Emery won’t get involved in transfers – just improve the players Arsenal already have

Of course Arsenal fans are expecting a bumper summer transfer window under the new regime as the club is trying to claw it’s way back into the Top Four of the Premier League. We all know that our defence is in desperate need of an upgrade and the addition of Sokratis is a good start in that direction, but one thing is sure is that our new boss Unai Emery will not be involved in any of our transfer dealings.

The Sky reporter Guillem Balague explained the situation and how we can really stick to a new budget when he said: “Up until now, as everybody knows, everything had to go through Arsene Wenger but Unai Emery is happy to repeat the same position he has had at Sevilla, Valencia and PSG in which he was a head coach,”

“This means – if it’s the same infrastructure – he can advise on what kind of players he needs and the club goes and gets them, for instance, and he won’t have much of a say in the amount of budget that’s needed. That will be down to the club.

“He will do what he is the best at – maximise the potential of the side and take the players out of their comfort zone. He will try and put a different kind of training, an intense training, in place with the idea that it gets transmitted into the games.

“He is a safe pair of hands in a way for a club that wants to start a new era, as they have announced – an era that includes a director of football, a technical secretary and a head coach. Because he has had the experience of it, he is somebody that knows how to respond.

“A £50m net spend could be a good figure if Arsenal are brave enough to get rid of some of the players they have, raise money that way, and bring new blood if that is what they feel they have to do. So we’ll see, they will have to be intelligent in the transfer market.

“They will have to put people there and Raul Sanllehi is still Mr Barcelona, he knows the market, knows people in the market and knows how to do good business. Emery won’t have to get involved in any of that but if you look at the squad, if they decide not to change it a lot, there is a lot of potential there.

“Players are better than they looked in the last two or three years, they just need to sharpen up and maybe a new voice and a new way of doing things which Emery is certainly going to add. He will be very meticulous and through in the way he does things.”

One thing that all Arsenal fans know is that our players lacked motivation under Wenger and had grown complacent. It will be interesting to see which players are going to stand up and be counted under the new boss. I for one am feeling very confident after seeing what Emery has achieved in the past without massive investment.

The players may be shocked to find that they actually have to work for their money for a change, but the motto should be; Shape up! – Or Ship out!



  1. Sheet Head says:

    I think Emery would have made Walcott a super winger. The guy had some good traits, he just needed to be taught more. Unfortunately, Wenger seems to have stopped any form of personal coaching. Every time a player talks about Wenger, they say he is like a Dad. Arsenal is a FOOTBALL club, not a home for the homeless! The players need a coach, not a Dad ffs!! Wenger gave the players more affection than training. I hope Emery corrects that. As the article says, even the current players, most of them have potential

    1. Scott says:

      Let Wenger go bro

    2. Abu says:

      Too much frustration over the years . I can relate. Let it go man let it go . It’s over.. we made it.

    3. jon fox says:

      Walcott lacked a backbone and any guts. I recognised that SPINELESS MENTALITY HE HAD WHEN HE WAS STILL 18. Assuming you have actually watched him over those twelve years – which perhaps I should not assume – I find it incredible how you could think a total coward and hider on the pitch could ever have been made “super”. He had speed and some talent. But any player needs “balls” and Weed Walcott was a eunoch! HOWEVER, on your general post I totally agree. Wengers Arsenal was a rest home for his favourites; pampered, molly coddled and I am surprised he did not supply armchairs for the likes of Walcott, Arshavin and Bendtner. Wengers lazy home for spoilt would be footballers, was actually what Arsenal was these last ten/twleve years. THOSE DAYS ARE GONE NOW! HURRAY!!!

    4. Rudy Garcia fan says:

      Walcott never had any talent. Just a sprinter. If you look at the extremely long list of Ferguson’s flops, you’ll see it’s impossible to turn every player into top class.

    5. Enagic says:

      Sheet Head
      I hope you are not new to football game!! Walcott was a runner 1st and footballer wanna be! he did not even have a basic skills to understand the game because he was loyal to wenger thats why he was able to hang around for that period of time – wenger was running arsenal like a warfare program to local boys – i am glad is gone and now we are starting to sign mature players who will come in and hit a ground running instead of endless projects and experiment of some players who were not coachable at all

  2. McLovin says:

    In a way this is good. More time for Emery for tactics, player analysis etc.

    However, he of all people should know what kind of players we need. Is it for Raul and Mislintat to identify these players then?

  3. ks-gunner says:

    Oh Jesuuuuuus. Whenever i hear something like. Gonna improve the players we already have i always end up shaking my head.

    1. Nothing changed says:

      you share your head because you think Wenger already maximized their potential? Both as individuals and as a collective?

      I believe there is a lot of improvement to be had as a collective, in terms of better motivation, better effort, and better team defending and pressing and better discipline as well as individual improvement in the same categories.

    2. jon fox says:

      PLEASE EXPAND. YOUR COMMENT IS AMBIGUOUS. Why do you shake your head? Because they cannot be improved by proper coaching and tactics OR because they are too awful and talentless to be improved , even by Pep Guardiola. Do you not have time in your busy life to properly explain your thoughts. If not, why bother writing ambiguous comments. We are not mind readers.

  4. Trudeau says:

    I feel this year is very much a transition one – plug a few obvious holes with veterans and see what Emery can get out of the existing players. Don’t see any major signings until at least the next window.

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      I think you are 100% right. The two issues are to stop the decline down the table which the last manager couldn’t do. I think Emery can at least stabilise. The second issue is that the squad isn’t just going to change. There are sub standard players in their and their salary levels are probably the biggest hinderance in the club signing new players at the level needed. Again Emery can probably stabilise and improve as the squad is refreshed as we have already seen mini clearout earlier this year and there will probably be more over the coming 2-4 windows

      1. McLovin says:

        The core squad CANNOT change right now! We have 18-19 senior players in the squad, so we are at least 6 players short.

        Santi – gone
        Per – gone
        Wilshere – gone
        Ospina – likely gone
        Koscielny – gone til December

        We are awfully short, so half a dozen new players must be brought in!

        1. Balogs says:

          Wilshere gone,? To where?

          1. Everest says:

            He’ve unfollowed arsenal twitter handle as well as Instagram n followed west ham n mark noble, that sums it all bro

      2. jon fox says:

        That perfectly sums up the problems that Wenger left behind. It also fully explains why the vast majority of us Gooners so desperately craved his sacking. I wanted him sacked back in 2007 and every moment since. Gazidis is now getting some praise but why on earth did he not act years sooner? I will not so easily forgive his years of inaction! ARSENAL HAS CLEARLY BEEN DRIFTING FOR MANY YEARS. EVEN WHEN WE FINISHED SECOND TO LEICESTER ON 71 POINTS, WE WERE MILES AWAY FROM WHERE WE NEEDED TO BE. All our regular rivals were awful that year but all have easily overtaken us. Thanks to WENGER, KROENKE AND GAZIDIS!

  5. peter thompson says:

    I think we all need to calm down a little, the whole club needed refreshing and by sweeping backroom changes i think the club have gone some way in achieving this, although we still have to suffer a very stubborn owner and board of directors. Wenger’s way was old hat and something had to change, Emery’s new ideas may bring a welcome freshness to the way the team performs
    in the coming season and hopefully a trophy and top four place.Lets give him a chance and see how we go.

  6. barryglik says:

    Why give valuable game time
    to old foreign freebies who will
    still demand 3 mill salary
    and who will be be gone in 2 years time?
    Give the game time to young, free, low salary
    English players who can serve the team for 6-7 years.
    Last season the young players handled the Europa league with ease.
    Use this season to blood 9 youngsters.
    Macey Bola, AMN,Nelson Willock Nketiah Mavididi
    Plus Nwakali +Mavropanos.
    All 9 cost less than Elneny to buy and all 9
    cost less wages in total than Wellbeck.
    No one expects Arsenal to win anything for a couple of years.
    Liverpool Spurs and Utd have mega expensive squads
    and won exactly nothing while Chelsea won the F’All Cup
    but is playing Thursday night football.
    Forget cheque book management.
    Start coaching.

    1. Namo says:

      You are always campaigning for youngsters @Barryglik. I have read ur comments on previous posts. You need to understand that even the youngsters tend to improve and mature quicker, when they have good talents to learn from/understudy. The longer we stay out of the top4, the less revenue we get, and the less likely it will be for us to return there. Just ask Liverpool.
      I believe what we need is quality and experience, we can then blend in a few youngsters.

      1. Enagic says:

        Seem most people never learn from wenger’s experience – we need experienced, mature and balanced 1st eleven and not play Nacho as center back – i tell you men wenger was mr know it all

        1. Ken1945 says:

          How many times did Nacho play as a centre back and why!
          If I remember rightly it was when we had an injury crisis, but await your reply to both questions with interest.
          I am also puzzled as to why qualifying for the CL by finishing in the top 4 has now become the Holy Grail.
          That was previously seen as a measure of our lack of achievement by our ex manager who, like me and thousands of other like minded Gooners, appreciated that immense success under the same regime for twenty of his twenty two years in charge.
          Now,even with the new regime, we are beginning to see that our club thinks properly about what is needed.
          We have a world class attacking formation,along with a strong midfield.
          What we haven’t got is an experienced defence and that is where these thirty year old experienced international defenders will come in and help players like Chambers, Holding and AMN mature.
          They will also relieve the pressure on the midfield with their organisational skills.
          I am disappointed that we have not yet been looking for a new goalkeeper, at least the media aren’t reporting it, but surely we have to give the new regime time before slating them off?
          It will be hard enough under Kronky and his pursestrings anyway,
          By the way, we do have a new manager, so when are we going to leave the past behind and concentrate on the present/future?
          Jon Fox, I thought it was you who mentioned Herbert Chapman as an example of stop looking backwards and yet you devote a complete segment to our ex manager…MOVE ON AS I HAVE and,my old friend, where is your next article!

  7. Malch95 says:

    No doubt Emery will improve what we already have, that’s for sure. In saying that, How much can he improve us? Enough to take us back to the Top 4 with a miniscule budget? Maybe win the Europa league? What is arsenals real objectives here? Is it to use this season as a test to see how poor our current team really is, given a decent manager? They’ve done heaps to make sure the club is run better behind closed doors which should be commended but to not invest at least as much as the lesser teams in the league is absolutely criminal given their new sponsorships and howd outrageous ticket prices are. Arsenal need to invest, noone is asking for Neymar but addressing the gaping holes in our squad with gaping holes in our squad is criminal! Most won’t agree but we’ve really missed Santi from 2016 and Coquelin+Ox last year. We don’t have ONE natural winger, We don’t have ONE Defensive mid, we have ONE recognised right back, we don’t have ONE centre back that would make it into spurs, city,united, Liverpool or chelsea.

    Point is Arsenal NEED signings just as badly as they needed a new coach. Get the cheque book out

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      There is no doubt that a midfield replacement for Cazola and a specialist DM are essential for Arsenal in the summer transfer window.

  8. Nothing changed says:

    In my mind, Arsenal should get credit for Aubamayang as a signing for this window. Sure we signed him in January but after signing Laca last summer the acquisition of Aubamayang was a bonus in my mind and should be viewed and a summer 2018 signing arriving early.

    50 million is not a bad budget (pity we repeated our Sanchez error by letting Wilshire run down his contract could have sold him for 20 or so), sell Xhaka and Ramsey and you might be looking at a budget around 110 – 125. Bring in a real DM for 30-35 and a great midfield player for 50 and you still have some money left to play with.

  9. Bakri says:

    Arsenal fans should question why Arsenal budget is only £50 million while liverpool have signed a central defender in January for £75 millions and now are ready to pay £90 million for one of their new signings . What is wrong with Arsenal and why their budget is less than that of Watford??!!

    1. Phil says:

      Because they sold Phillipe Courtinho for enough money to practically pay outright for the two signings.We on the other hand tend to let our players leave for modest sums os in Wilshere case Nothing at all of its decided he leaves.There has been a complete F*** UP by the Club in allowing players to run down contracts so as to force their powers over The Club.Sanchez and Ozil last year with Wilshere this year and both Ramsey and Welbeck at the end of next season.
      I’m convinced the new management structure will sort this out and prevent the players having this power over the Club.It demands sorting to allow the Management to forecast values and performances in the future rather than our present situation that basically allows the players to decide how long they will remain at the Club.

      1. Mobella says:

        We replied to Baki comment almost at the same time saying the same thing but differently. I’m so baffled he ask question when the whole world can see what business Liverpool has being doing. I will kill to have what Liverpool has being for the last 3 year though not their almost there sort of thing. But the understanding of their fans, no media bashing for achieving nothing, buying young players with potential, developing them and sold them for top premium. No doubt they are going to have a better team than they have with Courtinho and Suares next season by putting back the money the realised from the sale of those two players.

    2. Mobella says:

      Liverpool were able to sign 70m defender and ready to pay 90m for player (s) because they had being developing players and selling well. They sold Suares for 70m and Countinho for 120m. Add that to their annual 100m transfer budget. Hence they can afford good foreign players on higher transfer fee and on low wages that some low qualities but over hyped players in England we get. I don’t think player like fabinho or keita will earn 100k or more per week.

      1. Ozziegunner says:


    3. Namo says:

      Watford players don’t receive the wages that many lazy Arsenal players receive.
      Liverpool got to the finals of the champions league, that translates to more revenue for them. They also hope to qualify for next Season’s UCL via play offs. That’s still more revenue.
      Finally both teams don’t have the board that we have at Arsenal.

  10. igwe says:

    @namo liverpool won’t be playing any play-off. No more ucl play-off for the four major European football countries

    1. Namo says:

      OK. Thanks for the update.

  11. Counsel says:

    Stephan is gooner welcome to arsenal,

  12. Declan says:

    FFS everyone, let the past go and embrace the future and as for the article headline, of course Emery is involved in transfers.

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