Emmanuel Adebayor really hated Arsenal fans! And we hated him!

I must admit that there were not many Arsenal fans that were happy with Emmanuel Adebayor when he forced Arsene Wenger to sell him to Manchester City, and I admit he was subject to quite a lot of abuse for deserting the Gunners purely for cash, and I personally think he deserved a lot of it.

The abuse continued for the rest of the season and was particularly nasty when the Togo international took to the field to face the Gunners. Adebayor was desparate to score against us and he got his wish, and he clearly had no problem with showing the Arsenal fans exactly how much he hated us. He sprinted all the way to the Arsenal supporters end and did a knee-slide in front of us with hhis arms outstretched in celebration.

The FA took a dim view of hiss actions and fined him £25,000, but he has now admitted that he didn’t care how much they fined him he just wanted to get back at the Arsenal fans. “After it had happened, I was told the FA wanted to slap me with a huge fine,” Adebayor admitted. “Even if I would have had to pay two million euros I would have done it. I was not going to stay there and hear five thousand people insult my family, even though they had nothing to do with it.

“At that moment, I felt like I weighed 20 kilos, even though before the match, I felt like I weighed 2000.

“When I started running, Wright-Phillips tried to catch up with me. Seeing as he was small, I floored him with a little shoulder-to-shoulder.

“Then there was the very slow Gareth Barry, who I got past with a light feint.

“Kolo Toure was in the centre circle, and he understood that he had to let me do my thing.

“When I slid on my knees and spread my arms out, I felt untouchable.

“People were throwing everything at me – their phones, water bottles but I did not flinch, everything went right past me.

“‘Whoosh, whoosh’, just like in the movies!

“It feels great like being imprisoned for years and then suddenly hearing someone tell you, ‘My brother, the door is there, walk out. Now you are free.’

“That is what I felt – liberation.”

To me, all that showed was that Gooners were right to feel about him that way. He has since proved many times that he was simply a mercenary that could never replicate the form he showed for Arsenal. He may have hated Arsenal fans, but I can assure him that Arsenal fans hated him just as much, if not more…



  1. Fortis_gunner says:

    Who cares?

    1. Remember Resource? says:

      He did nothing wrong.. He left for more money. The arsenal fans at the stadium were very offensive towards him. He has explained this while he was at arsenal in an interview. You cant blame the guy for celebrating in front of the arsenal fans after the way they abused him. You guys fail to understand that these are players whose loyalty for the club develops from the love of the fans. If you were to play for another club and the fans loved you it would go a long way in making you respect that club and maybe even want to stay there forever.
      Anyway you cant blame the guy. He’s sitting on a fortune for virtually no work. Had an amazing life as a football player in the top leagues, played with top players.. He probably doesnt even care anymore, especially after the abuse he got.

  2. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    He is one of the many snakes that ARSENAL have had to deal with since the difficulties we faced after moving to the emirates.Yet somewhere in the back of their mind people consider him to be a better CF than someone like GIROUD for example.We have been throwing all the abuse in the world at him ever since he joined but neither did he yell nor cry all those times and quitely went about his job on the pitch.OG got 100 goals faster than adefayor and persie.Moreover he loves arsenal and gives his 100% in every game.So let us all begin to respect those who might not be the superstars but consider their clubs to be and worship it like a relegion.

    1. jon fox says:

      Though I like your post generally , do you seriously think that we Gooners “consider him(Adebayor) better than Giroud”. I can’t agree with that bit. I have met no Gooner who prefers that mercenary tart to Giroud.

  3. dave says:

    boo hoo grow a pair

  4. Break-on-through says:

    It was funny what he said about Rosicky, said hello and he’s now injured. You know what they say about hate, fine line to love. He’s just an imperant dijk, one of those people that you may as well be talking to a wall. He looked good at the beginning there, he looked like he might actually replace Henry in some fashion. Tough, quick, tall athletic and agile, and could score goals. He’s an idiot, just for some extra zeroes he became a nobody, I don’t even think Spu fans like him. Lazy he became, he should be a description for everything that is wrong about today’s game. A means to an end, people actually choosing the sport not because it’s their greatest passion, not because they cannot believe that their job is to play football. The money at the end of the rainbow is the driving force some of today’s players. Adebeyor might have joined athletics, similar with Walcott and other super quick players. Anyone these days with a bit of pace can blag their way into football, Adebeyor showed his colors, green.

    1. Guneal says:

      This description fits wenger perfectly.

      1. jay says:

        That’s genuinely one of the most ill-informed, ignorant, stupid and just plain wrong criticisms that I have ever read of Wenger. You do realise that he has been offered jobs at all the top clubs in Europe? I imagine that the likes of Real Madrid offered him an even larger contract than the one he currently had at Arsenal.

        Say what you like about Wenger, but to accuse him of just being in it for the money and being greedy is just so unbelievably far off the mark. You’ve just displayed how people like yourself will accuse/blame Wenger for every problem under the sun. It really is quite transparent.

  5. Mobella says:

    With everything that had happened to him. I thought he would have grown a pair of brain but behold, i was wrong. I liked him when he was with us. In fact, i was sad because he didn’t play for Nigeria but with the way things turned with him, i regret i felt way about him. I for one won’t flitch with his utterance. He has said far more worse about his family. He is nothing but a tool like someone who called an ape because he is black.

  6. Maks says:

    Best moments for me, were when he was at Spurs… sorry 5pur2….
    just a look on his face when we were sloting home was enough for me to make my day. 🙂

  7. Remmy says:

    Adebayor has been an epitome of mistake, covetousness and ill patience guy all his life through. In Nigeria, (his country of birth) he has no honour, to Adebayo family, he is a black sheep. In all clubs he has had played for, his name is always erased just immediately he left the clubs; never reckoned with let alone being a legend. This is guy who had named her biological mother a witch and his blood brother a thief in the present of the whole world. It grieved me when people talk about Emmanuel Adebayor as one of those guys up there but to me is a persona non grata who does not think life after his football career forgetting that life is not as it were before and nor would it remain forever.

  8. Ivan says:

    He is the classic example of an extremely talented footballer whose lack of braincells meant his is a career nobody will remember.

    1. Nick says:

      We’ll remember the 90-yard dash and the knee slide, though, and the Arsenal fans’ fury, and the header that made it possible.

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