Emery needs to motivate Mesut Ozil, not drop him

Isn’t it Emery’s Job To Get The Best Out Of Ozil? by Dan Smith

When Arsenal were unbeaten for 22 games it was very easy to stick out your chest and say that Ramsey and Ozil were not needed at the club. Many complimented Emery for not being afraid to drop the two midfielders, perceived as two of Arsene Wenger’s favourites. Most of our performances during that sequence of results and certainly over the last two weeks prove we have no one who can replace the German in terms of assists or the Welshmen’s threat from scoring from midfield.

Gooners seem to be judging the two on the salaries they demand but let’s be honest who in our current squad could you not question over the last couple of years? It’s not like our club worry about fans overpaying so don’t worry about their wage bill. Ozil is one of our most gifted individuals. In his late twenties he’s not going to adapt his game to suddenly become an aggressive tackler. He’s at a level where on his day he’s unplayable but not consistent enough to be in the bracket of a truly world class player. That’s okay. You can only be your best, it doesn’t mean he’s faking injuries or being a diva.

Unai Emery is also being paid a lot of money. Apparently, this man was first choice on a short list of 30 applicants. Part of his job criteria is to get the very best out of what he has. He would have known from the interview stage that Ramsey and Ozil are our two best talents and the owner is a man who has zero ambition of competing for the title. So, the Spaniard has supported the decision to let Rambo leave for free, most likely to a top 4 rival, while he doesn’t play a World Cup winner in a North London Derby for ‘tactical reasons’. The fact he then makes the same man captain 3 days later suggests it really was as simple as a coach’s choice to rest him midweek.

When did we as supporters accept managers washing their hands of talent, what happened to coaching them or showing some man management? When Jose wouldn’t bring on Pogba at Liverpool it was seen as a statement, a man putting his personal grievance ahead of the team.

Just because Emery is new does not make him exempt from criticism. He’s not a novice, he worked at PSG, a dressing room full of young men making millions. His idea to get the best out of Ozil is to drop him? What does that leave us with? A man who couldn’t cut it at United and Iwobi. It’ laughable to suggest Iwobi could even lace Ozil’s boots yet alone replace him. Ramsey won’t be here this time next year and some fans I know wish the same of Ozil.
But ask yourself is Stan Kroenke really going to invest to get the best possible replacements? If not, then our coach should maximise what he does have, not freeze them out the team. Inspire them, find what makes them tick, motivate, don’t just shrug your shoulders and pick someone who you know is worse. Without Ozil or Ramsey we possess the least creative midfield in recent memory.

Wenger was accused of playing Ozil and Ramsey no matter what? Looking at the alternatives I can’t blame him.

Can you?

Dan Smith


  1. Baba sagna says:

    I think dropping Ozil is part of the motivation process, and this is different from the pogba vs moureen issue… Mourinho bought pogba but Emery inherited ozil.. Mou should know Wat he was getting Wen purchasing pogba.. So plz the scenarios are incomparable, Wen ozil realizes that emery is the boss then even if he can’t adapt to emery style, he will at least bust a gut trying …one love gooners

    1. Goonster says:

      Ozil under wenger was included in every game whether In form or Out of form. Wengers little Prince. But where did that get us? Got us 5th and 6th. Got wenger sacked. Gazidis pushed out. It Got Ozil an amazing £300,000 contract. Got fans divided. Now Emery is left with all this mess with no money to spend.

      1. Midkemma says:

        It got us FA Cups and top 4 as well. Whole story please.

        Gazidis got pushed out??

        Before he left it was reported that Elliott Management owner(Paul Singer) was a friend of Gazidis.
        “Gazidis has kept his own counsel despite constant reports that he will leave to become CEO under the guidance of AC Milan’s new owner, and friend of Gazidis’, Paul Singer and Elliott Management.”

        Pushed? Or jump ship to his mates with a bigger pay? It was also reported that his wage increased by £1 million a year.

        Do you only read headlines?

  2. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Good article, well I’ve said it a few times that though Ozil needs to be sold to get a world class midfielder, but until he’s sold Emery should cut the bullshìt and find a way to work with him.. Many still won’t accept that Ozil for now is still part of our best options, that’s how poor the players in our club are. Since everyone is still here, find a way to work with them not drop one at home. I don’t believe because it’s Emery’s first season we shouldn’t question some of his decisions, Emery’s getting paid also isn’t it? Until he gets his own players, I don’t get the tactical poo that he keeps putting up for benching Ozil in 5 straight games. Everything Mhiki and Iwobi find hard to do is what he does simply for our attackers.
    I mentioned in one of my previous articles that Aubameyang without Lacazette and Ozil is pretty much useless. See the difference in the Burnley game, how Auba got into the game and played well and got his goals. Alone with Iwobi and Mhiki he’s useless and struggles too much.
    I’m not an Ozil fanboy, but common sense should tell you that what Emery has to do us find a way to utilize all his best players until he gets his own choice of players

    1. Th14 says:

      Another classic Dan Smith article to glorify Ozil and give the Iwobi bashers an opportunity to ply their trade.
      Kudos Dan ???

      1. Xxnofx says:

        Give it a rest ,quite a lot of fans have been bashing ozil on here ,we get it you have an iwobi poster on your wall but just let it go ,the only fans on here that think iwobi should be in the team are Nigerian,says it all really dosent it

        1. Th14 says:

          Against Leicester and Burnley, Ozil shows his brilliance, he is a Lion in midfield and rules the jungle but when Mancity and Liverpool(teams with world class defenses) comes to town, Ozil disappears, he turns mediocre and leaves us with the burning question where is Ozil? Ozil is a scam and articles like this cover him up.

          1. Sue says:

            Yeah yeah yeah whatever ? maybe you should change your name to Where is Ozil?!!!
            All joking aside, have a great Christmas Th14 ?

          2. Th14 says:

            Thanks Sue. Merry Christmas ?

          3. Xxnofx says:

            So you call yourself an arsenal fan but want to see iwobi in the 1st team,that to me just weakens it don’t you think or do you honestly believe like you’ve said he should be played at number 10 position ?he brings nothing new to the team he can’t pass he can’t shoot he trips over the ball more times than not when trying to dribble.but yea we are going to win trophy’s with him supplying them killer passes which he does SMFL

          4. Phil says:

            I bet he asked Santa for a life size Blow Up Iwobi Doll for Xmas.Its probably got more life in it than the real one

          5. Sue says:

            ??? does it come with flapping arms??
            Merry Christmas to you Phil & your family… keep the hilarious posts coming in 2019…. ? brilliant!!

          6. Phil says:

            Seasons greetings to you and your family Sue and everybody else at Just Arsenal

          7. Angello says:

            You know the funny thing about life? You can only make your opinion heard, but can’t force it down anyone’s throat… Accept it or not Iwobi is still an Arsenal player until the manager says otherwise. No one is bigger than the club, the manager has the authority to drop any player he wishes to drop.

        2. Trudeau says:

          Just for the record I’m not Nigerian (I dont even have a poster of him on my wall) and I think Iwobi deserves his place on the team.

        3. Sal says:

          not really anyone who watches the team and understands football can easily identify that he is our best winger, i’m not saying future potential im saying now who is better in our squad? make sure you have the stats to back what you say, because without even looking at stats i can tell you he is our best winger by far, I’m sorry man your way off on your assesment, and i’m not even Nigerian 🙂

    2. Goonster says:

      People keep going on about why would Emery go for the likes of average Iwobi and Mkhi and leave out Ozil?
      That statement speaks for itself. What an indictment on Ozil.

      Remind me of “Oh god, this guy has all the money and good looks. But look at his wife, she is not a model type (fake Big booobs, fake blonde extensions, fake nails and eyelashes. 6ft tall etc) , is she?”.

      Or reminds me of “That girl is so pretty, what is she doing with that plumber guy? She should be with a rich footballer, banker, business owner, athlete, celebrity etc”.

      Some of us keep saying, “Talent or Beauty on its own can only take you so far”. You need other attributes on top of your Talent or Beauty to be taken seriously.

      Some beautiful house wife will cheat with a gardener or house cleaner. A successful man will cheat on his dolly trophy wife with a washed up next for mother of 5. But why?

      So I will ask, why would Madrid, Germany and Emery treat Ozil like this?

      Why would Emery leave out the Talented and Beautiful Ozil for the so not talented Iwobi and Mkhi? Why?

      1. ken1945 says:

        That is a question I have asked many times on here and still haven’t got any kind of answer to…
        .BUT HOLD ON….
        Could it be that Emery has his own favourites? Surely only AW would be capable of such a foul deed?

        But what other explanation is there?

        What a turn around that would be to all those who accused our ex manager of doing exactly that with Ozil and Ramsey.

        No this can’t be true can it?

        In my opinion it’s the only answer and so Goonster I think I’ve answered your question and it seems to me like the little green man is affecting your views about someone elses wife.

        As for Madrid, check up what Ronaldo said about their decision to sell him.
        Germany needed a scapegoat and Ozil fitted the bill in more ways than one.
        Emery? Well we have now deduced that he has his own favourites who he picks no matter what.

        A little concerned about your physical attraction for Ozil Goonster, don’t forget he’s a married man. Unless the “Talented and Beautiful Ozil” quote is referring to his footballing skills, which then, OF COURSE, becomes crystal clear.

        1. Goonster says:

          And another thing. If you has been dumped by 3 lovers then you have to take a very long and hard look at themselves. May be you are the problem and not others. How come that with Ozil is all ends up with him being dumped? Madrid, Germany and now it looks like he is going the same route with Emery at Arsenal.

          Can you see a very clear pattern here?

          1. Sue says:

            When did Germany dump him????? He retired

          2. ken1945 says:

            Goonster, I am not privvy to Ozil’s private life and it doesn’t really concern me.
            I’m not sure what having three lovers has to do with his playing abilities either, is that little green man appearing again?
            Having had the same wife for over fifty years, I don’t see how you can possible see me as the problem either (even if my wife does)!!

            Dumped and “going the same route with Emery at Arsenal”?

            1. Sorry but didn’t Unai just make him captain against Burnley?
            2. Didn’t Emery also say that he sees Ozil in his long term plans?
            3. When he resigned from international football by dumping Germany, it seemed the world applauded his actions (apart from the other German players who all seemed to be dumping during the world cup anyway from their performances).
            4. Did you check on Ronaldo’s comments about Ozil? Obviously not!!

            Yes indeedy, I see a very clear pattern, you are ignoring what actually happened ( 1..2..4..) in order to promote your own views and twisting a situation (3) completely to justify a dumping theory.
            At least we both agree Ozil is both “Talented and Beautiful” with his footballing skills.

          3. jon fox says:

            Ken I know you , in truth , are NOT naive and do not honestly BELIEVE in all statements , just because a manager may publicly say them, as to what he ACTUALLY believes and will ultimately do. You cherry picked the fact that Emery restored Ozil and made him captain. But you CHOSE to omit the fact that he ALSO dropped him , though fit, from the previous squad. I suggest that the real truth is that Emery, as a pragmatist, will keep Ozil, publicly, as onside and within the tent as possible, short term, BUT that Emery has already decided he will not be in his long term plans. We can all play politician like “cherry picking” facts to support our own viewpoint. You and I are at polar opposites over Ozil and about anything other than his immediate short term future. Our £100 bet will eventually decide which of us is right. I was also ironically amused by YOU mentioning AW in your first post(above this one)post, but when I MENTION HIM, YOU ASK WHY! INTERESTING I WOULD SAY! Or possibly just normal human double standards. We ALL have them Ken but only SOME admit to it!

          4. ken1945 says:

            Jon, hope you are having a good Christmas.
            I was actually having a bit of fun with Goonster at AW’s expense, it’s called a backhanded compliment.
            But if you go back to Goonsters first post,you will see that he actually mentioned AW first!
            Keep up man keep up!! It must be the sherry!!!!
            Surely you should be questioning Unai on double standards, dropping Ozil for games and then making him captain!!
            Did you read Kolasinac’s comments on Ozil?
            It seems he is viewed by the players with much more respect than some fans, well worth a read.

          5. jon fox says:

            Curses Ken! You have rumbled my sherry addiction. Are you related to Sherlock Holmes BY ANY CHANCE! I did mention it once but thought I had got away with it (to misquote that immortal Basil Fawlty line in the Germans/war episode). Point taken though on your AW comment being only a rejoinder to Goonster. As for Unais “double standards” I put it this way: I think he is at his wits end with OZILS inability to work as the others do, while still clearly appreciating the mans inate gifts shown on the OCCASIONAL game. Leicester this season being the only ONE where he was ACTUALLY outstanding , rather then merely not much better or worse than the rest of the players. I see fan overhype, of any player, as actively harmful to Arsenal , which is WHY I always jump on it. I did read Kolas’ comments and Ozil is a fine person. Of that there can be no doubt. I only ever write of him , as with any other player, as a footballer. None of us really know them personally as men and though I feel sure ALL in our shirt are fine humans, that is besides the point on here, though admittedly very important if we were more widely discussing life values. But,in the main,we are not so I concentrate on them all as players only. Some Ozil fans choose to use cherry picked stats to support their case. Quelle surprise! What distance covered stats do NOT show is intensity(or lack of) of running , determination and attitude shown, so though they may, on occasion have use, overall I never fully trust them. I PREFER TO TRUST WHAT MY EYES SEE AND MY BRAIN INTERPRETS. If you have no objection, I would like to exchange our phone numbers so that we can privately converse. There are many matters, (not exclusively Arsenal either , nor even just football) which I would love to share with you and to talk and ask about but which I would not want to make for public discussion on here. Happy New Year and esp in Gods own country where you live!

          6. ken1945 says:

            By the way Jon, read in one of your former posts that you thought Arsenal might pay some of Ozil’s wages in order to loan him out.
            I assume that you agree that would not count as him leaving Arsenal?
            Just to be clear, the bet is on Ozil leaving Arsenal F.C. with no ties whatsoever.
            I know that’s what you meant, but just to confirm.

          7. ken1945 says:

            Jon, I love reading others peoples comments thoroughly as I realise they have all taken the time to put their thoughts down.
            There are some contributers who I look for more than others, but it never ceases to amaze me how one person can see something completely differently to another.
            That’s what makes this site so interesting and diverse and, as far as I can remember, only two people have had their “marching orders” for being complete morons.
            Your post at 12.44 is excellent and I can’t really argue with anything (DAMN!!), so I just take your comments on board for digesting.
            Of course I am open to chatting on a one to one basis, just ask Admin for my e-mail address and we can go from there.
            Happy New Year to you and yours as well Jon.

        2. Angello says:

          @Ken, you always jump at every little opportunity to defend our now gone manager Wenger, he is no longer here with us so move on, if you can’t live without him then you better look elsewhere.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Angello, your first comment about not being able to force your opinions down someone else’s throat was very sensible
            Your second one is the complete opposite!
            Go back to the start of the replies and tell me who mentioned AW first, then tell me if I have a right to reply?
            If you were a real gooner, you wouldn’t make even think of suggesting to another gooner to”look elsewhere”!

  3. Simon says:

    It is no coincidence that our unbeaten run came to an end at a time Enery was using the stick rather than the carrot!
    I also get frustrated with Ozil at times like most gooners but accept that until we have a viable replacement, we have to keep him happy! Ozil is immensely popular in the dressing room and his mood will affect the the team and in-turn our performances. In this there is no difference to the Pogba-Mourinho saga.
    However, I don’t believe Emery will take it as far as Mou and judging by Ozils tweets, he is still upbeat and motivated.

    1. BigMeech says:

      Yeah it had little to do with having all 3 centre backs unavailable and our 4th choice CB first game back from a horror seven month injury layoff. No it had EVERYTHING to do with Ozil not playing. Also just a reminder for all you Ozil fanboys out there… what has been Arsenal best result this season? Arsenal 4 spurs 2 perhaps? Was it coincidence that Ozil didn’t play that game also.
      It is NOT Emery job to get the best out Ozil it’s his job to get the best out of the TEAM!

      We had years and years of Ozil being mollycoddled by Wenger and that didn’t work, or have you forgotten the many times last season when he had “a bit of a temperature” . Mesuet had more than enough carrot at Arsenal. Thankfully we have a manager not afraid some of our pampered star players some stick! long may it continue.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Ronaldo who won the Ballon D’or a record number of times said how important Ozil was.

        You also can not make a team out of nobody, you have to make a team out of individuals, Ozil is an individual who Emery should be looking to get the best out off for the team. There is no magical team entity without individuals to make that team up. It is also why some Arsenal fans was calling for balance over a new team. The right individuals can help complete a team, it doesn’t mean all the individuals before was trash… This is so simple.

        Oh as for best result, I would put the Liverpool draw high as well on that list, considering how well Liverpool is doing and we should have beaten them… Got to give Liverpool credit, they are top dogs at the moment in the EPL, toppling the mighty City who everyone was proclaiming would walk the EPL before it started. They are harder to beat than the spuds… who has lost 1 more game than us so far this season.

        1. Angello says:


          Ronaldo who won the Ballon D’or a record number of times said how important Ozil was???
          Really? Are you really arguing based on that? What do you expect Ronaldo to say? “Hey! Mesut is too lazy and useless to us” wake up bro…

          Iwobi isn’t the most talented player, but ask even Ronaldo about Iwobi and see what his answer would be like, that’s professional respect. I love Ozil but sometimes he has to do better.

      2. Angello says:


        May you live long, nice reply.

  4. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Said Kolasinac had all of this to say about Ozil and yet outsiders like some of us still claim to know he’s having issues with the players in our club.

    “It was unbelievable, We all know Mesut’s qualities and I only actually made that run because I saw that he had the ball.

    “Not many players would have been able to play that pass. He can, and when I saw him get on the ball, I knew he was going to find me.

    “It was a brilliant pass from him.”

    “Mesut’s not the sort of player who will scream at you in public just to show the people on the outside that he tries to push us on,” he said. “He’ll speak in the dressing room, he’ll go to every player individually.

    “With his quality, he brings a lot to this team. He’s very important for us as a captain and as a player.

    “When you’re a big star, like Mesut is, of course there are always negative headlines. But, as a team, we don’t pay attention to them and Mesut doesn’t either. That’s what’s most important.

    “We’re all behind Mesut – all the staff, all the players. If negative things are written, then that’s just what happens. In life, not everything is positive – sometimes there are negatives written about you too, and he’s had that. But yesterday with his performance he’s quietened a few critics.”

    This is another player again saying he’s not the type of player who’ll act like a Sergio Ramos on the pitch but he’s always influential in the dressing room… Wenger said it, Per said it, a few others have said it and yet we choose to pick on him with every little chance we get… Will you ask yourself Would Kolasinav have made that run inside a box eighteen if it was Mikhi or Iwobi with the ball???

    1. Sue says:

      Excellent post Eddie! Well said…
      Haha no because they would pass the ball backwards or sideways ??
      Wishing you & your family a very Merry Christmas Eddie ?

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Sue and Merry Christmas to you and your family also?

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Great post, I can’t imagine Kolasinac putting up with any BS either from his team mates or the opposition.
          The thing I noticed after that goal and the other 2 goals scored against Burnley was the positive reaction by the other Arsenal players to Ozil in the post goal celebrations.
          At least Emery is showing Ozil some tough love and not giving him time off whenever he wants it. However, Arsenal is a better team, when Mezut Ozil is at his best

          1. Break-on-through says:

            That was some pass all the same, it was so good that you have people trying to question whether he meant it. Bergkamp’s Newcastle goal done that, and I’d say many other times he left people in disbelief. He meant it all right, even before Kolasinac made the run, that is what is so good about this type of football, defenders will never read against that stuff because it played out in his head in a matter of milliseconds. All a defender can do is react, but there is no time to react to it. It’s pure brilliance.

            People often talk about what Mesut cannot do, or stuff he does with less enthusiasm. You can go to the lower leagues and see that stuff in abundance, heck, you can go to non pro football or local park and you can see it very easily. The stuff that Mesut can do very well, however, you need to scour the game because it is such a small number of people who could attempt similar stuff and pull it off. Like, it’s up there with a small class of it’s own types. Then when I hear ex players, Brits usually, talking about how they done the gritty, or pointing out how to do that kinda stuff …I have to laugh, like come on!

    2. snowden says:

      One of the best posts I have seen in JA for a long time.

    3. enagic says:

      what quality are you talking about big games he disappeared i hope is gone comes this january

    4. Midkemma says:

      Nice post Eddie 🙂

      1. ken1945 says:

        Well there you are GOONSTER, straight from the horses mouth, rather than just speculation.
        I always value another players word above any rumours, views, speculation and heresay.
        The post is a FACTUAL quote from a fellow professional, so please read, digest and take on board the comments.
        Did you notice Kolasinac didn’t mention anything about Ozil’s private life?
        Guess he deems it as insignificient as it undoubtedly is.
        Great post Eddie, brilliant homework, says it all!!

        1. Mwsupporter says:

          Reality is that in all aspects of life we need the workers that do the essential hard graft that supports the environment they live and work in, with Arsenal that’s the likes of Torreira, Xhaka, Guendouzi, these are essential but you also have to have flair and creativity to allow the workplace/team to produce, in relation to Arsenal we are limited as we have very few true creative players, one is undoubtedly Ozil to a degree there is Aubameyang and lacaccette, but few others, please don’t let us lose that element by constantly dismissing what should be obvious to those who love the club and the game in general. Enjoy what you have in terms of entertainment, these players don’t happen that often.

        2. jon fox says:

          So , you are suggesting, Ken, that we believe that you TRULY take as verbatim all staments any Arsenal player/ manager publicly makes? I say that in truth you are not that naive. You choose to quote them to support your own view but I SUGGEST TO YOU THAT IN THE REAL WORLD , TALK IS CHEAP AND SOMETIMES VERY CHEAP. ACTIONS AND CLEAR POINTERS TO THOSE FUTURE ACTIONS ARE FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN MERE WORDS. Most humans choose to use whatever other peoples words support their own personal choice. But totally, even ruthlessly self honest humans, look rather deeper than mere words. Anyone with communication skills can write or talk a good game or make out a good case. ONLY ACTIONS, THOUGH, WIN FOOTBALL MATCHES AND TITLES. I do not dismiss all talk; that would be silly. But I do evaluate the when, the who, the how, the where and especially the WHY, as to what was said. And then think some more, before finally deciding whether or not I believe what was said. Actions never lie. Words often do!

          1. ken1945 says:

            Jon, so were the views given by Kolasinac worth reading, debating and did you class them as credible?
            Actions never lie? That pass from Ozil to Kolasinac had no words worthy of description, just the action of a superb visionary footballer creating something out of nothing…see what your getting at now Jon!!!

    5. Angello says:

      Kolasinac made a run even when Iwobi was with the ball, even though the attack didn’t lead to a goal he still made the run, so I find it difficult to understand what you are Bullshiting about.

  5. Sue says:

    It’s been a blast talking to all you fellow gooners on here this past year! Here’s to more of the same in 2019…. Hopefully we’ll have something to cheer (& brag) about hey!
    Just like to thank Pat (Admin) for this great site.. keep up the great work, Pat!
    To finish with I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & a happy, healthy & prosperous 2019… up the gunners!

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Nice sentiments Sue, I second them, Merry Christmas to lovers of the Arsenal. Bah humbug to the spuds.

    2. Midkemma says:

      I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas Sue, along with every gooner, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that we can get something to sing about next year 🙂

  6. Grandad says:

    Spurs can accommodate Kane,Son and Erriksen in their best eleven.We can do the same with Laca, Auba and Ozil.

  7. Trudeau says:

    Kroenke has shown some willingness over the last few years to spend large but we all know that it has to be in a self-sustaining way. So the problem I have is that letting Ramsey walk on a free isnt self -sustaining and Ozil’s value is probably at an all time low (partially his fault and partially because of his salary) – so also not self-sustaining. Given the progress this year though, I’m confident that Emery and Minsalet can pull out a few more rabbits out of their hats to get us back to the top.

    1. Midkemma says:

      So far it has shown to be self sustaining.
      I do not know why Ozil was paid as much as he was given but I would guess the fact he has been a massive shirt seller helped in us going from £30 million a year to £60 million a year in shirt manufacturer deal.

  8. ozziegunner says:

    Thank you Admin for your hosting of this site. I wish all my fellow gunners a merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and prosperous 2019.
    Hopefully we see continued improvement in the Arsenal and scrooge Kroenke gets a visit from the ghosts of Christmas present and future.

    1. Xxnofx says:

      I second that ,good health to all above all else and a merry Christmas ?

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    To be fair, Emery gave Ozil a chance, and dropped him because of his performances. I think the only reason Ozil has found himself completely out of the squad at times is because of back issues, and falling out with Emery (on at least one occasion that we’re aware of, but I suspect more).

    Ozil started our first three big games, and offered almost nothing, and it’s no coincidence that in our next three big games without Ozil, we got our first win (the Spurs victory), and the performances were a lot better, apart from the Spurs defeat.

    Ozil has only appeared in around half of our games, and exactly half of the big games, and Emery has proven we can live without him. The results, and performances are better, and we’re scoring loads, and creating many opportunities. There’s definitely this misconception that we need Ozil to create, whereas we clearly don’t. Ozil offers us nothing defensively, hardly ever scores, so the only thing he really offers is creativity, but if we’re scoring, and creating plenty without him, then what is the point weakening the team to accommodate Ozil? We look so much better as unit without him. Every player seems to be on the same page, whereas Ozil just does his own thing.

  10. Jah son says:

    Liverpool manager some how gets his front three to play no complaints
    Tottenham manager some how gets his front four to click no complaints
    Chelsea’s Sarri keeping his boys happy while flexing muscle no complaints
    City not to mention
    Man United well ? stars under the bus team spirit falls manager goes
    Ozil is our biggest player and most loved when Wenger wouldn’t play our front three we screamed at him now Emery’s doing the same crap and as Eddie said on numerous occasions you cant justify starting United flop or iwobi for the man cause it makes no sense. Our dressing room is at stake so come on Emery if you cannot find the balance buy or make one or have a nice chat with Klopp, Mouricio or Sarri. Have a happy holiday y’all and special thanks to the admin love you all gunner for ever!!!!!!!

  11. Turay says:

    Emery need to sign four more players
    Two wingers
    One midfielder
    And one defender
    That will help us to secure the top four

  12. Goonster says:

    I am sorry but i think the Ozil fanbase has got to get back to reality. The Stale Wenger / Ozil days are gone. Days where we became so stagnant because of wengers incompetence and favourism.
    Ozil has never been the player to go to in all his career. He is a follower type that looks to others for inspiration.
    If you think a 30+ year old Ozil is going to address the flaws and criticism he has had in all his youth and prime then I think you are being delusional and fanboyish.
    Between the ages of 24 to 30 is where a player shows his worth as an individual, but in that time Madrid got rid of him, been frustrating many Arsenal fans and many EPL fans. Wenger went out of his way to accommodate him at Arsenal, changing formations, personnel and positions for him but the result has been consistent (underwhelming). I have never come any player / Arsenal player that has been cuddled, wrapped in cottonwool, given excuses for season in season out like Ozil. It’s quite unbelievable. The guy has some sort of magical powers and psychological hold on his fanbase. Reminds me of a CULT leader. Reminds me of Trump and his support-base. Different religious people with their particular personal gods. Most will never burge when it comes to their idols.

    Again, we now have Arsenal fans besides themselves and against Emery just because he is treating Ozil like any other player. On some Arsenal fans forums people have now drawn their lines, it’s now Emery vs Ozil and they are choosing Ozil. Smh lol

    The way people are still going on about ozil you might think he has been the Arsenal driving force since moving here. They are still going on about how the team needs to be built around Ozil. You might think he is some promising young player in his early or mid 20’s by the way they are planning around him for our Future. The man is 30 years old, has been an inconsistent bag of excuses in al his time here. All of a sudden he is going to take us to our former glory when he has not come even close in all the time he has been here. We finished 5th and 6th in our last 2 consecutive seasons, looks like a 3rd season outside of the CL is not a bad bet again.

    To me if he was like a Cazorla, Cesc, RVP, even Sanchez etc type of influential figure in his time at Arsenal then I would understand the uproar and sensitivity from his fans for leaving him out of the team. But he has been average for the majority of his time here.

    He is more influential off the pitch than on it.

    1. jon fox says:

      Goonster, You and I are two people, with the EXACT same mind on OZIL. Your post on here is a rare , I might say almost uniquely sensible one, on OZIL AND THE HOLD HE HAS ON SO MANY. I LIKEN IT TO THE HOLD WENGER HAD ON SOME, EVEN IN HIS LAST FEW MONTHS. A bunker mentality I call it!

    2. Xxnofx says:

      Ok Einstein who would you play as our number 10 then?because I don’t see a massive queue of number 10s in our team,I agree he hasn’t been at is best but his worse is still 200%better than most in that squad who can play there BTW I’m not a fanboy ,I think he should be sold in the summer but till then he’s the best we have

      1. Th14 says:

        **I W O B I **

        1. Durand says:

          Why always Iwobi? Why not Mhki as the 10? Why not Ramsey? You obviously want Iwobi starting rather than the best 11.

          Just curious if you’re unsatisfied with our finishing spot in table last two years? I ask because you can’t have it both ways.

          You want Iwobi starting? Then get used to missing top 4 and CL.

          You not happy with finishing 5th and 6th? Then Iwobi can come off the bench until his decision making and performances merit otherwise.

          I also commented about starting or benching Ozil based on his form. See what I did there? It’s called “consistency;” because I love Arsenal above any player, period. I want what’s best for the team, not an individual.

          1. Xxnofx says:

            Just said the same thing Durand further up the post ,I asked him if he was an arsenal fan ,and if he was why would you play iwobi

    3. Durand says:

      Like the way Wenger forced Ozil onto the RW rather than as a 10 so he could shoehorn Ramsey in the middle?

      Just stop, your bias against Ozil overrides your factual awareness.

      I’m for the strongest starting 11, play Ozil when he’s on, drop him when he’s not.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Biggest Ozil fans are applauding the people backing him to the hilt, the biggest Ozil detractors are doing the same for people ripping into him. I think yours is the most sensible comment on here. Despite what others say on that matter. Ozil is a player, Emery needs to use his resources the best way he sees fit. But you have all these fans in here talking like there is only one option. They done similar when it came to Mustafi, or Bellerin, Ramsey, Iwobi. We need to use what we have and hope Emery gets the maximum, or enough from them at least to get us to where we need to go.

      2. Midkemma says:

        “I’m for the strongest starting 11, play Ozil when he’s on, drop him when he’s not.”
        Well said.
        It is up to Emery to pick the players and to pick the right tactic.
        Do we trust him to pick what he feels is the best or do we question him and jump on his back for picking Ozil and start the #EmeryOut Brigade?

        I’m with you mate. Not just Ozil, any player, anyone whos form drops needs to be dropped.

    4. Sue says:

      Stop shaking your head Goonster, it’s going to make you dizzy! And cheer up you miserable git, it’s Christmas!!

  13. jon fox says:

    Dan, I liked the way you wrote this article EVEN THOUGH I think Ozil will be gone by next season, mainly for lack of ability or intention to give the huge effort Emery demands of all players and always will demand. I agree OZIL is prodigiously gifted but take the contrary view from you that an occasional blinding performance but virtual nonentity in most matches is effectively almost useless for building a successful team. I am convinced Emery sees it that way too. THAT REASON is why I am convinced he will be elsewhere next season , even it it means us continuing to pay a portion of his salary after he leaves. When a player wants out, usually he leaves. When a club wants a player out, he also usually leaves. Most will disagree; a few will agree but I have never been afraid to be in a minority. And I will be proven right, I believe!

  14. jon fox says:

    Who else has noticed the welcome and more fully explained posts on here since the old “thumbs” were removed. That also removed many of the tedious one liner posters who had neither inclination nor any ability to write thoughts of their own, but merely to diss others. When the thumbs were first removed I initially wanted them back but realised very soon after that the standard of proper reasoned debate had markedly improved without them. So pleased the way this site is run now. Far better now and this being Christmas, can we all give three cheers for Pat the hardworking and dedicated Admin and his willing team. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL.

  15. dotash says:

    Ozil is a lazy guy, slow,and shy. When is he going to win an header?., Is there a hole in his head?. Truth been told, he does not fit into Emery’s Style of play. He should be sold in the summer, EPL needs energy and strength with skill, we lost to south Hampton due to Ozil blinder( deliberately missing the ball ). Personally, l am an Arsenal fan not A player fan. The following players should be allow to leave the club, Ozil, Ramsey(already going), Iwobi, Mikky, Koscieny, Elneny,Welbeck, and ………..SK

  16. Innit says:

    Whether we like it or not, we NEED him this season.

    We don’t have anyone better! Unless we get someone of quality in January which is highly unlikely. Mkhitaryan and Iwobi are a great help when Ozil is off.

    In the summer I hope we get a more consistent CAM, unless Ozil can start hitting assists regularly, not just against poor teams.

    When Ozil is hot he’s brilliant but not consistently sadly

  17. Ruelando says:

    Ozil is a good player, has that ability to make that pass, once he is given to room to do so, once the game entails high intensity, physical contact and more defensive than attacking work he disappears on most occasions.

    Its ok for Ozil fans to say he is our most creative talent, but please do not suggest that without Ozil Arsenal do not score goals or create chances.

    Another thing i really do not like to hear is the Ozil fans mentioning the FA cups won over the couple seasons as if Ozil’s Contributions were greater than Ramsey’s, Giroud’s, the little magician Cazorla’s. and others.

    I will say i do not take everything from Emery’s mouth as gospel, because he does LIE, but i do understand his apprehension in using Ozil in certain games and when he is actually played he does not give the required service for the amount paid. This league does not carry LUXURY PLAYERS.

    I am an Arsenal fan and once Ozil is in the team i will cheer an hopes he scores or create a magic assist, but i also reserve the right to critique, criticise or cuss out any player who is not doing their job.

    On that note, i would want to wish you and yours the best of this season. STAY SAFE.

    1. Th14 says:

      Well said Ruelando. Emery seems to have found a working formula for Ozil which is to play him only home games against teams from the bottom half of the table where he excels. He gives ONE killer pass, shows his brilliance and gooners sings his praise. Everyone is happy.

  18. Gogo says:

    Well I will like to say that Ozil one of the greatest players in the arsenal team today and whether or not he’s having a problem with the coach shouldn’t be the reason for anyone to undermine his abilities.

    I have a different view to this whole Ozil story. I believe Ozil is under some kind of program by Emery to definitely improve him. Yes he can’t do the pressing and man marking and bla bla bla but there are a lot of stuff he can do that only 4-5 footballers can do like the pass to Kola.

    One article said “Kolasinac was not even in the picture before that pass was made and for Ozil to create that out of nothing is worth 350k/ week. All we need is to for him to be doing it consistently and I believe Emery will get him there.

    We should quit being pessimistic and things happening in the club because we don’t really know what happening. The media only puts out this stories to feed their readers not minding if it’s true or not. From what I see in the celebrations of goals in the Burnley games the team is one.

    I’m Nigerian but will never pick Iwobi over Ozil under any normal circumstance but we have also seen Iwobi come on in games to save us vital points like the Liverpool game and a few. We need them all to perform at their peak at least now that they are all here.let us stop dividing the team with our comments and antagonism against our own players.

    I also want to thanks people like Sue, Jon Fox, the Kevs (cos I know we have more than one Kev on here), Durand, Ozziegunner, Goonster, Innit, Break on through, Eddie, Pat and everyone contributing to the functioning of justarsenal.com. Thanks for increasing my football knowledge and data base about the beautiful game.

    Ozil and Iwobi are arsenal players, don’t divide them. Happy holidays and a prosperous new year in advance to you all…

    1. ozziegunner says:

      My pleasure, Gogo, thank you. I too look forward to good discussions in 2019, with everyone treating each other with mutual respect.

    2. Sue says:

      Have a very Merry Christmas Gogo

  19. JJPawn says:

    Use Ozil well as a roving #10 and create goals, or use him like a pressing forward. One has its merits and the other its problems.

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