Emery promises lots of rotation as Arsenal begin the long trek to the Europa League Final

Arsene Wenger played two completely different Arsenal teams in the Premier league and the early stages of the Europa League last season, and it appears that Unai Emery is going to repeat those tactics this year as he is keen to get everyone in the squad some game time as the year progresses. The Spaniard said: “When you play two matches in a week, you have more time to prepare for the matches, to prepare the players physically. When you play three matches in a week, it’s hard. There’s less time to prepare for the match and work physically, but we want it like that.

“We want to play three matches in a week with the league and the cups. After the international break, we are going to play a lot of matches. In this moment, we are not playing every player in this squad because we’re only playing one match every week. But I am sure we’re going to use a lot of players after this international break.”

It will be very interesting to see his first Europa League line-up when we welcome Vorskla on the 20th of this month at the Emirates. We have a home game against Everton just three days later so I am sure there will be lots of fringe players. Let us hope we don’t get too many injuries during the dreaded international break….



  1. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Sorry to go immediately off topic but there’s an article on the BBC website talking about the rise of Manchester City from the third tier of English football and almost out of business to the richest club in the world. It absolutely sums up the way money has destroyed the game. With a season ticket at the Emirates coming to almost £2000 pounds and has been since we we’re at Highbury maybe it’s time after 60 yers of following Arsenal to call it a day.

    1. GB says:

      Money has a habit of destroying everything Kenny but you can’t use it as an excuse to stop supporting the team you have following since a kid. I might not get to many games these days but I am still a true Gooner. Are you saying your season ticket is 2 grand then or is that just the story you get told by the media? Because yes, some are that price but I know for a fact my friends are about a grand which I think also includes a load of cup games that other clubs don’t include. We’ll never compete financially with the Arabs but they have not only thrown money at the club but spent a fortune in the surrounding area and infrastructure, adding quite a bit to local businesses and community facilities. Cmon Kenny once a Gooner always a Gooner mate.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        With the greatest respect GB I’ve been a season ticket holder for 36 years. The cost of the best seat at Highbury ( C Block in the old East Stand was £1800 plus at the end). At the Emirates when we had Champions League Football my season ticket ( Best seat behind the television camera ) was just short £2000. Your friends obviously sit behind the goal. The season ticket ever since I’ve had it from 1982 has always consisted of 26 games, 19 Premier League and 7 cup ties be they FA Cup or European games. League Cup games have never been included however you’ve always had the first option to purchase. I hope that’s pretty clear. Regards to stop supporting the club, Arsenal, apart from my family have always been the love of my life and always will be to the day I die, “once a gunner, always a gunner”you’re telling me are you, LoL

        1. GB says:

          I am Kenny I’ve supported them over 60 years as you have and was trying to support you too but you don’t seem to have seen it that way.

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            It’s OK GB no problem at all mate, just getting rid of some hot air frustration.

          2. GB says:

            Thought so mate let it all out and breathe

    2. gotanidea says:

      It’s sad to see Man City and Chelsea. From being Arsenal’s and Man United’s sandbags to super rich clubs that can buy EPL titles with money

      But you shouldn’t give up if you really like Arsenal. If Arsenal is a great club, they should be able to get another major trophy, like what Leicester City did

    3. Sue says:

      It’s up to the individual whether he/she calls it a day, but it does seem a shame Kenny… all those years of following the team you love…. Arsenal are part of your life! Don’t make any rash decisions just yet, as I think the Emirates will be worse off without you in it! What a true gooner you are! ?

    4. Phil says:

      Kenny-it has been tough being an Arsenal fan these last years that’s for sure.If it hadn’t been for the 3 FA Cup wins then the whole atmosphere would have been even worse.But you don’t just stop following the Club after TEN DECADES.Im still in awe of your running on the Highbury pitch for those autographs you posted about last week.And no matter how bad things may appear now we have been through worst times as a Club than what we are going through now.
      Football has changed.The younger supporters are never going to be able to understand the history you,i and many others have experienced supporting this Club which makes us older fans unique in a way they can never be.Arsenal Football Club used to be a Tradition that was respected the World over for its values.And I like to feel it still is regarded this way despite us having an owner who will only ever care about the profit he can make out of the Club not the prestige he should be feeling with his outright ownership.
      Citeh are blowing the game out of the water with the money they can spend on players.When they brought on Jesus De Bryune and Sane against us I remember commenting those 3 players would walk into any side in world football.And we have Danny Welbeck.
      Kenny it will get better.It will take time and it will need our owner to get money released for better players but it will happen.If not with this owner then hopefully with one who actually cares about his Club.
      Stick with it mate.We are Arsenal for a reason.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        To Sue and Phil, I always come out with something like this every time I read about how money is destroying the game. My mates who I go with and who’ve been going with since the age of 10 laugh their heads off at me and come out with “yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve been hearing that for the last 20 years”. Watch this space.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Of course Emery has to rotate

    Unfortunately I will not see Nelson in this season, but I can still see Maitland-Niles and Smith-Rowe

  3. Sue says:

    The international break is upon us already ???

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Agree Sue, another boring two weeks and another coming up shortly, JOKE!!!!!

      1. Sue says:

        I can’t stand it Kenny…. no Arsenal for 2 weeks, what the hell are we all going to do???

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          The worst thing is, we’ve only just started the season. Why can’t the have these games pre season?

  4. Chiza says:

    I have told you guys to be relaxed.. We would soon have a very rich multi billionaire as our owner…… And I have a feeling it could be an Arab Sheikh……i know Kroenke won’t last long..that’s why he has decided to buy the club outright so he could have a better profit when he sells… I see alot of drama to still come regarding the ownership of arsenal….we have not seen the end….. A better and richer owner is coming..an owner who cares.. Who would take us back to where we belong……. I’m so relaxed about it.. I know the future is bright..bucket load of success is coming through…….can you guys accommodate it????????

    Anyway still your sweet Chiza ?????

    1. mobella says:

      How i wish every fans can be like you. That makes it true what they say…Nigerians are the happiest people in the world ( the suffering and smiling thing. We always see the best in every bad situations. Keep the optimism up. You, Sue, Phil, Kenny, Ken and few others are the reason i enjoy this site. And to all others who see nothing good in our dear club in the name of being realist, it is never too late to join the optimistic gang.

    2. jon fox says:

      Chiza, Yes , still “sweet” and living in fantasy land. Personally I ‘d rather be down to earth and living in reality land, which I actually do. If that makes me NOT sweet,unlike you, well I am 68 and can live with that rather easily. But I understand what is was like (over 60 years ago now) to believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and having a “walkover” against City. KEEP THE DREAMING UP THOUGH; AT LEAST IT GIVES US LIVING IN REALITY LAND A GOOD LAUGH. PS, I have just seen an Arab Sheikh coming along Drayton Park on the way to the ground. I therefore directed him to Kroenkes ranch in Trump Land. I asked him where he had come from. He answered “Chiza’s head!”

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