Emery’s doing a job at Arsenal, but he won’t ever lead us to the title

Hello Gunners.

That was it, the game we all dreaded, but at the same time we felt a bit confident about. The spirit was high among the fans I know. To be honest, I read and spoke with lots of people who believed we would get something out of the game, I had even some of my Chelsea supporters telling me we could go toe to toe with Liverpool, because we’re the only ones behind Liverpool and City in terms of quality and squad depth now.

To be honest, before I go any further, I didn’t see the game. I had a really really busy and tight week, I thought I could make it in time to see the game, but I couldn’t. I had to watch the full game this morning. I read every article and visited some blogs, and what I saw is this; Over half of the fans and blogs I know all blamed Emery for the loss. Do I have another view? No, I agree with them all. This isn’t an article to lay blame games anymore.

Emery got his tactics wrong, selection wrong. I know folks would say I’m not a coach, I have no coaching badge so how I can know better than a professional coach, but first he’s human before being a coach. Humans are prone to mistakes and errors, as fans there are lots of stuff we see and notice that coaches don’t sometimes, and sometimes there are stuff the coaches see that us fans don’t. This is one of those important games Emery saw the wrong stuff and made the wrong moves, like it or not. I’m not disrespecting the man, but everyone knows it’s the truth.

After the game, this is what Alexander Trent-Arnold had to say: “We prepared for them to go with another system,”
“They were really narrow, and it allowed me and Robbo a lot of space and freedom, and [we] were allowed to cross the ball as much as possible.” He went on to reveal how they all trained playing against our formation and team, only for us to put something else totally (Which failed badly).

“We worked all week in breaking that midfield line, and we thought we’d have to really stretch the pitch out, it was a case of them tucking really narrow and us two getting the ball and trying to find people in the box. It was tough because the two centre-halves were really in the middle.”

Imagine how tougher it would’ve been to play us with our proper squad and tactics? How tougher it would’ve been if we had wingers defending with the team and give those players little chances?

Now here’s my question, how do you cry for a winger, the club gets you one for a massive record signing, and in his first full debut you play him up front away from his natural position? Where’s the sense in that?

How do you prepare your team against one of the best team in the league and currently the best team in Europe after winning the UCL with such tactics? How do you prepare yourself and team to go play and give their defenders and wingers space to do their thing? Not just any defenders, both are fullbacks considered as the best last season, had more assists than some well-known attackers. The whole planet knows Liverpool’s game is played to the strength of their wingers and fullbacks. Yet we decided to go to their backyard, and give them the space to do whatever they want, believing we’ll get them to switch their play to suit us? Believing they would drift into the centre trying to close us down? In their own backyard? Come on!!

Let’s say we all accept the formation seems smart on paper, how about the selections? How do you plan to draw their players to the centre of the park by playing Xhaka-Guendouzi in the middle? Ceballos who’s great at retaining the ball at his feet on the sides, and Willock who can shield the ball better than Guendouzi on the sides?

How do you decide that? While leaving out players who could’ve retained the ball in the middle, protected it, and execute your plan. Lacazette, Torreria, and Mhki would’ve been the proper players for such formation. Don’t come up with the ‘Torreria had no match fitness’ crap, Sadio Mane and Riyadh Mahrez both played in the Afcon finals, yet they both started the season alongside their teammates. If we had players who could retain the ball in the middle, Liverpool would then be forced to try to come get it in the middle, they would try to protect the middle, even at that it’s still a massive gamble because the wings would still be left unguarded. How can you have quality players on your bench in such a game, pull such a gamble?

My verdict and view on Emery still remains the same as it was last season. I don’t believe Emery is the man to lead us back to the EPL title. Yes, he seems the perfect strict man to weed out the average players we’ve had in the team, but I don’t think he’s better than that. Last season while on our unbeaten run I stood vocal and laid out my worries about how we were playing, with no game style and getting lucky in those games. Kev was also very vocal on that point, how we were playing poorly yet getting lucky wins. I was told he should be given two to three years, and so many other stuff. Fair enough, he had my support for the rest of the season, but then you’d have expected improvements from him and his team. Almost two years, and the man still doesn’t have a first XI, the man is obsessed with Xhaka, and even plans to put him on his captain list.

Almost two years later, we still can’t play from the back properly and calm. Almost two years later we still don’t know if we’re an attacking team or a defensive team. All because WE STILL DON’T KNOW THE STYLE OF FOOTBALL WE ARE PLAYING!!

We can all kiss goodbye to trying to get Xhaka out of the team, the bloke is here to stay, he’s not going nowhere and Emery rates him too much to bench him. We just have to hope the game against Spurs shows us what we can do as a team.

We can only Hope!!

Eddie Hoyte


  1. It should not be forgotten Emery’s fearful team selection against Liverpool. He capitualted before he started. He cannot lead us to glory. To do that you need courage not cowardice. I was 100% behind Emery, but now I can see how scared he is.

    1. You, people, get on my tits MOAN MOAN and MOAN again I am fed up with it did you really expect us to beat Liverpool on their own patch the team worked their socks off be grateful or support someone else for God’s be satisfied they tried there best

      1. towny254, unfortunately there are negative people on here, who lack understanding on football and competitive sport in general.
        Just be thankful you have never had to share a dressing room with them.

  2. First, Liverpool is above us for a reason. They are miles better than us. We were not going to win at Anfield. A lot of people predicted 3-1. I predicted 4-2

    Even Klopp, Guardiola, etc would take us 2-3 years minimum to challenge for the Pl Title

    All I’m hoping for is that we improve while Emery is here so that the next manager will have something to work with.

    But I will agree that Emery has had some poor lineups since he arrived

    1. We could still have beaten them if the correct decisions were made.
      People keep saying how no team has beaten them at home for a while but they will be stopped one day and we could have been the ones to do it.Dunny thing is they were last beaten by a relatively small club over there.
      We even had clear chances despite our terrible showing and who knows what would have happened if the right decisions were made.

      1. That is only IF. even if we made the correct decision we can never say for sure we would have beaten them gadiola took a far superior team there and couldn’t get a win

        1. I never claimed we would beat them though but we could have beaten them if the right decisions were made.All these records will be broken.
          It only takes a match day to do that

          1. Still better to go with your best eleven and there’s a higher chance to win or score more with your best too

          2. Innit , I don’t agree with you that liver pool are miles better than us. They only have a better couch. Klopp with this same team of ours will beat Emery if he is handling the Liverpool team

          3. kev, if Emery’s contract is not extended at the end of this season, we can all look forward to you and others on here to submit your applications for the position of coach. Your CV’s will make interesting reading.

    2. First, Liverpool is above us for a reason. They are miles better than us. We were not going to win at Anfield. A lot of people predicted 3-1. I predicted 4-2– this is the most defeatist comment I have ever read here. So if they are miles ahead of us does that mean we can’t beat them, we can’t give them as much as fight Soton game them? Do you care to state how many miles and how you achieve that? CP beat Manu, Newcastle beat Spurs because they believed in themselves and wanted it more and not just lied down and allowed themselves to be steamrolled. I don’t see any reason we would not lie down before Spurs and allow ourselves to be flogged next weekend since they are cl finalist. Mind you, it is not the defeat that hurt but the cowardice from our coach. Imagine if this is Wenger after brought in almost 250m worth of talents. Believe you me, Liverpool will come to Emirate in the second leg expecting to walk away with the whole 3 points because that is how their coach operate.

  3. All this negativity is rubbish for just one game. Well am against how we were setup and player selection but all this for just loosing away at anfield. Not like we lost at home to Newcastle or crystal palace.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you Nonny it’s not about this game.
      It’s about the fact that after a year and half, there’s still no pitch improvement.
      You don’t know what style of football we play, none of us know, we don’t have a first eleven and our on pitch performances are not at all convincing.
      It’s the failure for improvement that’s the issue

      1. Eddie, for all of Sarri’s idiosyncrasies, he chose a formation and set of players to play that formation. The bench was also chosen to augment the playing XI, so there was no confusion in the players’ minds. Agreed it was a tad boring for the team itself, but they finished 3rd and European Cup to boot. All in one season and he was gone.
        We still do not know what our style of play is, what our team is, what our tactics are…we have to still wonder minutes before the game starts. We have no clue about Ozil still, so I can imagine the state of mind the players are in. Give the lads their tasks and let them get on with it. Can’t stress this enough.

      2. Eddie it’s because Emery doesn’t really know what he is doing. He is not the kind of manger that can take a player to another level not to talk of a team. I have always said this last season and everyone keeps saying these are not his players, he has more players now, and the major problem is still his mentality about away games, his player selection, his tactics on the pitch. Am not convinced. I think we will make top 4, but that will be down to how badly other teams perform.

    2. The negativity is pent up frustration that has accumulated over the years. Humiliation after humiliation by Liverpool is hard to take, especially given the fact that before Klopp joined, they were nothing, regularly finishing 7th and 8th in the league. We even tried to poach their best player, Suarez, from them. Now they flip us over and do us every time we meet.

      I admit Arsenal fans are particularly bitter and negative, but it’s the club that has made us this way, particularly Wenger getting new contracts even when he was finished. I hang around Manchester United fan channels, and I see them heading in our direction. Bitter and frustrated. They’ve only had 6 barren premier league years, we’ve had 15! Forgive us if we are impatient with a manager who looks like he’s no better than the last.

      1. Exactly, QD.. if 2 of our best players are benched on Sunday and don’t come on until 80 minutes.. i will be even more pi**ed off than i was on Saturday and my patience will be non existent!
        Come on Unai.. sort it out!

  4. I personally believe that Ozil should be given a chance and we also stop critisizing him as supporters. That guy is one of the greatest players I know: he pulls a trick or two and we get goals! He should have included him with Lacazette from the starting 11. Guandouzzi to me is an under 23 player and can grow very well as a league cup player for now. We have Mkhi, Ozil, Laca, Auba, Pepe, etc. Liverpool would have been contained with these players on the field.

    Auba plays very well with Laca and Ozil understands their runs too….Mkhi is strong and fearless: he dribbles: he runs and defends. I believe he is a better option to the likes of Xhaka and Guandouzze

    1. Mkhi in theory yes, but in practice – his confidence is shot. His passing is too erratic at the moment to play against a pressing team. And he’s too attack-minded to replace Xhaka or Guen.

      Ozil? Hard to say. Usually bullied into submission by l’pool and similar aggressive teams, although wouldn’t have been worse than Ceballos, I guess.

  5. this is the only article that i agreed 100% on it. Xhaka is the weakest link of all and Emery’s tactics is laughable.

  6. I don’t think Emery got it right for this game and I don’t think he will lead us to the league title anytime soon but this article is way too negative. It’s not almost two years. It’s one season and a few games. It took Klopp and Guardiola time to get the teams where they are at the moment and to be fair to Emery, these two teams invested much more than Arsenal has in their first few seasons. City was also in much better place to start with.

      1. And we have only played 3 pl games since we spent over half of that budget and Tierney hasn’t even kicked a ball yet, patience man!!

  7. Almost two years, and the man still doesn’t have a first XI, seriously in Almost two years I thought he took over last season correct me if am wrong is last season to now almost two years did i also have to tell you how many players we have brought in in that period and how many players that have been in and out of the squad Emery can be rude and many things but also have been unlucky tell me have we had a settled defensive line able to play merely 3 months together if you mean a settled first eleven where where does that for our new boys. The only blunder Emery continue to have is heavily relying on xhaka and you hardly see any manager who doest have a favourite player that isn’t performance related. We have have so many players in and out of the team infact most of the players we played is merely because we have limited options

    1. Nonny you really have no point, Every team have their first eleven and B squad.
      The B squad covers up for the first team injured players.
      Take Liverpool, City, United for example, if their starters get injured they have players to take the spot until the injured players get back and slowly take back their spot. While first team players are injured, coaches and fans van still name their first eleven.
      How many players do we have out, we had Bellerin, Holding and Welbeck out for long, so out of the injured players, Holding and Bellerin are the main reasons we don’t have a first team?
      Despite fact that few players are out injured and we have players on the team, the injured Bellerin, Holding, Mavropanos, they stopped Emery from knowing his best team?
      Can you please be realistic and stop with the lame excuses, he has my support while he’s here, but the truth still remains he’s not leading us to the league title, his gameplay still hasn’t improved.
      What excuse will you have for him when Bellerin and Holding return?
      We’ll switch to using Wenger as the excuse again? Ozil? He needs ten transfer market? what excuses do you plan on falling back to when this injury excuse dies off? Every team gets affected with injury

      1. Leno
        Came in last season with the manager
        So they needed time to settle in new team,new environment, new caoch thou especially Leno was superb

        Bellerin,holding, hard night mere injury

        Ramsey injured when most needed and now gone.

        We now have


        And if am not mistaken are all expected to
        Walk right into the team. If we add bellerin
        And holding its six players. It’s not easy to
        Have players walking in and out of the team the
        Only thing that have been stable in this team is
        Laca,auba,Socratis,Leno,xhaka,torriera(even thou regressed At second half of last season)guenduozi still raw. Others were been in and out the team

        And we still have willock, martineli and Nelson

        1. Nonny, working out how long a season is, reading a calender to work out when Emery became coach and counting are not strong points of many on this site.

  8. I’m still Emery’s fan, but he has to change his pragmatic mentality ASAP

    Those ultra-defensive tactics might work in the past, but a top EPL team like Arsenal shouldn’t use those types of strategies and should have their own established system

    I wanna see a more courageous tactic on the weekend

    1. Arsenal fans are mostly hard to understand Wenger was sacked because many believe he had a footballing philosophy that exposes us and he doesn’t adapt to opposition and along came Emery he is exactly what Wenger isn’t and now it becomes a problem how can you have it both ways am not a die hard Emery fan infact am not his fan but all this negativity for lossing a match at anfield is not just worth it, some said it’s not the loss at anfield yes it is we didn’t performance so great in our 1st two games but many were happy over the win then suddenly it’s not about the Liverpool game

  9. I’d be lying if I said Emery wasn’t better than this.He focuses on efficiency in attack and making his teams hard to break down.Though he wasn’t my first choice I was a bit excited because of how he makes his team setup when defending and their off the ball effort to not be broken down.A typical reminder of this will be PSG(H) vs Barcelona in 16/17 UCL or Sevilla against Liverpool in 15/16.
    Very disappointed in him so far as I’ve really not seen much of an improvement since his appointment.
    He can do far better than this but we can’t wait for him to get it right.If things continue like this I believe we should give Ljungberg a chance.He might not have much experience but from how he coached our U23’s there may be something special about him.Experience matters but when you’ve got it you’ve got it

  10. We lost 3-1 in Anfield and missed many chances especially in the first half so it was a good performance for me. I don’t understand why there is so much discussion about Emery and so on. We wouldn’t have any chance on Anfield they won the champions league last year.

    But we need a win for sure against spurs on Emirates, we need to feel proud in such a derby and if we win it will be a pshycologic boost for the team. No excuses we have to win on Sunday

  11. Emery has been here for a year, not two. Nonetheless, I have not been encouraged by what I have seen. Playing out from the back is the most boring, frustrating, needlessly risky and useless strategy I’ve ever seen. When the opponents latch onto the ball, clear cut chances are instantly created for them. When we succed to string along 5 or 6 passes, the ball reaches the half way line and goes right back to the defenders! Everyone overloaded in our own half we are penned back like sheep it’s irritating and no fun at all watching! We lost our beautiful football about 3 or 4 years ago and now we can’t even make it into the champions league to be dutifully eliminated in the R16 like we used to. Sigh!

  12. I agree Emery may not be the man to lead us all the way back to the top but I do think he is improving us and gets a fair bit of stick from some of our fans.

    Last season he was mainly trying to fit square pegs into round holes and evaluating the squad he had, not to mention the injury list we had.

    Only after this window can we really say he has made the squad his own, but players are still injured and the new signings/youngsters haven’t had chance to settle yet so personally I feel there is a lot more to come from this squad – we just need patience.

    Against Liverpool everyone thinks we should have tried being aggressive but with no way to counter their press it would have been far worse for us imo…. I think Emery got the tactics right but made mistakes with player selection and substitute timing but still it almost came off ?‍♂️
    I am fully expecting a more aggressive set up in the return fixture when our squad is ready to play that way.

    As for the continuous comments about not playing with a set style…. Well I ask what specific style did Ferguson set Manure playing for all those years? It wasn’t tika taka, gengenpressing, parking the bus or any specific tactic really….. Just a decent squad playing decent football that was constantly adjusted to the team it was facing….. Proof that sometimes you don’t need to have a set style ?‍♂️

    1. I agree with MadHatter. Emery wants the team to be more dynamic. Wenger insisted on Barca style in every match and he was easily predictable. Even Klopp tried to predict the team and formation Emery would put out so that he could adjust his team tactically. Liverpool trained for a full week on how to break the Arsenal midfield, in the end it was their stamina and wing play.

    2. Does anybody really believe that this current squad, with the available (fit) midfielders and defense it has, can win the EPL? And with which coach?

  13. I myself I don’t believe in Emery ,He is just a joker at Arsenal and at the end of the day we shall need Patrick vierra to back since Edu came back,Let’s chase him away!!

        1. GLORIOUS, you clearly have no idea at all what “foul language” actually is. It is NOT merely calling someone a fool. That is merely my opinion, to which I am entitled. IT IS NOT HATE SPEECH,NOT FILTH, NOR RACISM EITHER. Grow up,Snowflake!

          1. It is far better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than write nonsense on here and confirm the fact.

  14. Some of our fans are a joke! Judging Emery away from home against a fully fit (bar the GK), completed Liverpool side, when you’re still rebuilding your own team, and are missing lots of key players. I guess we should sack him if he loses away at City.

    If an away defeat to one of the best teams in Europe is a disgrace, then spare a thought for Utd, and Spurs fans after they both lost at home to rubbish teams. Solskjaer and Poch out for sure!

    1. ThirdManJW, I am noticing how very much I agree with your posts and on this ridiculous and immature “Emery out” nonsense by so many, fans, almost all very young and wet behind the ears ones I notice too, you are a rare voice of reason. I am certain Emery is a top manager with a fine silverware pedigree when he took over here. Given the ruinous shambles Wenger left behind and the contract fiasco that the appalling Gazidis mismanaged so disgracefully for his whole time here, NO MANAGER ON EARTH could have had a hope of doing better than Emery thus far. That is NOT to say that he has not made mistakes; of course he has. So do all managers, including Guardiola and Klopp. Sensible fans realise that only too well. Add in the crucial handicap we have of Kroenke and then compare him to Sheikh Mansoor and Fenway Sports, FOR COMPARISON AND FAIRNESS, and rational fans – in the minority on here, sadly – sensibly realise that UE is doing a fine job under almost impossible circumstances. A number of WENGERS WORST PLAYERS AND LAZY ONES TOO(OZIL /MKHI)are sadly, still here and proving difficult to shift. After all , If YOU WERE A PLAYER WITH NO EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT, AS TRUE FANS HAVE, TO THE CLUB THAT PAYS YOU A KINGS RANSOM TO COAST INSTEAD OF GIVING 100%, WOULD YOU LEAVE? NO, of course not! They may be lazy but they are not stupid and thanks to GAZIDIS, ARE QUITE HAPPY TO PICK UP ALL THAT LOLLY AND CARE NOTHING WHETHER THEY PLAY OR NOT EITHER. Ozils fake and short lasting illnesses- which enable him to miss matches- are becoming a sick joke, just like his bone idleness is too. The many idiotic fans on here with there nonsensical Emery out comments are beyond a sick joke.They are an embarrassment to our great club and should be ashamed of themselves. I am so pleased YOU are a wise and mature man and are not one of them. We badly need ALL the mature fans we can get on here to combat this growing nonsense about Emery.

        1. You are no “PAL” of mine! I also notice how you always use “PAL” every time you are beaten in an argument with anyone else.
          Presumably you use it to try to frighten and dominate people. But it never works, Mr Angry!

          1. “ThirdManJW, I am noticing how very much I agree with your posts and on this ridiculous and immature “Emery out” nonsense by so many, fans”

            What about your constant” Ozil out “ nonsense ?is that that immature and ridiculous Jon.
            Is there a difference you say Ozil is underperforming and Emery is too so same rule for everyone right ?
            And the only reason you and Thirdman agree is because you both have a problem with wenger and Ozil and can’t let it go .

          2. Jon, not sure if I’m on your blaclist or not, so can I just ask again, who were the Wenger duds that you referred to that formed the squad on Saturday?

            Also, as a general view/comment to all gooners, it amazes me that Bellerin and Holding are held up as part of the reason for UE struggling at the back.

            I most certainly agree with the view… but the fact that they were Wengers signings and therefore dismissed out of hand when he was manager, but are now seen as our knights in shining armour is rather puzzling to say the least!!

            As for UE – twelve new signings, transfer record breaking signing, inherited dynamic front players, a player signed who takes three weeks longer to get match fit after playing for his country in Torreria, a favourite player in Xhaka, not playing his best players yet again, completely outwitted by klopp…yet just failed by one point to secure CL qualification and got to a major european cup final last season.

            We have the players, especially when they are all fit, to challenge anybody…this BS about lazy players, not committed to the club, AW’s dross…If that’s the case, then DON’T SELECT THEM!!!
            That’s the answer, but when the question is asked WHY DOES HE SELECT THEM, no answer is forthcoming OR he has no choice is paraded around.
            UE chose Xhaka and made him captain, yet here we are blaming AW for signing him in the first place. Are they both right or both wrong?

          3. Well I certainly have never been beaten in an argument with you PAL as you never answer anything put to you.

      1. On what basis is Emery doing a fine job??I’d give this same squad to Wenger and we’d still have finished in the same place we finished last season.Our defense is still bad and the man can’t even get his tactics right even when it’s obvious.I struggle to see where the improvement is.Our defending was worse last season and this was not only due to personnel but also t’s tactics.
        This same Emery is the one who used a three back system which was yhe primary reason Arsenal lost the UEL final resulting in no UCL for us.As soon as he switched the system to four back we immediately stary to dominate and should have scored three goals but for poor finishing.
        It matter if he’s on a tight budget but if he can’t do relatively well with even the small one he’s got then there’s no need to continue with him and give him bigger support.
        The man can’t even fully implement his style on to the team.I urge you to go and watch kore of a typical Emery team then you’d know what I mean.Stop making excuse after excuse for him and accept that he’s been poor so far.There’s been more negatives than positives in his time here

        1. This is the same emery that got us to the final in the first place. The same emery that went on a 22 game unbeaten run with a Wenger team that was shit. The same emery who had to play most of his games with 9 men cos ozil was non existent and mustafi was just an accident waiting to happen. The same emery that advocated for the sale of all the deadwood, the same emery that brought positive vibes to the emirates again. Wenger would have been relegated with that team. As if it wasn’t the same team he used to finish 6th and 5th got knocked out in the semi’s of the europa league, got whipped 10-2 by bayern Munich, stupidly gave ozil a contract that’s bleeding us.
          Look I recognize that you have a right to your opinion and sometimes I admit I share them too but please don’t put Wenger in the conversation. He’s the primary source of our griefs as fans and emery is just trying to clean his shit up

          1. Ronche, so why didn’t UE realise that he was only playing with nine men and keep selecting these two players?

            Is that a sensible thing to do, especially as he is now making another AW dud captain in Xhaka…why does he keep doing these obviously stupid things?

          2. He did well in the UEL but his system for the final exposed us and lost us the final.Noone asked Emery to play Ozil and Mustafi and it wasn’t like he didn’t have a choice.He even dared to give Ozil the captaincy when he has never showed any form if leadership skills.This is something Wenger as bad as he became would hardly ever do.He also gave the captaincy to Xhaka who is a bang average midfielder.Any new coach would always advocate for the sake of deadwood so I don’t get your point on that one.On what basis would Wenger be relegated with this team??You speak as if Wenger hasn’t handled other average Arsenal teams.United were far more worse than Arsenal last season and basing it on squad and performances 5th pace was where we were supposed to finish so Emery didn’t overachieve and I believe Wenger would have finished in the same position.I know Wenger is also partly at fault what’s happening but don’t you dare make it look Emery hasn’t been at fault for several if pur losses with his amateurish decisions.That unbeaten was filled with so much luck I can’t believe it lasted that long.We were being split open by smaller teams even at home but luckily for us they couldn’t finish their chances.

      2. There I expected that long bûllshit epistle of yours.
        So you say calling him a fool ain’t an insult? but your opinion?
        I forgot who I was talking to..
        pardon me Sir lord Jon Fox,
        First of his kinds,
        Emperor and Master of realism,
        the only and only true blue blood whose áss everyone must lick,
        the last of the old and matured real fans out there…
        the rest of us purely know zilch.
        You sir, in bid to sound smartly, you typed a whole lot of bûllshit and just made yourself look more embarrassing.
        I used to wonder why some people do call you names and question why you’re always putting up the age crap on here…
        My bad.
        I’d rather keep avoiding having altercations with you, as I’ve seen enough as to how you reply debates most especially when it comes to Phil… All you ever offer is long talk and names.
        Man buzz off, I ain’t got the time to rely you no more

    2. Yes some of us are because we are the one who left Lacazette and Torreria on the bench. We are because we were the one who handed initiative to Klopp and subjected our defense to an avalanche of attacks. So my question is will you call us joke if it was Wenger in the dugout. You really need to remove the specks in your eyes and see that Emery is following Wenger’s last season path. A little over a year now he has brought in players worth over 200m and thing has improved much. No not sack him, we shouldn’t bother to show up for the matches against them since they are miles ahead of us because defeat is a certainty

      1. @Mobella

        If it was Wenger in the dugout he would have got more flak, and rightly so. Because EVERY player would have been his signing, and he had had so many years to get it right.

        The majority of fans were in agreement that Emery’s first season should be a free a season, given all the circumstances. So if we’re judging him as of this season, which I am, is it fair to give him the kind of flak he’s getting after only 3 games? 3 games where he as won 2, and lost 1 in the hardest fixture any team will play all season, with an under strengthened team for all 3 games.

        Cheers jon fox, and good luck!

        1. TMJW, could you tell me who were the dross players from AW’s time that appeared in the squad against pool…and why did UE choose to play them?

          With regards to the new regime’s players, how many players that AW didn’t sign after the famous three were introduced two and a half years ago were on display?

          When Bellerin and Holding are fit, will they be classed as AW’s dross?

          1. Ken, no of course you are not on “my blacklist” which does not EVEN exist. I have certain others I do not bother replying too. If that constitutes a blacklist in your book, then so be it. ONLY ON OZIL HAVE I SAID, AS YOU KNOW,I WILL NOT FURTHER DISCUSS WITH YOU AND THAT REMAINS THE CASE, SINCE IT IS POINTLESS AFTER ALL THIS TIME. WE simply disagree and that will not change, until he leaves, hopefully from my point of view, very soon.
            As to those other question s you want an answer to, please accept this comment as the truth: you have a habit of interrogatingother fans with whom you disgree an cdposing detailed question to them. IMO, your question are loaded with you own prejudices and even when answered , as I have several times done perhaps naively, in the past, you seem not to accept the answers people give and after a while again repeat that same question. For clarity -and this will be the final time I say this ,once again, to you – the reason UE sometimes picks players he would not rather pick, is that he has not the luxury of a Sheikh MANSOOR or even a Fenway Sports as owners, both of whom care for glory , trophies and their team. You keep ignoring my answer of KROENKE and his lack of funds. That being so, we have a far less deeply talented squad than City and Liverpool and -as you well know but choose to overlook- all players need a rest from selection at times. We have also had, again as you well know, a load of injuries esp in defence and we do not have the luxury of avoiding completely picking players UE would rather not pick. IT IS OBVIOUS TO ALL , SURELY BY NOW, THAT UE CONSIDERS Ozil lazy and that is mainly why he is not picked more often. You and Phil disagree with him but I do agree, as you well know. We can pointlessly argue about what percentage of other Gooners agree with you or with me, but I have passed that corner never to return in debate with you.
            The fact remains that you and I ARE INPOLAR OPPPOSITE CAMPS OVER ALL BAR THE LAST TWO WENGER SEASONS. Even in those two years you do not seem to fully accept the long lasting future damage-ie, right now and until all Wengers men have left the SQUAD, not merely the team, that I and many like me think has been Wengers last decade legacy. NO QUARREL AT ALL ABOUT HIS FIRT DECADE AND A BIT. I fully recognise and have said so too, that much of todays world wide support comes directly because of those great years and style of play too and Wenger deserves huge credit. I have said this repeatedly on here
            THis is why to those like me, who once worshipped Wenger and all he stood for, the slump was all the more disappointing. I always put the CLUB before any individual, no matter whom, be that Chapman, Sir Henry Norris, Whittaker, Allison, Graham, Mee and even WENGER. Yes Ken “even” Wenger! And after all he did in those glory years.
            But I CHOOSE NOT TO LIVE IN THE PAST AND LOOK TO THE FUTURE. Unlike you Ken, I do not consider three cup wins much return for that last several years,esp when the Hull final we would have probably lost, but for that ref decision to award the corner(instead of an obvious goal kick) from which KOS equalised, thus saving Wenger from probable resignation, forced or otherwise! WHETHER OR NOT YOU PROPERLY ACCEPT THESE COMMENTS I CANNOT KNOW BUT THEY ARE MY HONEST THOUGHTS.

            Finally, please be reassured you fully retain my utter respect as a knowledgeable,wise and above all a totally decent man but the mutual frustration we both share with each others Arsenal views are unimportant in life’s grand scheme and I feel confident we may both agree on THAT at least. I am always happy to debate with you on almost anything at all but not on Ozil nor on Wengers last decade from now on. If you want the final word now on either of them, that is fine by me. But on neither of those two matters will I again discuss with you directly.

        2. Seems to be just you , me and a handful of others against all the hotheads Third ManJW! SIGH! Easy to meekly go along with the other sheep Id say. More courageous to stand proud and honestly for the sensible and rational truth.

          OI have noticed a definite change is here since this site became wider known and more spread around the globe. Many of the older and wiser ones are either silent or have left the site completely. They have been largely replaced by a hotheaded, far younger and far more instantly demanding “Twitter type and must have it all now” fans! Even some of the older types whose views I largely shared have unfairly, IMO, turned against Emery, after one season and three games. I need not remind YOU but I do remind others that we sit third, behind only two super teams, yet many still demand better. They choose to overlook the Kroenke handicap we labour under and the stale and demotivated squad UE inherited just 41 Prem games ago. I reckon they want Superman in charge, NOT A FINE AND SENSIBLE MANAGER in Emery. The likes of Ken 1945 and Phil really ought to know better, with all their fan experience. But it seems they don’t. Or just won’t perhaps?

          1. So Jon, yet again…who were the dross AW players that you said were the culprits in the game on Saturday and how many of the squad were purchased under the new regime or progressed through the ranks?

            Why did he, not only bring Xhaka back, but make him captain?
            Why drop Lacs, then bring him on with ten minutes to go?

            You were so forthright when condeming AW for such actions, but seem surprisingly coy with regards to UE.

            As you well know, a debate consists of posing and answering questions, not just villifying anyone who doesn’t agree with you as a matter of course.

            I have been chastised on this site many times with regards to my views, most recently I’ve been outed as a fascist, slanderer and a fanatic!!!
            Water off a ducks a**e and so it should be for you!!

            So let’s see those “big balls” you said Ozil didn’t have and answer the questions, as you have demanded others do, when you question them.

          2. Jon, didn’t see your last reply until I had composed the above.

            I guess my way of asking questions – interogating as you put it – is to ensure I fullyunderstand fellow gooners thoughts and ideas when they differ from mine.

            I don’t (very rarely anyway) call other fans idiots or dullards etc, but rather want to understand their reasonings.

            Eddie’s post regarding UE was such a view, but rather than discuss it, you lampoon it and those who disagree.

            I believe that when we have the full squad to choose from, we will match anybody…even city and pool…as long as UE plays his best players.
            I disagree with Eddie that he can’t take us to the title, but if he keeps messing around with players and tactics, the club won’t give him the opportunity and, it seems, neither will a lot of the fans.

        3. @Dan kit

          You replied to me on a thread not long ago, accusing me of trolling you, because I said the same of you. Yet it’s you that keeps commenting on what I say, hence you then get a response. Unsurprisingly, you couldn’t help yourself, and had to troll me again! I don’t comment on what you say anymore, so why don’t you do the same.


          Sorry but you’re a slanderer, and will not debate with you anymore, and I would warn others to not engage with you either.

          @jon fox

          Couldn’t agree more. I think a lot of people on this site, are mirroring those in society. Where people get triggered by facts, logic, and reason. Wenger shouldn’t have been sacked as he was a WC manager. Emery clearly inherited one of the best squads in Europe, that had been coached really well in the art of defending. Also, the crippling injuries that Emery had to deal with last season, and already this season, are not an excuse. Keep up the good work jon!

  15. I’m disappointed with his constant insistence on playing out from the back even when at a goal kick there are sometimes 4 players in the area. You play out when it’s safe to do so, not when when it’s obviously suicidal to do so. We lack style and have seemingly lost the ability to make quick passes and also break at speed. Willock has been a breath of fresh air with his movement and ability to change direction at will, unlike Xhaka who for whatever reason, Emery seems to like, a lot. I’m also hoping Torriera will be back for the spurs game as he has passion and pace. I have to admit that I was pleased with the signing of Luiz but with 3 serious errors in 2 games, does he play him, and if so, alongside Torriera in midfield or at CB? Surely he wouldn’t bring Mustafi back would he? We lost to Liverpool and spurs lost (at home) to Newcastle, we should be optimistic about this game but currently, I’m not.

  16. Frankly, the excuses touted on behalf of Emery is already quite stale because he has been around for 15 months; enough time to know what Arsenal is about. He was given 5 players last season and 5 players this season and yet he cannot put together a team philosophy. All he wants is players to scurry around looking busy, instead of having a proper build-up. If someone says playing out from the back is build-up, it’s baloney, because our players are just not adept at it. Logically too, playing forward towards the opponent’s goal as fast as possible will get us goals – witness Liverpool & ManC style of play.

    If Emery has the basics right, he will do the following:
    1. Get your first team right.
    2. Get the squad players aka substitutes right.
    3. Work on a formation that suits our best players.
    4. Work on a playing system that gets the best out of the boys.
    5. STOP TINKERING. For crying out loud.
    6. Get the equation with the boys sorted, like how Klopp and Pep do.
    7. Stop demotivating players to prove your point.
    8. The Xhaka fixation needs to stop.
    9. Put our best players on the pitch always…these players need game time and continuity.
    10. Stop playing out from the back.
    11. Stop passing sideways and back.
    12. Don’t give us another bad season.

    1. Viju, you and others who want Emery gone, only have to wait until the end of this season (his second as coach). If the Board/owners aren’t happy with his performance, they will not extend his contract into the third year.

  17. Viju & co are the type of “ supporters” who would have hounded Kloppy out in his first season at the scousers.go check out the results he had in his first two seasons if you don’t believe me.woeful.its taken him 3/4 seasons & a shed load of money to be where they’re currently at.Honestly I despair.one defeat,at the hands of the European cup holders in their own back yard,seriously? Get a life guys.Emerys tactics by the way we’re working right up until half time.what he couldn’t legislate was for was once again two BAD defensive errors & two BAD offensive errors throwing the game plan out the window.However that being said he should have been more proactive second half.By the way once again at Anfield we had a 2nd string defence out.No Holding,Bellerin, or Tierney.i guarantee you it will be a much different Arsenal the scousers face next time.so lighten up with the Lynchmob hey?

    1. Can you please compare the quality of players Klopp had into two years and ours now. He didn’t buy a 70m pound players until 18mounth ago. Klopp has a football philosophy and he sticks with it. What he was lacking is money and not awareness and direction and methodology. Not that Emery is not good but he is overthinking and confused. We have good crops of players as evidenced by the trouble we caused Liverpool. What let us down on that day was the coach input. It almost as if Wenger is still here. That is why I’m surprised by the opinion of some self proclaimed realist.

    2. Another one who blindly supports him and fails to criticize him where due.You refuse to accept his numerous mistakes and try to paint him as the right man while not suggesting enough evidence based on his two seasons that he’s the right man.
      Klopp inherited a far more worse squad at Liverpool yet he was still beating the top five teams and even led them to a UEL final where his team lost.

      1. Klopp had this players thou some are not great but still better than what Emery received

        Nathaniel Clyne
        Joe Gomez
        Mamadou Sakho
        Alberto Moreno
        Martin Škrtel
        James Milner
        Philippe Coutinho
        Jordan Henderson
        Emre Can
        Joe Allen
        Christian bentek
        Roberto Firmino
        Daniel Sturridge

        Am not saying Emery received nothing but please let us be reasonable here not because klopp is now successful, suddenly Emery is crap. His sevila team beat klopp’s Liverpool also

        1. That team isn’t better than what Emery received.Apart from Coutinho,Firminho and Sturridge the rest weren’t that good.
          His team’s defense was also awful.
          Emery’s team he received was better than that team

  18. Unai Emery need serious imperovment to break into the top four before even thinking about challenging for the the premier league crown.

  19. No Emery is not going to get us anywhere until he starts games with our strongest lineup which should include Lacca,technically our best player,and Terriera another internationally experienced player and not Xhaka who is an international but hugely overrated by Emery, he will soon have the fans on his back if the best players are not in the team not to mention the unlucky players themselves, it is criminal he leaves them on the bench.

  20. Jon Fox you and I hardly have altercations because I’ve always tried to avoid it. I avoid having altercations with fans on here and though I can’t always do it because I’m only human, but for someone who constantly claim to be matured, old enough, experienced and seen life you constantly act like a kid who’s candy was taken away.
    You constantly call fans who think different from you names such as idiots ad fools.
    The young man up there who you called a fool, what did he do wrong? Is everyone supposed to lick your furry old áss because views differs?
    Man I do respect you but if that’s the level of maturity you have, you sir you have lots of growing up to do still.
    Can’t you ever debate without insulting people?

    1. EDDIE Calling MUSOKE a fool was not an insult but MY FREE OPINION actually. By comparison to the more fully accurate word which I decided against using,it was almost a compliment! Were I not keen to avoid upsetting the professionally offended snowflakes like you and others on here,I would have used a stronger word, for accuracy’s sake. I do not use disgusting or filthy language, nor hate speech and rightly not! Free speech,other than the categories I list, is a vital freedom which so many fake o called “liberals” are threatening with their silly “no platform” nonsense. People who act as you do in your post are in fact anti-liberals and are more akin to a form of social media big brother. UGH!! As a TRUE LIBERAL, I value and will always stand up for freedom to speak openly, but within the ethical boundaries I list above.

      HAVE YOU EVER TAKEN THE TIME AND TROUBLE TO THINK DEEPLY, EDDIE, ON THIS IMPORTANT SUBJECT? Honestly now? And to understand the wider implications of this type of fascist thinking censorship. The first thing that fascists do in any society they run is to ban free speech and burn books too, in the days before social media.I have NOT called you a fascist, please note! I pick my words precisely and refuse to be misrepresented. I strongly suspect this level of thought has never entered your brain. Now please assure me that I am wrong, if you HONESTLY can! I MEAN NO HARM BUT I STAND AND ALWAYS WILL FOR FREE SPEECH AND FREEDOM TO THINK INDEPENDENTLY FROM “THE HERD.” If you are wise, you will value that and re think your “no platform” thinking.

      1. There I expected that long bûllshit epistle of yours.
        So you say calling him a fool ain’t an insult? but your opinion?
        I forgot who I was talking to..
        pardon me Sir lord Jon Fox,
        First of his kinds,
        Emperor and Master of realism,
        the only and only true blue blood whose áss everyone must lick,
        the last of the old and matured real fans out there…
        the rest of us purely know zilch.
        You sir, in bid to sound smartly, you typed a whole lot of bûllshit and just made yourself look more embarrassing.
        I used to wonder why some people do call you names and question why you’re always putting up the age crap on here…
        My bad.
        I’d rather keep avoiding having altercations with you, as I’ve seen enough as to how you reply debates most especially when it comes to Phil… All you ever offer is long talk and names.
        Man buzz off, I ain’t got the time to rely you no more

        1. And you think this a thought through reply do you Eddie! “Buzz off” is the kind of comment used by those who have lost the debate. BUT OTHERS, MORE FREE THINKING THAN YOU, WILL NOTE WHAT I SAY AND STAND FOR.

      2. John, your free speech is limited where you don’t cut into others’ freedom by calling names. We gooners have this platform to express ourselves, so go easy on the name calling, for you may one day cross a person who may be more free spirited and abusive tongued. Let’s keep it civil is all I’d say

  21. It is difficult to play against a team like Liverpool that fields two athletic No.8s along side a physical No.6 in midfield. Gini,Henderson alongside Fabbhino. Upfront, 1 false 9 who collects by coming deep to feed two fast attackers (Mane & Salah) on either side. All players in their positions know what to do at what ever moments the opposition puts them in.

    Arsenal had no chance and will continue not have none in the future against this kind of setup.

    Arsenal only have midfield players “who can play as” either 6 or 8, 8 or 10. Their roles sometimes vary from match to match. Many of them are predominantly creative. If Arsenal had bought Ngolo Kante, then their back-line would have had better screening.

    Earlier successes Arsenal had under Wenger were pegged to a true physical No.6 (Gilberto/Song/Petit) in the middle of the park.
    See how ordinary Chelsea and easy it is to score against a Kante less Chelsea.

    The positive in the match was that 3/4 of the back 4 are not yet on the field, there was no Ozil, Mikhi, Laca, Torera, bulldozer, Chambers. Bt the time other teams start getting fatique and injuries, the Arsenal team will still be strong. Just dare to think what Arsenal will do to Liverpool in this reverse circumstance! (3/4 of their 1st choice back 4 out and some of their experiences key midfielders and striker (esp Firminho since Laca was out!)

    1. Thank God you are not the coach, I guess you would instruct the players to kick the ball to the stand everytime, because they have no chance against Liverpool’s formation and tactics.

      Because according to you

      “Arsenal had no chance and will continue not have none in the future against this kind of setup.”

      And we only have a chance if their main players are Fatiqued or out…that is bullshit and defeatism.

      Formation and tactics are meant to be found out…Tiki Taka played by Barca was almost unplayable until they were found out.

      Though I didn’t like UE team selection, but I like the fact that he tried to work around Klopp’s setup. They looked a bit surprised and out of sort in that first half and the result couldn’t have been different with our strikers been clinical.

      1. True, if I were the coach, I wouldn’t have bought some of your players, I would have bought 2 or 3 different players to add to your team.
        Ayo, I know it is difficult for you as an Arsenal supporter but interpretation is subjective. Without the risk of loosing the whole picture being portrayed by my analysis of the two teams,
        I said, (paraphrased) had Liverpool been in the same scenario Arsenal is in now (with Key players missing 3/4 defenders, Ozil, Mikhi, Laca, Torerra etc), the Sunday result would have been different.
        There are about 10 or slightly more formations used in the Premier league. With these formations, one can only find out the tactics employed if you understand clearly the roles of each of the players who are the main deliverers in the formation.

  22. I don’t think Emery’s tactics or his selection was as bad, as it is laid out by many fans,
    Maybe everybody, including Liverpool, were surprised he allowed the full backs so much time and space to cross but when you saw their quality of crossing and look at their attackers, aerial threats in open play were very limited. And in the first 30-35 minutes, I thought we looked the more dangerous on the counter, and the tactics could have worked. Emery has had 14 months. Where were Liverpool after the first 14 months with Klopp? Much worse off than we are.
    Emery and the rest of the new tema are only just starting to et the players, they think we need to be competitive.
    Expecting us to challenge for the title or to beat Liverpool away now seem a bit unrealistic.

  23. Arsenal lost this game on the team sheet. The manager lacks the courage and tactical ability to go out and play against the top teams. You are never going to be Liverpool setting up deep. The have too much quality and a big, physical players to score on set pieces (which you get a lot of courtesy of corners when your set up deep).

    The game pointed out four issues

    1. Emery is a middling manager who lacks the swagger to play the top managers and the top teams on equal footing. He has no idea how to analyze opponents’ strengths or his own weaknesses. It seems like he has no idea which players are good and which are not. Monreal is leaving the team, but he starts? Ozil sits but Willock starts? Guendouzi starts and Torreira sits? Lacazette on the bench? Emery plays like he has inferior talent to play with but that is just not the case. Pepe, Ozil, Lacazette, Aubameyang, These are all top attacking players. These are the players who should have been Arsenal’s front 4 in a 4-2-3-1. Torreira and Xhaka in the middle, with Koalsinac, Chambers, Luiz, and Niles (for lack of better options) on the right.

    2. Emery’s feud with Ozil and his determination to force the German out will probably be the defining story of his (hopefully) short tenure at Arsenal. He is ruining Ozil’s legacy but even worse, he’s costing the club wins so he can ‘win’ this battle. That’s what happens when gutless managers let the pundits select his starting XI.

    3. Ainsley Maitland-Niles is not a right back or right wing back. The lad is a nice player and he should be commended for his professionalism, but it was clear that he was outclassed by Liverpool’s fullbacks. Arsenal were partly crippled by Emery’s stupid diamond and partly crippled because Emery clearly has no idea what a fullback is or does. Monreal was beaten like a dog all game as was Niles. Robertson and Arnold looked like they were competing in a track meet.

    4. You do not put the fate of your team in the hands of a loan player in his third game. Dani Ceballos had a nice game against Burnley; that does not make him the second coming of Aaron Ramsey or Santi Cazorla. He should be worked into the line up not thrust in. Especially when Arsenal have a number of other players they could use in the middle of the field.

    5. Arsenal do not park the bus and try to steal 1-0 wins. The team is not built for that style of football (Thank God) If the board wanted to hoof it long and slam in a cross, why not hire Sam Allardyce?

  24. How many of us noticed that after Laca and Torreira came on, we were playing in Liverpool’s half and managed to pull on back too?
    Earlier when their defence was beaten on the counter, especially when Pepe dribbled past VVD, their central defenders started playing in their own half.

    1. You forgot to say that Liverpool also took their foot off the gas having been 3:0 up, at the risk of injury, the replaced Mane and their false No.9
      I don’t agree with Paul35MM’s point No.3. If you look at the formations, they were almost similar! When Their false 9 came deep, then Mane and Salah stretched and went wide with the full backs to overlap. Arsenal neede to match that by replacing thier No8 with Laca and try the same thing against liverpool.

  25. The best we could do to stop liverpool is to play 4 2 3 1 where by the defence remain intact Chambers xhaka/toteira in DM Then Pepe Cebalos Aubameyang atacking mid then Lacazete holds the defenders you would see how klops men breath fire.the dms would give surpot to the wbs with D cebalos covering.

  26. Like it or not, Emery inherited an Arsenal squad without top quality defenders and a physically imposing defensive midfielder.His problems have been exacerbated by injuries to Bellerin, Holding and Tierney, and until they are fit and bed into the first eleven it is harsh to hammer Emery .However he has frustrated me with his tactics and team selection and in particular with the acquisition of Luiz who is no longer a quality centre back if indeed he ever was.That said I am prepared to give Emery the benefit of the doubt and will continue to support him and the team on the basis that it will take some time to turn this ship around.I think I we all need to calm down and review the situation after say 10 League matches by which time we will all be better placed to assess his performance.On the down side I , like many others cannot understand his fai!ure to play Chambers nor his apparent blind spot when it comes to Xhaka.

  27. You have a point Eddie and I agreed a lot with your disposition and analyses of Arsenal coach Unai Emery. From what I see, he seem to get his selection or tactics wrong in some of title/trophy winning games. It’s taken too long for him to understand how to best use his players. By now Arsenal team should have a basic formation and pattern that wins us game. Many better coaches would achieve great things with our current group of players. Brender Rogers just came to Leicester City and I love what he has achieved in the playing style of Leicester so far. For me, Unai Emery ain’t taking us no where safe a few good results only good for Europa cup. I am cautiously optimistic.

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