Emery is putting pressure on himself by not telling Arsenal fans the truth about Ozil

Tactical Reasons Doesn’t Wash Anymore by Dan Smith

Unai Emery is doing himself no favours by insisting it is tactical reasons why Ozil continues to not make the Arsenal matchday squad. If he really believes the German is not good enough to even make our bench then we have the right to question his decision. He is better off telling us what has happened behind the scenes. If the German is sulking, being disruptive or refusing to.train, tell us and no Gooner would tolerate it. By being adamant though that it is strictly his choice, he puts massive pressure on himself. We have to trust he’s telling the truth, which means he generally thinks that Iwobi is a better option.

When he was going 22 games unbeaten, he could stick out his chest and take praise for not being afraid to drop our highest earner. When you’re no longer winning fixtures however you can’t keep hiding behind tactical reasons, losing means your tactics have not been working. We all have spoken about Ozil’s lack of consistency, his body language, his lack of work rate, etc but why is no one else not being made an example out of? It’s like the Spaniard wants to make an example out of the midfielder because he earns 350,000 pound a week. It’s not Ozil’s fault the board offered him that amount is it?

We know he is being let down by our transfer policy, but his job is to work with the tools he has got. Shouldn’t he be coaching to eliminate individuals’ flaws, not just giving up on the player? Long term our boss might have inherited those who don’t fit into his system but unless he can convince Mr Kroenke to release funds, he has to tolerate those who might not represent his philosophy. It’s not about thinking of whether Ozil is good enough, more a case of is the replacement any better. If Emery truly thinks Iwobi is a better alternative, then I question his reading of the game. How many managers would prefer the Nigerian to the World Cup winner? While we discuss his flaws it’s worth pointing out since arriving in England the playmaker has more assists then any player in the whole of Europe. Even in his limited appearances this season Ozil’s statistics are much better than Iwobi. In the next month, we face the likes of Chelsea, United and City with confidence at the Emirates at an all-time low.

In the final third, out of the two, who would you trust to create the killer pass or score a goal? Ozil or Iwobi? Many more performances like at the weekend and Emery can’t shrug his shoulders and keep saying it’s tactical reasons. At the moment his tactics are simply not working.

Dan Smith


  1. David says:

    He simply wants to sell Ozil to free up funds .. he cannot come out and say that but we all know… it’s a long game so he can free up funds and buy players that suit his style in the summer.

  2. Sue says:

    Who would I trust to create the killer pass or score a goal? Ozil all day long…. now get him back in the team please

    1. JJPawn says:


      [Could not agree more.]

  3. rkw says:

    ffing wolves with 10 men play more forward football than our lot do at the moment … Emery needs to step up or ship out come end of season … so far he has blatantly failed the ozil and xhaka tests

  4. Phil says:

    Our most talented player-Emery MUST getvit to work with Ozil in the side.We have become very very predictable AGAIN.How Ozil and Torreira are being sidelined for important games is beyond me.Our midfield against WHU was very uninspiring with zero creativity at all.
    Two big games coming up.If Ozil is fit and is encouraged then it’s up to him to perform.No excuses from him will be accepted.But just get him in the team

    1. FootballIsTrivial says:

      But we already know how Ozil performs. Inconsistently. Also he has no other ability except for picking out a pass but only if he is not pressured.

      1. Phil says:

        Guys-I can’t help loving Ozil as a footballer.He was/is blessed with tremendous ability and I just fail to understand how he is not producing on a more consistent level.His body language is not always best but he works a lot harder than he is often given credit for.
        We are going through a very barren spell regarding creativity and results.This player has the ability to be the main man for us yet both Wenger and now Emery have failed themselves,the player and us fans.
        If Ozil has the drive and determination to use the second half of this season to prove his doubters wrong then the team will be all the better for it.If he doesn’t produce or is continually overlooked then the writing is on the wall for him.But surely he is due his chance now he seems fit and the team needs creativity

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Phil, I don’t disagree with you on your assessment of Ozil; however Ozil has to demonstrate to Unai Emery by his efforts at training and his availability to play every match, that he wants to be part of this team moving forward.
          Unfortunately due to back spasms and knee problems he has not been reliable thus far. At his best he should be a starter.

  5. FootballIsTrivial says:

    Maybe we should fuse the two of them.
    But anyway one is an overpaid fraud and the other just doesn’t have the brains. What a horrible team Unai has inherited.

    1. Uchman says:

      Emry didn’t inherit a terrible team,emry is a terrible coach,just under 6 months,he has destroyed our flair,our build up play have become painful to watch, we r not attacking and we r not defending, what a terrible coach!!

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Uchman, you are wrong; his previous track record is evidence that he is not a bad coach.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    The way I see it, is that we’re needing to be smart with our finances. That wage Ozil receives. You could get two top players on that wage, you could have one on 200k a week like Auba is on, and another on about 150k a week. Or you could even get three, a promising young player on about 50k a week, and two internationals taking the three hundred grand between them. It makes sense to sell Ozil, esp if he doesn’t fit with Emery’s system. It looks like Emery would prefer a more adaptable play-maker, one that can play on the flanks or in central midfield if needed, instead of just the no10 role. Also Ozil is in his last stretch, we need more pace, power, as well as good football, younger players are more suited to football tailored in that way.

    1. jon fox says:

      Congrats on being one of the fans who can see through the Ozil fraud. The man just refuses to work as other players do and while so many on here keep making excuses for him he has a get out with those fans. THEY SHOULD GET REAL AND SEE HE IS JUST A LAZY MAN, COMFY ON HIS OUTRAGEOUS and outrageously OFFERED wage by Gazidis/ Wenger. His time has come and gone. He has no motivation whatever , having done it all, when younger and won the WC and now is content to idle on grotesquely obscene money, enjoying London life and faking an injury when he fancies not playing. Emery has seen through this fraud and won’t pick him. Nor should he.

  7. Dan kit says:

    Why are we even having this conversation ,iwobi being talked about in the same breath as ozil .
    Iwobi is a second class winger let alone a number 10 ,what I find laughable is fans saying ozil shouldn’t be in the team ,but they are not saying who they would rather replace him because from where I’m sitting we don’t have many options .
    Please don’t use the ozil is lazy argument ,because not all players need to be chasing a ball for 90 mins ,and as we saw at the weekend we had 7 defensive players on the pitch ,if they can’t do their job then we haven’t got much hope have we .
    Please put this iwobi as a number 10 fantasy away because we could be in a lot of trouble if you put you’re hopes in that .

      1. Phil says:

        With you all the way Dan

  8. ACE says:

    The Ozil soap opera stories are quickly becoming
    even more annoying than the countless Ramsey
    articles that have cluttered this board over
    course of this young season. Nothing like
    beating a dead horse over and over and over

    Arsenal have nobody to blame but themselves
    for extending one of the most assinine contract
    extensions in the history of the EPL to a luxury player that is only as good as the team around
    him. Gadzidis chose Ozil over Sanchez and
    compounded the criminally reckless finances
    of the contract by refusing to bring in quality
    players to accentuate the Germans immense
    skill set. It’s no freaking coincidence that Ozil
    was at his creative best when Santi Carzola
    dictated profeedings in the Arsenal midfield
    prior to his horrific injurry spell. The diminutive
    Spaniard was the conductor on the pitch
    providing a supply line and creative flair
    to complement the free roaming #10. The
    likes of Ramsey, Wilshere and Xhaka have
    been nothing but unmitigated failures at the
    position since Santi played his last meaningful minute at the club.
    Ozil is without a question a frustrating and
    polarizing figure who deserves a lions share of
    the criticism aimed in his direction but even if
    he wasn’t in Emerys doghouse atm how dynamic
    and effective could his game consistently be
    with the likes of Xhaka and Guendouzi pairing
    him in midfield?

    1. AlexLaca9 says:

      Every time I see your name in the comment section I eagerly read your comment just so I can get to the end of it and see the SMMFH ? Then I imagine that horned little avatar of yours furiously shaking its MFH lol gets me every time! Should make it your signature

  9. Ben britton says:

    I’m sure the players would protect Oz for his lack of tracking back to benefit the attacking players to get in the end of his sublime passes.

  10. Lawan Tata says:

    I’m not satisfied with Emery decision regarding ozil absence. Ozil is very important player who creates hood chances of scoring goals. And yes if Emery think Mesut is not the type he likes he has to say it rather than pretending nothing wrong between them.
    But Emery tactics so far are not working, he has to understand that and make possible changes.

  11. Angeli says:

    the truth is that iwobi fashioned all our goals. he’s a beast. but he can’t carry the team alone. if he’s playing for England u lots gon be hailing him. all our goals comes thru d left wing so we need a right winger like Pepe. right now he’s our fulcrum. stop d hate.

    1. Dan kit says:

      Wow someone else who dosent actually watch football .
      Please by all means provide the evidence to that statement you’ve just made .
      Can you tell us how many assists and goals he has this season (or his whole arsenal career)I would love to know.

      1. Dan kit says:

        He’s a beast Quote really did make me laugh at loud ,so thank you for that

        1. Dan kit says:

          *laugh out loud

    2. arsenal#7 says:

      Hey go back to sleep!!!
      Iwobi is a beast is an oxymoron. Also learn English please.

      1. Dan lit says:

        Yes sir ?
        Someone else with a iwobi poster on their wall

        1. jon fox says:


          1. Th14 says:

            5 YEARS BABY! ??

  12. AlexLaca9 says:

    I just don’t understand why there’s so much animosity against poor Iwobi. Yes he’s limited in skill as a footballer, but he’s trying and the best option we have atm for the left wing. He’s not Ozil’s replacement, they are both primarily no. 10’s but Iwobi is operating as a winger now, same thing with our other no. 10 Mkhitaryan. Ozil is the only no.10 who hasn’t adapted to the wing and is honestly horrendous in that position. Going forward we can all see that the no.10 position is just not in our managers plans, he doesn’t fit in the system, he can’t adapt to the system. Emery either changes his philosophy for ozil or he sits on the sidelines and collects his paycheck while the world slowly forgets about him. There really is no comparison between Iwobi and ozil, Emery isn’t even playing him in “ozil’s” position.
    I remember a while back someone mentioning Ozil might actually have a clause in his contract letting him pick fixtures he doesn’t wanna play in, is it a possibility he gets included into the 18man match squad, albeit as a sub and but his pride doesn’t allow him to constantly be a sub so he removes himself from the squad and the club has to make excuses for him?? Plausible…

    1. Dan kit says:

      Because he’s not good enough to warrant a spot in this team .
      As a fan do you like finishing 5-6th place ? Because that is where we are going to stay with players of his calibre.
      I see you stick up for iwobi in you’re post but stick the boot into ozil and you have seen the amount of abuse ozil gets on here but it’s iwobi who’s the hard done by one .

      1. Sue says:

        Exactly!! Couldn’t have said it better myself ?

        1. Sal says:

          gonna agree with laca on this as we are gonna finish in a europa league spot, i have accepted it…iwobi is playing week in week out and will continue to play there for the rest of the season bash on him all you like, but that’s going to happen guys sorry…Emery’s got some balls but i personally don’t think its for the good of the team, but again i beleive it’s a stand off between him and the board. not good for us!

          the difference with why i want the manager to win this stand off is in my humble opinion it’s the best outcome for the team long-run, it’s a lose/lose situation but i would rather lose one player than have a similar problem when the next manager arrives, as ozil might not fit into his way of playing either…alot of you have said allegri would have been great, i agree he’s a fantastic manager but he would have excluded ozil as he demands a high-work rate from his mid, Simeone like others mention would have killed him, watch Griezman work for the team!

          the difference between the ozil situation and the pogba is that pogba would have walked into any team, ozil wouldn’t, i’m being honest as guy who loves him and has watched him play ar werder as a RW and thought he was a gazelle with the ball, so i really need you guys to know how much i rate him!… but football has changed the classy no 10 that splits open the defence is overlooked for the harder worker creative player, the firmino erickson keita alli silva sane etc. are the players in high demand work-rate 110%….it’s a play from the back defend from the front world, and we just have to add our DNA to that approach like City and Liverpool , with trial and error if i might add 🙂

          no bashing on Ozil WC player, but the team comes first!

      2. AlexLaca9 says:

        I understand your frustration Dan, I honestly do. I do believe we deserve a higher caliber of player, but Iwobi is one of us, a product of our academy. It breaks my heart to see gunners tear through him like this. And you might not believe me but I actually love Ozil, but take Iwobi from the left wing and put Ozil there and it’s a disaster waiting to happen, what with Kolasinac behind him even, don’t even wanna think of that combo. You, nor I, might like it but Iwobi is the best option right now for that flank. Convince emery to go back to 4-2-3-1 and I’ll be right there fighting with you to get Ozil in that no.10 role, but with our current system… I’m sorry mate

        1. Phil says:

          Lord Nicky Bendtner was one of us.Remember him?Back to the eighties and Gus Caesar was one of us.Remember him?(Just read fever pitch to find out about Caesar and you will find he has a WHOLE CHAPTER dedicated to himself-and not for anything he done well).
          Just because players come through the youth system does not under any circumstances give them a god given right to be in the team if they break through.Surely if we are all watching the same game his limitations are there for everyone to see.All heart and effort with zero end product summed up be the chance he screwed wide with his left foot with only the keeper to beat.
          Will he seriously expect game time next season in front of Reiss Nelson?Cant see it somehow.And ESR will come through next season as well.Will both these players make it?We can only wait and see but Iwobi in my mind is very much a reserve team player at best

          1. AlexLaca9 says:

            Lol I swear it’s like people read your comment then in their own minds it gets changed to suit their agenda. I never said he had a god given right, I said we currently don’t have a better option for the left wing. He’s humble and he works hard, he has my respect for that. I DO want better for the left wing but I’m not gonna abuse the poor boy when he’s trying he’s damn hardest to help the team. You are allowed to criticize him, but some of the things you guys say about him borders on personal abuse. Do you perhaps have something against him? Love him or hate him, Ozil will not displace him on that wing. Make of that what you want, I could honestly care less. Big ups to Iwobi for giving his all, and WHEN the club purchase a better option for the lw I hope he is kept as a squad player, we can do with more players that give 100%

        2. jon fox says:

          “One of us” does not mean merely a player who comes through the academy. It means a proper Arsenal fan who also happens to play for us and will work his socks off every game for the club he loves. Someone like Bob Wilson in fact, and if you are too young to remember him there is plenty on Arsenal history sites of his achievements, ON AND OFF the pitch. THAT is what I call “one of us” and not the likes of Lord Bendtner who loves only himself. This is also for Phil, who posted below you. But also for you!

      3. Th14 says:

        We had Ozil as our main man last season and still finished 5th, also the season before that… What’s your point again?

  13. snowden says:

    With regard to Ozil, I just can’t decide. I am only writing here because I missed the piece on Kroenke and want to add my two cents.

    I read through the comments and noted that the suggestion that ‘bums not on seats’ as a means of protest against Kroenke would not happen.

    However not so long ago there was/is the claim that it was ‘bums not on seats’ that forced the club to sack the then manager.
    If the half empty stadium was a protest once and worked. Why can’t it happen again?

    Kronek is kept informed as to what is happening at Arsenal this is because his son Josh is on the Arsenal board. He is also on the board of one of daddie’s clubs in the USA.

    Kroenke is a hard man to crack. It is evident that no matter what goes wroing at one of the clubs he owns, he will not put so much as a red cent of his money into it – nor sell it.

  14. ToluCOYG says:

    Is Iwobi the replacement for Ozil in the first place? I just pity the boy, only if he has added goals to his efforts, you guys wont be here using him as a scapegoat to give Ozil a soft landing. What is wrong with the lethargic Xhaka advancing up the midfileld to help in attack just like the likes of Kante, modric, Fernandinho, Pogba, Wynadllum, Busquets etc.? What has Mkhitaryan largely contributed to the team this season? Iwobi can be very frustrating sometimes, but he’s got the hearts, and dont ever underestimate the heart of a champion. He’ll get to that standard sooner.
    Ozil can pick passes, good, that can only get goals but the defence will win matches and titles for you. Let him just help out in defending. He mustn’t run to his own half to defend, he can do that right in the opposotion’s half for f**** sakes. Is that too much to ask for a 350k/week player? Ronaldo do press upfront to limit or cut quick attacks on his team, Messi does that too, why can’t he?
    Even the passes he’s hailed for do dry up when liitle pressure is put on him. Just living on past glory. He’s got the class, no doubt, let him just up it a little, thats all its needed and not running his hearts out.

  15. ThirdManJW says:

    I am not saying Emery hasn’t made the odd tactical error here, and there, but the main issue is that the majority of the squad is just simply not good enough…Ozil included.

    Surely by now, we all must realise what’s really going on? Emery, and Ozil have had a falling out, and Emery wants rid of him. To be fair to Emery, he started Ozil at the beginning of the season (Ozil also started our first 3 big games against City, L’pool and Chelsea), and he was a huge let down. And every time Emery brings Ozil back in, he just does nothing again. Emery even made him captain to get a reaction from Ozil, but again…nothing! Same old Ozil. We haven’t seen Ozil since the Brighton game, and I am not surprised. It was a disgraceful performance from him! Others have been playing bad as well, but at least they try! And to be fair again to Emery, he’s been chopping and changing most players.

    Emery CAN also use the tactical excuse, because it’s a genuine reason. Ozil doesn’t track back, he doesn’t tackle, he doesn’t press, he hardly ever scores, and he very rarely even sprints. The ONLY reason you’d play him, is because of his creativity. But as Emery has proven this season, we’re creating plenty of chances without Ozil. So why weaken the unit to accommodate Ozil, when creating anyway? Even the West Ham defeat proves this. We created plenty of quality opportunities, but it was the finishing that cost us.

    Of course it would still make sense for Emery to at least have Ozil on the bench, if he isn’t going to start him, but as I’ve already said, I think they’ve had a falling out, and Emery is probably sick to death of his constant little injury excuses. Ozil wasn’t fit to travel away for Europa League game, but suddenly fit enough for the Spurs game only a few days later. I loved the fact Emery didn’t even put him in the squad, using Ozil’s own injury excuse against him…and looked what happened! We battered Spurs, scoring four, but clearly we lack creativity without Ozil though! Haha

    Really hope we get rid of him in Jan. Ozil is one of the most over hyped players in the league. Cannot believe he’s one of the top earners in the EPL. Thank you Wenger, Gazidis and Co!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ThirdManJW, a fair assessment of Ozil this season.

  16. AbbasSTi says:

    Ozil just needs to move on. I loved him, got his name on the back of my sons shirt etcetera. There’s a reason no top team is interested. It’s not just his wages. Consistency , fight, being able to hold onto the ball, he doesn’t have it. Times have changed.
    I’m glad Emery is pushing Ozil out, just shocked he’s not raining the (blunt) hint. He’s the past, we need to look to the future.
    ESR, AMN and Reiss Nelson when all fit behind Lacazette with Torreira and Guendouzi (who played well against WH imo and has huge potential).
    The players and fans all need to get behind the manager. Ozil needs to go to Turkey. I’m happy to wait 2~3 years if we develop home grown extremely talented youth.

  17. Amin says:

    Our fortune has already gone out because we all blamed Arsène wenger who made club one of best clubs in world despite financial problems during his era, he built unbelievable foot club financially strong and technically rich of talent players and beautiful style of football. Apart from that, he built magnificent stadium which gave this floody of money. In contrast we all know the misery of owner of this club who dare for to spend 50 million from his income in a single year, we servived 2 decades because of wenger and we were all the time top 4 clubs with spending single coin. Today is another day, Arsène is gone, emery is here where are we?! Absolutely catastrophicstill in the middle of season, we hope nothing. Everything is gone, beautiful football, no top4, and no money. If we’ve a bit of lucky Unai will go soon and Ljunberg will replace because this guy has arsenal criteria. He is jealous of great players. He has already lost their confidence. Ramsey, lacasette, ozil and now toreira. Auba is manifesting for them.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Admin, Wenger built the stadium? Please explain.

      1. Admin says:


        1. ozziegunner says:

          Amin, my bad, forgive it was my birthday!?

  18. amo says:

    he is going to lose majority of Arsenal players. anybody who doesn’t see this coming is blind. you only have to watch thier attitude to Know something is going on there. soon they will stop playing for him..Lac,Abu etc. he is an Everton material… Arsenal will always finish 6th with him as the manager. he treats his players badly. players in most cases think collectively. you mess with one without any apparent reason the rest of the group start to develop an attitude. he is lossing it with big players. no cash injection will help Arsenal at this time. players have made up thier mind.iknow alot of fans are going to slay me on this but as acapitalist he is not the right guy to invest in. no way. he is too risk.

    1. arsenal#7 says:

      He lost the PSG group messing with a couple of them like Cavani and Di Maria
      Every player out there knows that Oil is a world class playmaker and they want him included.
      Emery now says he wants him sold to fund new blood but the only way for him to stay in charge is Ozil moving on. That given Ozil is not I. top form since he is not playing and along with the hefty wage bill more likely will not happen. I would be surprised if the board will sit back and watch
      a 350k per week superstar not even on the much squad while also other players will start not playing for Emery. If he does not fix this fast he may not last the season. Unless he gets lucky and find a buyer for Mesut. Then he may last 1 more season.

      Arsenal are going thru a similar process as United went and it will take maybe 2-3 mangers before we get a group that can get in top 4 or challenge.

      BTW it is also ignorant for so many people to berate Ozil’s work ethic when his running stats are on the top 3 in the team. He my not tackle or win the ball often enough but he does cut off angles
      and passing lanes something the rest of the clueless MF aka Xhaka etc can’t even do.

      Emery is robbing us from any chance to watch some creative attacking football by not using these players to the best options/positions. Lacazette is also somewhat a victim.

      He should leave it well enough alone because going forward we were good and now we cant’t score a goal again Brighton or West Ham. Proof is in the pudding.

      1. Phil says:

        We scored against Brighton when Ozil was on the pitch in the first half.Should have been 3 up at half time.Whst did the team create in the second half when he was ridiculously taken off at half time?Nothing that’s what.
        Don thinks so somehow.

        1. Phil says:

          Also arsenal#7-I agree with pretty much everything you wrote.Many on this site will disagree but we all have different views.You and I are right however and anyone who disagrees are obviously wrong??

        2. Th14 says:

          We conceded and lost against Southampton after Ozil came on for Iwobi… coincidence?

  19. Akee says:

    OZil isnt a player you can rely on all season one excellent performance/assist out of loads of games isnt helping our situation. We need consistent players and players ready to battle for the team.

  20. RSH says:

    cant help but laugh at the Ozil/Iwobi stuff. Neither one are good enough to be starters. None of them would make the starting XI of the rest of the top 6. Not even close. Iwobi’s saving grace is that his salary is low while the other one sucks up so many resources and hasn’t had a solid season for us in ages. So why is still here? It’s a joke. Season after season Ozil is ALWAYS embroiled in the same damn controversies. It’s tiring and Arsenal are far better off getting rid.

    1. jon fox says:

      A fellow realist, just like me. As a realist you will find yourself under attack from the many on here who avoid realism like the plague! Ozil should be sold and will be in the summer. I am convinced of that, since the manager likes players who work for their money. Many on here think CERTAIN players need not work. THAT IS WHAT I MEANT BY MY FIRST TWO SENTENCES.Seems to me those sort favour certain players above the team and the club. I don’t and nor do you, thankfully.

  21. James Oburu says:

    To me i don’t see Unai helping us,he won’t do that,Unai should leave us because is not of our class,Arsenal needs experience Coach knows Epl well not the type of Unai who couldn’t even help PSG,he belongs to team like Seville ,Espanyol,Basel,Crystal name them where there aren’t big players where he’ll get the types of Guadouzi,Denis Suarez,to me he should leave us alone,we love Ozil because he’s kept us moving,with a good Coach Ozil can to magics,we need class not guess work Unai

    1. ozziegunner says:

      James, who do you believe is the well credentialed experienced coach, who knows the EPL well, who would be attracted to Arsenal after Emery goes, given the cutrent squad, the transfer budget available and the self funding model implemented by Kroenke at this club?

  22. Leeman says:

    I agree that the manager/coach is starting to mess this team up, and I have been watchin the team go backwards with a heart that is broken.My beloved Arsenal. I think the coach does not know what he is doing now. why is he persisting with his tactical nonsense, and why can he not bring the best out the players at his disposal. Why can he not understand that even if you loan players from other clubs, you might not win. letting Ramsey go for nothing!!.How daft is that? One of our bets players at the moment. I think he needs to move on to another club, but he surely does not belong at Arsenal.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      How was Emery the cause of the Ramsey contract debacle? He wasn’t even at the club, when Ramsey refused to re-sign 18 months ago and proceeded to run his contract down.

  23. Jemman says:

    This topic centers on the squabbles between Emry and Ozil, but most discussants here cannot control their personal and passionate hatred for young and poor hard working Iwobi. I want to ask all of them these questions: Has Emry said that Iwobi asked him to drop Ozil, has he said that Iwobi is the reason why Ozil is not being played, if you all have not noticed where Iwobi is playing, has Emry ever said he’s handing Ozil’s shirt no. to Iwobi? If you must bring Iwobi to every discussion and slaughter him. All you that knows better than Unai Emry tell me presently in Arsenal’s squad is there any one that can do the job that Iwobi is doing now on that wing better. Why not stop hating him and give the poor lad the support and encouragement he needs to become better as Emry is doing and stop hating him. If you admit or deny as usual, the bitter truth is – it’s because he is not British and opted to play for another Nation, had Bamidele Ali did the same thing he will be facing this same stigma the mistakes he makes at Spurs. The way you are crooning for Ozil that has refused to live up to his ratings, do same by encouraging Iwobi, he is growing, he is coming up, ENOUGH PLEASE! Hypocritically you keep denying you don’t hate Iwobi but it is very very glaring to everyone that has free mind to see it. Stop hating him, stop dragging him into topics that has nothing to do with him and start whipping him and be lying. See! I care less what your reactions might be because this your continuous denial in hypocrisy will never allow you to see or admit the truth. Ozil contributed so much to the German national team, but we all can see the treatment Germans meted to him after the last world cup as if
    he is the entire squad including Joachim Low the manager simply because he is not of German origin. We all know that Ozil is yet to recover fully from that treatment of ingratitude and discouragement hence he retired. They demeanoured him. The writer of the above subject/topic never mentioned Iwobi in the caption, please STOP THESE UNBALANCED COMPARISONS OF IWOBI & OZIL, they are not playing in the same position, don’t kill him in his prim.

    1. Th14 says:

      It is old news that Phil, jon fox and Xxnofx aka Dan kit hates Iwobi, everyone that isn’t new on this site knows that…

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