Emery will need support from the fans and the Arsenal Board to create a new era

The 2018/2019 season is one which will hopefully see a new era ushered into the Emirates. No matter which side you were on in the protracted Wenger in/out debate, now is the time for everyone to come together and join behind the one common cause: that of seeing Arsenal regain their position at the top of English and European football. Despite the figurehead having gone, however, how likely is it that wholesale changes will happen if indeed they are needed at all?

Wenger outers and impartial observers were quick to throw many criticisms at the Frenchman. By far and away, the most common, persistent and vociferous one was his dealings in the transfer market. The further into his reign, the more these accusations were heard, and even the most positive Wenger backer had to acknowledge they were not without foundation. The modern football club, particularly one the size of Arsenal, does not rely on one man alone, however. It’s not the 1970s. Yes, the manager has an impact, a say in transfer dealings. The style he plays and demands of his players will influence the anyone that needs to be brought in, and he will spot gaps in the squad. He is, though, only one piece in a jigsaw, which we have today, and is pretty much the same one we have had in previous seasons, albeit with hopefully, better fitting pieces.

Arsene Wenger likened the transfer market and the act of getting players into the club to a game of poker. And to a certain extent, he was correct. It may have been the case that Wenger wasn’t a good card player; never knowing when to roll the dice or make his move as opposed to sitting back and protecting his chips. If Unai Emery thinks along the same lines, let us hope he has brushed up on his technique and strategy.

The signs are promising. Matteo Guendouzi joined, and though at first glance he looks like a typical Wenger recruit, there is no doubt that Emery is keen to put his stamp on the team and the club. His comments about bringing people in and his identification of targets is refreshing, and this could well be the most exciting and hopefully, ultimately the least frustrating transfer window for the Gunners for many a season. I would recommend an element of caution, however.

As mentioned before, the rest of the jigsaw is the same as it has been in the other transfer windows. It has also been widely reported that there is only £50 million available. Such is likely something Emery would have been aware of before signing on the dotted line, but even the shrewdest of operators in the market will be struggling to overhaul a team, never mind a squad, with the kind of money that buys one world-class defender in today’s world.

I said at the beginning that it is a time for Arsenal fans to come together, but there are already signs that the old factions will start using what does and doesn’t happen over the coming months as ammunition in the same old arguments. Emery could well have taken on one of the hardest jobs in world football, the most challenging part of which is to turn it from Wenger’s club into his own. To do that, he will need help from the supporters, but most crucially, he will need support from those above him. Whether he is given enough of that, will ultimately determine if we will be looking back in years, even decades to come, waxing lyrical about the Emery era.

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  1. Guendouzi is an Emery signing, why bring Wenger into it?
    £50 million transfer fund has already been debunked as a crock of ****.

    1. Actually we have paid only one-third of Torriera’s fee…so effectively we have spent only 52 mil…

    2. Exactly, i don’t believe in this 50million rubbish. The media talk a lot of trash just to cause confusion now the fans are pulling in the same direction, exited and happy for the first time in years. Emery has got the support of the fans so it up to the board to give him more support amd i think this season could be a good one. Hoping realistically for a top four and europa league win and then we have to start challenging the season after.

      1. @Lupe you asked me to name a winger for you so here is one Lozano.Why?Because I think he has good decision making and will be a far better player than Coman and even cheaper.I can also see him becoming world class because has talent,right decision making and a good ball sense like Mbappe.
        I never put Coman in the same category as Niang and Adama Traore as I watch football and clearly know he’s better than both.What I’m saying is it’s funny how people are talking about Kingsley Coman as if he’s all that.Yet most of these same fans wouldn’t have wanted Coman to replace Sanchez had we decided to sell Sanchez before 17/18.Why?Clearly because he’s not good enough.It’s not only about being young.You need to study the player and project what he can be.
        I see Kingsley Coman at best being a very good dribbler but not with that much end product or technique to be world class.e.g Quaresma.

    3. A bit off subject, but just out, sick note OX chamberlain out for most or all of the season, we did well there.

      1. he’s a champions league finalist. something none of our current crop of players have experienced

        1. I think you’ll find he was injured so didn’t get to the final, his club did.

      2. Sad news for any player; wish him well for the long road of rehabilitation.

  2. We have only spent 50M so far as Torreira is in 3 installments of 8.5M each per year. So we have stuck very close to our original budget. But we have 32 players in the squad and at least Nelson and Nketiah from our youth ranks that deserve some playing time, and a youth GK like Macey can be our 3rd choice if need be. So that’s 35 players that needs to be shaved down to about 25.
    Sell the following.

    GK:Ospina 3m, Martinez 3M
    Defense: Jenkinson 5M, Mustafi 15M, Holding (loan)
    Midfield: Reine-Adeleide (loan)
    Forwards: Asano 1M, Campbell 5M, Welbeck 15M, Akpom 3M,

    That’s 8 players sold for 50M and 2 sent on loan. Saving around 350K per week on wages which sets us up quite well to buy a class winger.

    What do you think Gunners?

    1. Welcome Andre gomes

      1. He is only 16M that still leaves us enough to get a winger. I don’t see him coming if Ramsey is signing though.
        Maybe Unai wants to send AMN out to loan as well.
        We’ll know in the next three weeks.

        1. IF Emery sends AMN out on loan, I will give you a thousand pounds. I am that certain he will not.

          1. I would hate to see AMN go out on loan. I think he should be a starter with Torreira at the base of our midfield. But I will happily take your money:)

          2. You will not be able to take my money , “happily” for you or any other way. In fact I will make it two thousand pounds with the same zero chance for you.

      2. Another player I hope doesn’t come here.Selling Elneny to me is a very bad choice.Why?Because apart from Torreira he’s the only true DM.I’m very shocked when I see people calling Elneny a box to box player or CM for whatever reason.Isnt this the same player who was bought to back up Coquelin?
        Elneny’s defending to me is great but unlike most I think his attacking is average.He’s mostly average in attack when heavily relied upon to be the CM in a two man midfield.His defending is great and he’s very strong in 1v1’s.I’m shocked when I see coaches using him at box to box because he doesn’t drive any team at all.

        1. I’ve seen Elneny fluff it in too many defensive situations to be happy with him and I most certainly think he’s NOT good on 1 v 1s. I wouldn’t even have him on the bench.

          1. Agreed…i have never seen a player with nothing special in arsenal before…allways i found, somtimes with lots of effort, in an arsenal player…but for elneny i can honestly say he has nothing special, nothing not just to be an arsenal player but nothing to be a professional player..somebody can say he has stamina…but i dont really think he has that amount of stamina that can compensite all his defaults

          2. Elneny’s positioning is top notch, he rarely goes to ground but he’s always in the right place facing his man, and he’s decent in those situations, he doesn’t get fooled by step overs he’s always watching the ball very carefully. His passing accuracy is very good, I know he rarely tries difficult passes but when he does he usually pulls it off or its a tight one. But just because he’s hitting safer passing that doesn’t mean its easy to get 90 percent range which I often seen him doing, players at times drop concentration when trying what they think is easy before fluffing it, Elneny is not like that as his concentration is also one of his strong suits. I think he has good pace and good athleticism too but I don’t think he uses it to the fullest, if he tried being a little more aggressive and went in to win the ball quicker at times I think his game would improve, but he’s too careful, he should push himself more.

          3. Maybe Unai can improve him. I have doubts but willing to give them all a chance under the new regime. Be interesting to see what happens to him pre-season.

          4. I am with you all the way.Elneny is not remotely Arsenal quality, it is simply NOT in him. He is not even an average Prem standard player and like MANY of Wengers bad buys , should never have been bought

    2. The values are too low and adding Ozil to the transfer list will increase the transfer funds tremendously (if there is another club interested)

      And please don’t ask for Andre Gomes. I watch Barcelona for several years and this guy’s level is below Rakitic, Busquets, Iniesta and Roberto, let alone Messi

      He is a typical Wenger’s CM, hence he might be suitable for Wenger’s Arsenal. Used to play for the falling Valencia, along with Mustafi and Alcacer

    3. My worthless 2 cents

      Agree on the players loaned out



      Apprx £51 recouped in transfer fees that
      should be earmarked for one of the following:
      D. Costa

      Give Ramsey the remainder of the month to
      sign his extension or replace him with
      Doucore, Kovacic, Rabiot or Ndombele.

      Busness done and AFC will seriously challenge
      for silverware in all competitions.

    4. Arsene is out: Keep Martinez as number two to Leno. To your list add Cech and Ramsey, bring in another £40 to £50 million.

      1. If Ramsey doesnt sign, sure he is out but needs to be replaced.

  3. Emery needs to make these changes to Make Arsenal Great Again
    Sign COMAN and/or KOVACIC, two truly world class players in the eyes of people who know football and our squad is better than even City’s. MARK MY WORDS.
    Lichtsteiner >>>>>Bellerin.
    Mavropanos is best defender in EPL!! you’ll find out soon, so should be starting at all cost.
    Ramsey and Xhaka should not be anywhere near Arsenall 11 SIMPLE. MKitaryan >>>>>Ozil so should take up CAM role easily.
    Kolasinac >>> Monreal for balance and BEAST defence
    Lineup: Leno, Sokratis, Mustafi, Mavropanos, Lichtsteiner, Kolasinac, Torreira, Mkitaryan, Ozil, Lac and Auba. If Kovacic and Coman sign, replace Ozil and Laca and be sure to take TREBLE

    1. we have 5 defenders(2-Lic,3 Kola,4Mavrapanos 5,Mustafi, 6 toreira, 7 Mikky,8Socratis?, 9 Laca 10 Ozil 11 Auba) your line up please.

      1. You must be expecting teams to go through our midfield one player at a time, because by the time our wing-backs could come in to help Torriera, or Ozil and Mkhit make it back up the field ..sure Torriera will be easily bypassed as its a team or a midfield plus strikers he’ll be facing. Incidentally, this is why Ramsey is a very useful player, he has the stamina and tenacity to be of help to Torriera. Last season I watched Ramsey closely in those times when he went forward, and I remember remarking at the time how late it was in the games yet Ramsey was still making it back and putting in the challenges. People like to use their old material, he put that s**t to bed long ago, only people love their old material. This is why Ramsey is called box to box player, end to end. And if Monreal, Bellerin, Xhaka, Wilshere, went forward at the same time, that s**t’s on them.

    2. Don’t force your opinions on who is better than who on all of us. You may express your feelings but when you forcefully want us to buy your opinions we shall not accept. We all don’t look at things the same way especially if there are no standard measures. On what basis do you say Elneny is better than Ramsey and Xhaka for example? Statistics, tackles, goals, shots on target, what? We need to be objective in our submissions, hence the need to be more analytical. Very few people would agree with you that Elneny is better than Ramsey or Xhaka. Where did you get the statistics showing that Mavropanos is the best defender in EPL? This is a fellow who has played not more than 5 games in EPL. How then can he be the best defender? Let us try to be realistic in our arguments and not write whatever comes into our mind.

      1. -You are confirming my hypothesis that arsenal fans dont know who arsenal material is and who has talent.
        -let me add to that: Chambers, Ramsey, Elneny, Xhaka have no talent.
        -Surprisingly Mustafi has talent and i doubt any sane coach will sell him, his only problem is that he’s unconfortable with the ball.
        -Mavropanos is the sole reason why Wenger was chased b’se he did not want to accept defeat and play him.

    3. Mavropanos is NOT the “best defender in the Epl”

      1. sooner than later you’ll know when he’s not only our no.1 defender but also statistics-wise the best in clearances and interceptions.

        only Bailey (of ShitUtd) and Vertonghen (spurs) are close to him.

      2. tell you secret why city took league?? Answer: Otamendi. although not very good at defending, he’s the most comfortable defender (along with Vertongen) with the ball. THEY DO ONE THING: INSTIGATE ATTACKS.
        Mavro has that and other things.

  4. Football would feel strange this season tho, wengerball was why i became a fan

    1. That’s odd, as it was “Wengerball” , circa last decade that caused ME to stop attending, two years ago after 58 years coming . I will now start again as Wenger has left.

      1. Nothing odd about people getting interested more in football after being able to appreciate watching entertaining games.

        Wengers 1st decade is Wengerball, his 2nd decade was budgetball or internalfightingwithgazidisball…

        Odd you can’t at least appreciate that Wenger done some good, even if it was over a decade ago.

        1. Take away style and some entertainment, the game would just be about kicking a ball past a certain line as some teams have it, i hope emery comes up with something better

          1. I hope as well, boring football would put me off watching it, I like to be entertained and the excitement it can bring just helps me geek out about all football matters lol.

            Emery has started really well, I think he has had an admirable start with us, the way he has done open training and making the strikers do push ups if they miss…. It looks fun!

            I read Ozil is keen to get training… WOW! lol. If Emery can keep this goodwill flowing then we are in for a great season. Our players have the quality, they can beat top teams when they looked like they had desire and a gameplan. Didn’t pick up FA Cups for just turning up and we had to beat some top teams to get the trophy.

            I’m bouncing with excitement for next season. The hope is strong ^.^

  5. Coman,Nelson,mbappe and dembele would be competing for the world best in years to come and hopefully two will come from our great club Arsenal which is Kingsley Coman and Reiss Nelson.. Oh what a great future!!!!!

  6. OT why does it seem to ME that Liverpool have more money than us because when i google it says we have more money?!

    1. they have a Ucl ticket… reason why we defiantly need a top4 finish…

      1. We finished UCL 20 years where is the money they done it 3 years in 20 sold 2 players 100mill fair enough but surely we should be able to compete with them on spending especially as we we’ve made profit most windows
        They bought keeper 67mill madness

        1. Good question; where did the money go?
          Paying off the stadium debt?

    2. When was the last time we sold a player for mega bucks?
      Coutinho for over £100 million. Stirling for nearly £60 million. Just over £70 mill for Suarez.
      Over £50 mil for Torres all those years ago…

      Liverpool do well in selling players for good money.

      Compare that to us where the record fee we have received was from Liverpool for The Ox, prior to this we was selling our TOP players for UCL money, even if the sale undermined the ex manager.

      People have pointed the finger at Wenger for so long for just about everything that other aspects of the BUSINESS has been given a blanket get out of jail free card from us supporters, Gazidis could have ran this club into the ground and it would have been Wengers fault.

      Before anyone claims Wenger was the one in charge of transfers, spewing forth such BS, think back to when Wenger was opposed to letting Cesc and Nasri leave in the same year. Cesc was sold, Nasri has said in an interview that Wenger wanted to keep him but the BOARD sold him… So much for total control over transfers.

    3. How much success has Liverpool attained as a result of its expensive purchases? When did Liverpool last win any silverware? Like many people have pointed out before this is not about who spends more but rather who is able to make the best out of the players they have. I can never admire Liverpool for its purchases until I see success on the pitch and silverware to accompany it.

  7. cech/leno
    bel sok must kolas
    niles chambers Ramsey(c)
    laca auba
    i guess this shld b our starting 11 against city….

  8. Virginia

    Osei tutu Chambers Mavrapanos Bramall


    Maitland niles Smith-rowe

    Coman Nketiah Nelson

    Bench_GK Karl Jacob hein,holding,joel Lopez, guendouzi,willock,folarin balogun, Adelaide,omari Hutchinson,nwakali

    Coach_Thierry Henry

    Oh what a great future…rejoice my arsenal fans!!!

  9. Just re-read the title of the article. I’m pretty damn sure he has got both.

  10. OT. I was just reading about Ox injury maybe out for the whole season, really an unfortunate situation and a set back in his career, long-term injuries sometimes take you at least 2 years to get back to where you were.

    I wish him all the best in recovery.

    In regards to the article, I think we all support arsenal even though we might figure there are different ways to get to success, the fans support the club. In regards to the board once the coach requires certain players it is their duty to get that player or another player of equal ability.

    We as fans will not know if the board actually got the players he needs, but we can make assumptions from media information or perhaps a source inside arsenal itself. So if Emery is happy with the squad in place all we can do is support.

    1. Sorry but I couldn’t care less about Ox

      1. Agree Sue, taking it easy, having plenty of holiday’s with Pixie Dixie, picking up 100K a week. Sounds alright and ruelando feels sorry for him

        1. Nice one Kenny 👍

        2. At the point when Ox left i said we had young players who could easily replace him, i also said he would get less game time once their players returned from injury (at liverpool) and if he got an injury he would have a hard time getting back in.

          Now i remember many saying it was ridiculous to let him go, i am sure AMN would have received less game time and plenty even rate him above Ox because he is a more composed player right now.

          My feeling sorry for OX has nothing to do with my fan love of Arsenal, but my understanding of what injuries can do to a promising career.

          So, Kenny and Sue, i know you probably felt hurt because Ox left but i did not, i told my co-worker Ox would be injured before the season ended

          1. Nice to see a bit of compassion Ruelando. The main thing to take away from the Ox transfer is that he did NOT do it for money but simply to help him improve his game. Maybe he thought he was stagnating under Wenger.

          2. OX must of known that AW was leaving soon, I think he was pushed to move for the money

          3. Oxlade Chamberlain apparently was offered a higher contract to stay at Arsenal

          4. Are you kidding Ruelando, I was over the moon when the Ox left, especially getting £40 million on the eve of the transfer window

          5. Which has nothing at all to do with feeling a bit of compassion for a badlly injured ex-Arsenal player. Hope Jack stays fit at West Ham but if not at least you and Sue will be over the moon and can get together for a celebratory gloating party.

      2. Ox injury means we were right to cut our losses on him, that £40m we swindled out of Liverpool lol. Anyone who trains under Arsene shouldn’t be surprised when they get stuff by long term injury years down the line. So now’s obviously the ideal window to offload Ramsey.

      3. Sue make you right they got 2 more good games out of him than we did…….

  11. Emery has the fans support. No question
    But does Emery have the full financial support of the board?

    We still need at least one big signing in the form of a winger or central midfielder

  12. I am convinced Emery starts with a mountain of goodwill and support which will endure PROVIDED we fans see a total change from the unmotivated team that was so evident, so often, in Wengers last several years. I am certain that this will be the case and am even now counting down the hours til the Man City game. What excites me most of all is the thought of our team once again , after all this long time, giving 100% for the shirt. I do not see shirkers lasting long at Arsenal. No more twelve years indulging the sheer laziness and coasting of such as Walcott, for example. Hooray!

    1. Absolutely Jon, I’m almost as excited as I was when we signed Joe Baker and DB10. Incidentally the year we signed Baker was the year Liverpool came up from the old Second Division. Since then Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Manchester City {Third} have been down in the old Second Division. A place we’ve not been since before the FIRST World War.

      1. 1962-63 was when I started attending. Joe Baker was one of the very best with a phenomenal scoring record. I was very upset when we sold him.

        1. Agree with you Ingleby, about 100 goals in a 150 games. Even as a youngster, could never understand England’s preference for Bobby Smith. Sold him to Forest where he had a similar goal scoring record.

          1. 👍👍👍

  13. Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is expected to miss the majority if not all of the upcoming season. Gutted for the lad… hope he is not going down the wilsher lane….

    1. Am I bothered? Not in the slightest

      1. What is it with these so called Arsenal fans gutted to see the Ox out for a year. I bet all those Scouse’s we’re gutted to see Santi Cazorla out for two years that helped them get Champions League football from us.

  14. Should have tried for Alisson. Now Liverpool is guaranteed a top 3 finish. 4th will be btwn Chelsea, Spurs and us. Doesn’t look encouraging.

    1. They’ve got to challenge City for the title surely! 😣

      1. Yep, we might find ourselves out of the top 4 again next season.

        1. I reckon Utd and Chelsea will struggle next season, and we’ll make top-4.

          My prediction is City and ‘Pool 1st/2nd, then us Gooners and the Spuds for 3rd/4th, then Utd, Chavs, and A.N.Other for 5th/6th/7th.

  15. Ox? I never heard of this player. Is he a current player on our roster? An invincible like Henry, Vieira, Adams?

    Otherwise I’m not concerned with the player. Unless he’s helping club to succeed this year, it’s not worth bothering over.

    Arsenal FC or nothing baby

    1. Nice one Durand, I’m totally with you on that!

      1. Here here Sue. I’m at that point with Ramsey also. The club has offered him an extremely fair contract. He should sign by friday, or poof, disappear.

        IMHO rather see AMN in midfield spot. Ramsey can go; too expensive, too injury prone, too ordinary.

        1. 👍couldn’t have said it better
          AMN all the way

        2. I would love to see Ainsley have a good run in the first team, he has a lot to offer

          1. All AMN has ever had since breaking in to the first team is a position with responsibility. Give him Ramsey’s box to box position and watch him flourish.

          2. Would love that Kenny and it’s the reason I don’t think Emery is panicking or feels that he needs a ‘big signing’ if Ramsey leaves. Interesting that he’s also brought in the new kid Guendouzi who also plays box to box from the little I’ve seen of him. So all in all no big deal if Ramsey leaves.

  16. Liverpool will definitely be the main challenger to City this year. Allison, Van Dijk, Fabinho, Keita, Salah, all came in in the last 12 months. That’s a serious statement of intent, and they might still get Fekir.

    United with Mourinho will definitely at least be in the top 4. With Fred and Matic he can definitely play Mourinho ball with two strong DM’s.

    That leaves one place in the top 4 for one of the three London teams. Spurs might not have the money to do any serious business and Chelsea are extremely unpredictable, Sarri is a good coach and Jorginho is a great buy but will they be able to get their act together this season? That’s unknown.

    So i do think with one maybe two more decent transfers such as a winger and maybe a CD (sell Mustafi) we could slip in to number 4.

    I think that’s the best we ca hope for this season and actually it’l be a fantastic achievement.

  17. ( Arsene is out )
    I didn’t know names guarantee points some fans reasoning is ridiculous

    1. No guarantees in life but good players with a good coach Is usually a winning combination. Before you make another idiotic comment about “some fans” look at the history of every top league and you will see that it’s very rare for the teams with average players to win their respective leagues and even then they usually ha e some good players that carry them to the trophy and then usually are sold to the bigger fish. Name players make their names because they are good on the field which usually is reflected in their team’s performance. So sit down and eat your kippers son adults are talking.

  18. So 9-0 against Crawley Town today, even Perez got 2 goals. Laca got 2 and Auba, Jeff and Eddie also scored. Leno made his debut.
    Regarding Ox’s career threatening injury, I’m finding some of the comments on here lacking class and surprised at some of you but not so, others. Funny, I thought Arsenal supporters were above stuff like that.
    We are The Arsenal, not scousers or mancs.

    1. Agreed Declan – we should be ‘class’ supporters, supporting a ‘class’ team. No need for gutter talk.

      1. 👍👍

        1. By the way I believe Lucas Perez under Unai Emery will prove the doubters wrong.

          1. Hope so – I always liked him and felt he was not given a proper chance.

    2. Declan, I’m sorry my opinion is different to yours

      1. No worry, if we all had the same views there wouldn’t be any debate and thus boring.

  19. arsenal 9-0 crawley town

  20. PSG, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Chelsea will all be interesting friendlies.
    I hope we get 1 or 2 more signings before City or at least before the window closes

    1. Not saying you’re wrong but I’m having enough trouble trying to work out our formation with the players we already have – so for me personally, bringing in 1 or 2 more is not going to help:) Maybe taking my brain in for a 100,000 mile service would help it to sort things out!

  21. Keeping it football and what this new era means to me.
    Firstly good article. One the day of Liverpool signing Allison and now all top 6 boasting keepers they think is top.

    How top is Leno? Well how top is Torriera or Sockratis or even Emery?
    To be fair we still want to see more to enjoy seeing how top Auba is.
    It’s all new. A new era.

    On a general view, Liverpoo Chelski, Man Arab City, Man Spanky Utd and Spuds are all better established squads. Sarri will take a season. Spuds will enjoy a first year in a new stadium, Utd will stumble on, Liverpoo will best challenge City who will want to maintain.

    Arsenal? Right now we need to fit into this picture. It’s will be the best of the average and then some. Ecstasy is found by Pep or Klopp. It’s here Arsenal need to be but we need time.

    22 years of the same mix of success and failures and victories and teachings we need to believe the new scout, new footballer director and the new manager have the right mix.

    Personally the keys with Laca, ozil, Ramsay, Auba, Mhkit, Torriera and how much we get out of Welbeck, Perez and any youngsters.

    You look at Utd Sanchez, Lukaku Rashford/Martial
    City with Sane Jesus Sterling
    Spuds with Kane Alli Son
    Poo have Salah Mane Firmino
    Chelski boast Hazard William Morata/Giroud

    Arsenal’s Auba Ozil Mhkit is okay. Maybe if we had say a young quick Rashford then Ozil and Ramsay could play in front of Torriera while Rashford, Auba, Mhkit.
    Xhaka, Enerny, Guendouzi can all fight for a spot. Welbeck or Perez can push too.

    This isn’t about Rashford. Man it could be Mbappe or Coman…whoever we can afford. But time for Unai is a given.

    One day Neymar or Mbappe will leave PSG. Two legends moving have already occurred with Ronaldo and Buffon moving left one but without too much ripples. The big moves are yet to come, and not this year either.
    The rest is talent spotting. The emerging market. Prime age players go for top dollar, and potential is valued higher then common trade output value.
    Hazard, Pogba, Kane will not finish their careers at their respected clubs.
    If De Bruyne doesn’t il be shocked, but this is football.

    Rashford, Salah, Dybala, Dembele, Lemar, Golovin, Savic, Sessegnon, Guedes are the main contenders for future moves.

    Unai will need to cycle our attack. Ozil, mhkit and Auba have an average age of 29. For this season that’s fine, and for the following season they will need a real find.

    It’s a tough market but an exciting one for Arsenal to work in. Arsenal create stars. And I want that too. Our next star might not be a house hold name today, so for that we need to give time to the new management.


  22. our darling team will surprise many this coming season.

  23. Let’s support our new manager.

  24. Daily Poll - Should Eddie Nketiah be loaned out?

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