Emery aiming to bring the feelgood factor back to Arsenal fans

Unai Emery -The Unai Emery revolution has commenced at Arsenal, and the first aim of the new boss must be to repair the fractious relationship with the fans that divided the Gooner family in the last few years of Wenger’s reign.

The Spaniard thinks that the way to start this is by bringing the best out of the players on the pitch, and get the supporters believing that they are trying their very best. ‘First, all the supporters love Arsenal and Arsenal love the supporters,’ Emery said.

‘We need to work together and the first way to do that is by finding the performance. And through this performance, finding one clear identity. I want a team with energy and I want the players to give their all on the pitch.’

We was then asked if he was worried that it all may go wrong if he fails to make the Champions League places, but he intends to go from day to day – and enjoy it! He continued: ‘When starting the season, I don’t think, “What will happen in 10 months?”.

‘I have confidence in myself and confidence in all the people with me, all the people who work near me, the players and the club.

‘We want to do it this way and not think at the end: it is good or it is bad? No, no. We are going to enjoy each moment.’

Surely this is what we have wanted for a long time. To see a team that is actually fighting to win and not just giving up, especially in away games. Would you be happy be Arsenal finished fifth but played their heart out all season?

Darren N


  1. okiror says:

    xhaka, ozil, elneny, iwobi ARE THEY GOING TO SINGAPORE?

    1. RSH says:

      Xhaka hasn’t been listed, but that could change (Xhaka gets extra time since Switzerland made it further). The rest are going of course. Even if they might be sold they need to be fit in case they are staying.

  2. gotanidea says:

    With the current player’s quality, I don’t think Arsenal would finish below the fourth position, if they really play their heart out throughout the season

    I would like to see Emery’s high pressing system implemented on all Arsenal players, like what the other top Premier League managers did to their players

    1. Ray says:

      Yep, I agrre mate! I think we all want to see Arsenal raise the game and start to see some of that old “style and flair return”. I guess that is ultimately why AW had to step down. It just got stale..

  3. Ray says:

    I for one don’t think the manager or players need any pressure from the fans to perform and challenge from day one of the new season. So, it’s definitely not going to be in any one’s interest to start the season with massive goals or objectives!

    Saying that, Emery does need to turn things round. We will need to see improvements as a team and individually. Not worth mentioning names because we all know who they are.

    For now the manager and team have my full support but, lets wait and see where we are this time next year!

    1. RSH says:

      yup, can’t have expectations too high. We’re not going to be taking the EPL title so soon. Back in UCL is the main goal this season. Doing it through Europa League gives us a much needed European title as well so I’d love that to happen.

      1. Phelyx says:

        Hard to admit but you are right that is where we stand at the moment

  4. Chiza says:

    EMERY will win us the epl title this season and also one day be the first manager to win us the champions league…mark my words and remember when Chiza(the proud naija boy) said it here first.. Emery is a no nonsense,passionate and tactical manager…he would be great for us but I only pray his first years would be better than wenger’s first years at our club and his end will not be like Wenger’s end… that is my prayer for my great coach Emery

    1. jon fox says:

      Chiza, “better than Wenger’s first years at the club”? Better than the Double then? His first full season brought that ! Suggest you read the history books, VERY young man! It is not often I applaud Wenger but his “first years” first decade actually were glorious! Not your fault you were not born then but IT IS your fault you have not checked our easily checkable recent history, before writing nonsense!

      1. AnkoAnko Al~wattan says:

        Come on John. He said he is praying that it becomes Better, don’t we all want that? This bashing and chest thumping doesn’t really make you the best. And it sure wount win us title either.
        So keep your head cool and either say amen or ignore.
        You don’t have to be a 50year arsenal supporter to pray for something positive about arsenal now do you?
        Chill out mate!

        1. jon fox says:

          NO! Please read his EXACT wrong words again. I wanted Wenger out for a long time and well before he actually went. BUT Chiza said that he “prayed his(Emerys) first years at the club are better than Wengers.” Unless you and he have been hiding away from society and the football wrlds news, you MUST KNOW that Wenger won the Double in his first FULL season and again in 2002 , then went unbeaten only 7-8 years after joinng us , finishing first or second for many years from hif first season onwards and third only behind Newcastle on goal difference in his first part season. Those are FACTS, NOT OPINION!!!!! How on earth in sanity is ANYONE expected to beat THAT? You – and he- are writing nonsense. Are we expected meekly to accept sheer lies? NO WAY ! Note , I am talkIng ONLY about the first few years, which is what HE was writing about. I was thrilled that WENGER EVENTUALLY LEFT AND WAS CALLING FOR HIS DISMISSAL BEFORE ANYONE ELSE ON THIS SITE. Lastly , I AM POSITIVE and expect great things from Emery and the new set up. Stick to facts, not spin!!

          1. fabi says:

            If Emery wins the Epl title, Europa league title, FA cup and the corabo cup( carling cup) isn’t it better than wengers first year? Stop claiming as if you know too much@ Jon fox

          2. jon fox says:

            It would also be better if we won every game 10-0. MEANWHILE, BACK ON PLANET EARTH , WHERE WE NORMAL PEOPLE LIVE…..!

          3. AlexLaca9 says:

            Jon you’re so bitter and abusive. For some reason also seem to think you’re age gives you authority over younger fans. Relax and try to get your point across without belittling others. As an elder and long standing arsenal fan I must say I’m disappointed in you. Set a better example and know that respect is earned, not bullied out of people. I also wish and pray arsenal pick up every possible honour in their way this season, that doesn’t mean our history means nothing. I just want the best for my club, always.

          4. JJPawn says:

            John is correct.

            He will however not be as pessimistic as I am. If Emery just gets us to the Champion’s League, it will be an accomplishment. I doubt it though.

            City and United will get to win. Liverpool will pretend. Spurs are loaded with talent, determination and youth.

            Fifth for us, and then win the Europa League might be the way through. Simply put, we have no money to really buy the top players.

          5. Senile says:

            So is it totally impossible for his first year to better than Wenger’s? He said his prayer. Ignoring if you thought it is impossible is better than epistle…

      2. kstix says:

        i used to like your comments till i saw this. disappointed. which arsenal fan wouldn’t pray for emery to have a better first season than wenger. so if emery won us the epl and europa this season, is that not a million times better than wenger’s first season?

  5. kev says:

    As I keep telling you guys Aaron Ramsey has agreed a 5 year deal at Arsenal worth £155,000 per week with a £2.5m signing on fee.Likely to also be given the captain armband.

    Should in case Willian moves to Barca then it’s likely Dembele will become an Arsenal player because
    we are very very interested.His price can be spread over several years so no worries on that.

    I also told you guys that Fenebarche have cooled their interest for Ospina allow Boca to come in who have now hijacked the deal at £6m.If everything goes well Ospina should be a Boca player.

    We have also added Kingsley Coman to the list of wingers we are interested in.Pavon’s new release clause means he won’t be coming here.

    For those who wanna know if we want a winger I can tell you 100% we are looking at a new winger.
    Btw Juve rejected our approach for Dybala but Dembele is likely going to happen should Willian move to Barca.

    1. kev says:

      We are also looking at a CB but this hinges on Mustafi leaving.
      Soyuncu personal terms already agreed but after initially agreeing to pay his £35m price Sanllehi decided to negotiate with Freiburg for lower that amount.All we need to do is to renegotiate a new fee because Sanllehi doesn’t want the deal at £35m.But he’ll only come in should Mustafi leave.
      We might still explore other options too.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Great news @kev

        Dembele or Coman will be a strong threat for any opponent in the wings. Pavon was not good in World Cup anyway, far away from Isco’s, Hazard’s and Mbappe’s dribbling skills

        I’m not sure about Soyuncu and Sokratis, but I wish Arsenal chase another towering, fast and experienced CB, as Arsenal do not have one. Ab Arsenal Brazil fan told me that Yerry Mina is no good, so I wish they get Koulibaly

        1. kev says:

          If Athletico Madrid are seriously interested in a defender you should know he must either be young with him probably becoming world class or he’s already world class.
          Soyuncu to me is better than all our current first team CB’s except for Koscielny at his best.
          I’m not saying this because he’s not an Arsenal player but I’m saying this because I know a talent when I see one.The whole world would soon know more about him.

  6. Pablo Picasso says:

    No pressure at all Unai. Simple, just…..

    1. Beat Man City in your first game.
    2. Beat Spurs home & away.
    3. Beat Man U home & away.
    4. Don’t loose against Chelsea & pool at home.
    5. Win atleast the FA cup.
    6. Finish 3rd in the league.
    7. Win the Europa league.
    8. Don’t be out of the race by February.
    9. No favouritism.
    10. Show passion on the bench.

    = instant Arsenal legend.

    Not too much to ask.
    Regards, Pablo.

    1. Kachope patrick says:

      Isn’t that too much for the man?

  7. jon fox says:

    If the team consistently gave their best , yet finished 5th, I would accept it willingly, PROVIDED that I saw some clear progress and closure of the huge points gap from 4th under Wenger. I am above alla realist and wil continue to be so. I do NOT expect world class signings at huge money, as I AM a relist and know Kroenke still owns the club. Til that changes , we should all temper unrealistic demands with common sense. I do expect, though, to finish top four, above both Spuds and Chelsea this season as both will clearly soon lose key players.

  8. Grandad says:

    Your insider info is impressive Kev. Are Mustafi and Xhaka leaving along with 5/6 others?

    1. kev says:

      Not an ITK though.As for Mustafi it’s very likely.I hope they’re not considering a disaster pairing of Sokratis and Mustafi.
      As for Xhaka it won’t happen.At least not for this season because he’s signed a new contract meaning they’re willing to give him a chance.

      1. kumssa says:

        u guys r unbelievable in his first 6 games he kept a clean sheet it’s wenger fault for aking him consistent but i believe under emery he will come good just give him time geez #coyg

        1. Ken1945 says:

          kumssa, sorry but I’m not sure what you are implying aking him consistent means.
          Can you explain further and in more detail please!
          By the way, if he kept a clean sheet in his first 6 games, was that Wenger’s fault as well?

          1. kumssa says:

            i am sorry it was a typo wat i meant was when the inconsistency began wenger should have addressed it and fix z problem whether it was mentally,physically or whatever b/c when he arrived he was actually gud nd even now u can c clearly he is more fit than before so give him time is wat i am saying #coyg

  9. Nicholas says:

    The first three games (city, Chelsea and west ham) will either bring back the feel good factor or divide an already fragile fan Base.

    I for one will get behind the manager as long as his decisions on and off the pitch are made with arsenals best interests at heart

  10. @kev how realistic is the willian to Barcelona rumors since the Manchester divided are also on his case

  11. Chiza says:

    Kev gets his information from Jack on arsenal fan TV.. I think you guys should watch Jack on arsenal fan TV.. That’s where Kev gets his information from

    1. Ken1945 says:

      Chiza, I suggest that before you start belittling others. you read the facts regarding Wenger’s early years at least.
      You have a right to your opinion, but you cannot change the FACTS regarding the club’s history and achievements.

      For all we know, Jack (whoever he is) might just be getting his information from keV!!!

      Regarding Emery’s first season, if he could bring the fanbase together by the team’s actions and results, he will have had a BRILLIANT season.
      My personal timescale would be three seasons, as long as there is nothing drastically wrong, like a relegation battle!!!

      1. jon fox says:

        Well challenged Ken! You see what we who KNOW THE FACTS are up against when you get wet behind the ears know nothings writing sheer fabrication! I will NEVER let unfair nonsense and FACTUAL NONSENSE go unchallenged. I am glad you did too. MORE PEOPLE SHOULD ALSO DO the same. If they care! If we let lies be accepted by those who are just ignorant of the FACTS we do our great club a huge dis-service.

        1. Modx says:

          the guy just asked for emery to have a better start to the club than wenger. what is making you guys so pissed? Is it not possible?? I for one hope he wins champions league soon and squash wengers status huhaha

  12. ruelando says:

    I am hoping it brings a change of attitude in the arsenal players, previously players were too relaxed in their position and were pampered, now they will have to fight for all positions, so i expect a change and more tempo in their play.
    A top-four finish is possible and a FA or Euro cup would be the cherry on the cake

  13. Gifted says:

    Emery should bring the Europa league this season and a top four finish, that will be enough…Next season we can start thinking about the EPL now

  14. qoni says:

    even if we finish below the 4th position, for the first season that is, i am looking forward to see our players give their 100% for the club and emery. hope their will be no favours with players and play in their roles. gooner = forever

    1. OzzieGunner says:


  15. kerki says:

    1.man city (pep)
    2.liverpool (very goodnew singings)
    3.spurs (if save their squad)
    4.arsenal ……
    5.chelsea (selling stars and new coach)
    6. man u (mourinho every 3rd season fail)

  16. fabi says:

    If Emery wins the Epl title, Europa league title, FA cup and the corabo cup( carling cup) isn’t it better than wengers first year? Stop claiming as if you know too much@ Jon fox

    1. Gunman says:

      Lets not be over optimistic…our new acquisitions need time to adjust to the epl

    2. Mobella says:

      Fabi this is about Jon claiming to know too much but about facts and reality. It is one thing to wish for something to happen and it is another to believe it can actually happen. Gone are are the days of treble or quadruple. Chiza is simply asking for too much. l personally won’t mind if we win nothing if we show seriousness and challenge because it takes only one team to win and i hate winning at all cost in football. Spending more than ½ a billion to win EPL and curabo cup is not for me. I like how Conte won his EPL not the fa and how Leicester did it.

  17. big g says:

    Would i be happy if we finished 5th and the players gave their all without ever giving up ?
    I wouldn’t say i’d be happy but i would accept it because at least the players would have been honest enough to earn their money but ultimately we want to win PL again.

    1. Senile says:

      When has it become a FACTUAL NONSENSE to be enthusiastic, dream and pray for something big? Even if it seems impossible? Experience has tamed some of us to be realistic with expectations. But you can’t fault anyone for been too optimistic…it is his heart that will suffer for it.

  18. sadfan says:

    Poor Arsenal..High during pre-season..Low at end of season..Same old Cycle..Emery not the Messiah. Sorry folks

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