Emery aims high for Arsenal – And why not?

Most Arsenal fans seem to think that a Top Six finish would not be a bad return for Unai Emery in his first season in charge, considering the mess he inherited in the summer, but with us now going undefeated for the last 16 games perhaps we are now setting our sights just a little bit higher, especially after dragging out a draw against Liverpool.

Emery has now come out and said that Arsenal should be aiming to emulate Liverpool’s success over the last few years since Jurgen Klopp arrived. The Spaniard said: “I remember three years ago we were playing with Sevilla against Liverpool the final of Europa League and we won 3-1,”

“Liverpool were without the Champions League, they had the Premier league and Europa League.

“Two years later, they were playing in the final of the Champions League.

“That’s a good example for us – maybe we cannot do the same, because it’s very very difficult and they worked very well with [Jurgen] Klopp in this progression.

“But my idea is the difference between us and other teams now – Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool – we can reach the same level of performance as them.

“But we need time, we need work. In football the test is the next match.”

And we certainly have some tough tests coming up, with three of the Top Six sides in the next ten days. Emery didn’t mention Tottenham or Man United as any of the teams he wanted to match so if we are going to be moving up to the level of Man City, Liverpool or Chelsea then we really could do with some impressive performances in the coing tests.

Maybe we won’t reach those heights this season, but I do like his ambition to get us right to the very top!

We are definitely going in the right direction aren’t we? Or should we reserve judgement for a couple of weeks?



  1. I love his ambition and spirit.. our next 3 matches are so important.. I trust him to take it one match a time.
    BTW anyone Fancy VanAalholt as a LB option??

  2. There is clearly a much wanted new determination and passion in the squad BUT we still have plenty of players who just do not have the inate required ability to challenge the top rivals. I AM NOT PRONE TO HYPE, UNLIKE SOME OF THE MAINLY YOUNG FOLK ON HERE WHO HAVE LITTLE SENSE OF PERSPECTIVE AND LET THEMSELVES GER CARRIED AWAY, ALBEIT WITH DESIRABLE ENTHUSIASM. We need to rid our squad of virtually the whole of this seasons regular back four outfield defenders, bar Holding. Xhaka, Elneny, Mkhi are just not effective enough and must go. Ozil is in and out , mostly out(of form and DESIRE) I like all the new buys, though Licht has had little chance to show what he can really do, being played of necessity on the wrong flank once or twice and usually on the bench. Successes have been Leno, Torreira, Iwobi, Laca, Guendouzi. Others like Auba has played a full part but needs to work harder. Overall we are playing better than our average talent level SHOULD achieve and to seriously improve further, despite a superb manager, we need to spend serious money across all areas of the squad, bar keeper and strikers. And there lies the immoveable problem in the ghastly shape of Scrooge Kroenke. As ever, from me no hype at all , only sober realism. I leave hype to the many on here who provide little else than hype, sadly.

    1. I’m with you on this Jon, if we finish in the top 4 it will be one hell of an achievement by Emery and the team. The January transfer window will be crucial but I, like you, do not think Kroenke will take the same view and unzip his wallet.

      1. Making the top 4 can never be a hell of achievement by any standard, winning the league can only be regarded as such! Let’s stop fooling ourselves!!!

        1. Forget those hypocrites. They’re pathetic. Arsenal finished 6th last season. If there’s progress as the claim, then top 4 should be a guarantee not an exceptional achievement.

          1. There is alot of double standard’s in this group,which is very appalling, how can one rate finishing in 4th place as a hell of achievement for arsenal, that is in itself ridiculous,a position we labelled as failure has become a hell of achievement! Na waoo

  3. He didn’t inherited a mess wtf??like he said wenger keft the club in a healty situation.the team like he said the new manager with few goou additions would have a very decent team.all unay needs is 2 transfers Windows to sell the plsyers he doesn,t rate and sign players able to play the way he wants!look at manure all Ferguson wanted was to retire on a high,few seasons and hundreds of millions spent and counting,few managers snd no progress..so we should be grateful to Wenger for the way he left the ckub ciompared to selfish Ferguson whio was thinking only of himself,I

      1. Proof please Phil, then this argument should end and we can all get on with the present.
        Disprove the words of the club captain Per Mertesaker that he resigned in front of the players with an even more reliable source and that would solve it completely.
        At the moment, I am quite content to believe the word of the man who was there, rather than heresay and guesswork.

        I am also content that Emery has said how he found the club in a healthy situation, but once again it seems that his views, like Per’s, don’t count for anything if it seen as a positive response to our ex manager Arsene Wenger.
        Emery has brought in the few players you said were needed to improve a very decent team, so I assume you agree with what HE says at least?
        Certainly the results so far would seem to indicate that.

        1. If he hadn’t ‘resigned’, do you honesty believe he’d still be managing Arsenal this season? I think it was only last season that Wenger himself said, he could see himself managing for another 3/4 years, and that his preference was to stay at Arsenal.

          He was given the option of walking to save face.

          1. ThirdManJW, that’s your OPINION and view of the situation.
            I’m basing my belief on the FACT that Per Mertesacker was at the meeting where he told his players he was resigning, that is fact.
            Why would Per lie about it?

            No, I don’t see him still managing Arsenal, he should have resigned two years ago, after our brilliant win against Chelsea in the cup final.
            He thought he could take us further, but it didn’t work out.
            We have been told on here that Kronkie is a hard nosed businessman who thinks about only one thing…MONEY.
            But now, with no proof or facts to back it up, you expect me to believe that he allowed Wenger to stay tilll the end of the season??
            What , out of the goodness of his heart and to let Wenger save face?


            1. I believe the FACT of what Per said, I am not disputing that, but WHY did Wenger resign? That’s what Phil’s original point was.

    1. I would like to know in what healthy positions did wegener live the club? If you take a look at the games that we played in the league with every first half they played like as if wenger was still in charge. There are so many dead wood in that team which makes it difficult for them to comprehend that they need to step up,period!!

  4. We have a good challenge tomorrow and we need to push hard and move forward
    We need every one tomorrow we need to be loud.
    Bournemouth are well organized but also they cant loose the match they have had some good results wit teams we could not beat but they lost the past two matches they will need to address it so the pressure is on them
    We will need goals tomorrow we have to be solid from the start and switched on and get an early goal …..lets move on

  5. I like his spirit, but the answer of your question is we would see the direction after Arsenal are done with the next three EPL matches

    Tottenham destroyed Chelsea, but they should be predictable now for Arsenal

  6. Lol. Am BACKAGEN from a Man utd forum. It’s a mega Pochettino bukkake over there! Just whining, complaining and bitterly comparing Jose with the media-darling Pochettino. Man this utd team is ripe for the picking. With a hopeless Lukaku leading the front and equally hopless backline, we must capitalise on this opportunity and break our 12 year long Old Trafford jinx in 2 weeks time!

    1. Even when they were crap a few seasons back (well in my eyes they still are) and they were losing to most teams, we still couldn’t beat them! Gutted! I hope that all changes a week Wednesday ?
      I watched some of the United Stand QD, it was hilarious, some old boy was going mental, every other word was f*ck, he was spitting all over the interviewer as he was talking!! Gross!! It was all doom & gloom, they were all majorly p*seed off!! And I loved it, because they all wanted Maureen & now it’s gone t*ts up they want him sacked!! Brilliant ?

      1. The slow and painful collapse of Man utd is such a beautiful sight! I’ve been waiting for it for years! I always suspected Fergie’s utd towards the end of his career were getting by on mostly fear factor and as we can see as soon as he left and everyone found them out, they have been having a tough time. I hope Mourinho stays at least till the end of this season. ?

  7. Good spirit and ambition from the coach. Waiting to see what type of transfers will he spend on in the next window. But the first recruits show that he has an eagle eye. Missing one top class winger and my AFC will be rocking again. #COYG

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