Elneny sets high targets for Arsenal

So we finally got the official confirmation that Mohamed Elneny is an Arsenal player, and he becomes the first ever Egyptian international to sign for the Gunners. Everyone has high hopes for the 23 year-old, and his stats (which I’m sure is what got Wenger interested in the first place) show that he is the type of player that works his socks off in every game.

Hopefully it won’t take him long to settle down but from his interviw it looks like he speaks good English, and he is certainly keen on playing for our great club. “It is an indescribable feeling, I am really glad of course,” he told Arsenal.com . “Arsenal is one of the world’s greatest teams, and I am very keen to participate positively with my new team, God willing, and to give my best for the team and for myself.

“Arsenal is one of those teams that everyone enjoys watching and of course I would love to play for such a great team.

“Mr Wenger is a highly respected manager and one of the world’s best managers. It is my honour to be trained under his management.

“It is one the biggest clubs in the world, I know everything about it and its players.

“I would like to tell [the fans] that, although you have not seen much of me, I promise I will contribute positively with the team. I am hoping that we win the Premier League and cup this season, and the Champions League as well.”

Elneny could have arrived at a perfect point in the club’s history, with us at the summit of the Premier League, aiming for our third FA Cup in a row, and just a couple of games against Barcelona away from the last 16 in the Champions League.

Let’s hope he is another Sanchez that is just desperate to play and doesn’t let things like new countries and languages get in the way of a good game of footy I’m looking forward to seeing him on the pitch. As someone said; he must be better than Arteta and Flamini!

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  1. I’m a little disappointed about this signing if I’m honest. Sorry, but I am. We have everything we need to bring in a top, proven defensive midfielder. A great club, a great stadium stadium, money, the chance of winning trophies, top quality team mates etc. Everything we need to attract top players, and now that we can do that, Wenger goes and buys another unknown.

    Who was Francis Coquelin when we signed him I imagine will be the response I get. And it’s true, Coquelin became a top quality player in his position, and hopefully Elneny will too. But let’s not pretend that every unknown player Wenger has signed has gone on to be great. On the whole, Wenger is good at picking up hidden gems from other leagues, but there’s also been a lot of mistakes along the way.

    It’s a risk, and for me, it’s an unnecessary risk. Why take the risk of signing an unproven player who might be great, when we have all the resources to go and get a proper, proven, top quality player?

    Old habits die hard I guess. I wish Elneny the best of luck at Arsenal and I’ll support him all the way. If he can become near as good as Francis Coquelin, he’ll be a hell of a player for us.

    1. Trust me matey, your gonna love him, as long as wenger gives him a run of games, he will do us proud ?

      He will make Sanchez’s Duracell batteries look like cheap imitations and his pretty good at free kicks too.

      He will definitely clock up the most mileage per game he plays.

      My only concern is Wenger giving him a good run of games from the start… Otherwise we could end up with another Gabriel scenario, Who in my opinion is being unnecessarily held back from progressing.

    2. Maybe it is a bit underwhelming when other clubs sign ~30 M players and Arsenal only sign a 7M player.

      However even signing well known players does not always guarantee success, just think of all the bullet we dogged in the last few years with well known players.. Michu, Remy, Ballotelli, Benteke, Jackson Martinez etc.

      Fellaini was another proven EPL player before moving to UTD, I still remember the praise pundits gave. Fast forward 1 years and I think it is obvious that Fellaini is technically inefficient for Utd and now most Utd fans want him out.

      I guess most of us would prefer Wanyama instead, and I have no question regarding his presence in the middle of the park. However is Wanyama technically gifted enough to play for Arsenal is another question.

      Wenger is properly the best manager in uncovering raw gems and analysis a players potential, so lets just trust the manager and his signing until proven otherwise.

  2. Just gotta Love the positive attitude coming from this guy, most importantly he says “he wants to win things”!

  3. Trust me admin Sir,
    As long as wenger doesn’t try to ease him into the team like he has done with Gabriel, You won’t be disappointed with Elneny!

    He fits all the criteria that we have been lacking for years!
    Including been deluded, about winning the champions league ???

    I’m tipping him to be a fan favourite and the likes of Barcelona will come knocking for him before his contract runs out ?

    mark my words…
    And watch some Lemming use them in a future article ?
    as they do! ?

  4. @ muck the gooner
    I understand your honesty mate, but mohamed elneny deserves a fair chance to show his worth! He hasn’t kick a ball in anger, as the saying goes so let’s be positive and look forward to great things from him! After all I don’t think he will turn out to be another Sebastien squallaci!

    1. Muck??? ???

      The only Muck that I see …
      Is the dribble that comes out of your mouth and into your comments! ???

      Me old Glory hunter for the ????

      1. Oi Fatboy! You know the rules….. no personal insults please or I may have to confiscate your burgers…

  5. @ fat boy gooney
    that wasn’t called for very immature for someone I respect on this site! I made a type o mistake!

      1. I sincerely apologise to my fellow Gooner Greg ☺
        sorry mate, my other half got the better of me,
        I was just kidding mate! .. I was in a Zombie Vampire mode at the time… Sorry for the delay.

        PLEASE Admin… Not the Burgers ?
        They make me happy, when sky’s are grey!
        You can whip me.. even Bann me … But don’t ever take my Burgers away!

        1. @ fat boy gooney
          Don’t worry mate all is forgiven! ?
          Let’s take out that frustration on stoke! Coyg!

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