Emery excited about Arsenal’s trophy opportunity in the Europa League

It has been a while now since a Premier League side has won a European trophy, but with Arsenal and Chelsea still in the Europa League and all four of the EPL contenders still in the Champions League, the chances of a trophy coming back to England have increased this season.

Unai Emery, having won the Europa League three times already, can now taste the possibility of his first trophy with Arsenal. He told Arsenal.com: “I knew in the Champions League and the Europa League, in different moments it is sometimes Spanish clubs, other times English clubs or Italian or German clubs. But it is one thing. Champions League is very important but the Europa League grew up a lot and now is giving every team the possibility to play in the Champions League. In the domestic league, like here, we have six teams playing to be in the top four. Two teams are going out and the Europa League is giving us a big opportunity also to take one way to go to the Champions League.

“And also, it’s one title. I said to the players today, I am excited about this competition. It’s not just because you can get to the Champions League through this competition. It’s also because it’s one title and I think we can feel the possibility to win one title, doing this way with a difficult moment like today and playing also against big teams. But I think we can feel this competition like in the Premier League, to do a good way and create, with our supporters, a big atmosphere and a big feeling together to do this way in the Premier League and also here in the Europa League. Together and stronger.”

We know it is not going to be easy, especially with teams like Chelsea, Napoli and Valencia still in the draw, but with Sevilla and Inter-Milan eliminated we can only take it one round at a time from now on. We cleared a big hurdle last night, and now on to the next one!



    1. Do you not feel they will be thinking the same.Im more concerned about advoiding their Ultra’s than their players.Crazy Phyco’swho smashed up Holloway Road a few years ago and were out hunting Arsenal fans in Naples.
      Anyway their team is well beatable over two legs so cannot see anything other than a semi final in Spain.

      1. I’m not confident because Napoli is the second in Serie A

        Milik, Mertens and Insigne are tricky attackers that can act their way out to get penalties

        Luckily there are two EPL games before facing Napoli at the Emirates, that can be used as warm-up

        1. …why should it matter what tricky attackers they got – all professional footballers can play up to get an advantage. What matters in european competition is to play cleanly, to minimize yellows (by defenders particularly), to score away and to keep a clean sheet at home.

          With that said – as long as we don’t go in to the napoli game with the gung-ho type of approach we were inclined towards under wenger we will be fine. Their player of repute (it appears) is the koulibally chap – Our job is to destroy the myth by giving all his defensive ability the stiffest test ever. He won’t know what hit him or which way to turn when Rambo Lacaz and the Panther come marching through.

          1. And even against the top teams of Italy, Arsenal was always just as dangerous if not more so. I used to hope we’d get Juventus in the CL, good defenders and attackers but their game is slower than Arsenal’s. Napoli are the type of team that even Wenger would love to get, they’re an attacking side, and they’re under a new manager too, it should be a good game.

    2. We could have gotten it easier, but on the positive side,it will be 2 very interesting games.

  1. As i said earlier in another post, i trust UE in big/difficult games, am excited about anither big game coming, ill rather play them over 2legs than waiting till final where one mistake is enough to decide the tie.
    Am happy we dont have games tomorow, so our players could rest and be psychologically fit when we resume.
    April is going to be a great month for Gunners ww

    1. I very much agree with you …
      Whilst a wee bit concerned as they are 2nd in the league, have a good manager and a few decent players. I would have been a bit more concerned if we had been paired with a lower ranked team like chelski ?
      The boss seems to get them up for it against the better teams so I am quietly confident we can progress to the semi finals
      Up wards and onwards gents and ladies.
      The feel good factor is slowly coming back…

  2. Tbf if I could choose I would prefer concentration on the league
    Top four is within our reach and if we achieve it I think we will have performed above what’s expected

    1. Trouble is if Chelsea win Europa League and we finish 4th we don’t get into Champions League, unless Chelsea also finish above us. Only 4 teams go into CL and EL winner takes preference over 4th place.

      1. I’m not sure that’s right Declan, I thought 5 teams would then enter the CL. Also, I predict out of the last 9 games if we collect at least 23 points we will finish 3rd

            1. No, the UCL winner would have to be a non-top 4 side as well. We’re allowed 5 in UCL now, and, a non-top 4 side winning the UCL no longer affects 4th place not making it unless two non top 4 sides win both European cups, then 4th place goes to the Europa.

              But screw 4th. Let’s get 3rd!

        1. Only 7 teams are allowed to represent one country in both European competitions both cl and europea

  3. If we play with a team capable of sustaining attacks then I have faith we can progress, if we play too defensively then I fear we will crumble and get knocked out, down to Emery to pick the right team and tactics… I believe we have the quality in the squad to win this.

    I am glad Emery has found a way to win with 3 at the back, with Bellerin out and Lich just not being good enough… along with Jenks not being trusted, we are stuck in that position. Keep the attack mindset Emery, please! Faith we can do it if we attack enough.

  4. Napoli will be tough but we can do it.

    This time I hope we have a good start and do well in the first leg.


  5. Napoli were unlucky to go out of CL in a though group so obviously decent but are apparently drifting a bit .. Can’t win their league but guaranteed CL .. Whether they can find some energy on a Thursday night is unclear … That said if we play the 2 legs as against Rennes we are out … Defence has improved significantly in recent games … Attack remains a threat … And there has to be a game when both laca and Auba click at same time … But midfield remains weak whic is why we failed to dominate despite home advantage … Would like to see miki twinned with torreira as these are two quality players who can hold ball and pass accurately and xhaka and Ramsey separate and together are low quality … Need to keep on a roll before Europa resumes and if things keep on track no reason why a trip to Spain can’t be guaranteed

    1. Xhaka and Ramsey were excellent in the first game that they’ve played as a two, all this season. Auba and Laca have had many games with them both clicking, the reason we stayed in there is largely down to these two players, even non Arsenal fans were admiring the connection they both have together.

  6. As long as we do not get anymore injuries, our team can shuffle it with the big boys.So bring on Napoli.For us to win the trophy we got to beat this big teams.

  7. Napoli will be tough, but if we don’t concede an away goal in the first leg, I’m confident we’ll go through.. Chelsea get another favourable draw there’s a big bloody surprise!

      1. I know Sue Porto 2 years running what are the odds! We’re in the Europa League and have a much tougher game who said the champions League was better ?

        1. Tough draw John, but a positive week and keeping the faith works. I will be sad to see rambo go in the summer and appreciate the commitment he continues to show. A Europa league final goal to add to the fa cup final ones would be a good send off.

        2. Yes Paul, but like the last round I remain positive, I don’t think we should fear Napoli, we should go out and enjoy it, we’ll be the underdog so no pressure! It would be fitting if he scored the winner in the Europa League final against Chelsea as he did in the fa cup final haha

          1. How amazing would that be?? I’d love for that to happen. One last trophy before he departs for Turin…. one thing’s for sure, he’ll be winning at least 1 trophy next season!!

            1. It’s written in the stars Sue ? so who we playing in the semi final Valencia or Villarreal? Villarreal in the semi final again ?

                    1. You got the boxset Sue ? fifty shades freed absolute rubbish that Dakota Johnson couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag ?

                    2. Haha yes I love them!! I’ve not seen it, only watched the first one.. it was alright. Haha he wasn’t that great either ?
                      So the FA cup tomorrow John.. Come on Wolves!!

                    3. Haven’t seen American pie since we last won at old Trafford ? haha yeah the first is the best of a bad trilogy ? oh yeah tomorrow night isn’t it BBC ? Is Ole coming off the wheel again ? Lol

                    4. Bloody hell were they even made then?! ?? only joking!
                      Yeah there’s a few games on tomorrow. Yes 7.55 I think & yes Wolves will win ? Jimenez will score!I bloody hope so anyway!! City should be fine. They’re still in with a chance of winning everything! Imagine the cashmere sweaters Pep would buy if that was to happen ?

                    5. Haha Solskjaer was a player back then ? oh I’ll probably just catch some of the wolves game, not much interest in the fa cup when we’re not in it ? lol yeah he could have a walk in wardrobe stacked with cashmere sweaters then ? pep, Jürgen and Sarri aren’t really you’re average savile row clients ?

                    6. Alvaro Negredo plays for Al-Nasr Dubai SC ? not sure if Cabaye still does. I wonder if Arsenal will show it on their website??

                    7. Bit of useless information… Negredo made his name under Emery when he helped Almeria to promotion and there best ever la Liga position…

                      Well I think I’m right!!!

          2. Agreed, I don’t fear them. They are a good side, as are we. A good competitive tie to look forward to. I would also like to see amn given a go in centre midfield prior to the end of the season. (Just my thought), but he continues to impress me.

            1. I think he’s doing an excellent job at right back/ right wing back Paul.. if he continues to impress out there he could make that position his own.

              1. He certainly is doing a good job. Hector had improved before the injury in my opinion and just would like to see him given a go, maybe pre season would have been a better suggestion, but would like to see how he does in what he considers his natural position. Ages till our next game now also, shame as momentum is really there.

                    1. Thanks Paul… it has.. nice to chill! Although we’re not on, at least there are some matches this weekend. I’ll be cheering on City & Wolves tomorrow ??

                  1. Emery better get his tactics right for that one they’re a dangerous team.. lose and he has to go ?

                1. Thing is Paul, Bellerin is gonna be out for a long time he certainly won’t be back for the start of the season and Lichsteiner and Jenks won’t be here next season so we really need a RB and AMN is probably that guy until Bellerin returns can’t see Emery spending big on another RB maybe it’s his plan to convert AMN into a RB the same way Wenger converted Lauren in that position I think we have enough cover in Central midfield Guendouzi and Torreira should suffice. It probably came at the right time as we’re played a lot of games recently but only time will tell.

                  1. Yeah I hear what your saying and it makes sense John. And yes I imagine Lich and Jenkinson will be moved on, so u e probably sees him growing in that role. Yes a nice rest before what will be a good run to the end of the season we all hope ?

                    1. Makes sense doesn’t it Paul rather than going out and spending big money on a RB when we’re in dire need of a top class CB that has to be number one priority this summer, Mustafi has to be moved on he’s a liability! Definitely, but must improve that away form as we’ve got 5 away games to contend with. ?

  8. Not sure why we should be apprehensive about Napoli, they should be worried about us!!

    Semi-finalists last year, losing to the winners by the odd goal and boasting a manager/coach who has won the competition three times.

    Not only that, we boast players with reputations like Aba, Lacs, Ozil, Ramsey (just signed by Juve of course), Kos, Soks, Myk etc etc.

    PLUS, the first leg is at home which means UE will know exactly how to line up and what tactics to use.

    I think the squad already want to go that one step further, reach the final and then give Aaron Ramsey the send off he deserves by lifting the cup.

    Aaron certainly seems to want to go out on a high and doesn’t he deserve it?

      1. Very true Trissiam, forgot that…what a fantastic situation for him IF we play chelsea in the final…with Giroud trying to beat him!!!

        1. ken, I too believe that Arsenal can win the quarter final; it is the Napoli Ultras who are the real concern. There’re too gutless to go one on one and attack in packs. I’m glad I’ll be too far away to attend.

          1. Never having been in contact with them, ozziegunner, I can only go by reputatin.
            When someone like Phil, who travels the globe watching our club, actually says they are a problem, then one really does have to take them seriously.
            I fully intend to be at The Emirates for the first leg, but will be very aware of what’s going on around me…what a shame that this is the society we now live in!!!

            I feel certain we are going to the semi-final, along with a top four place and UE has turned the club around in the last four weeks.
            No excuses for ANY player to feel “left out” as they are all getting playing time and the negativity of seven defenders has also gone.

            I’m just hoping that kronkie realises just how close we are to becoming a major force again and opens up his wallet, but not reaally expecting that to happen.

  9. Napoli is a hard place to go…but also emirates is a hard play to come for opponents.

    We just need to make sure we don’t loss there and we win at home.
    They basic play 442 so we just need to make sure we can thread the ball through their midfield to our attackers and make sure we don’t get hit with counters.

    Unai needs to continue not thinking which players will do it for us and continue thinking which tactic will give us the best result.

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