Emi Martinez refutes Bernd Leno’s ‘number one’ statement

Emi Martinez has revealed that he was told he had a 95% chance of starting the season as Arsenal’s first choice, which lead to his decision to quit the club.

The shot-stopper enjoyed an amazing run of form when stepping up whilst Bernd Leno was sidelined through injury, helping the club to win the FA Cup before starting the new season with another great performance at Wembley to stop Liverpool winning the Community Shield.

His future remained up in the air throughout the summer however, and he eventually left to join Aston Villa, but it turns out he was in Arteta’s mind to start the season in goal, but Emi wanted guarantees, something which the manager couldn’t do.

Martinez told the Independent: “I thought if I played well that game, I would be No 1, but afterwards it still wasn’t clear who was going to start in the league,” he explains.

“I was told that there was a 95% chance I would start against Fulham [on the first day of the season], but I just thought, ‘why not 100%?’ Something didn’t feel right.

“Everyone wanted me to stay, but that’s when I decided to go. I wasn’t upset or emotional, I was proud I did it. When I arrived at Arsenal [in 2010], there were nine goalkeepers in front of me. Every year I had to prove myself, but I left as No 1. That was my story done there.

“The following morning I texted Mikel [Arteta] and told him. I thanked him, I said I won these trophies because of the way he trained, the way he changed the team. I trust his process so much, he is incredible. [When he was a player], I always thought he was different.

“It’s like with [Lionel] Messi, I don’t see him as a top player, I see him as a top coach. He’s got so much to prove and I wish him all the best. I will always love everyone at Arsenal, I will always be grateful, but it was time to say goodbye.”

This goes against Leno’s recent claims where he told Sky Sports (via Goal) that he was always the number one, although there is no such debate going forward.

Do we think Emi would have kept his spot between the goalposts against Fulham if he hadn’t called Arteta with his decision?


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      1. Yes, I don’t get the whole point of these int breaks for friendly matches though, him alongside two other Scottish players will have to quarantine for the next 14 days.

        1. This international break is going to be a disaster in terms of players testing positive and needing to quarantine. I agree Eddie this international window seems ill thought out.

        2. These breaks drive me mad, Eddie!!
          Now I’m going to be praying that nobody is inj………..wait, don’t say it, don’t tempt it!!

        3. Are football governing bodies mad? This is just so wrong on many levels, fixing international matches when covid is not completely gone. Especially within the season, this could have ripple effects on teams

        1. Hahaha Sue, I’m really panicking. If we were to face west brom, i wouldn’t be worried but we’re playing Man city at the eithad where they’ll be trying to prove a point after recent results. I would prefer to have the A team against them. Maybe if KDB is missing, I won’t be too worried

            1. Fingers crossed Sue, he’s stepped up in his last 2 games against Leicester and Liverpool in the carabao Cup. So who knows?

  1. I thought fans were ranting the club chose Leno over him?
    How clearer will it be he made the decision himself?
    Imagine Leno questioning why he had 5% chance when someone has the other 95% and was still expecting it to be 100%.
    It’s all gone now though, good decision by the club! Wise one, best for Emi and best for Arsenal financially.

    1. Eddie you are gradually becoming like some ozil fans who always try to prove a point when it comes to ozil article 🙄 in my own opinion Martinez is way better than Leno, but the club and the player has made there decision, so let it go.

      1. Lol…I have no problem with both Goalkeepers. I’ve always said I love both GKs. I’m just not happy we had to lose one but I understand why he had to go, and yes it’s time to let it go.
        I won’t comment if it wasn’t posted on here, and Nope Martinez ain’t better than Leno, I ain’t buying it, I’ll reconsider my stance after this season and I see a full season of Martinez.
        He still has to prove it for a season.
        That being said it’s all cool

  2. Can we stop with the Martinez articles please.
    What good does it add to us anymore?

    He had a good few months and left. What more do you want the club to do?

    Just let it go.

    1. Ok mate. I promise I will run my website the way you tell me to….
      So to clarify, if any ex-player talks about Arsenal I have to ignore it??

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