“Emery was better than Arteta” – Arsenal fans furious with poor performance

Arsenal fans take to Twitter to vent their fury at a woeful away performance.

The stats say it all, Arsenal has six wins, six losses and 13 draws this season, seven points above the drop zone and firmly set in tenth position, facts the Arsenal fans are absolutely furious with.

Arsenal had their chances for sure but the truth is that Burnley should have won, the miss from Rodriguez was absolutely criminal but I am not complaining.

However, the fans are complaining and Laczaette and Ozil, in particular, have come in for some fierce criticism.

Lacazette was very poor and it is a mystery why Mikel Areta keeps on playing him. As for Ozil, it has all been said so many times before, what is the point anymore in expecting anything from him?

Arteta cannot escape criticism either, he picked this team, he set the side up completely wrong and bringing on a sub in the 85th minute in hope of changing the game is simply amateur hour. In fact, I would call it Emeryesque.

Anyway, here is a taste of what Arsenal fans are saying on Twitter.


    1. He also had a full squad when he first came, we have a lot of injuries at the moment, not to mention the atmosphere surrounding the club was nowhere near as toxic which of course affects the players, and arteta took over during the winter period also which has much denser match fixtures, not a very fair comparison.

        1. Yeah SueP for sure just trying to help people see the finer details! Theres no way to fairly compare the two

          1. Rory and SueP, you both have poor memories, because Emery did not have a full squad at any time during his first season. He had injuries to the following players during his first season, Bellerin, Holding, Manopoulos, Ramsey, all long term; Ozil was injury affected, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Lacazette and Socrates lost considerable time.
            Too many of these players have now underperformed under Wenger, Emery, Ljundberg and Arteta; they are simply not good enough for the Arsenal.
            Arsenal cannot simply continue changing head coaches without supporting them in the transfer market to improve player quality and squad depth.

  1. Very poor performance I must confess. Why can’t Lacca be dropped and Auba play centrally? Pepe could have been better.
    Arteta should take note. Worst game under his era.

  2. I said it earlier on than arsenal won’t beat Burnley, and the moment I saw that substitution of bringing on willock confirmed on what I predicted

  3. That really was poor…. and has actually made me glad we have a 2 week break… another draw… still can’t capitalise on teams around us dropping points…we’ll be fighting for our lives before long, or are we already???

    1. I agree with you Sue. A very disappointing performance. Guendouzi does not deserve to be in the starting line up. We need men in midfield. It was a foolish decision to let Ramsey go. For now, Arteta stop playing Lacazette and Aubameyang together. We need midfielders who move with the ball. Skillful and composed midfielders. Guendouzi offers nothing going forward. No pace. He dwells too long on the ball.

      Ceballos Torrera Xhaka

      Pepe Aubameyang Martinelli

      That should be the midfield and attack going foward

  4. This result shouldn’t surprise any realistic person. Burnley recently defeated Man U at Old Trafford. Our performance was not bad at all except we lack the final product. Arteta needs to take the team through goal scoring drills because currently they are so poor at scoring! It’s a shame!

    1. How much more pleasant it is to read a post that isn’t totally hysterical. It wasn’t a great game by any stretch of the imagination and in my opinion it is the first match by Arteta that was weaker. He has a lot of work ahead, but I am not ready for his head like some.

      To compare him to Emery after 5 or 6 weeks is ridiculous

  5. There are people on here claiming Emery is better than Arteta. They are completely mad and utterly wrong. Arteta is going to be a fine coach but has been left a poor squad with low morale after the awful Emery

    1. 👍👍 I’d take Mikel over Unai every day of the week…. I’m just disappointed about yet another draw and our performance!

      1. Emery brought this upon the team. He should have been sacked after the Europa League final defeat against Chelsea

      2. What can Arteta do about Lacazette and Abanmeyang’s poor finishing? Martinelli is not a team player. He plays hard but unintelligently. Gendouzi can’t pass!

        1. Totally scandalous still buying or getting players who are not match fit. Are we that crazy going loco.AFC should pay us, the fans to be their scouts we would probably do a better job at that. No ambition, no direction, no balls let alone play with one ball, Goneduzzie running
          wild, Ozil mindless laca clueless
          Totally shambolic

    2. It is not a matter of Emery being better than Arteta. It is about people seeing the problem was not just about Emery

      1. Exacy right Nifty. As I have asked people on here before, particularly those who claim Emery left Arteta a poor squad, compare the squad Arsene Wenger inherited from Bruce Rioch with the squad Unai Emery inherited from Wenger. A team from that squad would soundly beat any Arsenal team from the last 4 seasons at least. The current midfield and attack wouldn’t get a look at goal and Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp and Paul Merson would have a field day against the defense.

  6. Im afraid todays draw yet again was down to an inexperienced manager and we will get more days when his decisions dont work. Playing Ozil away at Burnley, playing Martinelli on the right, not changing things tactically to get at Burnley more and quicker. We look more together, down to Arteta but we are not that much better at getting results. I have always been a massive fan of Shaun Dyche and what he does with the players he has is an absolute miracle. For me the best English manager and coach we have, he rings the absolute maximum out of his resourse, which are millions of miles less than ours.

  7. Yes and he’s just warming Juve’s bench!! I’d happily take him back!
    It’s funny how inconsistent our players are – brilliant one week, awful the next!
    We didn’t even look like scoring today and when you see our front line… well it’s unacceptable!!
    Fair play to Burnley though.. bet Dyche will be kicking himself that he didn’t pick up his first win against us. Now come on City!!!

      1. Sorry Sue, haven’t seen “brilliant” for a long time, probably the away wins at Sevilla and Napoli or the 4-2 versus Spurs. Although the 2-0 versus Manchester United was good, United as poor as they are, had chances.

  8. Bellerin Luiz mustafi gunduzhi xhaka ate sub standard players … would struggle in top championship sides … after two years it’s clear auba and lava don’t work together … sell one to generate funds … so basically more than half the outfield are hardly epl standard let alone top 6 … arteta can’t be blamed for this state of affairs but has to insist on clear out in summer or quit to expose the damage the greedy yank has done to the club

  9. ??? If ARTETA don’t win Europa League, which is a high possibility, I hope he will stay and for a long time.

  10. look we all know this squad is poor and very thin in terms of cover. Unfortunately tou cant polish a turd but fair play to Arteta the team looks to be playing alot better. Arteta has kept more clean sheets in 8 games that Emery managed in 18 months. Our issue is the big players are not turning up Ozil Auba and Laca are not doing what their top wages pay for.

    We all knew this was a big rebuild post Wenger and the mess Gazidis left us in. we need another strong transfer window this summer. Its taken Liverpool 4 years and £650m worth of players to get to where they are now. We have spent £250m so far and if we spend another 200m over the next 2 windows well be back where we belong. We still have overpaid and useless players to shift. On the other hand very good youngsters coming through and Saliba comes in next season too to bolster our defense. look forwards the future will be bright

    1. Where are your figures from, Liverpool haven’t spent anywhere near that much and we have spent 380 mil in 5 years. Good luck with us spending 200 mil in the next two years.

        1. Hi Reggie
          There have been so many ‘off with his head’ responses tonight
          One very disappointing game at every level but as you wrote in a previous post Arteta is a rookie manager and he will make mistakes. If he succeeds it will be because he learns when things go wrong

          1. Sue, Arteta has made us more together and we are more resilient, he has not got us looking like winning games when tactics would actually make a difference. He has to learn and we have to see if he has it in him to actually manage a game of football well, thats an art. Wenger at his pomp, never had a plan b, his plan b was always 5 attackers, that was it. Todays manager has to be the full package. He needs time but he wont get too long, thats just the way football is.

          2. SueP and Reggie, I support Arsenal and the head coach, whether Wenger, Emery, Ljundberg or Arteta. It is easy and simplistic to say the buck stops with the head coach, but the issues rest with the Club in total. Any head coach can only be expected to get the best he can from the players he has available to him. The owner and Board must support the head coach in the transfer market to get the players THEY WANT to fit their playing style and philosophy.

  11. Arteta is 100% responsible for this debacle!

    He picks team and tac tic!

    I said it before game; if xhaka plays lB behind Saka, it allows Saka to cause troubles on that flank, playing as an attacking midfield.

    To play Saka LB asks too much effort with Xhaka played as DM, taking Gendouzi space.

    I said here minute ago that Saka will end up injured playing LB!

    In the end, we lose him and game if not saved by the barr…

    As a football lover, I must admit that hey deserved to win and we got lucky!

    Last game highlighted 2 halves, 1st one with Saka playing above Xhaka, then Saka as LB!

    I simply can’t believe Arteta didn’t considered this key factor!

    Common sense, if xhaka playing as DM makes team more defensive, Saka played in middle attacking makes us do so. Instead of 6 defensive players, we got 5, allowing to remaining 5 to focus forward,

    Arteta had a completely crazy formation. Sometime you got to make choices and forget players egos.

    He is good for player mentally but a disaster as a coach who suppose to pick right team & tac tic game after game!

    1. Mogunna
      Is Arteta is a hopeless manager?. He has just recently takeover a squad of players that couldn’t keep a clean sheet from a manager who didn’t know his arse from his elbow
      I do ask you sincerely what we’re you expecting from Arteta after 5 weeks? No money doesn’t help either but if the fan base get on his back this quickly then God help him

      1. SueP, Arteta is far from a hopeless coach and neither is Emery. Unfortunately some fans attack the head coach, as an easy target, rather than analysing the true malaise that has affected The Arsenal, since the Kroenke ownership made it a business entity only, not a football club.

  12. Whoever said emery is better than arteta didn’t see the game. Team play better under arteta. Yes team still not win pl game under arteta but could easily loss all the game if emery still incharge.

      1. Reggie,
        Are you playing devil’s advocate?

        However, do you think even at this stage in his fledgling managerial career at Arsenal, he shouldn’t have been given the role? Most know that Kroenke hasn’t got the desire to make Arsenal true winners like some PL owners do, so what chance did we have anyway of attracting the very best managerial candidate anyway?

        1. Sue, im not playing Devils Advocate, im stating a fact. Emery was sacked because we expected better from this squad. If we cant get better, then why have we got a new manager. Im not having a go, im not Arteta out, or anything of the sort, im stating why some people are not happy. When Emery was the manager it was his fault, now its the squad according to the same people. Im of the opinion this squad is better than both Emery or Arteta are getting out of it.

          1. Unfortunately then we will have to wait and see if Arteta can prove you wrong in the long term which we would both want. I am not entirely convinced that the squad was good enough for where as a club should be aiming for but that is not the same as saying that Arteta is falling short. We have different opinions on the quality of the team and at another level on the quality of the managers, but that is healthy in a debate

          2. Sue, im not sure Arteta has to prove me wrong, i think he has to do better with this squad than Emery.

  13. Arteta has started positively. He cannot be blamed for poor players . Guendouzi is hopeless. Poor passer, lacks pace, makes poor decisions. His poor play accounted for a lot of our miserable performance today against Burnley. We should have put the game away in the first period. Lacazette and Aubameyang played poorly. Martinelli has no vision and doesn’t appear to be a team player. He has good skills but doesn’t fit into a “knock the ball around” and then penetrate mold. Ozil cannot succeed in that environment. He seems to be everybody’s whipping dog, even when we get great scoring chances and don’t take them, he is blamed. When Martinelli refuses to pass with options on both sides of him, Ozil get blamed! I even saw comments about Ozil, when Leno let in Goals! Face facts everyone, the strikers are not playing well. The midfield needs better passers of the ball.

    1. Todays result was down to Dyche outflanking Arteta. He got more out of lesser players, i dont agree with you anlysis. Ozil should not even be on the pitch.

  14. Oh yay, let’s all blame another manager for this team being terrible. Maybe we can run Arteta out by the end of the season. The team quit on Emery and he needed to go. Arteta is still new to a club he took over, with several injuries, and lacking a defense. In that time he has still managed several clean sheets and fixed the play of the team. Yet that’s not good enough. This isn’t some miracle that just fixes itself over time. Fans need to chill out and give Arteta the time he needs to actually fix the mess he was thrust upon.

      1. Always A Gunner, what excuse do you make for well paid professionals that “quits” on their head coach?
        The majority of the players are still here and Emery was sacked.
        Points wise it cannot be argued that the players reacted and gave Arteta a “new coach bounce”. Surely we can’t keep blaming coaches and the players have to take responsibility, together with the Board, who scout and recruit them.

        1. Give up dude,stop saying shits to justify emery,emery was a disaster and a misfit, if u can’t see obvious changes since arteta came around then u r blind, I can only blame arteta for starting ghendouzi ahead of torriera,it wasn’t a fantastic game buh then arteta have bn a breath of fresh air

  15. Am I the only one that haven’t seen anything from Ozil? His time is already over and I don’t know why Arteta is trying to create the ream around this lazy guy. Gundazi is not also be a part of the starting lineup. Arteta needs to fix the midfield combination that creates a lot of in lance in the team before everything become late.

  16. Reggie, are you kiding me or what? Liverpool have spent more than 300 million, infact klop has brought 12 players at Liverpool

  17. Alison 65 m
    keita 55m
    Virgil 75
    fabinho 43
    shagiril 13 m
    ox 35m
    Roberson 10
    Sarah 43m
    solank 4
    Wijnaldam 25 m
    Mane 30
    kalias 4 m

    1. First of all, that doesn’t add up to 650 mil and second of all read my post, 92 mil net spend. That isnt net spend, what you have put.

      1. Reggie, unfortunately some people don’t take into account sales like Coutinho. The Arsenal, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott excepted, have shown an inability to buy low and sell on at a profit.

  18. Very Harsh!! Wenger inherited a fantastic back five and Bergkamp. Wenger left us with a poor defence and two very good forwards. Emery as his record suggests was not good enough for top tier EPL. Arteta is a wild card (as Wenger was) have faith. I believe Arsenal have some extremely talented players. Hopefully in the summer (whether or not we win a cup) We will do very well under Arteta. I have supported Arsenal for over 40 years. I can only guess that those commenting have only supported Arsenal since 1998 !!!

    1. jojo, as I have previously stated there is no comparison between the team Arsene Wenger inherited from Bruce Rioch and the one he passed on to Unai Emery. Ian Wright is one obvious non mention by you and I would take him every day. Paul Merson, as well although a drop kick, was a very fine player.

  19. First of all many of us fans should understand that we are in a rebuilding phase and also the importance of the word patience.We didnt lose and i wont say burnley deserved to win because we also had some clear cut chances.And we know how good burnley are in the air and its nice to see the defence working superbly.That is how a strong team is built,sorting the defence first.

    And the conditions didnt help either,guendouzi being sloppy is evidence for that.

    You know the thing with many fans these days are they look at the stats and think they know what is going on.There is a different side to the game of football.That is when you play without the ball and i am not talking about defence here.

    And i also think ozil was decent today.He created chances,he made key passes,he completed dribbles and worked hard off the ball.And he was very effective in the first 20-25 mins,only when burnley started marking him with 2-3 players we stopped attacking.And lack of service behind him is growing into a major issue.You get him the ball in the final 3rd like city does to KDB or barca does to messi where he can be very much effective and see what he does.Stop blaming him for mistakes made by other players.He pressed hard and tracked back off the ball even when he didnt lose possession.

    For me the poor players today were guendouzi,laca and martinelli others did superb or were decent enough.Guendouzi was very sloppy and he holds on to the ball too long,offers no fluidity or penetrating passes to the attack(his playing style can be improved into a gundogan because hes got potential).Lacas confidence haunted him again,he did much as he could defensively but i think he could have done better in many instances offensively.Martinelli playing on the right side made him uncomfortable i think and he cant hold on to the ball and he doesnt seem to understand link up plays or one twos(lack of inexperience,can be improved into a world class player)

    And remember Some people have agendas and its hard to change that.

    1. I am not a particular fan of Ozil, but I do agree that for the first 20 or so minutes he was effective and I very rarely comment on him at all.

    2. You see this is where i disagree, with you completely, ozil was a waste of space and 31 years old so should do more. Gouendouzi was actually trying to pass the ball forward and move it quickly and he is 19 years old. I thought he dealt with the midfield rough and tumble really well and was solid. Gouendouzi wasn’t the reason we didn’t win, why you should highlight one of our best youngsters and ignore the ineffective Ozil, laccazette and to a lesser extent Auba, is beyond me. Our attacks broke down in front of our midfield not in midfield and in a game like this, their defence needed testing far more than it was. How you can constantly stick up for Ozil for having mediocre game after mediocre game and pont the finger elsewhere for a performance by Gouendouzi that was probably average but it was average. Then totally ignore one of the glaring problems with this team, Ozil and even stick up for him is laughable. The fault with today lay with our attackers and Ozil was his usual ineffective self and was the major contributor.

      1. And please stop comparing him with Messi And Kdb, thats so disrespectful to them, they are totally different class and ability.

        1. It must always be remembered how relatively young and inexperienced Guendouzi and Martinelli are at this level. They cannot be expected to perform to carry the team, when more senior players are not.

          1. 100% correct. The older players are the supposed leader, by example and some are not. Dont blame the young players, thats foolish

      2. I am an ozil fan but that doesnt keep me from criticising him,when he had a poor game i will say that he had a poor game.I am not saying he had the world class performance yesteray,no i am saying why he couldnt have that?If you can remember a few weeks ago MA said himself that ozil cannot do it alone and needs the structure and players to help him so he means something.Its not like hes geeting the ball and not producing,even when he gets the ball thats in their own half,whenever he gets the ball in the final 3rd you will see how much of an asset he is.MA could have said ozil was poor because he is ruthless like pep and has balls(which some people question here)

        And comparing him to KDB and messi,i didnt compare him to them but his position is similar to them.What i am saying is that ozil does not get the help like KDB or messi gets from the team

        Everytime i see ozil he is in a pocket but how often our dms find him.Everytime he tries to do one twos only laca or ceballos seems to understand him.I am blaming guendouzi because of his sloppiness and his inexperience showed very well,but he knows how to use his body maybe that is the reason he was picked over torreira .Martinelli just couldnt cope i think he was uncomfortable,laca needs a goal…

        And finally,To you your opinion,for me mine.You dont have to agree

  20. Some of you arsenal fans reason like kronke, so you want booster that dead arsenal defence witth 18 years old william saliba, a player who is surpose to be in our academy learning football.

  21. There is not a Manager on the planet who can turn water into wine.Arsenal fans should take time to think and consider ,as some of the rubbish posted on this site is embarrasing.

  22. I can scarcely contain my anger and derision atb the mass amountof franklu reactionary, unthinking and plain stupis comments attacking Arteat. In stark contrast with almost all on here,I was proud of the way our young and developingteam stood up to th physical bulies of BURNLEY.Burnley are the single most powerful team physically and are incredibley difficult to fight against. But we did and I FOR ONE- PERHAPS THE ONLY ONE , it seems, was proud of our spirit and courage toaday.

    Of course, being as ever, a total realist and one who never self fools myself with fantasy dreams of making this seasons top four, I am not now torturing myself into deep depression chasing an impossible fantasy. It has been abundantly clear for months that our team, with all its long term holes in many positions, has NEVER been remotely in the top four chase, despite the desperately silly self fantasies I regularly read on here. Therfore I do not need Prozac to get through the rest of today as some appear to need!

    Just stop self fooloing yourselves, grow up, put your brain into gear and see the many plus factors we clearly have. We have one of the most inspirational , wise, dedicated and sure to be successful mamagers around today. Virtually all respected pro football folk, past and present can clearly see this fact and say so openly and without fan bias. Sadly many on here are in la la land with false expectations for this season.

    Next , we have a growing band of fast burgeoning younsters now getting their head in Artetas team and showing their talent. We have the huge handicap of KROENKE , ONLY RIVALLED BY THE EQUALLY DREADFUL GLAZERS AT Man Utd! We have the damage to repair committed by the past CEO and by Wengers ignoring of defence for years past. But we NOW, and at long last, have someone in charge who is hungry, driven, demanding and who WILL and already has , though not completely as yet, changed the slacking culture and defnsive “collander” we had at the back. Be thrilled at that for goodness sake and look forward to next season , when we will have such as MARI AND SALIBA, BOTH HIGHLY RATED BY PROS IN THR KNOW, AS OUR MAIN CB’S NEXT SEASON.

    In the unlikely situation that one year from now we are still where we are in the Prem , THEN AND ONLY THAN , have you the moral right to moan, as you stupidly and unthinkingly have on this site, about Arteta. Frankly, many of these silly comments on this thread and the previous thread make me want to puke!

    Grow up, stop self fooling with unrealistic expectations for this season and keep your faith. In other words,act as ADULTS do and should do, and NEVER as daft immature “children”!

    1. Fully agree John Fox. If those you on here cannot see improvement in the way this squad is playing under Arteta then previous managers, then I wonder if you are actually paying attention to games or just looking at results. Previous to Arteta teams like Burnley and lower half sides were running rampant against us. Yes, the squad has large areas for improvement, but we are much unified particularly in defence then we once were.

      1. Don’t disagree with you both; however Emery won against Burnley. Arteta is doing the best with what he has. The anger has to be directed where it deserves to be; owner and Board for the drop in the standard of the Arsenal squad. No teams will roll over against you in the EPL.

    2. I love you Mr Jon Fox. I disagree with certain things you post here sometimes – that’s your opinion though – but I love you nonetheless.

      The difference between Arteta and Emery is 7up. Arteta though very young football management experience-wise, is what Emery has never been.

    3. you have to admit though that it would be awesome if they went on that kind of a run. But I agree fully, it ain’t happening – and that is okay. I really don’t think that we will be in same position next year.

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