Emery in contact with PSG right-back and Arsenal move is “on track”

Arsenal need so many positions filled this summer it is extremely difficult to see how we can improve the side with very little funds available, but Unai Emery has made it clear that there will have to be quite a few departures from the Emirates which may top up our transfer kitty. Stephan Lichsteiner will likely not be retained, and we are certainly going to need some backup to the returning Hector Bellerin at right-back so that Maitland-Niles can be moved up into midfield, and according to this article translated from Paris United, Emery is very keen on being reunited with one of his ex-PSG players.

This is what was reported….His lack of playing time this season and the fact that he is a year from the end of his contract at PSG, Thomas Meunier is more than ever ready to make a new start. The Belgian should have a restless summer transfer window.

Unai Emery under the spell of Meunier
The Arsenal coach, who knew the player during his time at Paris Saint-Germain, would like to avail himself of the services of Thomas Meunier. The Basque coach has already personally contacted him several times. The former FC Brugge is very interested in the challenge of the Gunners. This season with Paris Saint-Germain, Meunier will not have been author of an accomplished season. The latter was marked by injuries and the rise of both Thilo Kehrer and Colin Dagba. Result, the Belgian will have played only 27 games in all competitions under the orders of Thomas Tuchel. A situation that would like to enjoy Arsenal and Unai Emery, which gave him a lot of playing time with Paris. In the entourage of the 27-year-old it is estimated that his transfer to the Gunners is on track. However, Londoners will not make any offer until they totally and definitely agree terms with Thomas Meunier. It is important to remember that the non-qualification of Arsenal for the next season’s Champions League will not give them a large transfer fund this summer to recruit.


  1. Based on what I saw in World Cup, Bellerin is better in attacking but Meunier’s aerial ability is excellent

    If he doesn’t work well as an RB, probably we can convert him into a CB

    1. Yeah-or we could stop trying to play players out of their natural positions and just buy a CB.
      You are too keen to be the first to send a post-think about what you write.
      Monreal is a prime example.Good left back.Now plays CB.He does ok but he is NOT A CB.

  2. Not qualifying for Champions League is not an excuse for any ambitious club not to sign good players. Man Utd were not in Champions League when they signed Pogba. When Man City started attracting the best players in Europe they were not playing Champions League football. Liverpool invested in their team to play and win the Champions League. Any ambitious club will always attract good players.
    This excuse of no Champions League portrays the lack of ambition at the club. If we continue like this we won’t qualify for Champions League in a long time and may even be relegated. You want Champions League football, buy players who want to play in the competition.
    Moreover, what is the need of qualifying when we are only interested in additional income it brings and not the trophy?. I regret ever associating with the club.

    1. I feel the same way…… we had no excuse not qualifying for the champions league….. Chelsea weren’t that good, there was a bust up during their training before the game…… we had all the right incentives to win the game, and then we come up with that half assed performance……. money is running football, there are only a handful of players that play for pride and passion, they know regardless of performance, they’ll be smiling at their phones upon the reception of their credit alerts, once the week is over……. and I think most of our players are like that. Plus tinkerman as coach, well we all know how that worked out….. Newcastle is going to start getting Arab money, and we all know what that means for us…… I wish spuds had won the ucl yesterday. I jst wanted anything that would send arsenal fans into a fit of rage…. get enough of us riled up enough to demand a change……. It does my head in seeing anyone wear an arsenal jersey recently….. I think I need a break from football. But….. oh well……

    2. @martin spot on I watch games to enjoy and keep the stress aside for @ list 90 minutes but this team of ours has continued to make sure am ain’t stress free damn kroenke shit

  3. I’d like to see Bellerin as a right winger
    He had 5 assists before his injury
    He’s faster than Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Iwobi

    We can sign a RB who is a better defender than Bellerin

      1. Sue I woke up quite late and I couldn’t believe my ears. It was a total shock to my system, and thinking of Arsenal I just lost it. This is the worst sporting week ever. I hope you are doing alright, kids and husband. Have a lovely Sunday sue.

        1. Was a shocker, for sure!! Thanks, Pat… you have a lush day too… and I hope Pat isn’t still crying!!

      2. Mr Konkre should please let another person who love Arsenal and Who will really Splash the cash on very good player to take over the Club we are really Fedup with the Americana who doesn’t understand Football. We the Fans should make sure we send out of this Club next Summer. Period.

  4. Whoever we bring in they should come with the view to challenge for the starting position rather than to be a “back-up” of some sort to Bellerin. I believe some of us already feel Bellerin is not good enough and should even be sold if possible. With a £40M budget though I can only hope for so much. Rumours from the Daily Star are saying Emery is willing to spend about £24M of his budget to buy Ozil out of his contract. That leaves us with only £16M if true.

    1. We don’t have a quality RB either. Tottenham have Trippier and Serge Aurier..both arguably a better duo than AMN and Bellerin. Anyway, I believe if you look hard enough you will find just about every position bar CF is lacking in this top 4 chasing club of ours.

  5. As said in some comments above, not having CL football is not going to stop us getting top talent as footballers want big wages first and foremost, not having the funds is all that is going to stop us buying big.
    Anyway why would we waste money on a player when we have better in Bellerin, use the money to replace poor players with better players……………cant believe I`m talking common sense ! hahaha

    Good news and bad news…………….the good news, I just found a Spud supporter dead in my closet !…………………….the bad news is he wins the hide and seek contest I was holding five years ago and a Spud winning a trophy !

    1. Face it everyone. The club is going to be in the wilderness for some years; everyone knows they have come up short in defence for near on 10 years or so! Don’t see the club doing anything about it. They never have funds so, unfortunately for supporters, clearly DO lack ambition. I reckon 6 years a mid table team until someone does something radical; remember the turnaround after Bergkamp arrived?

    2. Your comedic talent is wasted on here, so have you ever thought about being a stand up comic where your constant comedy and lack of serious comments would go down so much better. You already have all your own “HAHAHA’S”, so can even provide your own laughter. OR you could instead, resolve to make the occasional serious and thought through point. Up to you ,even though there will always be Gooners on here who flatter you and tickle your comic ego. Not me though!

      1. Sorry not to tickle you Mr Fox, my feather is wasted on you so I`m gutted !
        However, you do tickle me with your trolling of me, it`s your third reply to me and another not very complimentry one again, but I can take it .
        Youy can be Captain Serious, but I`ll keep being a light hearted person as what will being serious do from a little fan in Cornwall do ?………..will it change our inept owner ?……..will I be able to have any impact on tactics ?…………….or players incoming ?
        You obviously are the definition of Narcissism……..you are always right on everything you write with no one elses opinion counting !
        If I could I would connect an intravenous humour drip from me to you ……….obviously at a price !
        Apart from the trolling of me I actually do agree on a lot of your comments, although your use of capitals is more egotistic than my haha`s……………………..hahaha………..oops sorry !
        Oh and as for crying to admin about my dare I say it……humourous comment about conjoined twins and demanding getting it binned………..what a grass !……chucking your dummy out of them pram to get your own way, well done for succeeding you must feel proud in your role as world police ! 😆 an emoji instead of haha`s just to keep you happy ! XXX………………….and some kisses !

        1. So glad to see my to the point comments hit a nerve and disturbed you so. much. Also see once again the lack of anything serious in your post. PERHAPS YOU NEVER HAVE A SERIOUS ARSENAL THOUGHT? Anyway, Sue at least likes your humour so not doubt your ego will urge you to continue with the comedy and ignore serious Arsenal points. If ONLY you actually had something, anything remotely relevant to this sites name to actually write. Sigh! Oh, and have you never heard of emphasis in spoken speech, which is why I use capitals when writing. Obviously you have not!

          1. Hahaha ………………If anyone has had a nerve hit it is you seeing as you first started to troll my comments.
            Sounds like your jealous to me or something else !
            Dont get why you`re so hostile and why or anyone cannot just be their selves in writing or would you prefer that everyone has to have an interview with you so that you can decide who writes what !…………………….luckily footballers are allowed to express theirselves and not conform to rules by dictators like you, that why we have the likes of Messi.
            Can you show me where it states in this sites rules that everyone has to be serious !
            Honestly Mr Fox you need to get a sense of humour …………the delusions of grandeur must make you fell better about yourself . hahahahahahahahaha……………………..yes more egotistical laughing !

  6. Whoever we sign this summer on Kroenkes pittance will not, by definition, be a major world class star(s), so it it imperative that someone who can recognise a true defender from a clown makes those decisions. IMHO, we NOW at long last, have such a man in charge and thank God for that, as I cannot stand the thought of more Mustafis and all the other Wenger brought in defensive clowns of the past decade. To change this squad to one of Emerys choosing , thus giving him a fair chance, which some silly Gooners think he has already had even with WENGERS TRIPE DEFENDERS, will take some fair time but it will be accomplished eventually. With an owner who cared owning us, rather than the remote and uninterested creature who spends all his life on a different continent, we could have made far quicker progress but we are where we are and have to succeed despite the Kroenke chains that bind us to relative poverty in the market.
    I believe in giving folk a fair and proper chance and when they are proven TO BE LOSING THEIR GRIP as Wenger was , IMO, back in 2008, then and ONLY then I will call for their head. Some of the stupid and pig headed comments about Emery appal me and show me how unthinking many Gooners are , as with fans of all clubs. In life there are deep thinkers and there are hasty reactionary fans. LET US ALL BE FAIR FANS, REALISE WHERE WE ARE, THANKS TO KROENKE, GAZIDIS AND WENGER and give our manager a fair chance, instead of idiotically calling for his sacking as some fools are doing.

    1. So you think that the manager who had CL football in his grasp and then lost the CL place by not securing three more points in five league games against lower opposition is a fair analysis for giving him a fair chance?
      He had the club, with all your dross, mentally frail, bleeding the club dry players needing just three points extra to qualify for third place.
      Those players were the same ones that you wanted sold this time last year as you thought they were unable to compete.
      Then suddenly, they became the players, along with Torreria who, in your judgement, ranks alongside Gilberto (that statement alone makes you the biggest fool of all), that UE schools in the art of tactics…showing everyone just what AW was not.
      Fast forward to the last gaame of the season and what do we find?
      The team finished fifth, were humiliated in the europa cup final and suddenly, yet again, you change your tune and fall back on the three men who, according to you, bled the club dry.

      What absolute tosh…either UE was at fault or he wasn’t and just like you love to blame AW for finishing second to Leicester ( not taking into account that city, pool, chelsea and spuds finished below us), so UE has to take the blame for what has happened.
      No CL for another season, humiliating final defeat, tinkering with players out of position and yet you want to give him a fair chance?
      Why not apply your thoughts for one manager to another and stop keeping regurgitating the same old tired reasons for bringing in these three men in every post you make?
      Have you no vision, other than giving UE a “fair chance” and lambasting individuals who left the club a year ago?
      UE, the man you champion, has guided us from CL qualification to Thursday night football…nobody else did that, not AW, gazidis, kronkie, Ozil, Myk or anyone else you want to mention.
      He had us in the position to do what AW failed to do in his last two years and he blew it completely, so you bringing up other scenarios cannot hide that simple fact.
      I get so tired of readinf this BS about what a state AW left the club in..he left a squad that lost in the semi-final of the europa cup to the eventual winners, he left 20 years of money the club earnt from CL qualification, he left the money from 20 years of top four finishes, he left as the manager who won the fa cup more times than any other in the history of the oldest competition in the history of football, he left a squad of players who UE rated as excelllent and then went on to prove it with a twenty game unbeaten run, he left a group of young players that have the potential to become top top players.

      He didn’t leave with any european successes, he left a squad that was too comfortable with itself and needed a kick up the Arsenal, he left a divided fanbase, he left two seasons too late, he didn’t strengthen in areas that he should have done, he bought in some awful players and he was paid a lot of money (all paid for by his contineous qualification to the CL) and, in the end resigned or was sacked…WHO BLOODY CARES WHICH ONE WAS CORRECT?
      He has gone now and each and every single fan can choose to view AW in whatever way he wants, but to keep on and on and on and on, at every opportunity, does no good whatsoeve and shows what a narrow mind you have!

      EXPAND YOUR THOUGHTS, don’t hide behind AW when trying to defend UE for his gross negligence during the latter part of this season.
      I am not aware of any fan of The Arsenal wanting AW to come back and nor does any fan argue that he stayed too long…if I’m wrong on that, please reply and let me know.

      Jon, you do not hold back in your accusations of calling anyone who disagrees with you a”fool” or a “dullard”, not being “honest” or even “denying what is in front of them”.
      I will now say that all of the above absolutely apply to you and your need to bring everything back to AW, gazidis and kronkie…we agree on a lot of things outside of football and I respect your general views on life, but since 2008, we won the fa cup three times, qualified 9 times for CL and 9 times for top four…if you class that as failure, then your support of UE, following the end of this season, is absolutely everything you accuse others of being.
      That goes for anyone else who is caught in the timewarp of blaming AW and hoping that by doing so, it will change history and bring unbridled success to the present regime.
      Stubil and David summed it up in my opinion…the balls in your court Unai and has everything to do with how you, personally, shape up to your mistakes, not AW’s..he’s already history and so are his achievements/failures.

      1. Ken I have no intention and it will be pointless to reopen with you personally our previous long running Wenger feud . We EACH KNOW FULL WELL THE OTHERS THOUGHTS ON WENGER, GAZIDIS AND KROENKE and I believe on Gazidis and Kroenke we agree. I will write about whom I wish whenever I want to, as all are free to do. I am sure neither will lose respect for the other for writing plainly what we think. Certainly I will not lose any respect for you. I admire loyalty in fact, even though blah di blah etc.etc!

        On Emery though, I have never pretended he has not made mistakes; of course he has. But a mere season is not a fair trial and without mostly his own players too.

        1. Jon, you are always ready to criticize AW and anyone who tries to point out the positives of the man, throughout his twenty two yars.
          There is no point in going over and over the same points I quite agree, but what exactly is it that you are trying to achieve with this continuous and relentless tirade against AW?
          He is history, left the club over a season ago and yet you use his name to deflect from the horrendous error that was simply down to UE.

          If we are to move on as a club and fans, we must, surely, judge the new regime on their actions and theirs alone?
          You cannot kkep accusing one manager of having dross players, then see the new manager take those players onto a europa final and also what should have beena third spot in the premiership, only to fail in both situations.
          Not only fail, but fail in the most dismal, toothless, gutless way possible.

          The prize was within our grasp, WITH the players you have lambasted since I have been on this site, plus three players who made a difference.
          Of course you have never said he hasn’t made mistakes, to do so would be the biggest mistake since comparing Torreira with Gilberto, but it is the way you choose to cushion the mistakes by covering for them with the use of other people that is so disheartening.

          Why not be as hard and pragmatic when discussing UE as you are with those you see as “bleeding the club blind” as youso often quote?
          UE has cost the club a MINIMUM of £50,000,000 by not qualifiying for the CL and yet you call others, who see it as it is, as fools.

          I am all for giving UE another chance, but when you are wilfully covering this awful mistake, both monetary and in the type of player we are now able to sign, as somehow due to past people within the club, it just makes it look as if you have one rule for one and one rule for another.
          Let’s have an even playing field and then sarcasm and wit becomes much easier to taske and laugh about and do you really thin that Wednesday evenings woeful performance, both technically and in spirit, had anything to do with anyone other than UE?
          You claimto be a deep thinker, well do just that and just realise what opportunity just passed us by and who was at the helm, guiding away from that prize.

          1. jon and Ken, can’t we agree that the majority of this squad have let down badly two well respected managers/coaches in Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery.
            Like has been stated before this highly paid group of supposedly professional footballers have become too comfortable and lack the commitment, tenacity, mentality and self motivation, if not ability, to put in a consistent effort for the Arsenal, the badge and the supporters.

  7. I’m not calling for Emery to be sacked, I’m giving him one more year to show real improvement in the team. Some if not most of the football I’ve watched Arsenal play has been just plain awful.

    I’m not in convinced by him at all (yet), having seen us play some dreadful football, with no discernible style.

    People will point to the 22 unbeaten run in his defence, but that was a smokescreen of some poor performances, they will also say about his tactical and player changes in game, my question is, for someone who is supposed to be about analysing his own players and the opposition, why was he getting it so wrong in the first place?

    He never once got into the top four with Seville, and in his final season there, went the whole season without an away win in La Liga, he qualified for the Champions League by winning the Europa League, is that what we want to be, perenial Europa League winners with no challenge for the top slots in the Premier League.

    Not to forget PSG’s complete capitulation against Barcelona, taking a 4-0 lead to the Camp Nou, and losing 6-1, none of the above really screams top quality to me.

  8. We may sign the whole world but if the mentality of our players doesn’t change we shan’t get anywhere. I looked at the way Spurs played last night and compared it to our comical display against Chelsea and felt very sad and worried. Spurs lost fighting whereas we just handed the game to Chelsea! That has been true of all the games we lost at the end of the season. Our team has become a bunch of clueless individuals who don’t know how to respond to adversity. Once you put them under pressure they collapse like a pack of cards! It is very shameful! When they concede a goal that’s it. They will lose focus, lose discipline and become indifferent to the goings on. They behave like people who have never played together or even done practice together. It is a sorry state. So as we attempt to buy players we should start by changing the team’s mentality or else nothing will change! There will be new players but with the old defeatist mentality. The ball is in Emery”s court to show that he can change the team.

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