Emery has definitely brought the Arsenal fans back onside

It was obvious during Wenger’s waning years as Arsenal manager that the fans were becoming increasingly disillusioned with the Same Old Same Old and the predictable fight for 4th place every season, and the end of his reign was highlighted by great swathes of empty seats at the Emirates.

No one doubts that Le Prof was our greatest manager ever but his originally revolutionary ideas had become stale and out-dated and the fans knew that we were going nowhere very rapidly. But Unai Emery has brought them back with his excellent tactical nous and extremely entertaining football. The Spaniard knows how important it is to have the fans on your side. He said: “We need to fit together with the supporters, with the club and the players and this mentality is very important for us and to show them our quality and strong work. Then together we can be happy, like today. We need their support, and they support us at every match and away from home. Even today, it is in London, but it is away and I think the players on the pitch feel their support every moment of the 90 minutes.”

Of course it helps when you win 9 games in a row, but surely when you see the sort of sublime teamwork that gave us the third goal yesterday, you can’t help but be proud to be a Gooner again. But Emery is not interested in his 9 game record, he just wants to make sure us fans are happy in the next game as well. “But sorry,” he said. “I don’t want to look behind. I think every match is different, every match is very difficult. Yes, we are on the table, little by little, giving ourselves a better position for our ideas and our objectives. But I’m thinking of our match against Leicester, at the Emirates, our home, with our supporters. And I want to give them, when we are playing in our stadium, a special feeling with each match and show them we are playing with our quality, playing together with a winning mentality also. Above all, with the commitment and with the behaviour like today.”

It is that commitment and winning mentality that has been missing for the last few seasons, and if the team isn’t committed then why should the fans be?

Now we can all go forward together. Onwards and Upwards!

Sam P


  1. Eddie Hoyte says:

    “But sorry,I don’t want to look behind. I think every match is different, every match is very difficult. Yes, we are on the table, little by little, giving ourselves a better position for our ideas and our objectives. But I’m thinking of our match against Leicester”
    This is also a big reason why we are performing well, he doesn’t dwell on a previous match or performance, he knows what’s important is the next performance. I like the fact that he’s already preparing for Leicester city now even before the Int break.
    He keeps taking it one game a time, we can have 13 straight wins before Liverpool… I hope we flog Liverpool, but like a certain Spanish would say… “Let’s focus on the next match first”

  2. LENOhappy says:

    I love that Eddie,”like a certain Spanish will say “

  3. Xxnofx says:

    To be fair ,the last couple of weeks I’ve actually started to look forward to the arsenal games ,which hasn’t been the case for quite awhile .yesterdays game really got them juices flowing again for me .
    Along way to go ,and I still think it will be a struggle to get top 4 but the players actually look like they are enjoying themselves again .
    I was one of the fans who was very vocal at the start of the season how I thought nothing had changed but maybe just maybe we are heading in the right direction again .still a few things I would like him to change but emery as differently improved this squad of players from last season .

    1. Sue says:

      You’ve looked forward to the matches?! You steady on there Xxnofx ?

      1. Xxnofx says:

        I’m big enough to admit maybe just maybe I was wrong ,we will see though ,


    the best part is that Emery is having the fans fully at his heart unlike wenger who used to force fans to surpot when their is always bad result with empty promise of good one with cup drout

  5. gotanidea says:

    Sam P, you are correct about Wenger’s revolutionary system that became obsolete. He won a lot of FA Cups and qualified for Champions League, but failed to get another major trophy after his famous Invincibles aged

    He is definitely Arsenal’s greatest manager, but the match day seemed to be just another day at the office for him. Showed by his apathy and lack of energy on the side of the field

    On the other hand, Emery’s enthusiasm in the field, his ruthlessness on the stars and his guts to use different formations are very exciting to see. Arsenal need people with fresh ideas like him and young footballers that have big motivation

  6. qoni says:

    past is past pls lets focus in the present and the new mentality that emery is given to our play and to the players. its seems that the players are starting to understand his methods. look at iwobi, ozil, bellerin, mustafi (agianst Fulham) are fighting and running for each other. its true that we have to take step by step and the next step are leicester. gooner = forever.

  7. John Wick says:

    Let’s just take time to have a laugh at man utd, I bet everyone thought we would be in their position by now! Unrest at the club, the manager struggling.. players not playing for him, most people compared our situation to that of United’s when Moyes replaced Ferguson.. to compare Moyes with Emery is a joke David Moyes won nothing with Everton and had to replace arguably the greatest manager of all time unlike Emery who has won trophies on modest budgets including 3 European trophies something our outgoing manager has never won.. I was told by a man utd fan you will go through 2 or 3 managers before you find your mourinho, haha deluded I’d say! We do not want a mourinho I can’t think anybody who would!! the man is dried up his tactics are outdated, his brand of football is a natural sedative.. yet deluded utd fans think other club supporters our jealous of the Portuguese moaner! The man’s face would crack if he ever smiled, he slates his own players in public, falls out with everyone and in general just isn’t a friendly man at all.. the old Trafford faithful blame ed Woodward the guy who released 250 million of the club funds to the finished one but apparently that isn’t enough, they actually think if Woodward leaves utd will be back to their brilliant best playing free flowing football ? let’s all be grateful that United and their extremely delusional obnoxious supporters are going backwards and we’re on our way up again! Reason to smile ?

    1. Sue says:

      Maureen’s vile!! Yes John I’m with you on all of that & will ALWAYS make time to have a laugh at them ?

      1. John Wick says:

        100% Sue no wonder his wife lives 200 miles away ? oh yes for definite they still laugh at us for losing at forest yet they lost to Derby at home at near full strength ? I cannot wait until 4th December we go to old Trafford it’ll be our first league victory there since 2006 amazingly ?

        1. Sue says:

          We owe them big time ?

          1. John Wick says:

            And the pool Sue ? would love to see Klopps angry face trotting down the tunnel ?

          2. Sue says:

            That smile would be well & truly wiped off his face!! It’s about time John, how I want revenge for that 4-0!!!!

          3. John Wick says:

            Too right Sue! We were awful that day not even a shot on target and to make matters worse I was stuck in Warrington with my ex gfs family who are all Liverpool fans as you can imagine I had nowhere to hide ?

          4. Sue says:

            That must have been awful!! I was gutted that day, especially when we had a corner then 20 (?) Seconds later they scored ? if any of their fans wind me up… I just mention Stevie G slipping… soon shuts them up!!

          5. John Wick says:

            Haha just give it to them about never winning the premier League Sue ? of course they come back with their 5 European cups ? but half of them weren’t even born for the other 4 they won lol

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    “Be careful what you wish for” I was constantly told…so glad I didn’t listen! It’s actually fun being an Arsenal fan again.

    1. Sue says:

      Piers Morgan tweeted about that… he said 5-1 away, 9th consecutive victory…life after Wenger is exactly what I wished for!

    2. John Wick says:

      ThirdMan I know mate be careful for what exactly finishing 6th going backwards we were being compared to utd and That clown Moyes ?

  9. Midkemma says:

    How many people was saying we need 9 new starting players? (Auba and Laca was already here 😛 )
    Few months after Emery has arrived and we are going on a winning run, a run which started after the hardest start to the EPL I have seen any manager contend with…

    How many new players do we need people?
    Is it as many as you thought before?
    How about in 3 or 4 more months time…?????

    I can’t put in words how happy I am that Emery got in before the deadline and Arteta being named…

    1. jon fox says:

      Yes a run that in fact started AFTER the two and only good teams that we played. And both beat us. Our run , though lovely , has been against teams we would be expected to beat. Realism!

      1. Midkemma says:


        So we should have just kept Wenger then huh?

        You said it yourself… no good teams after the 1st two and we would be expected to beat them all. Why even bother huh?

        I mean, not like Newcastle could ever score 4 goals against… hmmm…
        Or how Watfords Deeney never said we lacked cojones after bullying our CBs?
        How about Burnley and their physicality, how it has caused us problems in the past, that was all a bad dream right and we walked to EPL title after title because the EPL is so weak… So weak that of course we was expected to beat them all.

        If you wish to talk about realism then get your head out the clouds, realism means acknowledging that the EPL is made up of more than 6 good teams, every team in the EPL is a good team. That is realism.

        1. jon fox says:


  10. ozziegunner says:

    Even Michael Owen gave credit to Unai Emery and Arsenal for their run of 9 wins in all competitions. However he did say that the run would come to an end when Arsenal face Liverpool. I am looking forward to the Arsenal improvement to continue (Leicester City will be another test) and a win against Liverpool wiping the smile off Owen’s face. Emery has a good record managing/coaching against Klopp.

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