Elneny’s great performance proved he’s right for Arsenal

The Emergence Of Mohammed Elneny! by AT

Despite a rather unconvincing performance at home to Hull City in the FA Cup, there was indeed a huge positive for Arsenal going into the business end of the season. The Gunners’ January signing Mohammed Elneny put in a brilliant performance as the Gunners strived to breach the resilient Tigers defence in Saturday’s early kick-off.

Simply put, the Egyptian international was everywhere, displaying an ability to orchestrate attacks from a deep-lying position in midfield, and also acting swiftly to cut out opposition attacks. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of his game was his willingness to get forward and join the attack. The former Basel man ran down the flanks, got himself in great positions around the box and showed that he’s not shy to have a shot on goal.

For me, it’s only a matter of time before Mohammed Elneny has his big breakthrough in English football. The player simply has everything it takes and while we may have to wait till next season to see him getting regular first-team action, I firmly believe that he can contribute significantly towards the remainder of the current campaign as well.

With Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere still on the sidelines and Mathieu Flamini coming towards the end of his Arsenal career, the 23-year-old midfielder is perhaps the first standby option to the Gunners’ central midfield pair of Aaron Ramsey and Francis Coquelin. Considering Arsenal’s tight schedule, the duo are not going to play every game and with a few more performances like the one against Hull, Mohammed Elneny may well rise above the pecking order in central midfield before the start of next season.


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  1. LOOOL at Spuds.

    Liverpool, Leicester, Spurs and City are out of the FA Cup. We must take the replay seriously. FA Cup is the oldest and the most prestigious domestic cups of all European leagues. I want Arsenal to win it again. Not to mention we would make history winning it 3 times in a row.

    1. So Spurs now only have the Europa and PL to focus on and Leicester solely the PL.

      We ‘currently’ have three on the go.


      1. very true .
        injuries tired legs

        leicester have the advantage

        replay at hull….feck8n pain in the arsenal

        draws on in ten!

      2. we’re going to be out of CL soon. and justly so [i secretly hope we win, but trying to be rational] given wenger’s inability/reluctance to broaden squad and our mysterious injury epidemic, we cant do 3 competitions.

    2. HOME DRAW against WATFORD.

      Now we really need to win it because Chelsea is playing at Goodison and West Ham will play Man United / Shewsbury away.

    3. So our two main competitors for the league title have less games to play while we have a replay, CL, league games as well as a squad that is injury prone, the least fit of the three and without a consistent goal scorer?

      “Lool at Spurs” indeed

      1. @truegunner,

        We are already out of Champions League, everyone knows that. Meanwhile Spurs can still go forward in Europa. And few years back when we got constantly knocked out of the FA Cup early, we still had no chance at the title.

        That’s what 25-men squads are for, playing for several competitions. If we can’t win the Title because we are still in the FA Cup, it’s Wengers fault for not creating a squad up for double.

        So LOOOOOOL at Spuds because they are not in for the double.

        1. Not everyone. Count me out. Is not football? Do you think our boys will just lie low to be beaten? I am one person that believes that anyhow we will push Barca aside. No, my team will go through. So you are already out before the match is played? Mark me and link me up Tue night.

  2. I see it this way,Elneny was brought as aArteta/Flamin replcement while Iwobi is groomed as Rosicky replacement which is not bad to me.
    We need to add atleast two playerw in the summer.

    1. i know b4 buying elneny we wanted a CDM; but we got a ramsey type instead. i bet wenger will make elneny play at cdm however, if coq gets injured. wenger dont like to buy cdm.
      for next summer, my wishes would be:
      1. new owner,
      2. new manager,
      3. WC striker

  3. Certainly an improvement on Flam and Arteta but it’s way too early to go overboard. He certainly has started well and displayed some talent though.

    Long may it continue and blossom

  4. The only draw in this round belongs to Arsenal?This is a big question ,isn’t?The other teams taking care of the business and looking interested.Not us.This is lack of motivation and the fault belongs to the coach.About Elneny-he is the only HUNGRY player in the team,the rest are just not interested,just waiting for the game to end in order to head for the big mansions and collect huge wages just for showing up for the game.Shame on you mercenaries!It takes a modest guy coming from the Swiss league to show you what desire and respect for fans looks like.

    1. wenger runs a comfy, nurturing club good for player development (and if u get injured he’ll stick by you for many years and then he’ll let u leave for a competitor). sounds like a great club to play for. also, he’ll publically justify not buying a world-class replacement for you , because he’ll say that will stunt your growth. the only downside is that you may not win many trophies while you’re at the player retreat.

      1. the best club, but.. this comes with a price, TROPHIES. the team nurtures players in the expense of trophies, we don’t upgrade coz it will hinder development of so and so… we don’t buy finished articles and keep waiting for the ones we have to come good, that’s why other teams win trophies and Arsenal is seen as an academy. and when they come good they leave for greener pastures, and the cycle repeats itself again

  5. Against Barca:

    Hector Gabriel Kos Nacho
    El Neny Coq
    Ramsey Ozil Joel

    subs: Theo, Wellbz, Ox, Flam, Mert, Chambers, Ospina

    1. I’d go:

      Hector Gabriel Kos Nacho
      El Neny Coq
      Ramsey Ozil Sanchez

      Why? My guess is we won’t see much of the ball so will need to try to nullify their threat with El Neny/Coq whilst having pace enough up front for the counter.

      Alexis has to play, as he has a lot to prove against the side who let him go so even though he is playing like a 1 legged donkey at the moment he could produce on the night!

      1. I like your first 10 and torn between Walcott and Giroud up front. Theo’s pace would cause some problems but Giroud had a great game last week.

        1. For me, we won’t be in need of a frontman holding up the ball as it will most likely be parking the bus and getting a couple of counter attacks.

          Therefore speed is in need and that is Walcott.

  6. Isn’t Gabriel Injured?The best scenario to Beat Barca is go for pace,so with Gabriel Injured I would pick
    Hector Per Kos Nacho
    Ramsey Coquelin
    Welbeck Ozil Sanchez

  7. Good to see an understanding develop beteen Calum Chambers and Elneny. Elneny fit right in and looks like he’s been a gunner for years.

  8. He put in a good shift but we have to remember he was playing against a Reserve Championship side at HOME. There is a huge step up in pressure and class when you play top EPL sides but certainly he appears to have the assets to handle it. I wouldn’t be proclaiming his “greatness” just yet. Right now he should be working on understanding the Arsenal system of play and bulking up his frame a tad. He will certainly be getting game time through this season and let’s hope he keeps up his progress.

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