Emery turned around Arsenal situation in just one year claims Ceballos

Dani Ceballos has nothing but warm words about Unai Emery

Some of the fans may be calling for the head of Unai Emery and he may be widely criticised but not by Dani Ceballos.

The Spaniard has immense respect for his fellow countryman hailing his achievements since he took over from Arsene Wenger.

The 23-year-old, who is on loan at Arsenal from Real Madrid, is currently on international duty with Spain. The playmaker was speaking to the press ahead of the Euro 2020 qualifiers.

“I arrived on the first day and the respect they have for him is tremendous, he has turned around the club’s situation in just one year,” He told Radio Marca.

“He has managed to compete and only just missed out on the Champions League, he almost won the Europa League.

“We’ve started well, just one defeat, third in the league and we are going up.”

It is good that Ceballos has so much time for Emery but a lot of the fans will disagree with his assessment. Arsenal collapsed at the end of last season, Ceballos was not a Gunner then so he does not know what it was really like.

The Europa League final humiliation is not something most of the fans look back on with pride either.

Ceballos means well but the jury remains out on Emery and he has until the end of the season to prove he is the right man for the job.


    1. S.J are you qualified to be a Manager? Let me know your success in your life at least 0.05% as successful man like Emery!! Stop blabbering.

      1. So let me get this right Pajet, we are qualified to spend our money on our clubs but we are not allowed to have an opinion as to the success of the club, manager and or any players? That’s plain silly to me. I’m not a cook but when I go to a restaurant I am supremely and solely capable of voicing my opinion about the food I was served.

        S.J. clearly says “Well for me…” this indicates to me he realizes he states his opinion and doesn’t try to state his opinion as fact, as so many try to do.

  1. The results aren’t radically different from Wenger’s last few years. I would say we’ve gained a bit more fight and we’ve lost a playing style that was easy on the eyes.

    The real transformation has come off the pitch and for that the credit needs to go to our new men in charge (and as much as it pains me to say it, Kroenke). Gazidis was a disaster and the squad was full of overpaid and underachieving players. A year later,there is competition across the park and young players who aren’t just ready now but will only get better.

    Not a bad time to be an Arsenal fan

  2. Ceballos who? What will Ceballos know about football and transforming a club and what respect is he talking about, we keep reading on here how the players doesn’t respect the coach and how the coach can’t deal with “big” players so let Ceballos just shut up and face whatever he knows doing because it’s obvious he doesn’t know anything about football like some fans on justarsenal.

    1. yeah, exactly. Poor Ceballos is now in risk of becoming the next Arsenal player receiving hate from our own fans.

  3. He’d put his career ahead anyway. He doesn’t have anything to gain by criticising the man who will decide if he plays football for the whole season. The player is wise but not honest.

      1. Hi baby, I hope you are doing well. Love you loads. 😂😂😂😂😂 i will say the same thing if I were him.

  4. He’s correct
    Even in Wenger final days we were known for playing attractive football
    Now it’s dire

  5. Funny how fans keep blaming Emery for the collapse at the end of the season, despite Emery doing what the fans wanted. Towards the end he ditched 3 at the back, which is what the fans wanted. He started picking his strongest lineups, which is what the fans wanted. Emery picked more attacking lineups, which is what the fans wanted. Ozil was apparently our star player, so even he was playing.

    Emery played a part in our successes, and failures last season, just as everyone else did. In team sport, everyone is responsible, but in different measures. The key to progressing, is to figure out who, or what was most responsible for these successes, and failures. I think Emery did well to finish only 2pts off 3rd, 1pt off 4th, and get us to our first European final in a whopping 13 years, considering he inherited the worst Arsenal squad I have ever seen, that was then decimated with injuries.

    If I had to put our problems from last season in order:

    1 – Injuries
    2 – Lack of quality
    3 – Lack of funds
    4 – Emery

    1. Do we have quality now. Do we have funds now. Are lucky with injuries now. Emery?……………. because is team had played as dire as they did last season.

      1. Injuries have been just as bad thus far. Laca has barely played, and wasn’t fit even when playing. 3 first choice defenders have only recently returned. Pepe and Torreira not fit at the beginning.

        Still not great on funds, although better than last season. Quality of squad is slightly better.

        Considering the injuries, we’re in a great position at the moment. I’m sure the style will improve once we get a our key players back.

        1. We all know injuries is part of the game so we can’t keep using it as an excuse for the team and the coach failure. The injured players could come back and get injured right away or another squad members could get injures. The coach must find a solution and that is why the squad is large. It is fine you think the quality has improved and the fund is better than last year. All is left is the coach and imo he is the major problem the squad has. Fans and media keep criticizing our defense while we have some good defenders are either on the bench and some prospective are out of the club( Bieseik and Osei tutus). I don’t want to talk about his buddy Xhaka. My point is we are running out excuse in his defense. We have good players, more money now

          1. Mobella. how about you and others cut Emery some slack and see how the team performs with a full complement for selection; Tierney, Holding, Bellerin, Lacazette and Mavropanos fully fit and available for selection.
            If his performance as coach does meet the criteria set by management at the end of the season his contract will not be extended.

  6. The guy is just protecting his own career what does he know about arsenal for me i always see him been too forward. A player that couldn’t get into real Madrid B team. A coach that is reactive instead of been proactive.

  7. Interesting how we should listen to this player, but not others.

    Basically, we are all hypocrites, as my good sparring partner Jon Fox, always maintains.

    I admire Cebs for knowing what went on last year at our club, while being a Madrid player and hope that doesn’t mean he won’t focus 100% during his season long loan here, while following them with such fervour.

    Apart from that, let’s hope he feels the same at the end of the loan period and, once again quoting Jon, what player would not want to show his boss how much he admires him?

    Unless of course you stand up to him and then are accused of disrespecting him…funny old world.

    1. Ken, if players can have opinions on Wenger (good and bad), they should be able to have opinions on Emery.

      1. Absolutely ozziegunner, but it makes sense if one were actually at the club when one make these statements don’t you think?

  8. It amazes me that people who do nothing else but sit on their asses in the stands or worse, at the pub, critisise professionals who are trying their best to do a good job, as if they know much better.
    Come on, guys. Get real and support the club. There i sso much negativity in this country, it’s unbelievable.
    We all want Arsenal to do well, but nothing happens if people are divided.

  9. None of us have the knowledge, trophies, experience that Emery has
    None of us are even real football managers

    Yet many pretend that they know more than Emery by insulting him and calling him names

    Let’s see where we are in January and give him until the season is over before you arm chair warriors
    Call for him to go

    We are 3RD place!!!!

  10. Give Emery some rest , and some time!
    I’m sure that even if he manages to get Top 4 + Europa, you’ll still find a way to criticize the man.

    Can you at least wait until the end of the season? Please?

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