Emery thinks Arsenal deserved more, but injuries derailed us against Frankfurt

It is extremely hard to fathom what is going on at Arsenal at the moment, with the Gunners having gone 7 games without a win for the first time since long before Wenger even arrived here. This is unheard of and unbelievable considering the amount of money we have spent on our squad in the last few years.

We needed just one point last night against Frankfurt to ensure qualification to the knockouts, but somehow construed to throw away a lead at the Emirates once again. Unai Emery must be at the end of his tether and can’t seem to galvanise his players to win any game whatsoever. But he does believe that Arsenal deserved more last night but instead he just has even more pressure on him to turn things around.

He said on Arsenal.com after the game: “Good evening. I think we deserved more, we controlled the game in the first half, we scored one goal. We, in the first half, were happy for how we took the performance as a team and also individually. In the second half we started the same, we needed to score a goal but we lost the control of the game after 15 minutes and they scored two goals. At the end we changed two players for injuries and we couldn’t do some more offensive changes to achieve, and to take fresh players. We didn’t push, we didn’t really take the chances to draw or win this match.

“We need to win and we need to win playing well and take confidence and we did that in the first half. I think we were in the first half in the dressing room speaking about being consistent in the second half. We started the game pushing and started the game being consistent and I think we did that in the first five or 10 minutes, taking the chances to score. We lost the control in the 15 minutes [after half-time] because they also pushed and they scored two goals and then we couldn’t take chances to draw or to win. In this competition we continue to be first [in the group table], we lost a good opportunity to take first position in the group but we continue in that position and we are going to think about the next match, to achieve three points and to make sure that’s possible.

“Now our moment is not good. We need to win and we need to gain confidence. I think we are better than we are showing, everybody, the players, the coaches and me. Now we lost some confidence and we need to win. Really, the response in the first half was good and we started very well again in the second half. We had two injures with Mustafi and David Luiz and that moment was important because when you’re losing you need some fresh players offensively to change and give the team more options. We couldn’t do that.”

Even with our injuries, we had more than enough first team players to overcome a team that we destroyed 3-0 on their home turf just two months, and I don’t think that is a valid excuse, and I just don’t see how anyone can believe that Arsenal deserved more in this game.

And with that win in Frankfurt with our reserves being our only away win in the last 8 games on the road, who would possibly believe things will change up in Norwich this weekend.

I can only despair how far the mighty Arsenal have fallen lately.

Do you think Arsenal deserved more?



  1. S says:

    Breaking News! Everyone except Emery is happy now 😉

  2. gurrosco says:

    Emery sacked

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    Great news! Just seen on Sky Sports that Emery has gone.

    Off Topic: In regards to the previous article

    Booing on mass within the stadium is about highlighting a problem that badly needs fixing. The fans only really have two options of showing their unhappiness, that the owner/manager/players/media will notice. Walking out during a game on mass/not turning up for a game, or vocally expressing their discontent during/right after a game finishes. I can understand people not accepting swearing, and personal insults at players/managers during a game, but booing is absolutely fine.

    I would argue that booing, when timed right, and in a constructive way, is actually supporting the club, because it’s about improving the situation. Booing might not be something one is that familiar with, or comfortable doing, but one does it anyway, for the greater good.

    What I do not like to see is when people start booing really early on into a manager’s/player’s time at a club. Which is what I have seen many times before at Real, and Chelsea. This has been levelled at Arsenal fans in recent years, yet the opposite is true. We have been the most patient. Wenger only started receiving consistent booing around 13 years since he last won, or even challenged for a league title. For Emery, it’s been around 14/15 months, which for obvious reasons, is a lot shorter, but still acceptable given the direction we’re clearing heading under his tenure.

  4. Luckyville says:

    Ljunberg takes temporary charge of Arsenal

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