Emery takes full Arsenal squad to France to take on Rennes

With Arsenal having had an intense game against Tottenham last weekend and another mouth-watering meeting with a resurgent Man United coming up which is vital to our chances of finishing in the Top Four this season, Emery would have been forgiven for leaving a few of his biggest stars at home to rest ahead of the massive game at the Emirates on Sunday.

But it would appear that Emery has no intention of resting anyone in the Europa League either, which is our second (or maybe our most likely?) route to the Champions League next season, other than drafting in Nketiah for the suspended Lacazette, he has taken a full squad of senior players over to Rennes.

When he was asked if he was likely to rotate because of playing so many games, he said: “It’s not an excuse for us. We have the habit to play a lot of matches week by week. We played Saturday, rested Sunday and started to work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Tomorrow I think we are going to be OK to play every player. For us it’s a very important match and we need to do [our job] individually and collectively.”

So here is the full travelling squad…..

So now we just have to guess whicj XI will be starting the game….



  1. Just been reading that there is a combination possibility that Arsenal wont qualify for the CL even if they finish 4th that is if Chelsea win the Europa League Spuds win the CL and Man-U to finish third in the EPL, only 5 teams can take part in the CL from one country, so now its even more important to win the EL then before

    1. I think Stan Kroenke should wake up and smell the money and sell the club to an oil prince or king because his never going to be in a position to ask as much for the club as he can now and he should hurry because the spuds are making a name for themselves they have a new stadium and everyone knows the club is up for sale for the right price the only difference between us is that Arsenal has more History and world wide supporters,

      unfortunately the future is bleak football has changed its become a rich mans hobby billions mean nothing for them

      1. Tas the future is bleak for his, and his business. Arsenal Football Club will no be regarded as one of the big clubs, will not play champions league and so that will affect their income. Fans are dwelling in attendance, we hardly have a packed full stadium with grate atmosphere, fans are divided, Emery’s result is average, the football is no very attractive, we don’t look like a team ready to challenge in this new premier league era. We can worry as fans but we will not lose money. I wish us luck today and on Friday.

      2. It won’t make much difference because of FFP rules. An owner pumping massive amounts of money directly from his pocket doesn’t count as revenue. Therefore it isn’t money that the club has earned.

    2. If if if if….
      That’s a very big word!
      What if spuds crack up and finish 6th and Arsenal win Europa and come third????
      What if we beat united 6-0 on Sunday???
      All of those are just as likely as your scenario…..

      1. Pat, if “Emery’s results are average”, what does it say for the results of managers/coaches of teams below or equal to Arsenal in the table?
        Wins are essential in the next 2 games and to the end of the sesson. COYG!

      2. if if if yes but who would of thought Man-U was going to beat PSG 1-3 in Paris, anything is possible even the spuds wining the CL like outsiders Chelsea did few years back

  2. Be a strong line up tonight then! Been a crap week so far (football wise – spuds & jammy mancs)
    Come on Arsenal… a 3-1 win will do

  3. If you look at it carefully, we have actually not “overused” our players this year.
    The combination of Emery using different tactics and different starting 11 in games has provided “rest” at times for many players. When you then add injuries and suspensions through the season, there shouldn’t be an argument for more rest.
    Finally, Rennes isn’t a long trip. Probably shorter than going to the North of England.
    Emery’s is doing the right thing. We have to have our best go at winning every game.

  4. I don’t understand Arsenal style of foot ball…..we are running like headless chicken in the pitch with no direction and we hardly control games even against small teams or big team,we can’t defend and we hardly attack….earlier the better Emery goes better for Arsenal to improve we are now average team……#Emery out

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