Emiliano Martinez delivers fresh first choice warning to Arsenal

Arsenal has been warned by Emiliano Martinez that there are a number of teams that are willing to offer him their number one goalkeeping position should the Gunners have plans to relegate him back to the substitute bench.

The Argentinean had never had a run of games in the Arsenal first team until the restart of the just-concluded season when Bernd Leno became injured.

The German couldn’t take part in any of Arsenal’s games again, but Martinez ensured that he was not missed with some very fine performances.

The Argentinean had lots of doubters initially, with some even suggesting that the club needed to make a move for a better goalie as a replacement for Leno.

However, when he started between the post for the Gunners, he ensured that he impressed so well that there are talks of him being better than the club’s first choice now.

He was in impressive form as the Gunners beat Chelsea to win the FA Cup, and it seems he will no longer want to be a second choice goalkeeper.

The Argentine told Marca: “I want to stay at Arsenal, but if I play more minutes. 

“Because on a personal level, I have an age, I am in a game confidence that I need to add as many minutes as possible.

“I am in the sights of ten teams in Europe. But I can’t say who those clubs are, because it’s nothing concrete. 

“I still do not have the clear situation with Arsenal, when I have it when I return I will make the best decision for my career.”

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  1. Couple of games with top performances and now Martinez just won’t shut up. Keep your head down and keep performing like that consistently and you’ll get that number 1, what with Leno being injured. Even if not, those consistently top performances will attract top teams for him. Consistency! We haven’t forgotten about his lackluster appearances like the 5-5 with Liverpool in the league cup.

    1. Can’t agree more Laca9. Some decent performances and he’s started to grow horns. Besides, no player is better than Arsenal.

    2. Don’t blame it on Martinez but those busy bodies who would keep on referencing the same talk as new News & probably keep on quoting him out of context, so that at the end of it all, Martinez gets thoroughly rubbished. This would eventually create a conflict between him & the coach, the Mgt & the fans. & definitely with the fans as well. So let’s be warry of some of these postings. They may not be giving us the correct picture from the point of view of those innocent players.

      1. Totally agree with you Baah
        Fake news and regurgitated news, and news quoted out of context
        Martinez is a great goalie and there will always be room for two top class goalies, we just need a balanced rotation to keep them both happy

  2. Cant blame the guy, overlooked for ten years and now after really impressive performances, he needs clarification. Top keeper.

    1. He’s a safe Keeper ,does it by the book ,there is a reason why he has been 2nd choice for 10 years .
      He got his chance and did extremely good but he is nowhere close to Leno IMO,Lenos reflexes are some of the best I’ve seen in years ,he’s made mistakes but wouldn’t you having to play under pressure with Emery as your coach ,20-30 shot per game and that was against lowly league teams .
      For me Leno is the best keeper in the league so will always get my vote above Martinez

          1. Dan kit, TO YOUR POST BELOW I answer “then why ask” since you don’t want a reply. You ask a question to which you will not accept an answer . Are you in the Chinese government then by any chance! They are first rate at dictating to people how they must think or speak. You have all the hallmarks it seems.

        1. Ozzie, Well said. Some Gooners believe that everything wrong with our world today is entirely Emerys fault. Covid, global warning, Trumpism, my tummy upset, my cat being sick twice yesterday. Yes Unai, all your fault!
          Others, who are a little more considered and a little more rational, have concluded that most of Emerys troubles stemmed from his inability to master English and that this led to a breakdown in communication, which, in time, lost him the dressing room. Plus the disaster of our owner who would not back him.

          I thought we were correct to sack him when we did but I also recognise that he was a talented man who was sold a poisoned chalice. The LANGUAGE problem was at the root of almost all of his problems.

          1. Talking if COVID ,did you not tell us you was done with football if it returned when it did?
            I remember post after post telling us that you would never watch another game and that would be it ,but here you are still peddling the same drivel day after day .
            Please dont reply Because I can’t be arsed to argue all day with someone who is never wrong .

      1. I’m sorry but Leno is too erratic and not a commanding, league winning keeper. Maybe Martinez isn’t either but he is certainly more secure than Leno. Look beyond the spectacular, we need authority and consistency

    2. Reggie, he needs to concentrate on his game. He has his opportunity now and he has to continue to put in the performances to make it difficult for Leno to win the position back. Possession is nine tenths of the law.
      Even should Leno be preferred, Martinez, by his displays, will have put himself in the shop window to his ultimate benefit.

    3. He wasn’t overlooked for 10 years,what are you on about?so you are saying that when he first arrived at the club as a 17 years old boy he was ready and good enough to play for the first team??

  3. I’d say he holds all the cards right now… he’s waited an awful long time to be in this position…. on top of not getting any younger, he deserves to be a no.1 keeper… but whether that will be with us or not remains to be seen… I just hope he doesn’t end up with the chavs…. as we all know he beats Kepa jhands down!!!

  4. Martinez is likely to join the blues if arsenal can’t afford to make him first choice goalkeeper

  5. Typical, fans expect loyalty from players what about the other way around?Leno got injured playing for our team while being one of our constant best performers,now that he injured and Martinez had about 15 pretty decent games,he is flavour of the month and not a thought for Leno,but who cares right?they earn millions,pure hypocrisy!

    1. True. For them, loyalty only works one way. A player should sacrifice and should be sacrificed anytime it fits the fans agenda. I’m very happy that Xhaka and Ozil is giving them a test of their own medicine and teaching them a lesson in humility.

      1. It is noticeable how some who call themselves fans of AFC , SUCH AS YOU,will always take the side of the player over that of the club itself. That my young and naive friend, is NOT the action of a TRUE fan! Consider and change your approach, if you wish to be a REAL Gooner.

        1. Are you being serious @Jon Fox?so Leno hasn’t been a good servant to our club?I thought you cared about values ,principles…?I am not taking any sides by the way,I said loyalty should come from both sides,talking about the club, don’t you think it is in its best interests in the long term to treat its players with respect,fairness, loyalty….how do you expect us to attract good players,with the right mentality,values…if we are seen as a Chelsea where players are seen as mere disposables?I would call that thinking of the club , its reputation and attractiveness to players, wouldn’t you?

          1. Siamois, Please read my longer post, below, written before I read your post to me. It explains perfectly clearly why I think as I DO. I recommend this thinking to you too. I would just add that since 1958 I have supported Arsenal Football CLUB. Henry, Bergkamp , Ozil and leno andmartinez wer not even born until I was already a mature adult. So WHY would any sane fan in my position choose to support ANY player above the club I haveloved almost my entire life?
            CARE TO ANSWER that precise question please?
            PS, your post attempts to put false words that I do not accept into my mouth. The clubshould always act honourably and at times esp with Kroenke in charge, it does not. But we choose to stay as fans OR WE CHOOSE NOT TOO. If we chose to remain fans, then we must always BACK the club over the player.

  6. Though I remain torn between preferring Leno OR Martinez, I never like players issuing public ultimatums to the club. It does not sit well with me. My philosophy for ALL players, no matter whom, is that ALL are privileged and well paid to wear our shirt and even be on the bench. Nobody FORCES any player to accept a contract and they are all free not to accept one. BUT, once accepted, – which means also accepting the riches and comfortable material lifestyle that ALL Prem players receive, courtesy of hardpressed fans enthusiasm and love for their club and players – then they have a DUTY, both morally and legally, to perform to their utmost.

    This is as true for say HENRY and BERGKAMP as it is for MARTINEZ and OZIL. When they negate the contract, either by not giving their all or by fostering unrest for selfish reasons, they then become the clubs enemy and thus by definition, MY enemy!

    Simple as that, even though some will prefer to complicate it.

    It is the WHOLE reason why I will wage verbal war against OZIL, til the day he leaves us.

    Consider this truth and please think about it seriously; a TRUE fan supports the club above ANY player, EVERY TIME. Players come and go, but the club remains and is – or should be to all TRUE fans – far and away more important than ANY player, no matter whom.

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