Emery wants the Arsenal team to show ‘cojones’ and get the fans onside again

Arsenal face Bournemouth on Sunday aiming for their 17th unbeaten game in a row, and it seems the fans are getting behind the team and cheering them to greater heights. This is what was sadly missing in the last two years, and the fans voted with their feet after watching another listless display from players that looked like they were going through the motions. As Emery himself pointed out, yes Arsenal are aiming for trophies but one of the most important things is showing the fans they are trying their hardest. “The Premier League is our priority, and our objective in terms of the table is to finish in the top four,” Emery said.

“The club wants to return to Europe’s top club competition which is the Champions League, and we have two opportunities by which to do that – one is the Premier League, and the other is the Europa League, because obviously you qualify by winning that competition. Both are very difficult but we want to ensure we perform the best we can on both fronts.

“At the same time, every competition where there’s a title up for grabs is important and that counts for the two domestic cup competitions as well.

“We have a third objective however and that is that we want to garner feedback and create a connection with the fans. We want the team to transmit things.

“We want it to convey energy, desire about winning and also a sense of solidity. And within that we want to see individual footballers growing and developing. We want to create that kind of atmosphere so it’s about both how we finish in the table and also in terms of creating a team both individually and collectively that has motivation.

“We want Arsenal to convey energy and hunger.”

So is it working so far? I think most fans would agree that it is, wouldn’t you? One person who is convinced we are going in the right direction is our old defender Bacary Sagna, who is extremely impressed. “It is strange. From one year to another, it is totally crazy.” he said.

“They enjoyed the summer to clear their minds and come back stronger.

“It seems like they give even more on the pitch and it is working for them. I am so happy to see the club back to its best. Arsenal is in my heart, it is my club.

“I was a bit sad to see them struggling the way they did the past two years. I was sad to see Arsene Wenger leaving when he did.

“He gave his life for the club. It can’t always be perfect and people were a bit harsh with him. Arsenal became Arsenal because of him. He was the man.

“But now I am happy because the players are happy and they seem to be sticking to the project.”

So do we all agree that Emery has changed the mentality of the Arsenal players, despite the performances not always being the best?

Darren N


  1. Asiimwe says:

    The team is performing well,but we need like three player in january transfer wind.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Emery never mentioned about cojones, but he has been supporting the mentality of some players to take more risks and be braver in challenging the opponents

    The attitude and energy are apparent on Lacazette, Guendouzi, Iwobi and Torreira

    1. john hodges says:

      funny is it not,former manager gives us top four but it was not enough for some of the fans,new manager says we are after top four,i wonder what those same fans think of that ?will they begin to start,emery out.just a thought.

      1. jon fox says:

        Funny how we who craved Wengers dismissal are often castigated by Wenger fans like you and even Ken 1945 for mentioning him, as they think, needlessly. Yet, I note with some irony that some of his fans who remained loyal to a man who most Gooners desperately wanted out , STILL mention him and in your case with no apparent reason. PRECISELY WHY DO YOU CHOOSE TO DO SO? I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT, UNLIKE US WHO WERE SICK TO THE BACK TEETH OF WENGER, that you feel likewise about Emery. So that being , presumably, the case, WHY bring up Wenger this time?

        1. Durand says:

          They can’t stand to see Arsenal successful without Arsene as manager. Ken1945 is the exemption. He puts the club first before any individual, even Wenger, and Ken merely defends Wenger whenever he feels Arsene is done wrongly.

          First year Emery aiming for top 4 is not a problem. 22 years in charge and stating top 4 as goal is the big problem. Some refuse to see the distinction. Their fear and uncertainty of change has clouded their minds, and they remain bitter regarding the stepping away of our previous manager.

        2. john hodges says:

          i can only laugh at your response,the headmaster of this blog who always spout your views about wenger,in my opinion who did more for arsenal than anyone.not you all you are is a bully,and the kind of person,who says what i say is the truth what others say is rubbish.so headmaster have a nice day.

          1. john hodges says:

            this was for jon fox

          2. jon fox says:

            You have avoided a pertinent and worthwhile question by using personal abuse in vain hope of distracting me and others who will also wonder the same. How childish, how tedious and how predictable. I ask you the same question once again in case you have now seen sense. If you have nothing to add but further personal abuse then pray don’t bother, as I don’t want less than serious debate with those who are less than fully adult. Up to you!

          3. Admin says:

            Excuse me. I am the headmaster, thankyou very much! lol

          4. jon fox says:

            Yes Sir! Please sir, I am sorry my homework was not up to sctatch today!

        3. ken1945 says:

          Jon, actually john didn’t mention AW, but referred to him as the former manager when making his point.
          A subtle difference, as is the use of AW, but I assume done for the purpose of not antagonising anyone…it obviously didn’t!!
          The point he was making, however,is a reasonable one and worth answering.

          A new era, new manager, new ideas, new enthusiasm, new owner, new players, new communication skills ALL NEED time to work.
          While this is happening, we need to be realistic with our hopes as does Unai.
          I actually wonder WHY Unai thinks he hasn’t got the fans onside, unless he is thinking about the frustration showed at the Wolves game? I don’t recall one negative to the results so far and I only hope he is given the time needed and IS NOT compared to anyone else, just HIS results.

          We got so used to the top four, it became a negative and something we took for granted and dismissed as the “norm” for our club.
          It surely goes without saying that Emery’s views on wanting to win anything/everything goes without saying. Hasn’t that been the aim of every manager since the club was formed?

          I really liked Bacary’s contribution. Another gooner who loves the club.
          His summing up of where we were and where we are know is so true,
          as his is views on collectives and individuals mentioned in his summing up.

          1. jon fox says:

            Ken, I must take issue with your erroneous point that not mentioning Wenger by actual name was not mentioning him. Of course it was ! It was a device to avoid, for whatever reason, using his name BUT his object was completely clear, as your own post in reply to me amply proves. If you also read his insulting and immature reply to my reply you can see the level of debate he -and I need not mention his actual name, as you well know who he is – prefers to engage in. Pronouns and names are just the same, provided it is clear whom one is writing about . And it was clear. PEDANTS RULE OK!

          2. ken1945 says:

            Jon, I.m NOT DISAGREEING with you that john was referring to AW.
            What I am SUGGESTING is that he was not actually printing his name in order to avoid even further disharmony amongst the ranks.
            As I commented, it obviously hasn’t worked has it?
            I only got involved because you mentioned me,then gave my views on john’s observations and so I’ll let you two get on with it!!
            I am no teachers pet!!!!!

          3. jon fox says:

            Ken we might well be best mates had Arsenal WENGER NEVER BEEN BORN! I am pleased that he was, of course I am but you can’t help thinking….! But we are still mates, I trust!

      2. gotanidea says:

        They expect more from Wenger, because he is Arsenal’s greatest manager and he failed to reach top four in the last two seasons. His team’s playing style looked lethargic as well, hence the big disappointment

        It’s normal if some fans are happy enough when Emery said we are after top four, because this is his first season and we should give him a chance. But if he fails next season, I believe some would want him to go, as what Liverpool’s fans did to Klopp previously

      3. Tissiam says:

        Totally agree with you!compared to Ferguson wenger left the arsenal in a better position than Ferguson left man utd all he wanted was to leave on a high,didn’t care about the future of the club!ok the last 2seasons were very disappointing but wenger always said when he left with the addition of a few players we could have a very decent team he was right look at the state man utd were after few years and hundreds of millions spent there is no progress in sight!!

  3. jon fox says:

    The literate and precise English used which supposedly came from Emery directly, fools no one. Yes, I realise it was translated into English from his fluent Spanish. But translation often leaves much to be desired . I don’t quibble with the sentiments uttered but question how PRECISELY they were translated. On the articles question the answer is that Emery has changed the attitude of most players but not all. Mkhi especially and Ozil to a lesser extent are still lazy and look less than fully committed. This cannot be honestly and unbiasedly denied. Auba, though a top scorer, is hardly a workaholic either!

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    The true is Arsenal are looking right now to have improved on their last season performance in all competitions at this stage in the season if compared with the same stage in last season. Is this improvement down to Emery who is credited to be overseeing the upsurge in winning mentality of the Gunners culminating to their winning 11 games out the current 16 unbeaten run in all competitions they’ve had that is in dominance in the first team squad as of now?

    Away to Bournemouth on Sunday in the PL, will Arsenal be able to not only extend the unbeaten run to 17 games in all competitions but return to the winning ways by beating Bournemouth? I think if Emery start the correct and suitable starting XI for Bournemouth out of the correct and suitable bench he should go to the Vitality Stadium with, Arsenal will not only have the chance in the game to extend their unbeaten run to 17 but will also win the match too.

  5. Aubamezzette says:

    If Iwobi plays in LW, even if its from the bench we will win.

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