Emile Smith-Rowe is looking like an Arsenal star in the making

Don’t Forget Emile Smith-Rowe

Last season was special for Emile Smith-Rowe who was 18 at the time. Heralded as the best player of his class in the Hale-End academy, the attacking midfielder wasted no time in proving his quality with 3 goals in the Europa League games.

Injury prevented what would have been a better season for the smooth-haired youngster but many Arsenal fans had seen enough. Emile Smith-Rowe was the real deal and all he needed was game time to prove it.

He was actively pursued over the summer by one of the best talent-hoovering teams around in RB Leipzig. In fact, the rumours were that Leipzig’s board would be inclined to accept Smith-Rowe plus cash for the highly rated Upamencano. Thankfully enough, our board didn’t want to lose one of the best talents to come out of the academy in years.

Nowadays, Emile Smith-Rowe has been loaned to Huddersfield in the Championship and his impact has been very impressive, to put it mildly. Against Brentford, Fulham and Hull City, he has improved Huddersfield’s attack and contributed heavily to the attacking output of Danny Cowley’s team.

Our Croydon starlet shouldn’t get lost in the transfer chatter of Ozil’s replacement. He is good enough to get a look in and primed to lock down a starting spot should he get the chance to.


  1. He is the best among our current squad to replace ozil when he leaves.And i also think he would be a top player in that position.

    Many teams have misunderstood the no.10 position and ditched it but some of the top teams are trying to get it back.Football will be very exciting in the future.

    1. I agree Shakir and, if next season is to be his last at the club, Ozil needs to be passing on the knowledge/skill that Willock recently referred to.

      He does need that extra year, in my opinion, to continue learning his trade at top level, but also to “beef” up a little for the rigours of premier league football – another great potential that the previous regime left for the club, PLUS we have the current manager/coach to actually bring out that potential.

      1. He sure is a great talent.

        as arsenal fans we all have to support our youngsters.But sometimes its painful to see when youngsters of other teams excel and our ones get injured when they clearly have the potential they need to excel.ESR has been very unlucky and i wish him all the best for the future

  2. Let’s forget about replacing Ozil who cannot be effective in a 4-3-3 system which I believe Arteta favours longer term.ESR is a real talent in his own right and has the skill , energy and football intelligence to make it in the EPL.

  3. I think the loan was a good idea. Arsenal is not a stable environment right now, especially our midfield. There is an obvious chance to start in an AM role and hopefully he can take it. Needs to stop picking up so many injuries first if that can be helped.

  4. AdminPat, getting used to the new site now, well done!!!

    One thing that is missing,i n my opinion though, is the “latest comment by” thread, which allowed two things:

    Firstly, to follow another poster who’s comments one wants to read and not miss, due to the level of articles.

    Secondly, it allowed one to recognise that a post has been made on an article from previous days.

    Is there any chance of re-instating this excellent reference tool?

  5. look closely his runs, the way he moves forward a ball: he is amazing.
    i am the coach, i would still play him anyway even if it means he played bad game yesterday

  6. He reminds me of Ramsey, positional undisciplined goal hunter. Hope he corrects that flaw, and while he still has time to. Otherwise, I will not a bad talent for the future… IJS

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