Emery says he laid the groundwork for what Arteta is doing at Arsenal now

Unai Emery reckons he laid the groundwork for what Mikel Arteta is achieving at Arsenal right now.

The Spanish manager was the first boss the club had after Arsene Wenger’s over two decades reign as manager.

He helped the Gunners to reach the final of the Europa League in his first season in charge and they just missed out on a top-four finish.

But he was sacked halfway through his second season at the club when results became poor.

Arteta has been the club’s manager since the end of 2019 and the former midfielder has received more backing from the Gunners.

The club has stuck by him even when the results have been bad, and Emery believes Arteta is getting more time than he had and he already started the work his fellow Spaniard is doing at the Emirates now.

He tells The Athletic: “Arteta is doing a good job, continuing what I began.

“He has had that patience from the fans, the patience they did not have with me. But I understand that.”

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Considering how badly things have been at some points under Arteta, we truly have given him more time than Emery had.

The current Villarreal manager wasn’t as popular as Arteta is to the club’s fans, and that is important in determining how long a manager stays at his job.

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  1. I right then so you did Emery you fool, worst manager we had in a long time, buying players for £25 million and loaning them straight out wtf man, I don’t even associate you with the club no more , you were a mistake we erased at the club ,your a nobody to us, so have a nice day and I’m saying this nicely ( BEAT IT ) 🤡 replays will be ingnored

  2. Yeah emery will suddenly be crying with 3 European cups, knocking us out, and having to coach average Villarreal with low budget into the quarter league of the Ucl something our team hasn’t come close to in 7 to 8 years. He’s definitely crying in it..
    I am still amazed how his Villarreal team has managed to score more goals and conceded less goals than us in the league with just a single game more when we are having our best season in ages and after spending 150m in summer.

  3. I don’t know who write this Article but I can tell you those quotes were not what Emery said.
    He has a longer speech than this and you are just putting words into quotes and claim that as his words!

  4. At least we were playing European football, even if it was with deadwood.

    Our football is as unsightly and indirect now as it was under Emery. Curious how some things are “acceptable” now whereas not so much under Emery.

    Guess standards change, depending on who is manager.

    1. @Durand
      I wonder where we would be now, had management given Emery the same amount of time and backing as they have Arteta…IJS

  5. I feel really sad at the lives that some on this thread must be having. Such unwarranted nonsense. No balance at all, just rants. Sigh!

    Whatever happened to their ability to think before ranting, God only knows!
    I weep at the low intellect of some on JA.

  6. as I’ve stated all along Emery was little more than a sacrificial lamb led to the slaughter by a club run by a largely indifferent owner who didn’t insist upon us having a definitive transitionary plan following Wenger’s dismissal…the fact that this aforementioned managerial move was bandied about for several years prior to it actually happening and the fact that ManU had provided us with a blueprint of what not to do when an organization moves on from a longstanding Skipper, should be duly noted before anyone points the finger of blame at our former coach, who continues to show why he’s a credit to his profession

  7. Base on the comments above Patrick Virera, will return to his old stumping ground one day.

    Emery wasnt a bad coach, it was the communication that fails him badly, nothing is wrong with buying players and immediately loaning them out, there’s lots of benefits you can derives doing so smartly, Chelsea has master the art.

    Think Emery had a good vision of spotting young talent like the young Wenger, Both Saliba, Guendouzi and Tierney will be marquee players in a couple months time.

    Wanna thank Emery for that on beaten run we went on, for temporarily ridding the Emirate of that toxic atmosphere, on one such occasion I thought we lost the roof , for giving Bouyaka Saka that first opportunity in the side.

    Thank him for that European final,
    His message at times may have got lost in translation that ultimately cost him his job.

    Maybe a fan was right, his sacking was more of mercy on him, after things turn

  8. I think Unai Emery is making a good point. As a matter of fact, I think he is spot on. He is right.
    He deserves credit too for unearthing the gem in Saka.

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