Emery has been aiming for Europa League title since he joined Arsenal

Arsenal ended up being extremely close to a Top Four position this season, but we ultimately failed with a lot of fans complaining that Unai Emery was making too many changes to the side in League games, and saving our best players for the Europa League matches. That backfired tremendously as we ended up only one point away from a Champions League place, and all of our eggs are now in the Europa League basket.

The Arsenal boss Raul Sanllehi has now revealed that Emery was extremely keen to win this competition ever since his first day at Arsenal. He said in an interview on Arsenal.com while talking about our place in the Final: “I’d like also to mention on this that the Europa League is probably one of Unai’s preferred areas and comfort zones! He’s won it three times already, he’s never lost a final, and we’re hoping that that streak continues.

“From day one, when we were talking with him, he was already talking about this season when we were talking about the objective to qualify for the Champions League, and he would always mention the Europa League in our objectives. He was very clear – he wanted this title. We’ve got to the final and we’re extremely excited. There’s not so many finals you get over time, so we’re really excited and hoping that we can deliver that to our fans. We extremely believe in the capabilities of the team, and definitely in the capabilities of our head coach to lift that trophy.”

We all sincerely hope that Emery’s Europa League luck holds out against Chelsea, but if he fails he could end up rueing that he didn’t try just a little bit harder to win our League games at the end of the season…



    1. maybe not destroying our chances by selecting stupid formations? and keeping it simple without changing the players too often? he wanted to prove something to somebody and failed big.. lets be honest, if emery were a bit more pragmatic in his approach in the premier league we would have been in Chelseas place.. 3rd and a final.. now are putting everything on the final whereas Chelsea can be relaxed.. emery has luck that he is the coach of arsenal and not Chelsea’s if he had done this in Chelsea he would be jobless in the summer
      and Chelseas team sucked as much as ours so that’s no reason for his failings

      1. It is the players on the field who keep making school boy errors umpteen number of times, how he has taken us this far is a question. This man is a genius to work with these players and be in a cup finals after 13 years. When Arsene played the same 11 every week, he was criticized for not making changes, Unai chopped and changed to suit the tactics, he is criticized! Why cannot a section of the fans be patient with him? What did Klop or Poch or Pep deliver in the first season?Unai has taken us to an European finals! And he is ruthless and not afraid to bench any player including the fan favorites. And tell me which Chelsea manager in recent times parted ways properly, even after winning? And is is good that Arsenal are not in turmoil like Man. Utd with 4 managers after Sir Alex. Relax, we are in safe hands and with his type of players coming in the summer and club becoming tough on contract renewals, professionalism at Arsenal is becoming a reality with the exit of Ivan

        1. Okay my opinions to your points:
          – How he has taken us this far is a question? Lol where has he taken us? EL Finale? that was to be expected, if he hadn’t achieved that with the team of arsenal he and we would be a joke to be honest, the only reason we failed to reach the finale last year was because of Atletico which is a top top team, but this year in contrast our performance in the EL was more bad than good, only positive point being the win against Napoli;
          – Arsene played the same 11/ Unai chopped and changed –> IMO a top team should rather play the same 11 than chopping and changing, I had the same opinion in the Wenger era, as a top team manager should want consistency and know his best formation and players, but a bit rotation is indeed required, so the keyword here is balance! one extreme isn’t better than another extreme.. just because fans criticized Wenger for playing the same 11 doesn’t mean the other extreme (emery style) is perfect.. emery was ridiculous with his chopping and changing
          – Klopp, Poch, Pep –> they won nothing in the first year I think, but klopp achieved a difficult way to a finale too and pep played good football and Poch still hasn’t achieved anything but had a more difficult task than managing arsenal so I don’t get your reasoning why we should keep Emery
          – Chelsea, Man U –> forget the parting ways properly, yeah Man U is in turmoil but they wasted money and time with Van Gaal, why are you forgetting that the same tactic won Chelsea a lot of league titles AND a CL!

          1. At least give the man a couple of seasons to get his own players in…. Jesus Christ…some people. He’s done a very good job; debut season in a new club/league/infrastructure- came fifth with the sixth best squad in the league(a smidge behind third) & got us to a European final.

  1. If you trust Unai to win the Europa league trophy gather here for a selfie ??‍♂️??

        1. That will NEVER EVER HAPPEN PAL.
          The size of Iwobi makes me believe he is actually IN THE CLUB

  2. Emery destroyed our chances by selecting stupid formations. He should have kept it simple without changing the players too often. he wanted to prove something to somebody and failed big.. lets be honest, if emery were a bit more pragmatic in his approach in the premier league we would have been in Chelseas place.. 3rd and a final.. now are putting everything on the final whereas Chelsea can be relaxed.. emery has luck that he is the coach of arsenal and not Chelsea’s if he had done this in Chelsea he would be jobless in the summer..
    and Chelseas team sucked as much as ours so that’s no excuse for his failings..
    For me its clear: if emery loses the final he should be surely sacked and we should look for a better manager as he would have disappointed on each front.. the time of waiting for results and having patience should have ended with Wenger if a manager fails in his targets he should be sacked (except there are a lot positives which wasn’t true with emery).. and champions league qualification should be the minimum target!

  3. Emery set his aim that high coz the personnel n arsenal he had to fight our wars were below standard… its only wt luck dat we are in BAKU bar all other things.

  4. Ozil and co did great when they played against Chelsea at the Emirates, but they must not forget their mistakes at the Stamford Bridge

    In that meeting last year, Ozil did not press Jorginho and allowed Jorginho to freely dictate the tempo without real pressure from us. If Emery uses 3-4-1-2 or 4-2-3-1 to face Chelsea’s 4-3-3, our CAM should work hard to disrupt the concentration of Chelsea’s deep-lying playmaker

    That’s why I’d prefer Iwobi to play as CAM instead of Ozil, because he can work like Okazaki in Leicester’s 4-4-1-1 system. But I bet Emery would choose Ozil instead and I believe Ozil would want to become an Arsenal legend by getting our first major European trophy since 1994

    1. well let me remember you.. had Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan played a bit more decent against Chelsea last year, we would have won easily against them.. as we had about 6 clearcut chances in the first half alone

  5. When us fans who saw through the bullshït and pointed out that he was prioritising the UEL, we had people questioned us and told us what proof did we have?
    Now y’all should go ask Vinai what does he have to say Emery wanted the UEL since day one.cBinch of delusional fellas, something we could’ve done, get in the top four and in the final, we had our coach tinkering and selecting wrong players in wrong situations l, the selection against Everton, Crystal Palace, everything just ruined pur top four. Yes I expect some of you to come with the crap that we needed to rest players, Liverpool had a stressful season also, they were fighting for both the league and UCL, Klopp didn’t pull that stunt saying he needed to rest players in the league. Before the season began I pointed out twice that I believed he would get us into top three and we’ll win the UEL, we could’ve achieved that easily, I believe we have a squad that could’ve done that. We’re still in the finals so all is not lost yet, but putting all our eggs in one basket is a big and unreasonable risk.
    Well now I hope we don’t blow it in the finals.

    1. Oh THANKS Eddie Hoyte, that’s my problem with emery too.. we could have been easily in Chelsea place if emery had just tried a little bit less chopping and changing.. I don’t get how anybody can compliment emery for his first year.. he gets about the same score as Mustafi

      1. Am in support of the opinion that he did an average job. Not only did he change to much our football at times was a total shame. I didn’t think I will live to watch a football team play like that. It was totally mind blowing for all the wrong reasons. 11 men against 10 Watford and it was like children playing against men, Leicester. I pray such football doesn’t come back to AFC.

        1. Even Pep Guardiola with all the investment he made struggled in his first season let alone Unai in an Arsenal club that is scared of spending money. What did you guys really expect? a Conte miracle? Lol ?. This season has been a successful one, our coach has managed to get us in the final our the Europa and missed iout on 4th by 1 point. Give him some credit

      2. But we were still only one point from top four and also made Europa League final. Yes a real rubbish year!

        1. Maybe the Arsenal players might end up rueing that they did not try harder to win the games at the games at the end of the season (4 points from a possible 18) and a number of other games during the season, where they either didn’t turn up or made amateur mistakes in defense or in front of goal.
          As a result Emery should be sacked should Arsenal fail to win the Europa League final, his contract paid out of Arsenal’s transfer budget and a new coach/manager appointed, who armed with the remaining transfer budget then sent out to bring greater success to the Arsenal.
          Arsenal can follow the manager revolving door of Chelsea; however without the funds to compensate the sacked manager, employ his replacement and provide adequate funds for player transfers.

  6. People saying a lot of unrealistic things
    Ok we accept he was at fault against Everton and palace
    But is ther any guarantee that our favourite team line-up will get the job done
    Cause they couldn’t do it at wolves,Leicester even against Brighton at home

    What happened has nothing yo do with player selection it’s totally on our team
    The pl?yers were not up for the fight is that simple

    1. All they needed to do was win one flipping home game. That’s the players bottling it. There was so much room for error and we still failed.

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