Emile Smith Rowe has every reason to be happy about his future

Arsenal’s Emile Smith Rowe has been enjoying his new introduction to regular football at Huddersfield Town.

The Terriers and the 19-year-old have been enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship since he joined them in January for the rest of the season.

He has earned nothing but praises from his temporary manager for the performances that he has been delivering at the John Smith Stadium.

The midfielder has recovered well from an injury-hit spell in Germany with RB Leipzig to show how talented he is.

I believe that the Englishman has every reason to be happy about his immediate future.

He must have watched Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Portsmouth. In that game, Mikel Arteta gave chances to Gabriel Martinelli, Reiss Nelson, Eddie Nketiah and Joe Willock who are all in his age group.

He would be keen to get his chance when he gets back and that will give him extra motivation to thrive at Huddersfield.

Another reason why Smith Rowe should be excited about his immediate future is the fact that teams would want him next season if Arsenal sends him to go out on loan again.

Huddersfield manager has said that he would jump at the chance to manage him again next season, that shows that he is a player that won’t lack a home next season should Arsenal decide that he isn’t ready for first-team action.

Whatever way you look at it, short of being injured, Smith Rowe is going to be playing regular football in some form or another next season.


  1. Ozil future replacement. I dont think he is quite ready to play the congested fixtures totally but u feel he could share the role with ozil next season and ozil begins to slow down ( I would love to sell ozil but I dont think he is going anywhere). I feel the willock is.more suited as a box to box and reminds me of a ramsey type player. So could fill in at CM when ceballos returns to Madrid.

    1. Willock is not ready yet.We need mature experienced players to compete.I am watching the Chelsea, Liverpool match and you can see what a quality depth in the squad brings when you look at the Chelsea team.This is what we need,not overlying on children who won’t win us anything. ESR can have some cameo appearances next season as he prepares to take up that role.He is a great player in the making.

  2. Emile Smith Rowe’s career I think will be something Like Kevin De Bruyne’s career up and down then BANG around mid twenties He will be hot property, if we remain mid table mentality club then he should start developing next season And catch up to our other youth players who are doing amazing, lot to look forward for the future if we can keep them all and if they don’t flop with fame and money

    1. Agre Tas, we might have rely on our young players next season so lets hope we have some special ones. I think we have we are very luck to have Saka, Gouendouzi, Saliba (hopefully) Martinelli, Nketiah, Pepe, Nelson, Willock and coming up from behind Esr, Balogun and a few others that could blossom next year. Its not the youth we have to worry about, its the over hyped experienced players that are letting us down week after week.

  3. Dude is a mini Ramsey. Undisciplined, no positional awareness, only thinks about trying to score… Overhyped because he’s English…

      1. “the future British KDB”


        He’s going to be better than Willock and Nelson, but that’s about it. A premier league regular, but nowhere near being the best midfielder in the world that KDB is.

        The only top English talent we had in the last 10 years was Wilshere. I’m talking talent only. Remember Wilshere, how electrifying he was at 17 — miles better than Willock or even ESR — and even that didn’t work out…

        But we will keep over-hyping English youngsters only for them to end up as backups, as Championship players, or even lower…

  4. Let’s talk Liverpool 2019/20:

    1. Not better than The Invincibles (didn’t go season unbeaten and beat our 49 games unbeaten run).

    2. Not better than 1998/99 Man Utd treble winning team (No FA Cup even if they win the League and UCL).

    3. Not even better than domestic treble winning team of Man City of 2018/19 (They not only beat that same Liverpool team to the League title but also collected the FA Cup and League Cup).

    4. Let’s see if they can breach 100 point a season record set by Man City 2017/18 given that they have now started dropping points.

  5. Yo Martin, why you removing my comments? Not cool…. that’s UEFA tactics there brother….

  6. Remember that famous quote “you’ll never win anything with youngsters”?

    Got every chance of stepping into Ozils shoes, just has to hope MA sees it that way.

  7. I would actually prefer to have ESR in the squad then Wilock. A swap maybe in order next season with Joe out on loan and ESR recalled back.

  8. These kids are not physically strong enough for EPL. They will lose ball very easily…Sell them and get physically strong proven players from EPL itself …Try to get Grealish McGinn Richarlison Raúl Jiménez Neves…

  9. 39 of our 66 open play goals this season have come from players 21 and under. That’s nearly 60%.

    People who say we can’t field a team of youngsters are wrong. Give me a young hungry player over an old overpaid lazy player any day.

    1. Wow, that’s really interesting!

      I do believe that our future relies on Arteta’s selection of youngster players, more precisely, our academy players, so it all in their hands to prove themselves.

  10. If we can not play youngsters weekly, they must be on loan where they do so in order to progress.

    Neither Martinelli, Nelson, Nketiah had enough play time in that sense. Ska being played as a LB, or he be benched as Niles we all praised and forgotten as fast. Not good for them mentally and why Saka has not signed new deal…He is doing so but not happy as a LB, if he gets too team to guaranty this, he won’t stay.

    1. He sees Nelson and other youngsters not being played and how Niles who was ahead has been treated, used to fill RB hole and forgotten.since.

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