Emery’s main job will be to change Arsenal’s mentality

Unai Emery has arrived at Arsenal at the end of a season where the Gunners conceded an incredible amount of goals compared to previous campaigns, and the Arsenal legend Emanuel Petit believes that the hardest job the Spaniard will have is to change the teams mentality when they lose the ball, and get them to defend as a team.

“I think he’s a talented coach,” Petit told Arsenal.com. “He’s got a specific vision on the pitch, just like he did with Sevilla, and I really hope that he can do that with Arsenal. I hope the leaders of the dressing room will follow his steps and his orders.

“Offensively, there is no problem. I think Arsenal has been marked as a brand offensively, the way you move, your passing, skills. Arsenal will always be able to score goals against any opponent but the question is whether you can avoid conceding goals.

“When you look at the table from last season, you can see the big difference between the top teams in the Premier League. Scoring goals? Yes, but more importantly with conceding goals.

“The coach, Unai Emery, will have to do a lot of work defensively – and that’s not just on the defenders – so that the whole team’s mentality changes when they lose the ball. For me, the main problem with Arsenal is not when they have the ball, it’s when they don’t have it.”

Wenger’s attitude to defence has always been ‘we’ll score more than you’ but modern Premier League teams are set up to stop the opposition scoring, and they are getting better and better at it, especially when they play against Arsenal!

So it is good that Emery has taken steps to beef up our defence, but can he change the mentality of the team as a whole and get them to defend as a unit as well?



  1. Sheet Head says:

    Any player who doesn’t improve under Emery should be moved out by force or have his contract canceled! No pampering g

    1. gotanidea says:

      Cancelling a 5k per week contract might not hit Arsenal too much financially, but cancelling a 350k per week contract will cost Arsenal dearly

      1. stubill says:

        Like about £50 million, + compensation,

  2. gotanidea says:

    “To change the teams mentality when they lose the ball, and get them to defend as a team.”

    That would be hard to do, if the attacking players defend half-heartedly

    They should follow Barcelona. The attackers are the first defenders and the defenders are the first attackers

    1. Goonstar says:

      Exactly. Our players look like the most clueless chickens ? when they are out of possession. Unai needs to teach / train our players how to win back the ball and how to defend as a team.

      1. Sue says:

        Iwobi is a headless chicken all the time

        1. Naija Jollof says:

          Oh please shut up

  3. kev says:

    I’m not going to force you believe but at least learn to see reason in what I’m saying.The Lucas Torreira deal was closed before Uruguay’s World Cup matches begun.A lot of people have confirmed this and all he has to do is to complete a medical and sign.

    It’s a shame that most Arsenal fans prefer to believe the media who at times just lie to us instead of trying to see reason not with me but with the available facts such as the comments of the Sampdoria president and some other reliable journalists.Some are saying they are happy Wenger has gone but what has changed if we can’t sign Torreira?It’s so shameful that after weeks and weeks of negotiations of trying to agree a fee and closing the deal we prefer to look down on our new transfer team and see them as incompetent when they really went through thick and thin just to close the deal.

    The player will join Arsenal 100% and yes I said the same for Soyuncu.Hold me on my word for both transfers.

    1. John0711 says:


      1. Phil says:

        Kev-We believe in you.Honest we do.until such time when you are proved wrong.

        1. stubill says:


    2. Ken1945 says:

      Kev, no-one is trying to put the new regime down, but are questioning why, if the deal is done, it can’t be announced!
      We already know that he has left his old club because their president has told the whole wide world!!
      So if we have signed him, why can’t we do the same?

      1. kev says:

        I see your point but you see at times people need to learn to be patient.Have people ever said to themselves that Torreira has not signed so that he can focus on the World Cup?
        Why should the player worry himself over something that is imminent?I don’t bring this transfer news to earn praises or anything but just to open people’s eyes.I’m sure logic will tell people that Torreira to Arsenal is just about a medical being completed but people prefer rather not to calm down and look at the logic behind the whole thing.Im not referring to you though.

        1. Phil says:

          KEN1945-Its frustrating I know but we must trust this new regime.I too believe the deal is done but sometimes there are reasons why they are not announced.Lets just wait and see what happens over the next week.This is a player nobody had ever heard of before the interest from us was reported and after seeing this boy in action it’s obvious he is exactly what we need and also for a very reasonable fee.
          Lets hope it’s not too long that Torreira is officially an Arsenal player and we can then all relax.Its all about getting these deals over the line now and with the two who have signed and Sokritis to join in the ne t few days we can all hopefully sigh in relief that the back room boys are doing there job and can add a winger to the squad as well.

          1. Ken1945 says:

            Amen to that Phil.
            I think all the negativeness comes from previous transfer windows and the unfulfilled rumours.
            I think we will see at least three more signings and then watch as Emery decides who is leaving.
            This should give us a clue as to his tactics and formations for the season.

      2. jon fox says:

        Oh God, Ken! Please don’t fool yourself that Kev knows what he claims to know, as he clearly does not. I am amazed YOU give him any credulity, though I am hardly surprised some of our greenhorn naive, (mainly from abroad I have noticed) YOUNG fans seem to believe in his “wisdom.” Arsenal have always announced every signing made, ONCE completed and NOT until. Torreira is not announced and therefore NOT completed. I am surprised at you. I hope he signs, though I have no idea whether or not he will. And nor does Kev, whatever he claims to know. He throws many pebbles in to the transfer pool and some float, others do not. He then crows about the ones that float. This is a classic con done by politicians when “announcing new initiatives.” Surely you are not that naive.I AM CERTAINLY NOT. BTW, I am away on holiday from early tomorrow and out of contact on here for a week or so.

        1. Ken1945 says:

          Jon, I was trying to explain to kev why it seems so strange not to announce the deal if one party has already declared part of the transfer has taken place.
          By the way, before your holiday (, hope you enjoy by the way) can you reply to my questions regarding your views about my post, where you accused me of wanting the manager to fail?

          1. Ken1945 says:

            The zPSG hijacking deal headline post Jon.

    3. Nonny says:

      I remember things same person saying we dnt need torreira his short now His coming up with another crap….

      Always negative comments from this guy

  4. snowden says:

    First of all a new manager always has the full attention of the players. It is natural in every walk of life and football is no different . UN ha a good track record. The players are professional. These three factors alone means the players will want to give their best to impress the new manager.

    All Petit is saying is what know.

    It is a case of ‘anything else?’. ‘No’.

  5. Chiza says:

    Kev stop making it look like you are a guru in transfer..i knew about all these transfers even before you started commenting about them on this site….so just keep shut and allow transfer team do their job.. You know nothing just waiting for a popular paper to pick up a little rumour and you are all over it like a man who is about to have his first passionate sex

    1. Sheet Head says:

      If you knew about them why didn’t you share???
      Let kev be you envious spoilt gooner

      1. TBLAZE says:

        Thank you, ? ?

    2. kev says:

      As I said I’m not an ITK or transfer guru.I just do my research and separate the chaff from the truth.
      Torreira will join the club after World Cup and it’s not because I have any power or control but because that’s the truth even if Torreira himself doesn’t like it.

      1. Arsene Wenger. says:

        Don’t worry Kev.Every one here can choose to believe you or not.No one is forced to take what you give on this forum.At the end of the day we are just arsenal fans and nothing much.

      2. BenardoM. says:

        Continue updating relentlessly the information you have on Arsenal transfers.

      3. Sue says:

        Why wouldn’t he like it???

      4. Tim says:

        Kev you are on point on that Torreira transfer . He will definitely join us.. And it will be an incredible signing. I said this because I watched him against Portugal, he was amazing and was all over the pitch covering grounds with or without the ball.. Even at some point during the Portugal match he has to use his headt to nod the ball even when he is on ground..to me that was amazing and staking his life for his country. Hope to see him doing that for Arsenal shirt

    3. Ale says:

      stop reading kev update if u cnt deal wit it, come on grow up we are all adults no one is forcing anybody to read is update abt transfer (admin let it rest also)

  6. Yes they style of play need to change this time around in other to achieve that the team need to play like FC Barcelona when ever they lost the ball the fight hard to recover it very fast so this is the type of system the team needs to implement.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


      1. Ken1945 says:

        Ozziegunner, still waiting your reply regarding the post that you took exception to.
        If you don’t remember, it was in the PSG hijacking the Torreira deal.
        Jon didn’t have time to explain, and as you agreed with him, perhaps you can?
        Thanks in advance!.

  7. Goonstar says:

    I hope our current pampered cuties of players will get a shocker under Unai. No more Mr Nice guy and letting them get away with underperforming. And i think it’s good that Emery knows that he is here playing for his Arsenal future himself. This means that he will not want any of our prima-donna players messing about with his own Arsenal future and reputation. This should help push Unai to demand more from his squad. ?

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  8. BenardoM. says:

    I guess there are some error prone players who were on a comfort zone during Arsene tetulage but now they have nowhere to hide.Emery will tell them to “Show him what they can do and why he should keep them”Once they start their pre season training tomorrow.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  9. BenardoM. says:

    Croatia misses a penalty taken by Luka Modric.

    1. Sue says:

      Bye Eriksen ?

  10. Footfetisharsenalboy says:

    We need to get rid of The Casette
    Even Giroud gets picked over him for France

    Get rid of The Casette and get Greizmann or Suarez or Mbppe.
    Mbmppe was AWESOME

    Other PL teams have Kane, Aguero, Lukaku, Vardy. All our better than the casette

    1. Sue says:

      He’s been good for us, I was quite shocked he wasn’t picked for France…. him & Auba play well together!
      We’ll see how awesome Auba is this season, he’ll pick up where he left off ?

      1. Ozziegunner says:


    2. RSH says:

      And we have Aubameyang with another great forward on squad who had 13 goals his first season. Hardly terrible. I really don’t think Lacazette is even close to one of Arsenal’s problems. Striker is the last position we need to add on

      1. Ozziegunner says:


    3. stubill says:

      Lacazette isn’t competing with Giroud for place, he’s up against Greizman and Mbappe.

      1. Ozziegunner says:


    4. stubill says:

      Lacazette isn’t competing with Giroud for place, he’s up against Greizman and Mbappe.

    5. jon fox says:

      You appear to have a personal agenda against Lacazette , even insulting him by misusing his name . Why?

      1. Footfetisharsenalboy says:

        Coquelin was called le Coq by most of you guys

        Calling a man Cassette is not as offensive as calling a man a “penis”

        Hypocrisy much?

        Also the Casette is easier to spell than Lacazette

  11. Malaysian gunner says:

    The headline is correct 100%.The gunners must change from Wengers
    perpetual passing and go direct.
    In the wc,Spain shd have beaten Russia but their all day passing gives defenders times to
    regroup and the attack just fizzled out.I had been saying this for a long time
    the fm is a dinosaur where scoring goals is very difficult due to his insistence
    on pp or scoring the perfect goal.
    Hopefully the new manager will get the gunners going and be multidimensional
    tactically instead of route 1 ie. all day passing.

  12. Gogo says:

    Kev I’m with u on the Toriera deal. sometimes there is a strong restriction by national teams against negotiating transfers during world cup that was one reason why Spanish coach was sacked. It makes a player/coach loose focus so after the world cup announcement will come…

  13. TBLAZE says:

    You guys should just let Kev be, I derive joy in his updates, some will claim to know about the news before him, then why didn’t they update the house about it than to be criticizing a fellow gooner. I don’t just wanna call names, but some of us here claim to be perfectionist when they don’t know jack. Please let this guy be, he is doing a nice job, whether they come to pass or not, wat matters is that he updates the house. Most time I come here just to read Kev’s updates

    1. BenardoM. says:

      Some people are trying to prove to us that they have links on arsenals transfers too yet they relay on twitter.We appreciate your effort Kev .Kindly keep us informed with what you have regarding Arsenal.

  14. LENOhappy says:

    Am with you on that TBLAZE

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