Emery hints he will be promoting Arsenal youngsters this summer

There has been much speculation about Arsenal’s transfer funds this summer, and I think we can all be assured that there will not be many superstar, big money signings (if any!) but the team will identify promising talent and also be promoting some up from the academy. Ahead of Arsenal’s game against Palace today, Emery took the mention of the Palace stars Wilfred Zaha and Aaron Wan-Bissaka as an opportunity to highlight that they are proof that home-made talent can be advantageous to Arsenal as well.

He said: “They are two very good players. They are improving a lot and giving Palace a big performance for their success.
“We have here also young players coming from the academy, training with us, playing some matches with us.

“My responsibility is to work with them and give them the possibility to train with us, and show the capacity to get into the first team with regularity, and also in the future show they can be important players for us.”

I am sure most fans would have preferred him to say that he would like those players at Arsenal, especially as it looks like Zaha will be sold this summer and we desperately need a class winger. But we do have lots of young talent coming through who will hopefully prove themselves next year. The ones that spring to mind immediately are Reiss Nelson on his return from Germany. Eddie Nketiah, Joe Willock and Emile Smith-Rowe could also follow Ainsley Maitland-Niles into the starting XI more regularly. And perhaps Ben Sheaf, Zach Medley and Charkie Gilmour could be not far behind….

Who would you like to see more of next season?



  1. Really looking forward to seeing Nelson next season. Smith-Rowe will hopefully get some game time as well.

  2. Rather see youngsters given chance than more Lichtsteiner type frees. Is this a hint that we need to prepare for more of Kronke’s”self sustaining” jive talk?

    While I like the idea of bringing up youth, hope it isn’t a Kronke solution for squad depth and being cheap. CP game shows we need quality depth if we hope to challenge on a regular basis.

    I won’t be holding my breath about Summer transfers unfortunately with the Kronke family in charge.

    How’s his total ownership working out regarding team investment? Stay tuned this Summer to find out.

  3. “Emery hints he will be promoting Arsenal youngsters this summer” This is another way of saying he will not be buying any new players in the Summer.

  4. For now, am yet to get over the loss this man caused us today! No lose has so much hurt me so badly in this season. Poor team selection in such an important game in the name of selection. How many rotations does Liverpool make? About the youths, not many have made it at arsenal for the last ten years. Fabrigous, Belarin , Iwobi is flopping.

  5. Promoted for what … I said after 6 months that I was struggling to understand what kind of team Emery was trying to fashion and I still am … There is no style or comprehensive footballing philosophy on show … Are we an attacking outfit a controlling from the midfield outfit a passing outfit a counter attacking team … What exactly … It’s ad hoc football presented as adapting to the opponent which I am sorry to say won’t deliver more than wenger and certainly won’t get us back in to European top tier … Sad to say that Spurs and chelse look the likely top 4 candidates .. And both led by managers with a vision of how to play

  6. I did not watch the match because I was at a wedding but I was following. Imagine having a combination of catfish and cow tail pepper soup in front of me with chill juice and pounded yam with egusi that was bombarded with cow visceral organs i couldn’t bring myself to eat because Emery messed up big time. And gotnoideal have the effrontery and the temerity to call fans questioning Emery stupidity today names. Guy please stick to your leftfooted right winger/ inverted winger bullshit. Do you know how demoralizing it is to see light at the end of the tunnel turning out to be coming from the headlight of a train. It has being two years finishing under spurs and missing out on cl and Emery dare to dangle that in front of fans eyes Especially Sue. Sue please tell your fellow fans that go to game to go with a banal instructing Emery never to play Mustafi again. I don’t usually criticize players or call them out but I think it high time he stopped playing for us. I’m in the state of acrimony and this is second time in 2 weeks.

    1. Oh boy pele o! Na Arsenal do you like that? I was at work to watch the second half. And I watched with total disbelief as Mustafi handed Zaha the goal…I was mystified to say the least.
      In fact when I saw the line up, cold catch me immediately. It was no surprise that we lost in the end. Emery has just been taught a valuable lesson do not underestimate your opponent in the EPL if na LA Liga he could get away with it but not in the EPL. Hope has learnt his lesson.

  7. Sadly Arsenal is still a shambles from Kroenke downwards and I can`t see it changing, it seems nobody (with the exception of dreamers) wants the job.

  8. The Crystal Palace match whilst a home match, was always gong to be a tough one, they have a very good away record. I believe that Emery felt that some of his main players had played too many matches too close together, (for example Ramseys injury,) and Arsenal still have other games that they need to win, ie away games and of course the Europa league games, therefore he took a risk and decided to rest some of those players, it didnt work out, but that doesnt mean that the decision was entirely wrong. I suspect that if Sokratis has been available (replacing either Mustafi or Mavropanos) then the match would have been a hard fought victory for Arsenal.

    Anyway, as far as transfers, there are going to be too many positions vacant at Arsenal this summer for Emery to say anything else, he has to promote youth players, and Im sure it was one of the things that was made clear when he was offered the job that he would have to give the youth players more chances than they had been getting.

    Doing no transfer business is also not an option, too many players are definitely leaving. Also Arsenal are actually losing money at the moment due to the high wage bill, not just Ozil. They only covered costs last year due to a profit on transfer fees and we only had Aubamayamg and Mkhitaryan for half the season last year. So, something needs to be done to bring the wages under control.

    This means that Arsenal simply cant afford to buy in players to cover every position they need to replace or strengthen. Most of Cech, Ramsey, Ospina, Lichtsteiner, Monreal, Elneny, Mustafi, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Jenkinson and Asano are definitely or quite likely to go, a possible total of 11 players. For that reason I dont expect too many of the following to go, Welbeck, Iwobi, Chambers, Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles, Xhaka even if they do occasionally have an off game.

    If we assume the frequently quoted transfer budget figures are correct, then Arsenal (depending on CL qualification) will have somewhere in the £70million to £100million range (I suspect that the £70million quoted is a target that could be extended a little for the right player,) not including any fee’s generated or salary freed up by those who leave.

    Which means Arsenal may be able to afford maybe 1 talented experienced player, (£30-£50million) and 2 or 3 younger experienced players (£10-£25million) before they have to start relying on the money they free up/generate from sales/departures. These transfers will hopefully be sorted out early in the transfer window. If Ozil goes for a relatively low fee (to offset his wages) then I cant see Emery being able to bring in more than a couple more players. (ie 5 or 6 in total) The rest will have to come from the youth ranks.

    1. I totally agree with what you have said.However the fact remains that Arsenal FC will find it difficult to sell players on high wages as they simply won’t leave .I can’t see Ozil leaving until his contract runs out and there lies the problem

  9. It is the owner again getting involve not to spend big money to find appropriate players that we really need right now.. Oh boy….

  10. Let’s wait and see.
    Emery made good signings in Torreira, Guendouzi, Sokratis And a poor transfer in Lichtsteiner

    I’m sure he will bring in some quality players in addition to promoting Smith-Rowe, Reiss-Nelson, etc.

    Hopefully he will sell a few players too

  11. Frustrating indeed!
    Despite the very arrogantly poor team selection in the midfield, AFC should have bagged the three points. Reflecting on the attempts at goal by: Ozil inside first 10 min, Laca about 15min to half time, Iwobi 5 min to time! Instead of block baster strikes, Ozil and Iwob inexplicably chose lame sweeping at goal! Laca, often our saviour, chose to control the ball 6 yards to the goal line instead of a first time shot! The players need to be ruthless in front of goal. The fans would not be in this agony of shall we shall we not clinch UCL spot.

  12. Nelson and Nketiah, those two will be deadly when mature… assuming the develop to their potential. Not guaranteed but they are working hard and learning so at least they are on the right tracks.

    I do think we have 2 players on loan that could come back and add to the squad, excluding Nelson who I have already mentioned. Chambers and Martinez.

    I think ESR will do well to take another loan next season.

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