Emery will stick to his gameplan but surely Arsenal should be in attack mode?

As we all know Arsenal are going through a run of awful performances which culminated in our defeat to lowly BATE last week, but Unai Emery has promised to stick to his “gameplay” despite the recent performances. He told Arsenal.com: “It was a bad result last week, but the team worked with our planning and we had chances to score and every chance we need to improve tomorrow. We need to continue with our gameplay despite the bad result. Tomorrow we must manage 90 minutes with the result to get a good result for us, but knowing that this is 1-0 we need to be very consistent. We also need to get into their box, find the best positions to score and be efficient.

“We need a big result to manage this game better, but I think we have experience and every player knows tomorrow we are playing against an organised team. They have big motivation after that result, and we must do the best performance and I ask our supporters because I think they can help us achieve a good performance to come back into the game. My confidence is if we play like we can and play together for 90 minutes, like we are doing at home, I have the confidence and trust in our players.”

I’m not sure if the fans actually understand what Emery’s gameplay actually is, unless it is 5 at the back and 2 DMs, and if this is supposed to help us to keep clean sheets it is clearly not working as we have conceded in our last 5 games! I have a feeling that he is set on trying that again tonight. He is even thinking that he has to prepare for possible extra time tonight. “For us tomorrow is a very important match, after the first result we must manage the 90 minutes and also know if we need more minutes after the 90 minutes it can be in our mind with the preparation to do that.”

And again he hopes that the crowd can get behind the team to spur them on. “It is also very important to play in our stadium with our supporters, and we need their support for this match and I hope there is a big atmosphere for us. Together, with their support, I know our players can play and give their all.”

To be honest I can’t see the fans (however many turn up) being extra cheerful if we just go defensive again against a team we should be attacking and expecting to score a hatful of goals against. If he does set up to defend it would smack of desperation on his side. Where is the confidence we should expect from an Arsenal side playing minnows. Do we have no self-belief at all?

Darren N


  1. Red and white says:

    If we do not make it to the next round in the EL, he should resign immediately after the match.
    We make BB seem like Barcelona! Boring defensive football, silly mistakes/no proper coaching, poor team selection, poor player management (and I am not talking of the German), wants to let his better players leave (first Ramsey, now Laca, next who?), prefers aging players, no role for youth players/player rotation, stubborn nature (persists with Xhaka, Mustafi, Kolas). Sacking Wenger for this main seems a mistake. Anyways wishing AFC all the best for the victory.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Emery will be fine, even in defeat. Not even getting knocked out by Bate could match back-to-back 5-1 defeats to Bayern, and Wenger happily got on with his job as if nothing bad had even happened. That had to be the most humiliating result in our history on the European stage.

      Ridiculous to say he deserves the sack given the injuries and rubbish players he’s had to work with. Let’s see what he can do when he gets more of his type of players in.

      1. John0711 says:

        I cant believe you said Bate and Bayern in the same sentence

      2. Mobella says:

        Common are you kidding. Are you sure you aren’t saying that because of who the manager was. The poorest club in my country league can not and will never lose to that Bate let alone get knocked out in two legged competition. It is embarrassing when we now find justification on one coach failure in another coach failure.

      3. Achala says:

        What nonsense!

        The players injured are those “rubbish” players he’s inherited, so it shouldn’t matter if Holding or Bellerin are injured, according to you.

        Among other “rubbish” players he inherited are Kolasinac – the best fullback of the bundesliga in his last season there, and Mkhitaryan – the best midfielder in his last season in the BL. Also, Lacazette and Aubameyang and Ozil who can all perform under a top manager as has been proven.

        What you’re saying is we need more “Emery players” like Lichtsteiner and Denis Suarez before we can beat Bate Borisov, playing their first matches after 2 months.

        And you compare losing to them to 1-5 against Bayern who at the time were peaking.

        Kid, you need to start thinking things through before posting…

        1. ken1945 says:

          At last!!! Fellow gooners who have not fallen for this “inherited rubbish” that comes out on aregular basis.
          This “dross inherited rubbish” won the fa cup two seasons ago and played in the europa cup semi final last season.
          Since then, SIX NEW PLAYERS have been bought in, or to put it another way…..37.5% of a sixteen first team squad.

          Also, as so correctly said above, all three of the long term injured players are part of the “dross, weak, lazy inherited squad”…so why would this hamper UE”s delection, considering four of the six new signings are defenders?

          As for suggesting that losing to Bate Borisov is not as embarrasing as losing to Bayern, that takes the biscuit.
          If we don’t win tonight, what result will be remembered by the media and other supporters more?

          Some people just can’t see the woods for the trees in their continuous dribble about AW.

          1. ThirdManJW says:


            So three season ending injuries, 2 to first choice players, and a crippling injury list, specifically in defense, since day one is irrelevant? And suddenly the players are top quality…really? How many of these so called ‘top quality’ players would get into other top teams? Only our two strikers would.

            And yes, I think conceding 10 goals (that’s double figures, akin to a rugby scoreline), in just two games, against a team we should be competing against, on the biggest of club stages, with the world watching, was utterly humiliating. I think losing to Bate would also be terrible, but not as bad when you consider what Emery’s working with, and the fact hardly anyone is watching, even in the stadium! Haha!

  2. ForeverGooner says:

    OT…Strange thing is Szcznesy and Gnabry would come straight into our top 11 if they were with us now.

    1. ahmad says:

      For this I blame Wenger. Szczesny was never coached properly, and Gnabry was never given a chance to shine. In the latter’s case, the OX was given chance after chance and he was not exactly pulling trees, while Gnabry was left to wonder about his future. Royal screw up by Wenger on both counts.

  3. jon fox says:

    IF and it is a big IF, Emery picks his usual defensive loaded formation again tonight, against what is a far poorer team than even Huddersfield, then he will get criticised. And IF that happens , I will NOT try to defend him this time. Tonight must be all about attack. We do NOT need a back five and we DO need attacking players aplenty. Getting through and IN SOME STYLE tonight could well prove a pivotal moment for him and our team.

    1. Pat says:

      My new bestie, Jon Fox I quite agree with you. Though I have lost my interest in our pathetic way of playing football i still want us to play well and win convincingly. I watched champions league yesterday (both games) and it seems so long ago since we played at this highest level, and I thought can we even compete with any of the champions league teams. We are on a downward spiral.

      1. jon fox says:

        Pat I am flattered beyond sanity to see I am now your ” bestie”. Even if I believed you, I would then have to criticise your poor taste in best friends! Watching City play last night, was like watching a completely different and much superior sport. We have some good players but we also have an awful lot of rank poor ones and many of them are far too old too. I know all about age too. From personal experience, as I said to Shakespeare when I was at school with him. He even wrote a play about me,”Much ado about nothing”. Strange really, as I now review some of his plays. That last line is actually true. I do write the truth VERY occasionally!

    2. Th14 says:

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      1. jon fox says:

        TH 14, I will be glad to help if I can . I thought the way you worded this post rather impressive though, so I suspect you underrate yourself. Ask the Admin to pass on my email and I will communicate via email. I will give him my permission to do so, though I do this in the confidence that you will keep it strictly private. Please wait an hour from this reply for me to action your request and good luck.

      2. jon fox says:

        TH14, I have just now emailed Pat the Admin to ask him to pass you my email address. Glad to help anytime, if I can.

        1. Th14 says:

          Thank you very much Lord Jon. I have now emailed Admin requesting for your email address and I promise to keep it private. I will further communicate via email

  4. Ks-gunner says:

    Yet again arsenal fans are acting all miserable. Calm down your ( . Y . ) as we will win today easy.

    1. Jah son says:

      When last did arsenal make a game look easy

      1. Goonster says:

        We have not played any decent or any attractive football since 2010 when the Cesc Fabregas era came to an end. It’s been pragmatic, no style and boring football ever since.

  5. Meh, we shall win today. I can’t imagine any other result. If we lose though I will have to say my trust in Emery will be floundering.

  6. Sue says:

    A decent performance & a win is all we ask for….. ?

  7. Sue says:

    Why on earth is Lichtsteiner playing???? ?

    1. S says:

      No proper right back. All I can say is lol

      1. Sue says:

        Bloody hell… not a great start if I’m honest!

    2. LACABANG says:

      At least ozil is starting ?

      1. Sue says:

        Woohoo!!! About bloody time!!

  8. st sass says:

    A 2:1 win means we are out, am nervous because of our defense. They keep making silly mistakes.

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