getting funny

    1. Now we would be forced to Win…….. I’d be so mad with anything Less

      what better time it is than now to Beat a Team who hurt us in our Last outing

      Sweet Vengeance

      1. @ Admin Sir,
        Is it just me, on moderation? ?

        What did I do now? ?
        Did I swear or abuse someone on here,
        I must have been sleeping, if that happened ?
        Because I can’t remember it!

          1. Hahaha ??
            tell your spam filter to get to the back of the queue!
            I’m thinking of changing my name to Millwall ??

  7. 2-2 WH and City.
    Honours even .
    A great game between
    two top class teams.
    City and the Ham will both take that.
    Arsenal will take that too 🙂
    Puts our away draws with Liverpool
    and Stoke into perspective.

  8. Now we would be forced to Win…….. I’d be so mad with anything Less

    what better time it is than now to Beat a Team who hurt us in our Last outing

    Sweet Vengeance

  9. I wish Spurs and Leicester would drop some points please!
    I really thought Stoke and Palace away were fixtures where they could slip up.

    Win tomorrow is key, however a point is not the end of the world, we just must, must not lose!

  10. am more worried of this westham than relieved that they drew with city. Mehn we still got to visit them away and don’t remind me what they did to us at home

    1. Like I said, us playing at home is of no significance. 3 points tomorrow is crucial to keep pace but I’m not holding my breath. As good as a team we are there’s still work to be done, players to be shifted and new blood recruited. I’m not that arrogant to say playing at the Emirates is 3 points in the bag, especially against Chelsea. Would be wonderful to see us start like we did against Utd though and put the game to bed as early as possible.

  11. City drop two points.
    Mind you we too must
    travel to the Boleyn.
    The Chelsea game is now
    not such a must win, more of a bonus opportunity.
    What ever happens we will be at least = with City
    so hopefully none of the vitriolic Chelsea hating for a change.
    With less pressure on perhaps we will indeed see
    Sanchez and Elneny play (Elneny from the bench)
    Although I would be happy if one or both
    were kept for our next match v Burnley where the likes
    of Ospina Gabriel Gibbs Elneny Ox and Theo should feature.
    Good days for Arsenal right now.

    1. “The Chelsea game is now not such a must win, more of a bonus
      opportunity. What ever happens we will be at least = with City
      so hopefully none of the vitriolic
      Chelsea hating for a change.”

      what is this sh*t???

  12. I hope that steve Bould spikes Wenger’s tea with a viagra pill just before he makes his team selection! ?

  13. Annoys me to here commentators talk about City like they have a GOD given right to win the league every year. Even when they play complete shite it’s like, oh don’t worry they’ll still lift the trophy in the end while for Arsenal the speech is they’re bottlers, flatter to deceive, same old same old, Wenger this, the players that. It’s gets annoying after a while, or is it we need to change our stance once and for all?

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