Emiliano Martinez instagram furore much ado about nothing – video and images

Emiliano Martinez explains away liked Emery out post.

OK, where to start? Well, we all know what has happened, Arsenal number two keeper Emiliano Martinez liked a post calling for Emery to go.

Now, on the face of it, that is not good but did anyone really think he would be that stupid?

I did not, that is why we never covered it when it happened, my first reaction was he would have done it by mistake. Well, he is saying his account was hacked as reported in the Metro, but whatever the excuse is, I simply did not feel this was anything to get worked up about.

The first thing I asked myself is why would he do this? Why would he risk the uproar that would come from it and why risk his Europa League starting position?

It just never made any sense to me at all.

I am not necessarily saying he would not have done it but I am saying that if he did then it was not deliberate.

Some of you may say don’t be so naive, he knew what he was doing etc. I just do not buy that for one minute. I am not defending Martinez for the sake of it, I am questioning why would he do it knowing what the reaction would be.

Martinez is not the first player to fall foul of social media and will not be the last, only recently did Alexandre Lacazette get caught up in liking a post put up by the notorious Arsenal player abuser Troopz of AFTV fame.

Since then he had given his full backing to the manager.

Look, if he did do it, so what, far worse going on between the players and manager. This really is much ado about nothing.


  1. Andrew Elder says:

    Whatever the reasons, it still doesn’t help player/manager relationship, if true, does it? Again if true, very unprofessional and not helpful at this particular time.

  2. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    I think Emiliano Martinez did like the Emery OUT! Slogan that was posted on the social media. But why have I said so? I say this because I’ve come to know Martinez through my observing him closely in his performance behaviours for Arsenal in the last International Champion Cup games where he was divisive as a goalkeeper for Arsenal against Real Madrid after the match has finished. Therefore, Martinez is that can of a player who can do such mutinious behavior against his head coach/manager Emery. But has Martinez forgotten that Emery gave him the chance to become the no 2 goalkeeper at Arsenal this season? Matt Macey the no 3 goalkeeper at the club is been lurking around in the corner at Arsenal waiting in the wing to upsurge him he Martinez for the no 2 goalkeeper position at the club. The ready made ploy excuse employed by Martinez saying his account was hacked L think is to the gallery fools but not to the Intelligent wise. Therefore, Emery should act on the matter decisively sooner than later by demoting Martinez to the no 3 goalkeeper position at the club with immediate effect to serve as a disciplinary measure to deter the the would want to act as Martinez has acted in bad faith to his head coach. Discipline must not only be enforced at the Gunners but MUST be seen being enforced. Martinez OUT next January window.

  3. Loose Cannon says:

    hey, if a certain player abuses fans on the pitch and another bad mouths the coach on the touch line (in a finals) and no disciplinary action taken when the said players wearing the playing kit, so how can one take action against Auba, Laca or Emi when not in the clubs colors? Punishment should be fair for all, not for a select few.
    Those at the top seem weak,they need to be ruthless with all.Too bad to see this culture come into our once upon a time great club

  4. Innit says:

    I’m sure it was an error

    If not then
    That’s a bad thing to do.
    That kind of thing hurts the team because it’s a distraction

    If a player wants a manager to leave then he should protest internally through proper channels and protocol to the people above Emery. Not in public

    If it was on purpose then Martinez should be sold or released ASAP

  5. Declan says:

    He’s our best keeper and Leno wants out. Sort it !

  6. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Good job son..
    Let’s cut the pretense as if we don’t want Emery out

  7. jon fox says:

    All my instincts tell me this “like” was in error. I agree that it makes no sense from his point of view. From all of ours it DEFINITELY DOES but NOT Martinez.

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