Emi Martinez has every right to be bitter about his time at Arsenal

Martinez Has Every Right to Talk About Arsenal.

Arsenal fans have recently begun to get irritated with Emiliano Martinez constant mentioning of his time at Arsenal in his interviews. They don’t want to be reminded of it anymore. We know he’s gone. That’s it. Thank you and bye bye. But why is he so often mentioning Arsenal every single time he has an interview?

“I don’t think you prepare for not playing, I always thought I had the talent but at some stage in my career when I was 22, 23 and I wasn’t playing, I went on my first loan to Spain, I played only six games,” he recalled to Football Daily.

“Then I knew I would have to go back to Arsenal and they wouldn’t give me a chance, so I would have to go on loan, so those years were really difficult, at some point I stopped loving football.

“That was something I was worried about, I told my wife, ‘I know I’m not playing but I’ve stopped watching football games,’ so it wasn’t an easy place to be. Then I went on loan again to Reading in the Championship, a league which I didn’t want to be in,

“I put myself in a position: I have a newborn baby, this is going to be my last loan. I got that in my head, I started with a psychologist that helped me through my bad moment, it helped me to get past my frustrations.

“Because I always believed I had the talent, I always believed in myself, that I could be one of the best.”

Maybe we need to reconsider a few things. Arsenal are the biggest story of his life. He was part of the famous Reading game and played a part in an unexpected FA Cup win. He suddenly became one of the best goalkeepers in the league overnight here. He was born and bred here. Why wouldn’t he talk about us?

He was the exemplary 3rd/2nd choice keeper. He went out on so many loans, patiently waiting for his time. And when his chance came, he grabbed it with both arms.

He was a fan and a servant. Arsenal was his dream. And who among us won’t talk about it for years to come if we happened to play for Arsenal Football Club?

He has earned the right to talk as well as the right to be bitter about his time at the club if he feels he hasn’t been appreciated enough. After all, he’s only human and one of us.

Agboola Israel

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  1. He’s earnt the right to talk about us, that I agree. But he certainly has not got the right to be bitter about Arsenal, he was given ample opportunities and when he finally took one he wanted assurances he’d b number one. No player has that right, Arsenal were totally correct to tell him it was between him and Leno to fight it out.

    1. He wasn’t given ample opportunities, that’s a joke. The one time we had a chance to really give him a try, we signed Cech, who couldn’t lose his place because he has a (slightly overblown imo) legendary status in the game.
      Aside from that, it seemed more like we kept stringing Martinez along. For all we know he could have been an excellent keeper for us for the last 5 years.
      I can totally understand the cold feet when we seemed a bit iffy about whether he’d start ahead of Leno.

  2. So if he was so disheartened and felt he wasn’t being valued, why oh why didn’t he do something about it?
    Nearly ten years being sorry for himself!!
    If he knew he had the talent, why did he take the easy way out?

    Now, I think he performed very well when Leno got injured, but if the likes of MO was crucified for, so we are told, only having one good season and happily sitting on the bench getting paid, why is Martinez getting such cringe worthy sympathy?

    He choose to go, so let him and us just get on with life without him.

    1. @Ken
      Please don’t compare Emi’s mentality / attitude to your scrounging cult hero (MO).
      Sitting around playing video games all night, undermining managers, causing mayhem for our club on top of defrauding us.
      Yeah right..

      1. The club sent him on loan because we believe in him, we could have released him if we didn’t.
        And when he mature how did he repay us

      2. Goonster, so you have spent evenings with Ozil playing video games then…. otherwise how would you know what he did 24/7.

        Tell me, have you EVER heard Ozil dissing the club?

        Of course you haven’t, because he’s a professional, unlike Martinez, who DEMANDED to be No. 1 and was, rightly, told to take a jump.

        By the way, you failed to answer why it took nearly ten years for Martinez to make a breakthrough and I suggest you look at the awards MO has won, compared to Martinez.

        “Scrounging cult hero” – please give it a break, you sound like a parrot.

      3. Mesut ozil’s Arsenal career in stats :

        season 13/14 : 8 goals and 13 assists
        season 14/15 : 5 goals and 8 assists ( also injured the same season )
        season 15/16 : 11 goals and 26 assists
        season 16/17 : 12 goals and 14 assists
        season 17/18 : 7 goals and 12 assists
        season 18/19 : 6 goals and 3 assists
        season 19/20 : 1 goal and 3 assists

        looking at the stats, except for the last two seasons, he did pretty good as a midfielder. If you consider yourself as an arsenal supporter, have some respect who played for our club.

  3. Martinez was disgustingly bad. He didn’t deserve to be kept at Arsenal but they did because he was the club’s baby. So one fine day, the clown came of age and started demanding to be made #1 or “I leave”. This was on the basis of his performance in some 10-15 games. The club was supposed to ignore his major fiascos in Europa League and cup competitions for 10 years and take out the saviour Leno (make him #2) who, before injury, had saved Arsenal’s bacon innumerable times. Emi is a vile and ungrateful asshole. It’s a matter of time before he ditches Villa. Such people never end happy because of so much hate they have inside them!

  4. For everyone that’s going to say, “No-one should be a guaranteed starter and he had no right to expect that”

    He didn’t ask to be No.1 for the next 10 seasons, he simply wanted the mangers assurance that he’d at least be given the chance to start the new season as no.1 which is fair.

    1. What are you on about bro?
      Martinez himself gave an interview and said he spoke with the manager, and the manger assured him that he was certainly going to start the new season.
      He even said he was told he was 90/95% the GK who’d get the chance for the new season.
      He said he wasn’t convinced by 90%.
      Bro if that’s not stupidity, cowardice plus a bit of greed, I don’t know what you’d call it.
      Basically he bailed because he was scared Leno had 5 to 10% chance of starting the season?
      Leno who just returned from a couple of months injury?
      I don’t know why people keep making excuses and choosing to blame the club when Martinez made all the decisions to leave by himself as rejected the new contract offer.

      1. 5 or 10 % after the matches he’d played and the noticeable affect he’d had on the team, and the numerous mistakes his counterpart has made, it wasn’t enough. We should have said “yes, you’re the No1 now”. Doesn’t mean he can’t lose that position, but he should have stayed the season as No1. The jury is in on this one
        Given the history, I can forgive him for thinking “1 small mistake and I’ll lose my place again”.

          1. Betrayed us? If we’d actually wanted him I don’t doubt he would have stayed. We wanted Leno and some money for Partey. It’s obvious.
            The rvp comparison is ridiculous.

          2. Go back and read his comment

            ‘Everyone at the club wanted me to stay, I spoke with the manager and he could only give me 90/95% assurances of starting the Fulham (first game of the season) game’

            In this comment, how else do you think we should want him

          3. Say “yes, you’re staying the next game”. Why wouldn’t you unless you still weren’t convinced?
            What if Leno did start that game? Would EM have to wait until he got injured again for another chance?

          4. 90/95% could come across as “Leno’s not likely to be fully fit, but might be” (I can’t remember the exact situation at the time but I think Leno wasn’t fit for the charity shield?)

            1. If I remember righly, Martinez was told that he was 95% certain to start the opening League game… but not EVERY game…

          5. I don’t know what you thinking but the reality is there to see.
            Ever since Leno got injured and Martinez replaced him, MA used him regardless

            You don’t expect MA to tell Leno ‘eh common tell you agent to start looking for another club, since you got injured we got Martinez he is no 1 henceforth’

          6. important clarification AdPat, thanks for doing that, although it will likely fall on deaf ears

          7. Pat, TRVL – I’m not sure who that was addressed to but I do think everyone understands this point (I hope so anyway!)
            Adajim – No, AM just had to say that EM would 100% start the opening game, that he was the *current* no1. I think we just have different prospectives on this and will have to agree to disagree, mate

      2. Relax Eddie, rough day? No-ones making excuses, he left out of his own choice.

        My point was that he could’ve been guaranteed 100% to start the season as no.1, not guaranteed to keep the no.1 spot for the whole season.

        The last thing I’m looking for is for you to try validate my opinion 🤣 I couldn’t care less.

  5. Martinez was at Arsenal for 10 years; mostly out on loan.
    During that time; at the beginning of any year, including his break through year; did you or anyone one your know, ever considered him for a GK job in the premier league? How about a back up or third GK Job?

    1. Martinez was ready years ago, but somehow players such as Fabianski and Almunia got the nod ahead of him.

      Absurdly Leno got the guarantee of no1 last season and so, regrettably, Martinez left, now Arsenal are splashing more on a replacement to him (still a backup, not a real challenger to Leno)- stupid to push him away, it should have been a clean fight for the starting position.

      1. I honestly thought he’d be given a go just before we got Cech. That was the time, of we’d really had any faith he could be our starting GK. We didn’t, we just wanted to keep him around as backup. It’s not nice, but it is smart on the club’s part, but I think we had a better GK than we realised

  6. Arsenal owes Martinez, not a single thing.
    By allowing him to accept a Job opportunity instead of making him the #2 keeper was more than generous.
    Without the 10 yr patience that Arsenal showed with him, he would now be keeping goal for a second rate Argentine outfit.
    Beginning to sound like a man with issues. Might need to speak to someone.

    1. The man with “issues” won FA cup and Coppa america and Argantina’s number one….all in a matter of a year……we have Leno who has…..what ? And trying to get ramsdale !…..yes emi certainly has issues.

  7. He was a fantastic replacement during Leno’s injury but the woe is me attitude as shown in the article is rather feeble.

    1. I don’t read it like that Sue, he’s describing the struggle and overcoming it eventually (although I do agree with the post advice that if it was that hard he should have moved on easier and fine something about it).
      But one thing I will say is he showed a far stronger character in the pitch than Leno or practically any of our players. Do you think we’d have won the fa cup with Leno in goal at the end of last season? I honestly don’t. Defence looked more confident with EM in goal

  8. As far as am concern Emi Martinez can talk about Arsenal in his interview all his life and nobody have anything to do about it. If you are not happy about it, you can go hug the electricity naked cables. He was raised in Arsenal, he fell in love with the club and served as a loyal servant but you paid him with zero appreciation, He waited for 10 good years for his time and when it finally came, you still did not give him the chance so what do you expect him to say ??????? That you are so lovely ? that you treated him with love ?

  9. For whatever reason and it wasn’t attitude, he felt and was overlooked for too long. I see no bitterness at all in his statement, just plain truth and hurt that he was overlooked for so long, even when he got his chance, took it and showed the real talent he has and wrongly ignored again. It’s Arsenals loss and for him i hope he gets what he deserves, Arsenal definitely are.

  10. This has to be the most embarrassing article I’ll read here in over 6 months .
    Imagine the disrespect to the club that you’re condoning.
    It’s very okay for him to do this, but it’s treachery when RVP and Cesc go in search of a better career too?

    Martinez was with us for ten years,never could displace the GKs ahead of him.
    At some point he had a poor Szceszny as the one to displace, but couldn’t convince Wenger he was good enough.

    The first 3 months he gets and performs very well, he turned tail and rejected the club’s new contract offer.
    Yet you’re here with this crap saying this about the club.

    Well then if it’s good for Martinez, every player who wants to leave for what they consider as their personal growth can leave then including Saka ad Co if they think leaving Arsenal would be good for their careers.
    Cesc and RVP deserve to go be happy elsewhere too then.

    Leaves when the club wanted him to sign a contract, and gets a pay on the back from fans..Hypocrisy at its peak

  11. When will this end?

    He wanted to be locked in number 1, Arsenal couldn’t offer that, he left and has propelled his career. It’s very easy to understand both positions so please can we just bloody drop it?

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