Emery must stop playing safe and drop the old guard against Chalsea

Emery needs to make his stand by Eddie Hoyte

So there it goes, Arsenal’s first game and against Man City. I’ve always been a passionate supporter of our great club, to the point where my friends constantly tell me to ease up and just live because I’m too obsessed with Arsenal. Anything positive about Arsenal impresses me a lot and I gladly sing it out loud to their faces.

I see myself as one of the few realists on here but a bit different because I choose to see things from both sides and pick my points. I was among the few people who always said I feel a lot of good about this coming season, and I said it a few times that we’d beat City and Chelsea.

We lost to City, now do I feel bad or like I was wrong? No I don’t feel wrong. Simply say instead, the team let us down, with our squad, we could’ve beaten City, Emery got it all wrong in his first game. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t a fan of Emery at PSG, but when he got appointed, I decided screw it! I’m giving this man my support. Hopefully we’ve all seen
what he can do with the team.

He played too safe, tried to respect the old players by selecting them, they let him down as usual. My friend, who’s a follower of this site also and comments on here, and I saw the game together. Before the game we both questioned why Ramsey was on the team sheet and why Lacazette was on the bench. Two minutes into the game, Ramsey wasted a perfect shot he could’ve taken, and on came the madness, he does it every time, 55 minutes later, Ramsey stayed useless on the pitch,
Xhaka was clueless and they let young Guendozi run the game. Mhiki was worse and invisible on the left, allowing Mahrez and Walker to run down Niles till the young boy got injured. I could go on here, but here’s my

Emery should take charge, he doesn’t need to impress any player, after the game, Samuel (My fellow Gunner who saw the game with me) was asking me “what did Emery see in Ramsey that he immediately stated he’s going to be important to him”. I mean, man you’re yet to meet the players on the training ground and you already made a player feel like he’ll be king? Ramsey should be sold off, if he goes for free next summer, I won’t bat a eyelid. Xhaka..Ramsey..Bellerin..should all sit on the bench every game and be allowed to fight for their spot.

Our best selection so far is this.


That’s a 4-2-3-1.


That’s a 4-3-1-2.

The sad thing is I’m not the coach so I can’t make the selection. If we should use this selections, we’ll be comfortable and we’ll win our games with all the players giving a 100%. Ozil showed yesterday he can also press and run the field covering for Bellerin. Emery needs to be ruthless against Chelsea, and keep Ramsey, Xhaka and Bellerin on the bench… Oh, including Cech!! He’s not a Sweeper Keeper!! Leno is the Sweeper Keeper you need if you’re to play from the back.

I’m staying behind Emery and the boys, let’s do this, let’s hope he selects his best 11 on Saturday.


Eddie Hoyte


  1. OKIROR says:


    1. The cassette says:

      Totally agree and to think that its only the first game of the season, under a new manager trying to implement his own ideas. People really need to chill. We played the best team of last season, even if we lose against chelsea this weekend i wouldn’t really be too bothered if the performance on the day is good enough. A lot has been said about what should have been done against city, we as fans just need to be careful not to get dragged into this negative thinking about arsenal, lets not feed off of the negative energy from this so called pundits, most of who don’t know what they are talking about anyways. Martin Keown, really?? Some of this guys got no clue what it takes coaching a big club like arsenal. This team is going places im telling you, we badly need wide players though. Hope we’ll keep Campbell.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal should not play with a no 10 anymore, because they do not have a mobile and skillful no 10 that is good with one-on-one situations

    They had better utilize the pace and energy of their wingers:

    Bellerin . Sokratis . Mustafi . Monreal
    ……Guendouzi ……. Maitland- Niles
    …..Nelson ………,..,,,. Aubameyang

    1. sanmi.marvellous says:


      What position did you assign to Lacazete in your formation ?
      Why not put him in front of Auba and Nelson ?

      1. gotanidea says:

        A false nine position

        With his skills, I think he would play better there. Where there is less pressure from the opponents, as opposed to the lone striker position

        Arsenal should use Aubameyang’s and Nelson’s raw pace, instead of waiting for a perfect through ball from a no 10 (which rarely comes)

  3. AndersS says:

    Well, I am glad Emery is the coach, and the author is not.
    There are clear signs of a new and more realistic approach in the way Emery has shaped the team in the few weeks, he has been in charge.
    What did you expect before the City game?
    Last season we were 37 (yes – thirty seven) points behind City in the table. We got totally humiliated playing against them, they even admitted to holding back, and we still lost 3-0.

    And now you as an armchair coach claim you know, how we could do better, than Emery showed. Give me a break!

    1. gotanidea says:

      I support Emery, but he has to have the guts to bench any underperformer, no matter who the player is

      Arsenal cannot get any major trophy as long as the majority of their players are not good with duels and pressing

      1. McLovin says:

        Emery did do that against City. He subbed Ramsey right away, Xhaka as well. Özil/Mkhi would’ve gone too if it wasn’t for AMN’s injury sub

        I think we should start:

        ———– Cech/Leno
        Licht – Sokratis/Holding – Musti – Mon
        —————— Torreira
        Ramsey/Mkhi/Iwobi – Guendouzi
        —————- Özil
        Aubameyang – Lacazette

        1. P. Mulundu says:

          If Ramsey underperformed in the last game then why should you consider him in the next game.

          1. McLovin says:

            Well if we dropped players based on 1 match, we would never get any kind of fluidity. I dropped Xhaka because he hasn’t improved/changed at all. Ramsey scored 10 goals last season with another 10 assists, that is impressive for a CM. He CAN be better than against City. Xhaka cannot.

            We don’t want to make too many changes. 3-4 maximum.

          2. enda says:

            Fair point I agree with your team and id stick with Ramsey.

    2. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Seeing the bullshit your favorite Arsenal players has been bringing to the team, I’m Glad I’m not the coach either because I won’t stand such mediocrity. I stated Emery could’ve done it better and almost everyone knew that, you don’t leave your best players in each position on the bench against City and play a bunch of losers because you’re trying to respect them, because in the end it’s his head (Emery’s) the fans would come for.
      If you call me an armchair coach just because I stated and know Ramsey and Xhaka should’ve never started that match then leave it, I’ll gladly be an armchair coach. Fellas like you always hate the truth. Emery’s the one with the coaching badge, it doesn’t mean he won’t make mistakes, and oh I see how City is to you. People like you will always call the team losers and say they’re mentally weak while FANS LIKE YOU GIVES UP AND ALREADY BELIEVE YOU’LL LOSE A GAME JUST BECAUSE IT WAS AGAINST THE EPL WINNER. well guess what? I’m no pretender and I’ve never been weak as you or most folks who believes we can’t beat City or Chelsea, but hey if the shoe fits, you wear it and you’ve worn yours.
      Do have a lovely day

      1. Declan says:

        Eddie I’m for you being Emery’s new assistant coach. Your first team pick is my option for Chelsea and other games moving forward. Lichsteiner at right back is a must and Guendouzi and Torreira covering the back four. Laca up top with Auba drifting in and out from the left. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 2.

        1. Xxnofx says:

          I’m with Eddie
          It’s not about slating the new manager it’s pointing out the glaring obvious.
          We look amateur against city and his new ideas didn’t work from playing players out of position to tactics that quite frankly were stupid to say the least .Pep teams are set up to press and there are no better than doing it than city .fans on here saying he’s needs time ,it’s true but he dint help himself without that setup and team .and it’s not just armchair fans like us it’s quite a few pundits and experts that have played football that have said this .dont listen to the hate at least your a realist who has the brains to write a post rather than the usual one liners that some fans on here come out with

      2. gotanidea says:

        Ramsey’s natural position is box-to-box CM, not a no 10. But we already have Guendouzi for that, that has higher stamina and better with aerial duels

        Still looking for Emery’s effect on Xhaka, because it is just one match

        1. Eddie Hoyte says:

          Gotanidea you’re right, folks wants Ramsey playing the CM for us something he has shown times and times that he’s not good or disciplined at. They want any player who’s better on the bench just because it’s Ramsey, well for now Guendozi is the better player so Ramsey will have to fight for his spot if Emery will be tough and demands results.
          On Xhaka I just don’t see him benching Torerria, he’ll fight for his spot too

      3. AndersS says:

        I am sorry, but I think you are living in a fantasy world.
        Emery has all the credentials.
        He has had maybe 6 weeks of training and preseason matches with the squad, and out of those less than 2 weeks with the full squad.
        People with brains wouldn’t expect that to be enough to turn neither the team nor individual players into world beaters.
        Our performance against City was in fact a step in the right direction.

        1. Xxnofx says:

          Was it though because without them Cech saves it could have been 3 or 4 nil ,please tell us what steps were in the right direction because I watched with anticipation and I saw a match like I’ve seen for the last 5 years .players out of position ,players that quite frankly shouldn’t even be playing for arsenal and terrible tactics ,you can call me an armchair fan fan also because I watched it on my sofa but so did millions more and quite a few also agree with what I saw

          1. ozziegunner says:

            I agree Cech made some good saves; however on the other hand Ozil and Aubameyang mistimed runs and accordingly had 2 goals disallowed, Bellerin took a poor option and shot from wide right instead of centering to two unmarked Arsenal players and Oliver missed awarding a clear penalty when Mendes pulled Mustafi down in the box.
            Football is a game of fine tolerances, so Arsenal had missed oportunities too, which on another day may go their way.

      4. Sarmmie says:

        I won’t blame Emery for picking the players he picked, the guy is a victim of his players having beefs with him, directly picking new players over the older ones could have resulted in that, but he gave the older players the chance to prove themselves and they blew it
        So if he decides to pick new players this time around, even the older players won’t argue with him
        But one thing I know for sure, guendouzi won’t be benched for Chelsea based on his performance against city and torreira will definitely start on Saturday, whose position they’ll take, I don’t know and I hope emery too won’t care to know

      5. Sparkles says:

        Eddie Hoyte
        You think you know a lot about coaching huh? How come you aren’t as renowned as Pep, Klopp or even Emery? Who were the best players he left off if I may ask? You mean Torreira? Who had only played 65mins of football since the world cup and wasn’t really match ready? Or Leno? Well Cech’s pre-season performance won him the spot. We all saw how well he did. Okay I guess you meant Lacazette. Emery expected Auba’s pace to out do city’s defence. Its not his fault that the through passes never came. No thanks to Ramsey, Ozil and Mhiki. So its not lack of gut like you claimed. It was a purposeful tactics which didn’t work out due to the incompetence of the midfielders and he didn’t waste time to sub Ramsey and Mhiki. I’m sure he has a somewhat different 11 for Chelsea’s game.

        1. Hackinubee says:

          But wait,Xhaka started the match,how many minutes has he played since the World Cup? The coach made mistakes and there’s no taking it back,we can only look forward to the next match.

          1. Perfeect Ndlovu says:

            The difference is xhaka already knows the league while torreira doesn’t ?

      6. JADON SPIRIT says:

        @Eddie, I totally agree with you. In our pre-season matches, I always thought it was best for Emery to start our season with Torreira and Gwendouzi in front of the back 4, with Auba and Mikhy on both sides of Ozil with Laca leading the line in a 4-2-3-1 formation. Ramsey and Xhaka was not needed in the starting 11 against City.

    3. khitb77 says:

      Well said.

      The levels of delusionary behaviour among Arsenal fans has reached epidemic proportions.

      It’s Emery’s first game in charge FFS! Against the best team in England for over a decade!

      Emery will need a whole season to bring the players up to speed.

      Look at Klopp, Guardiola, Mourinho, Pochettino etc etc. These managers joined their respective clubs and won nothing in their first seasons, two of those managers are yet to win anything!

      We have got to be realistic and patient with the new setup.

      Reading some of the moronic comments on this and other websites makes me wonder whether I’m living in a mental asylum!

      1. Go ask Alice... says:

        Not only that, but it took Klopp two seasons to finally pip an Arsenal team that was at war with each other and in constant turmoil, yet he barely pipped us after coming back from an 8 pts gap. Poch took a while too, but spu were slowly making the ground with each manager change before his arrival and were targeting Arsenal scouts ex players managers they tried everything and even now you cannot say Poch is a success. The history books wont remember either of them at this stage so lets just chill and wait because that PSG team played a unique brand of football and conquered every English team they faced.

        His PSG team was about overloading the midfield area, they didn’t press too much high up, it was mostly the moment the ball reached midfielders that the other team would get swarmed. Our midfield wasn’t like that and maybe he doesn’t have the personnel yet, in defence he hasn’t got the personnel neither. He’s not gonna know the ins and outs though not til he tries them.

        ………Only one pundit I agreed with because the others all sensationalize trying to out do one another for a back page piece of trash.

        Jens Lehmann “The game dictates what to do, not a certain style you have to play”. He was speaking about Cech playing it out even at times that city had every defender covered. Those were some very wise words which actually work no matter what game you face.

  4. JustJoy says:

    a lot of yo-yo fans here… support more and complain less.

    if Rombo would have converted a chance everybody will be praising…

    note: Ox was a useless player at Arsenal but key to liverpool before his injury.

    Giroud is a Lamp post at Arsenal but he benched Morata at chelsea, becuse he fits into play.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Ox never got over 8 years at Arsenal… Giroud never got up to 7 years at Arsenal but he was important and proved himself to us… But Ramsey has had all the chances in the world, so what’s your point?
      For the record most fans I’ve seen and met all wants Ramsey out of the team, he’s no Lampard neither is he a striker but fanboys will shout and scream he has Energy and a good Engine.. How did the good Engine fair against City?
      oh while you’re at it with defending mediocre players, would you mind telling us how Energy and Good Engine will win us the league?

      1. Go ask Alice... says:

        That’s your opinion dude, there’s many many more who appreciate an in form Ramsey and even an out of form one will usually put more effort in than most. On his good days he adds allot to a game, on his bad ones, I can’t remember him doing anything like Xhaka and Guendouzi do when switching off in a danger zone, in a very long time.

    2. Hackinubee says:

      Ox was good for Arsenal when played in his positions (midfield or right winger) which was rare,he moved to Liv and KLOPP played him where Wenger chose not to play him,and that “Lamp Post” was responsible for 100+ goals for the Arsenal!!

  5. barryglik says:

    Emery does need to come
    up with surprise tactics.
    I reckon all the players should wear
    diving masks, snorkel and flippers.
    and as you say “droop the old hard against Chalsea”.
    They will running screaming for the hills 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. khitb77 says:

    I can’t take this guy seriously.

    He wrote “I see myself as one of the few realists on here”.

    However, he followed it up in the very same paragraph with this classic bit of delusion “I was among the few people who always said I feel a lot of good about this coming season, and I said it a few times that we’d beat City and Chelsea.”

    He then goes on to say that we wasn’t a fan of Emery at PSG!?!

    So, how EXACTLY did this genius expect us to beat Man City (the best team in England for many a year) with a man in charge that he didn’t rate, in his first season in England, with the majority of the same players from last season?

    Better yet.. “We lost to City, now do I feel bad or like I was wrong? No I don’t feel wrong. Simply say instead, the team let us down, with our squad, we could’ve beaten City, Emery got it all wrong in his first game.”

    So this deluded individual doesn’t believe he was wrong to think we could beat City. The same City side that beat us 9-1 on aggregate over 3 games last season!

    He also seems completely unaware that as this was Emery’s first competitive game in charge, there is going to be an extended period of adjustment for the club.

    Emery wants to introduce a new way of playing at Arsenal. This cannot happen overnight. Had Emery been given an open cheque book, then perhaps he could have made some world class signing to overhaul the squad, but he wasn’t given that. He’s having to make do with what we already had and the new signings that Sven Mislintat and Raul Sanllehi select for him. I don’t know how much input Emery has in signings, but we’ve moved away from the old system where Wenger had complete control of who we signed.

    The quality of “journalism” on fan websites is terrible.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Neither Will I take you seriously because it seems you read and don’t comprehend what you read or you read just to make comment.. yes I wasn’t an Emery fan but I saw what he’ll bring and I got behind him, I still stand behind him.. I’ve said it countless times I feel good about this season and yes it’s Emery’s first competitive game and you’re the delusional one who needs to see a therapist to get your thinking in line just because we lost to City last season, you see them as impossible to beat.
      You should pick your words and construct a good debate not use my words to advertise your shallow mentality.
      I wrote an article and yes I still believe we could’ve beaten City and I still believe Emery made a mistake with his team selection. It doesn’t mean I don’t believe in Emery so stand aside, or take your PC, think deep, write your own article and share to us, better still STFU

      1. khitb77 says:

        My post was to highlight the pathetic quality of your “article”.

        I especially love how you try to articulate that I should see a therapist “to get your thinking in line”. If my thinking should be “in line” with yours, well thanks, but I’ll give it a miss.

        Duh… I know City aren’t impossible to beat, because they’ve been beaten! But the REALITY is that we are VERY EASY to beat. Even if Emery had listened to you and picked the side and tactics you decreed, we’d still have lost.

        Probably because you are not a qualified coach, you’re a keyboard warrior, like the rest of us. It’s insulting that you, or any of us actually believe we know more about the players than a professional (multi-trophy winning) manager and his coaching staff. We all have our opinions, but that’s all they are.

        Pretty much every single person I’ve spoken to both before and after the City game knew that we weren’t going to win, because we live in the real world, we are so far behind City it’s not even funny.

        I appreciate the point of fan sites is to introduce conversation, to open up people to different ideas and get opinions, but seriously. I’ve read far more coherent, intelligent pieces of writing from my 12-year old niece.

        But sure, Eddie, you keep living on planet know-nothing.

      2. Go ask Alice... says:

        You didn’t counter anything he said, you say he misunderstood but didn’t show him how he got it wrong.

        Of course we can beat them, so can anyone, everyone loses games even the best sides lose (except 1 of course). At the same time you should not be surprised in the least bit that city always stood a good chance for winning, so again I don’t see what point you tried to make.

        I think you’re just trying to get it out there that you’re not a fan of Emery because there’s allot of whining that’d you’d wish to get off your chest in the immediate future, you’re just trying to put yourself in a better place so to try and not look like a complete hypocrite among other things.

        Calling yourself a realist does not make anything you say true, all it says is that you believe you’re right with the notion of not being happy and having a go at the mans abilities. You’ll notice that people who call themselves realists, for some reason they all read with the same tone and share the same sort of sentiments. A realist this season is fans all fully behind the manager and stroking the egos of our players. Also knowing that patience is required, just because you don’t know of a reason why x y z may have occurred it doesn’t mean there is not a good explanation for it.

  7. Mr Patrick says:

    OH DEAR!!!! how to be an arsenal fan this season? With what everyone’s shouting about it’s only the first game of the season let me put this to you all what about Sam aladyce as arsenal manager if I was the board I would have gone for him for one simple reason we need not be traumatised every time arsenal play the big boys because we need the players to believe and have the confidence that they can stop any team scoring, if you don’t concede goals you don’t loose the match either, before wenger it’s one nil to the arsenal is usually the results and I’m sure any true arsenal fan will take those results now, JUST A THOUGHT.

    1. khitb77 says:

      It was Emery’s first game in charge! Against the best side in England for over a decade…

      By the way Allardyce has got a terrible record vs top six clubs. Out of 178 games vs Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, City, Utd and Spurs he has a 21% win rate. He has lost 59% of those games and his sides have conceded an average of 2.4 goals per game against top six clubs.

  8. Gifted says:

    You look at City and notice how deep their squad is. Talking about wingers, they have Sane, Sterling, Bernard, Mahrez….On the other hand, Arsenal wingers are Iwobi, Welbeck, Nelson, Emile Smith, Campbell….Liverpool, Chelsea and Man u also have better squads than us..We are miles away from competing with the big sides….Imagine putting all our hopes in the midfield on Guendouzi when other teams have Keita, KDB, pogba, Joghinho etc….How far we have fallen..I hope we are lucky enough to get into top 4

  9. Olaitan Kayode says:

    Mikel Arteta’s ‘forensic studies’ of the Arsenal squad in anticipation of succeeding Arsene Wenger helped him mastermind Manchester City’s victory on Sunday, according to reports.

    The Spaniard could have been in the opposing dugout at the Emirates as the reigning champions kicked off their title defence with a 2-0 victory, though the north London club instead opted for the experience of Unai Emery.

    However, the Telegraph report that he played a crucial role in City’s win having suggested a tactical tweak that directly resulted in Bernardo Silva’s goal.As the City bench celebrated, Pep Guardiola grabbed Arteta and congratulated him for putting forward the suggestion which effectively killed the game.

    Arteta is also believed to have played a huge role in City’s pre-match analysis and tactical plan, having researched the Gunners’ squad meticulously for his interview to replace Wenger.

    Arteta identified Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Mesut Ozil as potential weaknesses, with the duo lining up on the wings, and concocted a plan to overload the flanks with pace.

    Mkhitaryan and Ozil duly offered little in the way of protection for their full-backs, while Arteta’s suggestion of putting the lightning-quick duo of Benjamin Mendy and Raheem Sterling on the left wing caused havoc throughout the match. Sterling cut in from the left to score City’s opening goal, while it was Mendy’s powerful run and cut-back that created the second.

    Although City’s victory will have delighted Arteta personally, having been overlooked in favour of Emery, Arsenal are still very happy with their pick for new manager and have given the Spaniard assurances despite losing his first game.

    1. msty says:

      i tink 1 doesnt need any deep research to know how to beat that arsenal team playing against city

  10. Eddie Hoyte says:

    I wrote the article in English not Arabic, read and understand before you call me delusional.
    I turned into an Emery fan but he made a mistake in his first match, admit it and move the fvck on.
    Nobody’s judging him or writing him off, the main purpose of the article is the inclusion of players Like Xhaka and Ramsey who brings nothing but little to the pitch only to have our best players on the bench.
    I don’t see City as unbeatable like most of you do, you call the team weak mentally and all sorts of names yet you give up on them and accept defeat even before the ball gets kicked.
    Alright then let’s all start giving up, we’re losing to Chelsea this weekend, no way we’ll beat them… Isn’t that the mentality you want from some of us fans?
    I’ll be damned if I join you folks in believing a certain team can’t be beaten by us

    1. kklin says:

      Yea, am with you on that last sentence of yours.

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