Emery’s Arsenal is lacking a vision, style and identity

A game of poor quality proves lack of ideas from both sides by Konstantin Mitov

Hello lovely Arsenal people! The bigger they are, the harder they fall, they say and look no further than Arsenal and Man Utd for two teams who once used to dominate this league, to now find themselves lacking quality.

I am amazed for the hatred I get in the comments, before the game, while afterwards I see exactly the same thing over and over again. People are just bored of this Arsenal side. We lack a vision, style and identity.

It’s impossible to look past the manager for our behaviour. Three defensive midfielders when we are playing this sorry United team lacking firepower? It’s incredible we can’t beat them no matter what at Old Trafford. Imagine Pep or Klopp looking at this United team. They’d be licking their lips.

And I don’t buy the excuse that we lack creative players. Why was Ozil at home? Against this United team, he should’ve at least been on the bench. Why didn’t we start Ceballos instead of Xhaka? Because he is captain and guess whose decision that is.

I’m really sorry, but Emery had an entire season where he couldn’t win an away league game during his spell in Seville. This will not be good enough for Arsenal and if you think different, this means your Arsenal standards are only as good as 6th place.

For me the board needs to go to Emery and have talks, to understand what is the vision? What is the style of football we want to be playing? The only thing Emery introduced is playing out of the back and we’ve been so poor at it, fans scream at Leno to hit it hard instead of passing to his CBs. We’ve managed to take Pepe, who was one of the most exciting footballers last season and make him look like a bang average player.

I’m not sure if he’s a one season wonder, or our manager is misplacing players and not playing to their strengths. Why wasn’t Tierney in the squad? We had players who could inject some dynamism into our play, but we didn’t pick them in the squad or left them on the bench.

Questions should be asked of the manager. I do not want to depend on others doing poorly so that we can limp into the top 4. Arsenal football club is full of quality players who are good enough for the top 4 and we were certainly good enough to beat United.

But we didn’t!



  1. Limping along into top 4 with 4 key players out, 3 of which make up the defence and alter the balance of the squad significantly and the other being the engine that makes the team tick?
    7 games in, 3 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss without a squad capable of playing his style of play properly and 3 of those matches have been against ‘Big 6’sides yet our fan base is acting like we have lost every game 😂
    Have some patience and wait until everyone is fit and I’m sure we are going to see a marked improvement.

    1. Drawing against a lowly Watford, tottering Spurs and a poor ManU is an achievement? How low the standards have fallen!! I hope you saw how a newly promoted Sheffield play against Liverpool to know that our manager is a clueless numpty.
      Those who know the game are tearing into him everywhere, but we have some fans still defending him. Travesty indeed.

        1. We waited for the same thing the whole of last season. All signs and how he deploys his guys shows we have to also wait for this season…so funny

      1. @Viju Jacob
        You shot yourself in the foot there dude,by calling Watford a lowly team, while at the same time praising a newly promoted Championship team, which should be considered lowly also. The point you and many others miss is, any team of professional footballers have the capability to beat you. Their table or league standings mean jack once the whistle blows. The name Arsenal doesn’t guarantee a win over any other team we come against.

        1. NyG, so tell me where is Watford in the table this season? I’m not responsible for what you understand.

          1. @VJ
            Like I stated before, you’re still missing the point dude. Seems you’re the one don’t understand. Now, I back to your regularly scheduled rant…

        2. I referenced to the position in the table Watford is at now…the newly promoted teams are doing much better than them, so look at it from that context NyG, I meant nothing else.

      2. I’m only partially defending him Viju, but each system he likes to play is highly reliant on the full backs, which he just hasn’t had so far. Each time he has tried Kol and AMN have been caught out so he’s tried to compensate by being more defensive.
        KT and Bellerin are both more suited to the game he wants to play and will have an immediate impact on the balance of the squad, also reducing the need of the DMs to help cover that space.
        Let’s not forget Lacazette has been the beating heart of this team and is the one that keeps the team ticking along.
        Like I said patience is needed…. If we are still playing the same way when everyone is fit then maybe there is something to moan about, let’s not forget our defence did improve last season right up until Bellerin and Holding were injured and we were playing some nice football then too.

        1. the nature of football is that there will ALWAYS be injuries. City have injuries, Liverpool have injuries, Barca, Bayern etc. There are more than enough players fit right now to expect more than what we are seeing. All our midfielders are fit, Auba is one of the best strikers in the league, you have 2 experienced pros in CB, a 72mill winger, and a bunch of youngsters that are really existing. The football should not be this terrible.

          1. Don’t you think Emery has had enough time with the team to know his first team? It took him 6 games into the season to appoint a captain who is as error prone as they come. Injuries should be dealt with by teams which have enough bench strength, so that shouldn’t be an excuse at all, or else we will be half way into the season and still using that excuse. As things stand, we have auch better team than what Wenger had in his last couple of years.

        2. I’m not blaming you for your point of view, but I’m putting things in perspective about the 6 points we needlessly lost just because of Emery’s tinkering.
          Every team had its share of injuries at various phases, so we shouldn’t be even talking about that. Other teams get on with it, because the guys in the squad step in, as is the case with our team. At the end of the day it’s 11 players Vs 11 players, but who wins the game had the smartest manager

          1. And personally I think we have managed our injuries fairly well, how would Liverpool fare without Robertson, TAA, VVD and Firmino all at once?
            I agree that he could probably have done more but so many new faces and only 7 games in, how else do you find the right fit but tinker? 🤷‍♂️
            All I’m saying is piecing a team together takes time and if we are honest Emery hasn’t had that time yet, not with a full squad at his disposal

        3. You forget this is not his first season my friend, the way you are putting your argument feels like he is in his first season. Also I doubt having hector n tierney will change us dramatically…they are defenders not like we are waiting for messi n ronaldo to come back into team. Problem ppl dont understand is the style, way we play n way we approach the games.

      1. You talk out your hat Emery is on the right track let him have is own team then you can judge him. He is unloading Wenger’s rubbish so give him time PLEASE

    2. What are of play will make him use 3DM to play behind attackers? Who will be the supplier? Stop defending this clueless man and face reality. A good manager should have a style and identity, that’s what we’re asking for.

  2. Spot on Konstantin, no direction , no style, what so ever on the pitch, this all goes back to the manager. We are like a bunch of headless chickens. Wenger would have brought the best out of this team, I do not think Emery has the craft to do it, I think he will be given until the end of the season and if no improvement is made he will be offloaded,

  3. You have to look past the invincables and understand that no matter what team United put out they are hard to beat at home. Our recent home record suggest we are the same. All managers past and present would bite your hand off if you guaranteed a draw at old Trafford. Could we have played better of course, could we have changed formation yes. I am more concerned about consistency away from home and beating our rivals at the emirates than coming away from United with a draw.

    1. This is why we drew. Because we went in wanting a draw, and fans want a draw, expect a draw, so we got a draw. Can’t imagine our rivals looking at that United team and wanting the same. We’ll never get better if we keep setting low expectations.

    2. Last win against a top 6 teams away is getting close to five years now. This is becoming the new normal and we are accepting it and I think that is a shame. This bad United team is hardly challenging for the title.

    3. It was not the result, it was the performance!

      I agree that a point “under normal circumstances” would be great but, when you have a United team that are the worst they have ever been you really should be getting the results like West Ham and Crystal Palace did!!

      The fact is, our midfield was setup to defend and then counter attack. This has been the case with Unai on constant basis. Against a weakened United team we should have been braver..

    4. Oh we’re consistent away from home alright. Jan 2015 was the last time we won away at one of the big 6 teams (2-0 at City) 2015!!!!! Omg…..

  4. Emery is not the MAN. He is ordinary without great vision. We expect and need more. Pepe has it all but Emery has no idea how to play to his strengths. Emery cannot see in the great way special managers do. We could be a A- or B+, he’s taking us to B-.

  5. Konstantin, even your patience has run out, which means Emery has totally screwed up and will continue to do so. He isn’t taking Arsenal anywhere except backwards, because any other manager will do a good job with the current line-up that we have.
    From the 6th game last season I said Emery is not going to take us forward and everyone (not in this forum) asked me to not jump the gun and be patient. The song was “he has inherited a weak Wenger team with a lot of deadwood”. All the talk/presentation he gave in his interview to get the job was a load of bullshit. He was meant to build the team around Ramsey & Auba – now he let Ramsey go for free and he fields teams that give no service to Auba. Ozil is discarded, for reasons only Emery knows, and for all of Ceballos’ talents, he is no creative engine that Ozil is. Torreira has been destroyed and he is doing his best to nail Chambers.
    The biggest blow is that we have lost the Arsenal way of playing attractive football, which is our DNA. Today we have guys scurrying around and playing ugly football.
    Everyone seems to be happy with our youngsters forgetting the fact that they are part of Wenger’s legacy and his project to groom academy youngsters. My wish is that Emery goes and Wenger comes back till the end of the season to give us our identity back and will allow Freddie to learn on the job, so come 2020-21 season, he is ready to take over.

    1. I was agreeing with most of what you said until the “Wenger comes back” bit!?

      Ah, what? Wenger, back!? 😂 😂 😂

  6. With Bellerin, Holding, Tierney IN
    Lacazette back hopefully next month
    Xhaka, Mustafi, Niles, Ozil, Sok in fa/league cup only, we should see a big improvement

    But last night, Emery’s lineup lacked vision and creativity. We should have started Ceballos

    Maybe he was saving him for Standard Liege but even Wilock would have been better choice than Xhaka

    I’m not saying he was poor but why play all 3 defensive minded midfielders?

    1. This guys you mentioned all played liverpool game and we saw how it ended, all of them came on yesterday to give us winning, still they couldnt, so whats the point? Utd were waiting to hit us on counter, playing too much possesion game would have resulted in a tragedy for us or a win

  7. At home we are a dynamic intense machine who’s fans in the emirates get behind and support some great victories.

    Away from home it appears the idea is to be compact and faster between midfield and attack.

    Part of the problem is that kos didnt want to stay and what would of been as a squad man. So we sign a player who left because he didnt want to be a squad man. As good as Luiz is, and better then sokratis, he plays left like holding. This issue needs to be addressed.

    There are many issues we have to address, but these are healthy issues to have. The end result though Must result in wins.

    It doesnt need to be perfect now, we are not good enough, not talent wise but also considering players like Willock Saka Nelson need a full seasons experience, Holding has only had 1 break through season (last year) even though he has been here awhile. Tierney is new… Pepe is new…

    Patience is always a good thing, if what’s to come is promising…

  8. He is a chicken coach. Scared, hesitant, too conservative for his own good, abysmal team selection that further demonstrates spineless judgement. And these same traits are getting transferred to the players on the field, which has been seen several times now. Succumbing to Watford? That just says the kind of leadership we have. And only the players who are strong willed will thrive in this mess, like Auba, Laca, Guendouzi, Chambers, Torreira, Willock, Saka has shown some grit as of now. Rest are just ready to tumble with the smallest pressure in the game. And Emery is instilling this same spineless morale in the players. That’s his style and identity.

    After the Wenger era, we needed someone like Klopp to lead Arsenal and bring that much needed steel, grit and mental strength.

  9. I think arsenal fans needs to be realistic and be objective in what we wish for.
    I partially agree with some comrades here who think UE ‘might’ not be d one to take us back to glory days, however, arsenal has been on decline for a while and this period seems to be a transition period, for this transition period, he is exactly who we need to steer the ship and help get back to UCL while buiding young spine for the team. As it is, the most important thing is achieving UCL spot and not some identity/’playing arsenal way’, i believe our coach can achieve that this season, so i wont mind d way we play presently so far we are picking up important points, after achieving ucl spot, next season, we can then start to talk of playing beautiful, having identity, winning trophy, by then, if he still didnt change, he will need to step down for young innovative coach. Ill love we risk Arteta, i feel d man is intelligent, and for the fact that Pep rate him is a plus. I will never pray we recruit Mourinho as i feel his tactics are outdated

    1. i can see this perspective but what you are essentially saying is that (IF) we get UCL, then we should wait and stick with Emery, the manager we already know has no identity, makes bad tactical decisions and cannot pick the right players. I don’t see the point of sticking with somebody who we know won’t take us where we need to go. If Lampard out-performs us this season then Unai has no excuse either. Chelsea lost Hazard and got nobody while we spent a bunch. Unai’s grace period was last season as far as I’m concerned, and he has to start showing why he should keep his job. The performances this season haven’t exactly put us in a confident 4th place. With the way we are playing I look at our schedule and see every game as a enormous struggle. I have a hard time looking at the performances this season and saying that I am confident of what Emery is doing. The truth is that Auba keeps bailing us out of terrible performances. Our midfield runs around with what seems like little instruction, our defense is our defense, and our attackers aren’t consistently fed great chances. Auba usually only gets 1-2 chances every game and luckily for us he is scoring them, but it wont be like that forever.

      1. I agree he has to go if he miss out on ucl, but if he achieve it, a year contract should be given to him

    2. Wenger with a worse team won FA cups and played some great Football. Goddamn Coaches need no time to instill discipline in players and play a particular style of Football. Uncle Unai doesn’t really knows what he wants so all that you say is rubbish

  10. I was amazed to see Sheffield United play against Liverpool. That was at least 10 times better than any game Arsenal has played this season imo. Also Norwich are playing such amazing football, that match against Man City was no spoof. Norwich technically countered Man City’s style of play hard. A good tiki taka plus counter attacking style hard counter everything Man City does. And Norwich did that so well that game. I’m waiting for the Arsenal vs Man City debacle really. If not for Auba, Arsenal’s game looks so bad in comparison to Norwich or Sheffield United, even Aston Villa. Auba is making Arsenal look good on the table, which otherwise wouldn’t be anywhere near it.

    1. From your analysis, seems you think both Sheff and Norwich are better than us, that should also mean Norwich is better than City as result has shown? I will be waiting to see the table at the end of the season, when all team has played same number of games

      1. @Adajim Sheffield and Norwich aren’t better than us in terms of squad strength, but they are playing with conviction and a method that suits their players strength, which isn’t what Arsenal is doing currently. Their managers are fielding the best possible squad every match, which Emery isn’t. Did you actually watch Sheffield united vs liverpool match? Do you even watch any other games other than Arsenal’s? Did you watch Norwich vs Man City? That was a class match. Man City who are normally infallible looked in shambles against Norwich because their play was completely nullified by awesome passing that Norwich played from the back. They have a vision, and play with a conviction which keeps the pressure off players and help them perform better because the players know they can fulfill the role they are placed into. That’s what is lacking with Arsenal. Emery is fulfilling his ego. Not playing to his available squad’s strength and so hurting the confidence of the players. Look at Pepe, his form and confidence is deteriorating. Nelson same. He is bringing the whole team to Xhaka’s standard. Emery doesn’t play to the player’s strength, a sure way to kill their form and confidence.

        Again, I repeat, Auba’s consistent scoring every match is making Arsenal look good than it is currently.

        1. Friend ,you only watch big 6 games, every small team playing big 6 ,play with determination, if both of them are as good as you make it look, they should be top on d log. A game or 2 will not determine team strenght, end on season judge best teams

          1. The point is, they are playing with the best of their capacity and to the strength of their players, which is helping them play with confidence even against top teams. Now, I know squad wise, Arsenal do have a better squad than them, but are we playing to our strengths? Can you say this with a straight face that Emery is doing that? Are we utilizing players to their strengths? I know you don’t care about that as long as Arsenal makes top 4 at the end of the season, but do you think a team will reach top 4 when players are playing out of place and losing confidence each match because they are made to do what they don’t do well? There is an age factor to consider. Young players can be molded to different positions, but do you think you can make Sokratis play from the back comfortably, like ever? Do you think Xhaka can improve in his position? Do you think Luiz will stop making rash decisions all of a sudden near the end of his career? Do you think with 3 defensive midfielders we are utilizing the best player that we have on our squad, which is Auba, to his full potential? Do you really think with Xhaka in the midfield, we can ever have a good balance of attack, defense and creativity in the midfield? If so, can you tell me which formation should we play, and what players should we play alongside Xhaka in the midfield?

  11. Rant continues…

    Last Tuesday, the team selection, formation, gameplan and execution was spot on. We got to see the Arsenal way of playing the game, and one couldn’t miss Freddie on the sidelines barking instructions. That game, that style, should be our template. The whole team moved together, keeping the shape and moving the ball around at some speed, is our way forward.
    Emery cannot do that for us.

  12. Emery and the players really have to step up and play as though they want to win something.

    Only a few players like Auba are taking things personal and trying to drag the team into top 4. We really miss Lacca and Bellarin on the pitch too. We are carrying players like Pepe, Xhaka, the 2 CB’s which is unacceptable for a “top team”.

    I will remain optimistic for now until we have a close to full strength first 11 if Unai knows what that is.

    On another note from the top 6 last season I think we are the only ones to have faced more than 3 teams (Lpool / Spurs / & United) and we are still in the top 4, 2 of those have been away too so here’s to hoping they also cancel each other out soon.

  13. Totally agree with your post Kons
    I was all for Wenger leaving but what has changed other than we have spent a small fortune on players
    I think emery is a small/ average club manager he’s so used to being over cautious that’s all he knows
    I said it weeks ago we are in for another disappointing season which will end up with emery getting the sack or no renewal of contract

    We cannot blame Wenger for emery’s decision making e.g
    Xhaka,Sok and Luiz

    How many points have those three cost us already

  14. We’ve got s beige manager who plays beige football. He’s ruined so many of our players. Torriera joined us as a good DM and played that position well for a while so now he plays him as the b to b player in a defensive midfield three against the poorest United team I’ve seen for decades. He makes Ozil one of his five on field captains and immediately drops him from the squad. Emery is a one dimensional coach who is ruining my team. Watch the kids play with spirit and freedom on Thursday in the EL and win under Freddie’s guidance, then watch Sunday against Bournemouth and it will be back to the normal dross. Having said that I’ll be there cheering the team on but Emery can sod off as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Declan

      Well put. He is beige. Our football is beige. In fact we have become so boring we could be prescribed for insomnia on the NHS. Maybe it’s time for Freddie to be promoted.

  15. I totally agree with the notion of regularly playing Saka in Arsenal PL matches at left wing since he has shown that he has the pedigree to regularly play for Arsenal. He shouldn’t be limited to mostly play in the Cup games of the ELC, Carabao and FA Cup. But be fully integrated to play for Arsenal in all competitions. Wayne Rooney and Kylian Mbappe broke through the ranks for Man Utd and AS Monaco at the age of 18 years to play and influenced League and Cup titles wins for their club sides. Saka could turnout to be the same for Arsenal. Therefore, Emery should not restrict his regularly starting/playing for Arsenal in the PL on age ground when in actual sense he can play regularly in it.

  16. On this day in 2013, Ozil scored his first goal for us, against Napoli, in the CL… and what a beauty it was!
    Fast forward 6 years… and he’s being left out of the squad, to stay at home and play fortnite. Unbelievable!! 🤬

  17. Honestly this Konstantin guy needs to get serious. Does he expect Emery to be coming out every week to explain himself to the fans? Why? He’s the coach. If he Konstantin thinks he can do a better job he should apply for the position. We didn’t play 3 DMs yesterday. Guendouzi is a CM and Torreira revealed a few weeks ago Emery asked him to play more foward, as a CM. So technically the only DM was Xhaka..who most people say isn’t a DM anyway, is a deep lying playmaker. So there you have it! All this nonsense about the weakest Utd team in years..you forget so many factors come into play other than just form. They probably upped their game as you would expect then to do in a big game. Let’s cut the coach some slack, we are back in the top 4 which is all that really matters in the end. Unfortunately years of mediocrity from the previous regime has reduced us to top 4 hunters.

      1. He will be gone by Christmas as unlike the previous regime, Raul and Co won’t be putting up with another decade of mediocrity. United were there for the taking just as West Ham beat them. Emery sets his teams out not to lose rather than to win. The psychology of this on the players means we are cautious before a ball is kicked and scared of teams like Watford. The man is a fraud.

          1. AndersS, so when did you here a captain of our club, or anyone connected to the club, ever say something so timid, shocking and downright cowardly before?

        1. @GB
          Seems like Raul & Co are the problem… They’re buying players for they’d sell back value and not for their ability to gel in the teams system of play…

    1. Idiot comment

      See what others think emery is done he can explain himself to the dole office soon enough

    2. Quantic Dream, this is where the double standards start.

      You say that “we are back in the top four which is all that really counts” and then follow up with “the previous regime has reduced us to top 4 hunters”.

      Firstly, you always maintained that top four was not what really counted as we should be looking to win the premiership…now, suddenly, that’s all that counts???

      Secondly, despite spending over £215,000,000 in the last two seasons,, you still refer back to “the previous regime” – WHY?

      Twelve new players have been bought in and what has been achieved exactly?

      Better tactics? A better defence? A winning mentality (scared of Watford!!!)? Not playing favourite players? Not making substitutes in the 70th minute? Playing your best players? Not showing arrogance to the fans?

      A big fat NO and that was why AW left the club,so we are told!!!

      Where did Bellerin, Holding, Chambers, AMN, Martinez, Nelson, Nketiah, Smith Rowe, Willock, Saka come from – none of them part of the £215,000,000 plus the new regime has spent – the old regime you dismiss so easily.

      The squad on Monday night consisted of nine players signed by the old regime and before you say that Xhaka and Kolasinac were weak links, UE selected them and made one of them captain, when he doesn’t have to.

      When are you prepared to judge UE then? He has, supposedly, got rid of what he regards as the “deadwood” (apart from Ozil it seems now) and spent £215,000,000 on replacements.

      It shouldn’t matter what team manure put out, it matters what team UE puts out…and so far this season, it has been dire, unnatractive, clueless tactically and we have gone backwards.

      Sitting in fourth, with Leicester (that team that the old regime should have beaten to the title we are told) above us wasn’t good enough for the old regime, so please give me 215,000,000 reasons why you think it is acceptable for the new regime.

      1. We have been out of the top 4 for 3 years. Talking about the title at this point is a pipe dream. We need to get back in the top 4 so that we can use it as a springboard for challenging for the league in the future. Anyway, why does aiming for the top 4 bother you at this point? That is all Wenger every did for donkey years and you were very okay with it! You never seemed to be bothered about our ambitionless coach so why the change now?

        1. QD, that was because I believed finishing in the top four was a first priority, just as the top six managers in the premier league do…deemed irrelevant to others at the time though.

          What I do find most revealing though, is your failure to answer any of the questions I asked you regarding UE.

          Nothing on any on field improvements, nothing on the £215,000,000 spent, nothing on the youngsters and nothing on when you think we should judge UE.

          All you do is mention AW and have nothing to say about UE, the point of the post!!!

          Just a statement that finishing in the top four was all that Wenger did for years…history and facts tell me we won the fa cup three years out of five in 2013/14 – 2014/15 and 2016/17, so how far back was it you are actually referring to?

      2. ken1945 – you are manipulating
        The starting line-up on Monday consisted of the following players brought in by the new regime:

        And the players the AW regime is solely responsible for was:

        Saka being an academy player, who was 15-16 years old, when Wenger finally was sacked, should be taken out of the equation or maybe rather put down to equal responsibility.

        So in 15 months in charge, the new regime has changed more than half the line-up with new players.
        The new regime clearly has a strategy, that points to the future and the cold facts are, the new regime took over, when we were in shambles and had finished 6’th in the league. Our recovery has started, but expecting them to resurrect us to title contenders in 15 months after 8-10 years (if not more) out of contention is totally unrealistic.

        1. AndersS, no I’m not…I clearly said “the squad” with reference to the game.

          That was also why I mentioned ten players that have come through the ranks to, possibly, give our club our own class of 2020 – all signed under the previous regime.

          Why should you not include these players as part of his legacy, when he had the vision to sign them in the first place AND freddie has worked to bring them into first tea consideration? Nothing to do with UE.

          Ue is the luckiest coach in the league at the moment, £215,000,000 to spend on twelve new players and the youngsters available with the class of Holding, Saka, Chambers and Bellerin as classic examples.

          He has, it is claimed, cleared out the “deadwood” he wanted to leave, apart from Mustafi and (it now seems Ozil), so selecting Xhaka as captain, Chambers and Kolasinac is obviously his vision for the future.

          The shamble you refer to, by your own method, has had more than half the line up changed and the other half are being played on a regular basis and one made the captain…so please tell me exactly what it is you see so different in the shambles we saw against watford, villa and manure to the one you describe as out of it for 8-10 years?
          Style of play, tactics, player mentality, attractive football, defensive improvement, a settled team, players being chosen on ability, a winning mentality, an admission of being frightened of the mighty Watford?

          Just what is it that you see has improved under UE?

          Not that it matters, but listen to what Per said about AW leaving and he wasn’t sacked – he resigned.
          Of course, if you can give me actual details of anywhere it says otherwise, I would love to read it, facts are undisputable as you know.

          1. If you can’t accept the fact that AW was essentially sacked, you are probably beyond reach.
            Your £215,000,000 is also a manipulated figure. The correct figure for the players, that are actually now part of the squad is around £160,000,000. You can in theory add around 40,000,000 for Saliba, but that is really not relevant as he is not available for us and as far as I know the majority of the 40,000,000 isn’t to be paid untill he actually plays for us. So stop using dubious facts.

            As for the youngsters, who are now breaking into the team, the may have been signed by the previous regime, but they are now being developed by the current regime, and it seems to me, they are doing a better job of it. Now the young players actually get a chance. All thanks to a forward thinking strategy, which hopefully will see us being challenging again for the title, within 2-3 years. That is the realistic scenario.
            So what is better now:
            1) There is a clear strategy in place to make a competitive team
            2) We improved our league position last year
            3) We won more points
            4) We won more points against the top 6 teams
            5) We got in the EL final
            6) This year we are currently ahead of Chelsea, Man U and Spurs
            All this is undeniably better.
            Yes, there are also several areas, where I think, we can improve. But, with so many changes in the squad I think UE deserves time and patience, and I think we as fans should support and focus on the positives.

          2. So AndersS, no actual facts regarding AW, but still ignoring Pers report as to what happened, even though he was there? I’m still within reach of relying on first hand reports, rather than opinions.
            However, I will apologise if you can supply the evidence and reflect on per, for some unknown reason, telling porkies.

            Now, on to the youngsters and I can only say that if the previous regime hadn’t been so diligent in spotting them, training with them through the early years and, after developing them to the level required, got them to sign professional contracts, the new regime (actually freddie) wouldn’t wouldn’t be able to give them a chance would they?
            In actual fact, wouldn’t you agree that, until Freddie was promoted, this “forward looking strategy” was a very limited play on words?
            On to points 1 thru 6…

            1. A stragety that shows UE still has no idea on his first eleven.
            2. By one position, when we all know it should have been third.
            3. Agreed, how many behind the champions?
            4. Dropped more points against the lowrr teams.
            5. Lost in the most humiliating way – just as we did in the domestic cups.
            6. As we were last season and how did that end up?

            Finally, the £215,000,000 you disagree with spent since the new regime took over as follows and available for UE to use:
            Please check the players signed by the new regime, including the £4 million in wages for lichsteneir and excluding Saliba, then tell me what you make it.
            Of course, Saliba’s cost will come out of next season’s budget won’t it?

            As a fan of over sixty years, why shouldn’t I focus on the negatives? As for the positives, when UE’s captain publically says The Arsenal were SCARED of the mighty Watford, why on earth should UE be given time and patience…An absolute disgrace by a club of our standing:

  18. @VJ
    Like I stated before, you’re still missing the point dude. Seems you’re the one don’t understand. Now, I back to your regularly scheduled rant…

  19. I agree with everything you said there. Its like weve gone back to the one nil to the arsenal and boring boring Arsenal days. Emery seems to be prepping the team to nullify the opposition strengths rather than Wenger esque go an do what you do best boys and play to your strengths and express yourselves.

    For me there are 3 massive issues with our current 11. Firstly we should be playing and aggressive press from midfield and strikers. Something we cant do with Xhaka in the team cause he’s not quick enough he can’t tackle and positioning is piss poor.

    Secondly were are missing our 2 natural full backs so our team lacks balance massively. Im worried there isn’t enough depth in terms of like for like replacements for Hector an Kieren. So if they get injured we are back to square one again.

    Lastly creativity, we have a phenomenal front 5 players who get zero ball unless they track back or win it themselves. We have to very good creators in Ozil an Cebellos and we got to a piss poor UTD and play with 3 def mids leaving one playmaker on the bench and one at home.

    Things need to change in terms of selection and football identity or we need to change managers now.

  20. The biggest problem is we have lost our identity, we used to play beautiful attacking football that made us enjoyable to watch, now who knows what we play.

    He team selection and tactics are constantly wrong.

    I want him out!

    Would love Naglesman from RB Lezpig

  21. so, the billy goats gruff is at it again !. 215 million is mentioned in just about comment of his , regardless of what the article is about .some people never give it a rest. and ive forgotten how long he is following the arsenal !, he never mentions that fact, barely. change the record dude, you are becoming so boring.one does not get credits or marks for following the arsenal longer than anybody else, at least not in my world , anyways .and, of course, age and seniority is not always a yardstick for intellegence,sometimes it works in the opposite direction, lol.

  22. I wonder why you selected such a broad subject but only whine anout decisions made in one game.Emery cant held responsible for Pepe missing the target from 8 yards out or giving away the ball more that anyone on the pitch!! We could hve win the game if Pepe was more clinical and thats facts.

  23. this man is so lucky, yet, he didn’t do anything!
    with wenger we remember how many important players got injured at the beginning of the season but he kept fighting, I think the problem with emery is that he is not creative enough and doesn’t have a good sight of seeing his players before seeing the opposite team, in other words, this man don’t appreciate what he have, he is scared and will never fight to win, he will compromise and accept the one point and sometimes the least goals to be scored on us while losing!

    they should give him the plays on October only and then decide, if he can’t do something make us glowing then he should be sent away, this man couldn’t do something with PSG also!

  24. Everything you say here is right admin,we are getting by but that is not good enough,I know I keep on about this but players like Willock,Ceballos,Tierney,Saka,Chambers, Holding and Guendouzi are Hungry to do well and inevitably whenever they play they give you more than the Xhaka’s Ozil’s etc of this world,you can see they want to win and not just go through the motions,these are the players that are going to breath life into the team and take us forward,they are exciting to watch and the sooner Emery picks them all the sooner we will be challenging,He needs to do something fast the answers are staring him in the face.

  25. This Emery is so bereft of ideas. Maybe he needs 2 years to understand that Arsenal needs Ozil whatever his reasons for benching him are. Please help me tell him that he is the most clueless coach I’ve seen in my life.

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