Emery gets nod to sign Barcelona’s Dembele for Arsenal

The new Arsenal boss Unai Emery will surely have a different way of doing things in north London than his predecessor Arsene Wenger. All o9f the Gooners that have been calling for the end to the Frenchman’s time in charge for years will certainly hope so anyway, but it remains to be seen how much the new manager will listen to his players.

After the way he has slotted in and performed since his recent transfer to Arsenal, however, the Gabon international striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang may have more of an influence than most of his teammates, and that could be good news for Arsenal fans hoping to see the club go for the transfer of the France and Barcelona striker Ousmane Dembele.

The talented young forward has not really settled at the Nou Camp and Aubameyang seems to think that the Gunners should take advantage. As reported by Metro, our pacy front man has given his approval to a transfer move for Dembele after responding to a post on social media suggesting that Arsenal should sign him.

Will Emery listen? Even if he does will the price tag of the best part of £100 million prove to be a step too far? Watch this space gooners…



  1. stubill says:

    Totally pointless click bait article.

    1. Me says:

      Take a rumour and a comment on twitter and you get rubbish like this.
      But then again Arsenal fans should be used to this…

    2. Thomo says:

      What a load of garbage. The metro …..talk bull apparently he’s favourite for the Madrid job lol

  2. Chizzy Nigeria says:

    If we can loan him with a mandatory fee to buy at the end of the season for 80m, I’ll be delighted. It’s very possible

    1. gotanidea says:

      Arsenal had better target Mbappe instead, if they have cash to splash

      1. Mudassir says:

        We need Dembele (a winger) more than Mbappe ( a CF). because we have Auba and Laca.

        1. Rudy Garcia fan says:

          Mbappe often plays as a winger, but anyway he’s valued at above 150 mill. so he’s no go for virtually any club bar the 4, 5 biggest spenders.

          Even Dembele is only an option for a loan.

          If he plays well without an injury, Barca will want him back or they’ll ask for 90 mill. +

          If he’s injured or fails to shine, then why would Arsenal want him??

          So both are a non-story in the long run, and Mbappe even in the short run.

      2. Neil says:

        How did Mbappe help PSG last year ?

  3. gotanidea says:

    A nod from one of Arsenal players and a news from the Metro would not make Arsenal realize the deal. But maybe Arsenal can surprise us again, since they gave us Aubameyang shortly after Lacazette’s arrival

    Dembele is a good young player, but he needs more time at Barcelona. We could see a player’s level when he plays with Iniesta, Messi, Suarez and Rakitic, such as Andre Gomes’ lack of ability and Denis Suarez’s potential

    If Dembele’s deal falls through, I think Mahrez is still available. There are also other good and young left-footed wingers cheaper than Dembele

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Does Dembele even suit Barcelona’s system though. Not all of the best wingers would suit Barca, they hug the lines trying to make the pitch as wide as possible with allot of one touch two touch stuff also. For Dortmund Dembele was more like a wide striker. Henry was wasted at Barca, he was told to stay out wide and move the ball along, he looked nothing like the tormentor we all got to know.

  4. Well thank goodness for Pierre-Kroenke Aubameyang! I guess Gazidis should hop on the next flight out and start talks? How much will Pierre-Kroenke Aubameyang release for this transfer? £70M? £80M? We will have to wait and see! Effing click-bait.

  5. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    If Arsenal are really in for N’Zonzi or Doucoure then it makes you question why we aren’t in for Tanguy Ndombele who’s better than both.this kid actually is unreal great prospect. The France 21 years old joined the Lyon on loan from Amiens last summer and he impressed by making 50 appearances in all competitions, scoring one goal and providing a further eight assists.

    Lyon will be paying €8 million, plus a possible €250,000 in bonuses .

    1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

      There is a saying that goes like: “He hit the ground running.” If you would like to use that saying about Tanguy Ndombele, you would need to add the fact, that he hit the ground running like a train, because that’s how he looks on the football pitch

      When it comes to the defensive side of things he is very mature, composed and positionally sound. He reads the game very well and is able to adjust very well as to where the danger may come from, or read which passing lines the opposition want to open.
      This was visible in the game vs Paris Saint-Germain where he’s played 72-minutes, and after he left, PSG scored both goals. These goals were not necessarily the fault of the player playing in his place, but more of the fact that PSG didn’t really create much in the whole game through the middle thanks to the perfectly functioning partnership of Tousart & Ndombele, who expertly covered the space in front of the defence and the edge of the box when there were crosses coming in from the wide areas.
      One thing which stands out in Ndombele is his dribbling. During the previous season in Ligue 2 he finished the whole season with 70.1% success. For example at the moment, there are 27 (including Ndombele 76,4%) players with 70% success rate or higher and only 6 of them plus Ndombele have over 20 completed, which is phenomenal.
      The thing that is so exciting about his dribbling is that he combines the 3 most important elements – speed, strength and skill/technique. He has an outstanding burst of pace from standing position, brilliant upper body strength when he gets shoulder-to-shoulder, and some ridiculous arsenal of skills or tricks he can use to beat his opponents.

      1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

        You are running at full speed, take a bad touch and bounce the ball a bit further than you wanted, it hits the defender in front of you but bounces back to you and you get past him and basically beat him one-on-one. That’s something which was happening at an extreme rate to Sanches, and is what made him look so great and mature, because the game just felt naturally gifted to him, when in reality, in most cases it was luck.
        That’s what can happen with Ndombele – he can lose confidence, try a few of those risky-outside of the boot 30-metre long passes in behind which won’t work, and stop trying them altogether to prevent himself from looking bad and become average.
        He can try to take on someone and fail once, twice, or thrice in a row and stop trying, instead choosing to keep it simple. But the biggest reason I’d actually write this about him is because I’ve seen him fail those passes, I’ve seen him fail miserably when trying to dribble past someone, and even seen him ridiculously tripping over the ball without any action from the player defending him. But he always got up and did it better the next time. That’s the reason why he has the potential to become a special player at the top of the game.

        1. Xxnofx says:

          As much as I would have liked to have read your whole support and why we should sign him.you know we have that same playing waiting in the wings AMN.

  6. Olawale says:

    I think something like a 2 years loan deal for Dembele would be fine with a clause to buy him t the end of the loan period. He is a good player with good skills and composure. He will be a great addition to the team

  7. PIRES says:

    Pointless article….move on

  8. Sue says:

    As reported by the metro….. blah blah blah

  9. Chooch says:

    Are we actually going to start making moves for players other than the 2 old guys. I have a bad feeling that we are being linked with a lot of decent players but can’t afford them I’m started to get a bit worried. I do think that we may get Soyuncu though.

    1. Dan says:

      That’s been the story for years linked to signing top players but rarely happens don’t expect things to change anytime soon with the funds that’s being reported available to new manager he has no chance of bringing in real quality hence going for older cheap and freebies!! Even if money was made available top players are no longer interested in joining arsenal no challenging for tittle and no champions league football so why on earth would any top players want to come this poor new manager hasn’t got a chance!!!

  10. ger burke says:

    very sad that we all click on this far fetched headline and find out that the author is only actually playing with words. i thought this site was far above all of that skulduggery .where is the honesty gone in news reporting these days . if only transfers were indeed entrusted to our players, i just wonder what kind of a squad we would have , maybe a squad that would die for the shirt .but i dont think so , too many mercenaries inhabit football clubs, or , am i just playing with words.

    1. GoonerP says:

      Hey ger I know exactly where you coming from.but unfortunately I am having Avery heavy day and wont be well I’m sorry. normal service will be returning sooner…

  11. ger burke says:

    laughable article.

  12. Innit says:

    Has anyone heard of FART women?
    I was looking at football scores and they are playing in Norway Division one (women)
    Interesting name innit ???

  13. Break-on-through says:

    G Martins could be a good one to get. He’s good at creating as well as going for goal himself. I like players who can mix it up, that was a sore spot, we had too many players who are about one thing. Ozil passing, Oli needs crosses, Wilshere link play, Welbeck dribbling, Walcott last shoulder and shooting. It gets predictable, but when our players all had good days at doing something different we cut through our opponents. When Ozil would run at goal or Danny made a pass and Walcott cut the ball back or Giroud tried a spectacular. Martins can mix it up, good dribbling, technicality, good passing, decent shooting, good stamina and speed. Mkhitaryan can mix it up too, he can be the giver or the receiver, we need more of that and Martins could provide it. Ramsey too falls into this category. But we don’t have too many, we don’t have nearly enough of it coming from midfield. Unless Barca are selling Dembele I think we need to bring one in who’ll be with us for good. I rarely see loan players giving absolutely everything in games, in their mind is going back home with a clean bill of health, they will not risk as much as a guy who’s trying to prove himself in front of his own fans and teammates alike.

  14. Barren says:

    Griezman is going to barca

  15. ThirdManJW says:

    Every year there are delusional rumours, and this is one of them!

    If Barcelona sell him, then that rules us out, because we’re never spending around £80/90 million on a WC player, let alone a prospect like Dembele! If Barcelona sign Griezmann, then they’ll want to recoup some money given the huge outlay on Coutinho, Dembele, and Griezmann, which then rules out a loan deal. Add into the mix, the Camp Nou expansion, then ONLY a sale of Dembele is the most likely option.

    I’m sure I’ll be reading yet another Benzema to Arsenal rumour in the papers over the next month as well haha!

  16. Midkemma says:

    Loan with option to buy could be good, could sweeten the deal by paying for the loan move and getting that knocked off the option to buy price, say give Barca £20-30 million for the loan…

    It would be a gamble but it would mean that in 12 months time we could sign him for £20-30 million less, kinda means we only benefit from the loan payment if we intend to sign Dembele.

    The money upfront to pay for it could be recouped from the sales of Welbroke and Perez, throw in Campbell for just in case kinda thing.

    Dembele transfer to Barca also included add ons for the price which bumped it up, I do not think they have been met considering the last 12 months for Dembele, they might be looking to recoup what they spent at a min… which IF not including those add ons…

    Means we can make Dembele our marquee signing next summer for around £60 million, much more AFC price range right?

    As for convincing Dembele to join us… Auba and Sven can woo him along with him being able to say no in 12 months time if we do not make UCL football… It is still 12 months where he will be playing alongside Auba and will be given the game time to show he is still good enough for the Barca team.

    I doubt we will BUT the interesting thing about this thought is that it allows AFC to go for someone that is out of our range right now.

  17. Andrew E says:

    Let’s get our defence sorted first before we start dreaming about buying £100m wingers. What happened to the £50m budget?

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        ?Defense and DM should be priorities, a winger would be a bonus.

  18. John0711 says:

    It’s only linked rumours but UTD linked with veratti
    Arsenal linked with Nzonzi ?

    1. rkw says:

      my very same thought … veratti would give the man utd midfield a massive step up … but hey we are in for some 17 year old psg prospect so cant complain!!

      1. John0711 says:

        I feel like our club has no ambition as little no as share prices go up who cares
        Continue to spend the least amount to stay in the money
        Some fans say it’s early days yet they must have known Wenger was leaving and Sven and Raul have been there long enough to know what’s ne fed and where it is

        1. John0711 says:

          Needed and where is is

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            I have faith in Arsenal’s new trinity; Unai, Sven and Raul to identify and sign the players needed to strengthen the squad.
            We all should know by now that Arsenal plays its cards close to its chest with regard to transfer dealings. The media on the other hand puts out stories to gain attention. How many of them turn out to be true?

  19. RSH says:

    okay, at least make believable rumors, media

  20. Malch95 says:

    Click bait, benjamin pavards got me excited! 22 year old centre back who began his career as a right back. Could be exactly what we need, along with Steven Nzonzi

    1. GoonerP says:

      Write the story and sent please I have writing clickbait!

  21. Gooner 4 life says:

    Balotelli Dembelle and the 40+other players we are roumered to b sineing b like the miracle of the loaves and fishes to be able to stretch the 50 million transfer budget just as the player is about to sine up pops another story Arsenal to lose out on player he’s sineing for some other club the same old rubbish every transfer window we’ll sine maybe 2 or 3 players two will be probably on free transfers and one 17 year old and that’s our lot

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