Elneny was a revelation against Fulham and has saved Arsenal money

Mohammed Elneny โ€“ well what can I say? by Shenel

He was surplus to requirements under Unai Emery, and was sent out on loan for the season, a season that saw Emery get the sack, Freddie Ljungberg took over for a few games and then Mikel Arteta getting the job as head coach only nine months ago.

Elneny was sent to Turkey to play for Besiktas in the 2019/20 season and made around 27 appearances for the first team, scoring one goal and creating three assists. Being a follower of the Turkish Super League myself, I was witness to this new player that has emerged from his body and has now come back to Arsenal. I secretly hoped he would come and claim back a spot in the first team if he was to continue performing like he did in Turkey.

Having Elneny back in the side and playing the way he has been so far is rather refreshing for us, and has saved us money with regards to having to go out and buy someone in that position. Arteta clearly also sees something he likes after giving him his first Premier League start in an Arsenal shirt since May 2019.

Preferred this time to Ceballos in midfield, Elneny slotted in well alongside Granit Xhaka and pretty much picked up where he left off from the Community Shield game against Liverpool. Again, we see that there will be some key battles for that midfield position, but it is healthy and may even make players step up their game that little bit more, if that is even possible.

The midfield was key to many parts of our game today, the ball was played through and linked out to the wing, play went via Xhaka and Elneny, they used the space or lack of it quite well and they settled into the game, especially after our first goal. The fluidity of the midfield and the strength they held, enabled the wingers to run riot on both the left and right sides and that is something that can be worked on and tweaked depending on the opponents, but if this tactical play and togetherness continues no matter who we play in what competition, then I believe we will have an even more successful season.


Shenel Osman


      1. He might not be everyoneโ€™s cup of tea but heโ€™s still a better Version of Matteo Guendouzi who quite a few on here think is world class ,and he does his job without ever moaning or thinking heโ€™s better than he actually is .
        Obviously Arteta sees it this way aswell .

  1. Seems like Arteta is doing something special with him. He now plays forward passes more than before. He does the job effectively. I like what I have seen against liverpool and Fulham..

    Having said that, I believe he has got the ability but as a good squad player to have around.. player that will slot in there and do a decent job. We should keep him but we still need to bolster that Midfield

  2. We should be great full we have all those players around us for now Milke Arteta must keep all the together for we are very lucky to have them within us any player that we don’t really need please offload them now without waising time. This season might be our of GREATNESS PLEASE WRITE IT DOWN TODAY . I really believe in this Team , Manager , Management and the Staff behind the new Manager. Wishing you all Good Luck .

  3. Elnenny, a revelation ,must buy some glasses, I still see the same player as under previous management ,playing in the same way . Building up accurate short passes ,could not miss really, mostly sideways or backwards. No creativity, attempts one show surge forward a game, for the sake of looking good. Average at best ,better off elsewhere. Goes for most of the last few years performers, all difficult to move on, no one wants failures.

        1. He has had decent form as of now, that why MA has kept his loyalty in him. But partey is a very good addition for more competition. And also remember he has to settle in so we shall need somebody to cover him up

    1. @Gbhbarron Elneny played a lofted pass that bypassed 8 or so Fulham players to reach Auba in the box that lead up to the first goal.

      But do not let that stop you from buying new glasses if you need to.

      Joking aside, it is clear Elnenys role is not to be creative, so why judge him on that? It is like saying that Holding is poor because he lacks final third passes.

  4. Wil shows what we have been missing , quality . Arsenal has never been the same since we lost Carzola, brilliant player.
    When we get a quality midfielder of the same standard as Wil and another striker to play with Auba, the Scottish one would be perfect, we can start to dream.

  5. We’re still need midfield like Thomas Partey, no reason to cancel this transfer please try your hardly best to sign him.

  6. We still need to buy… wait, is that Edu on the phone to Atletico?! ๐Ÿ˜„
    Mo is decent to have as back up for the comps…
    For me, Ceballos has to start….

  7. Ceballos looked different class when he came on, but Elneny has the height to win aerial duels and this might be a factor against certain teams. I’ve always liked him and don’t think he looks out of place.

  8. Elneny was very decent yesterday. But I would be surprised if his recent performances would slow our interest in Partey.

    Partey, to me, still seems an upgrade but Elneny could very well be a capable backup.

    1. @Unge Is Elneny so poor that he has to be sold, and Arteta risks winning the Community Shield and the first game of the season against Fulham to “market” Elneny?

      Then I wonder why Sokratis, Kolasinace and Torreira did not play as well.

      I do think that Elneny will be sold if we get an offer and we have replacements. But I doubt he is being played over Ceballos because he is being marketed for sale.

      1. Yes he can “risk” the community shield that allows 6 substitutes to market a player.And the game against Fulham was never a risk either.Elneny is good for such games,but not top tier for harder london derbies like Chelsea and Tottenham,and i can bet he wont start agains Westham in less than a week from now

  9. Elneny is a Managers dream, not in terms of his ability, but as an honest, unpretentious, hard working squad player .He may never influence games to a huge extent, but he is not one who is prone to rash mistakes and he always gives 100%.Guendousi could learn a lot from his humble colleague.

    1. I think he is developing like Song did in terms of his position in the team. I think Arsenal will prioritize buying an attacking midfielder. Partey might have to wait unless we mobilize more resources from sales. I suspect that Arteta thinks Elneny can work well in his team set up

      1. Brighton, I agree with Grandad about Elneny being a good squad player. To infer that Elneny’s form could defer the transfer of Partey is ridiculous. I would wait until Arsenal plays a side with a decent strong physical midfield, as they don’t get to play Fulham every week.

    2. Agree Grandad, Besiktas had an option to buy after the loan and refused, Olympiakos backed out, that is his real level but i agree totally what you say.

    3. Agreed. Elneny plays hard and gives 100%. That may be more useful in many situations than a lazy, more talented player.

  10. We usually clamor for new signings but after a season or less we tend to sing another song. I have seen Partey played he won’t do more than what Elneny did yesterday but because it is not a new signing he is not a good player.

    1. sogious, please visit Specsavers, because most experts rate Thomas Partey one of the best midfielders in Europe
      Why do you think Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid wants him to sign an upgraded extended contract with an increased buy out clause?

  11. We were jubilating before the signings of Pepe, Torierra, Laca, Mustafi, and Ozil the list is endless but we are so comfortable doing away with them right now because we have seen much of them. The signings are not always what we think they are.

  12. One match is not enough! He did fine against Liverpool but yesterday he was something else!
    Yet, we need to see him more often!

  13. Elnenny is a squad player at best, he isn’t good enough to pilot our midfield, he will get found out because he is only average at best but it is nice to see him playing and getting game time. We wont go anywhere with a midfield pair of xhaka and Elnenny. Looking good and actually being good are two different things.

  14. Elneny has proved that, with the right guidance in MA, he is a valuable squad player and Grandads post sums him up perfectly.
    Of course we still need to go for Partey, but we are in four competitions and Elneny is a very decent cover when the games are coming thick and fast.

    It, once again, proves how much certain fans devalue our players, to the extent of absurdity.
    I read what Arteta said about Elneny after the game and suggest that these knockers digest what he says about yesterday’s performance… but we hear not one word of contrition from them whatsoever… funny that!!!!

  15. Arteta is different. Unlike most managers, he doesn’t choose players because he favors them. He chooses them from the training ground.

    I believe every team needs a midfielder that is solid, strenuous, sensible and that is why he selected Elneny. If you analyze Elneny’s contribution to the Liverpool and Fulham game, you will see all the above attributes.

    Those of you that are crying for a different player than Elneny, ask Arteta to drop him and see how our midfield performs.

    Many big-money players go to another club and fail. Pepe is a good example.

    A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. I am personally content with Elneny’s contribution to our great club!

    1. Elnenny at the moment is doing a job for Arteta because he feels he is his best option for whatever reasons. It doesn’t mean Elnenny is his first choice or capable to be a success in the prem in the future. I hope to heaven on high i am wrong but as the season wears on our midfield will get found out without at least one or two additional players, netter than we have. Xhaka and Elnenny are too ponderous for the rigours of the prem.

  16. @Unge Liverpool was not hard enough? They played their best team and Klopp saw it as a supercup and was genuinly surprised when a journalist said it was a glorified friendly.

    But lets agree to disagree.

    1. The Deluded One, another fan putting the team down.

      Just watch their players reaction as Auba went up to take the winning penalty – some of them couldn’t even watch ๐Ÿ˜
      The first trophy of the season and some can’t even enjoy it.

  17. @Ken1945 Yes, I do not get being a supporter and putting your own team down. But to each their own I suppose.

    I am thrilled about the state of our club right now. We are not the finished product, but we are on the right way. And it is wonderful to see how players respond to Arteta. There are several players I would like to see replaced, but as long as they play for Arsenal, I will support them and hope they do well.

  18. Before you start writing your reply, which im shaw will be tripe. Tell me what negatives i have written about, Tierney, Saka, Martinez, Auba, Ceballos, Arteta, margalaeas, Saliba, Luiz, Leno, Lacca, Amn, Holding, Pepe, Nketiah, i will stop there, i can name more. I write what i think with a spat of realism, if ypu cant accept opinion that is your problem not mine.

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