Could Unai Emery leave Arsenal this summer?

Could Arsenal lose Unai Emery in the summer?

While scouring through Arsenal related news today I came across a very intriguing article in the Daily Star, basically, they have given three reasons why we may lose Unai Emery in the summer and I must admit, it did make interesting reading, but that was all.

First off, I will state clearly that I think there is absolutely no chance that the Spaniard will be leaving us anytime soon, however, that does not mean that it is not worth reading others opinion, especially those looking from the outside.

OK, let’s analyse the Star’s report.

Reason number one they give is

1) A lack of transfer funds will eventually wear thin

OK, on this one they have something but only up to a point, if we do not make the top four then transfer funds may well be limited but we are well on course to qualify for next seasons Champions League, there are player sales to come and high wages being taken off the books via Petr Cech retiring and Aaron Ramsey leaving and so the likelihood is that we will have a significant budget for Emery to spend.

2) Emery is well respected in La Liga and Ernesto Valverde is unpopular at Barcelona


Ernesto Valverde is on course to win La Liga easily and Barcelona is one of the big favourites for the Champions League. Seems the Daily Star are getting Barca mixed up with Chelsea, I mean, where did this one come from?

Emery will not be taking over at Barcelona this summer.

3) Challenging internal politics

This reason was all about the vacant director of football role and that is it, how that can be called challenging internal politics I do not know.

So what if this role has not been filled, it hardly makes for a crisis and this seems to be just a desperate attempt to dig up something, anything, to make out there is some sort of issue at Arsenal.


A load of bull for me, if they can only come up with three reasons and two of them are outlandish then you know the media are digging for the sake of it, I could find three reasons why Pep Guardiola could leave Man City in the summer, I could come up with ten reasons why Mauricio Pochettino would leave Tottenham and 20 reasons why Maurizio Sarri will be leaving Chelsea, in fact, I could even come up with better reasons than the ones the Star provided why Emery may leave in the summer.


  1. Agree, another BS from Daily Star. I believe Emery would not go anywhere until he brings some trophies or gets fired by Arsenal

    He would not leave because there are many Spanish staffs, coaches and players at the club, which should support him. Instead of Emery, Daily Star had better create rumors about Welbeck, Suarez and other players with expiring contract

  2. I think Emery really wanted the Arsenal job, to a point where I think it was already on his mind while he was psg manager which is why he was so prepared and knew our squad so well. Arsenal is a gem of a club, prestige history global following Arsenal has it all. Forget our recent shortcomings, Arsenal is in the top 10 best clubs in the world. Emery has a chance to elevate this club to its former heights again and stamp his authority and name into our history. Barca is elite but after what happened at psg I don’t think they’ll have what it takes to pry him from Arsenal. He has a chance to build something in the best league with one of the best clubs, he won’t give it up for a club that’ll immediately demand the league and champions league from the get go and that’d fire him if he doesn’t deliver, even if he’s doing good in other aspects

  3. Total BS I agree on all fronts, I think Emery will be here next season because he will want to carry on the progress he has made with this squad, At the start of this season I was willing to give him at least three transfer windows (summer) to get this club anywhere near the top 4 places, I have to take my hat off to him at the speed in which he has got what was not short shambles he inherited turned around, I thought we would be looking at mid table at best for this season, well done Unai. I think the Star are clutching at straws and hoping to stir something up into a story,
    “crack on”.

  4. The word is that Unai Emery only has a 2 year contract, with Arsenal having an option to renew based on Arsenal being happy with his performance. Should Emery do well next season, it would be expected that suitors will come for him.
    Arsenal may loose Emery, because they haven’t signed him to a longer contract.

  5. But some people wanted him out a few weeks back calling him all kinds of names. Stating how he can’t manager so called world class players, can’t manage big clubs. Arsenal is too big for him. He is turning us into Seville etc.

    I keep saying, give the guy at least until next season and then start catting all the nonsense you want. No after just half a season.

  6. Conspiracy theorists! Don’t you just love em? Actually, NO, since they are lying and well aware of it too. More chance that I will be signed as a 68 year old dynamic winger than Emeryleaving this summer.

  7. If Emery leaves, Arsenal could as well hire me! after all, i have managed several world class clubs, on playstation 4! i am extremely qualified to coach Arsenal….

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