Emery’s teaching really is driving Arsenal into being Invincible again after Wenger’s departure

Every Arsenal fan has been saying for years that Arsene Wenger didn’t do tactical analysis of opponents and concentrate on individual battles on the pitch before games, but it is obvious now that Emery’s training ability goes into deep depth about how we can win every game against any opponent, no matter how big or small.

This comment from Granit Xhaka makes it clear the difference that the Spanish coach is making to the squad. “Each game we know what we do,” Xhaka said. “We know the opposition well, where they are good and where they are not. He (Emery) is important. He helps us, not only me but all the players, with the small things. The tactical things. You can see that on the pitch.

“A lot of small things have changed. We have great character. If you are 1-0 down for example against Liverpool, we come back and it’s not the first time.

“We knew we would not lose this game because we were so good and showed that character again. If you see this game, you can see we are ready for the top four.”

As Xhaka says that is abundantly clear by the players attitude, whoever is on the pitch or coming on from the bench. And as for Emery’s training on how to play from the back is paying dividends and the players are getting better and better every week on sticking to his game plan. As our new keeper Bernd Leno told Arsenal.com after the Liverpool game. “It was an intense game,” Leno said. “It was a good game for the fans and we also played very well. I think we deserved to win but the draw is OK because Liverpool are a big team. The way we played was very good.

“I think today we saw that we can play our way against big teams. We controlled Liverpool. We played out from the back.

“It was not just lucky or lucky things to create from. We played the ball with passes from behind and that’s the way we want to play.

“The coach gives us a lot of confidence to play like this and we train every day very hard with him, and in the videos as well. That’s the way we want to keep going.

“I can’t compare it because last year I was not here but I think [Emery] changed some things – of course, the way we play from behind but also to play very aggressive, the defence is getting better, controlled. We don’t always run up front with nobody then at the back.

“Tactically, it is one step better than at the beginning of the season because it needs time and it also needs time now in the next weeks. If we work like this and play like this, we could have a great season.”

And if we look at this logically, our two opening defeats were when the players were only trying to learn how to play the Emery way, and now they are understanding exactly what he wants them to do and are getting better at it every week. As evidenced by our incredible 14 game unbeaten run, including an away win at Sporting Lisbon who hadn’t lost at home for a year and then the scintillating comeback against Liverpool.

The fact is that our next four games are against Sporting at home, then Wolves and Bournemouth in the Premier League, and Vorskla away. All those are very winnable under Emery and we could be facing Tottenham at home at the beginning of December with a run of 18 unbeaten games under our belt. How confident would we be feeling then?

Onwards and Upwards!

Sam P


  1. Those games are good for practice before meeting Tottenham and Man United, except the Bournemouth game

    It’s going to be tougher because it is an away match, but I’m confident because of Arsenal’s current form

  2. I love the players eagerness and their response to the tactics Emery emloys. They have instructions and expectations of how they manage their respective positions, and how it fits in with their teammates and the gameplan.

    This gives the players confidence; defenders know they won’t get abandoned, attacking players know Xhaka and Torreira are backing them up and building up the attack.

    Its no fluke our current run of form, and hearing from the players that team consistency is coming along as well. Players know they are being instructed and held accountable now.

    Not surprised to see Xhaka perform now, Holding turning into an absolute wall, or Iwobi really take a leap forward in his development. Can’t wait for Guendouzi, AMN, Smith-Rowe to show the benefits of Emery’s way.

    I’m surprisingly shocked at the rapid turn around in so many aspects; tactics, development, chemistry, and watching it translate into success on the pitch.

    I thought Torreria was the best signing, however maybe Sven or Emery himself maybe even better signing. Love love love being a gooner right now. Man utd can suck it and be jealous

      1. Damn right Sue, one of my top quality world class friends is a utd fan. He’s not an arrogant jerk like most, but hearing him whine and complain about Jose, player effort, ugly football, etc is angelic music to my ears.

        I don’t say a peep, I smile on the inside; we have Emery and we’re movin’ on up. They still haven’t recoverd from their Sir Alex trauma, and we’re getting comfortable with our newness.

        Karma sure is a b!#ch sometimes!

        1. That’s brilliant Durand ? ? I’m sure, come Sunday, your friend will have a lot more to moan about…. come on City ??

        2. We have to thank Wenger for leaving us behind a solid foundation- the stadium, players, legacy (and Ivan gone) for Emery to build on it. Best wishes to both gentlemen Wenger and Emery, may success always follow them.

          1. The reason Arsenal’s the Emirates Stadium was constructed on time and within budget (in comparison to Tottenham’s current venture) is not due to Arsene Wenger, but the quality of the project management team and principal contractor.

          2. The thing that has impressed me most this season has been how fit Unai Emery and his assistants have the Arsenal squad. In most matches Arsenal has been coming home like a runaeay train.
            In the game against Fulham, Iwobi and Welbeck ran themselves into the ground and Emery was able to bring on Aubameyang and Ramsey fresh. Against Liverpool Torreira, Xhaka and Ozil overran the Liverpool midfield and Arsenal was coming home strong, while Liverpool was hanging on.
            Physical fitness also increases mental toughness and the belief that the team can fight back from adverse situations. Arsenal has the highest number of wins from losing positions in the EPL. Once again “the harder you work, the luckier you get.”

        3. Yeah, but I did see that they won their last game again in “Fergie time”.
          FA and the media will never stop pushing ManUtd. It looks to me like in Soviet Union they had CSK as a Party club or was it an army club which had to be 1st in their league every now and then.

  3. Onwards and up words indeed, with Emery it’s not just about the 11 players in the field of player per say. It’s holistic approach. The player number 12 on the touch line. Emery himself is doing a good job shouting this and that. The Gunners in the stands are not left out in the ? ?. Emery is a magician. He has cemented the solidarity. I wished ManUre game could come so fast and so soon to settle the old score. Thumbs Emary lol

  4. Durand-Its interesting you have mentioned the younger players.Imagine how excited they must feel with Emery showing immediate improvement to the team.From the toxic and vitriolic atmosphere of last season to a Fanbase united behind a Manager that is proving to be the perfect fit for the Club.And he will be encouraging these young players to become the next in line for the first team adding more competition to the existing squad because I’m sure if Emery feels they are ready he will have no hesitation in playing them.Guendouzi is proof of this

    1. Very true Phil. I think excitement all around the club now. It’s like the fog has lifted and the sun shining again. Not jive talking Wenger, but talking about the atmosphere surrounding the club. Fans singing, seeing the fight in players, and all the positive vibes and changes now.

  5. Durand and Phil, I cannot believe the transformation the CLUB has made since Emery’s arrival!
    Durand, it’s hard to believe that you are not actually at the games, because you describe the players actions and endgame perfectly.
    I remarked when I got home just how the players are working together with no weak links of any kind.
    Of course it’s my opinion, and some fans did question one or two actions, but for me it was a complete performance by the playing staff, both on and off the field.

    Phil, your point regarding our youngsters is also very pertinent and I think we will see Emery use them Thursday evening for sure.
    Not only must they feel confident about being used, they also see Emery taking off senior players who are not performing. This means they must realise opportunities will become available.
    The number of younger players showing their worth had me commenting about the Utd youngsters of the nineties. There is some awesome talent and, from what we are seeing with Emery and the first team, we have the perfect manager to nurture them into a tremendous set of players.

    The final piece of the current jigsaw is the fans. We were brilliant on Saturday and I believe the players rose to the support we gave them.
    Durand, if you manage to get over, I PROMISE you a ticket old friend. Just so you can experience how right your observations are, the atmosphere and that’s a promise.

    It’s been very difficult these last couple of years and I wondered if we could ever really unite again.
    The toxic atmosphere Phil mentioned was very real and very sad for our great club.
    How this one man has lifted the lid on the pressure cooker and got us all believing again is, quite honestly, a footballing miracle.
    His attitude and enthusiasm is so catching and, when we scored that wonderful goal, the eruption of joy was wonderful to be part of.
    All this while Kronkie has taken over the club, could we have got him wrong Durand?
    The same with Gazidis and his legacy of Emery, at least he got that decision spot on Phil, even if he led us up the garden path.

    To be perfectly honest, I really haven’t a clue how far this man can take us, but once again, I feel I am priviliged to see the start of what looks like another successful time for the club.
    Invincibles? Why not? we were told it could never be done a while back and proved them all wrong then.
    Unai who????

    1. Ken-The atmosphere on Saturday was the Emirates at its best.The way the crowd got behind the team after going a goal down showed the support is behind the team and all credit for this is down to Emery.
      There seems a togetherness around the team that has been missing for a while now.Torreira is the key for us.If this tiny little player gives his all how can his team mates fail to respond.A fantastic signing and he will be a huge player for us over the years (even at his height).

    2. Ken, I’m going to the grand city of (north) London in 2019 before teaching starts hoping to catch an Arsenal match. I’ll eagerly take you up on that ticket my gentleman friend! On the condition you take money for the ticket, please.

      Nothing would please me more than watching the game with you, honestly my friend. You may have to teach me some songs, as currently I only know the “my father said be a …….fan” and I sing it several times every game I watch on tv.

      I try my best to be observant despite not attending matches, so it’s high praise your compliment regarding my player and Emery comments.

      I dare say I’m one of the biggest supports outside England, perhaps rivaled only by our Nigerian brothers, perhaps. I indeed hope I’m wrong regarding Kronke, time will tell. We are still couple players short of challenging for title; 1 winger (Iwobi is delivering now), and a CB, maybe LB.

      Hopefully Kronke crowbar open his wallet to finish the squad, thus no need for major upgrades for couple years with the youngsters improving.

      1. Shhhh! Don’t let them (Nigerians) see this as no one loves Arsenal like Nigerians. For me, Arsenal are my first love and I’m a Nigerian.

      2. Durand, get my details via pat and admin, let me know when your’e coming and perhaps we could even get Phil, Sue and Kenny involved for a pre or after match drink.
        Maybe we could get Jon a ticket as well?
        Any season ticketer I’ve missed, let me know, we can show Durand a real gooner welcome!!!!

  6. There is a bit of a spring around the club presently which has been lacking over the past many a year. Unbeaten in 12 is a good achievement. Long may it last.

  7. Arsenal’s only way is up. klopp 6 transfer windows vs unai’s 1 and he still expected to win it! LOL.The man knows no excuses. While we are busy salivating over Iwobi’s improvement the Manager says he wants more from him.. jeez. I suppose consistent & classic goals to his current form for the season and we might soon be tempted to start saying he is breaking into world class. We are happy with the point, Unai only 50% happy….makes one wonder what was wenger demanding from his players? The saddest part is everyone has taken their game to the next level bar Ramsey and to an extent mhki….so clearly Ramsey can’t even justify his demands its so obvious he is struggling to meet the level of consistency required by Emery.I loved watching post reviews as pundits ate their words.

  8. @ dulard, sue, Phil and all others reading your comments fills me in, am so loving this wonderful story long may it continue, as for the idiotic pundits they never show us love even when we are doing well, always want to see us fail. Gunner forever.

  9. Wenger’s approach was always centred around empowering the players to make their own decisions with their colleges on the playing field. It worked for the invincibles- these guys would stay behind together after training to continue working.
    Testament to Wenger and his coaching staff..

    Now, today the game is full of technology and an update was needed. Can’t fault unai nor the players for their efforts

  10. Tom, agree completely with your first paragraph and the sentiments within.
    However, the very fact that they were invincible proves that a group of players like these only come together on very rare occasions.
    AW was right in the way he handled that special group of players, but what he didn’t seem to realise was the fact that they were unique.
    Your second paragraph explains exactly what went wrong over his last two years (and some might argue even longer )as he couldn’t find that set of players again.
    Emery has come in and immediately sussed out that the players he inherited were not dross, but needed coaching and by adding to them with players who would improve the squad straight away has ensured we are not experiencing the same disastrous results that utd did when fergie left.
    The future seems to be one of endless positivity and I feel we should give Gazidis credit for the signing of Emery.
    For me, it’s chalk and cheese comparing last season to this and even if we end up with no silverware and back in the europa league, the way our club is shaping up fills me, at least, with great optimism.

    1. I wholly agree, Ken. I’m a fan living in Bolivia and usually only get to see highlights but at times I have been close to tears at the wonderful transformation that is taking place. I couldn’t be happier for the fans back home who get to the games and are blessed to see the fight and pride and passion that Emery has brought to the players – but especially the pride and playing for the shirt again. Whatever happens this season and wherever we finish, even if it’s not top four because other clubs are spending more than us, I will be happy just because of the spirit in the club and the beautiful football our teams produce. COYG!! Forever Arsenal.

      1. Greg, brilliant reply and so good to know that we have fans like you as far away as Bolivia.
        Your comments regarding fighting for the shirt is absolutely correct and I sincerely hope that one day you can come to the Emirates yourself (if you haven’t already) and experience all gooners “place of worship”!!!!!!!!!!!11

  11. Get rid of in Summer,
    Ramsey, mustafi, cheq, liches, micki, kos,..sead..
    Buy gk… 2cb.. Lb
    Rw.. Give emery 100 millon to spend plus what he gets for above list, were not far away…

    1. Jim, why would you sell Kolasinac as he is still quite young. As Arsenal has experienced this year, you need squad depth, particularly in CB’s and FB’s as they are more likely to suffer injuries.

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