Emmanuel Petit Barcelona comments are a warning that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang should listen to

Emmanuel Petit discusses his and Philippe Coutinho’s regret at joining Barcelona, Aubameyang should learn

In what should be a warning to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Emmanuel Petit has admitted that he regrets leaving Arsenal for Barcelona when they were on the cusp of something great.

He also reckons that Philippe Coutinho will be full of regret after swapping Anfield for a “dream” move to FC Barcelona.

The Brazilian’s dream move has become a nightmare and the Catalans have now shipped him out on loan to Bayern Munich, while Liverpool has won three trophies in the last year.

Petit said he kept questioning his decision making when he went to Barcelona and had to watch from afar as Arsenal became a dominant force in English football at the turn of the millennium.

“If I was Philippe Coutinho, every morning I would wake up and think to myself, ‘Why, why, did I sign [for Barcelona] in Spain?'” Petit told Mirror Football.

“And do you know why I say this? Because, I can remember the time when I’d wake up, when I was at Barcelona, when I left Arsenal, and I was thinking the same way, ‘Why did I leave? Why did I leave? Why did I leave?'”

“And to be honest with you I am sure Coutinho has been asking himself the same question for a while now. He left for Bayern Munich, he does sometimes play well but he’s not really a first-team player.”

Aubameyang is the latest player to be linked with a move to Barcelona and the Gabonese attacker seems to have had his head turned over the move.

Arsenal fans will hope that their captain learns from Petit and Coutinho experience and stays put at the Emirates.


  1. Good advise. To be honest Barcelona has killed many stupid players careers. Alex Song, Alex Hleb, Cesk Fabregas , Goudjohnson and many more, are examples of those players.

  2. What about Alex song & Hleb both regretted why they left Arsenal for Baca not leaving Vamerlein. So if he want to go let him go he will test it.

  3. Auba is just frustrated of his wages. He might be tempted to leave if Arsenal doesn’t give him the same salary as Ozil. It’ll come at a price: winning trophies from the bench and having better wages

  4. So suddenly, Top Gunner, it’s fine for Auba to sit on the bench taking his obscene salary, but not the same when this accusation was levelled at Ozil?
    You either have principles or you don’t and I would ask you tolook at and reply to my answer to you regarding Ozil holding up contracts and transfers…thank you!!!

    On to Petit andhow many of our players have left for pastures new, only to bemoan leaving the club and fans who worshipped them?

    This is another case of a player who, under Arsene Wenger, reached the heights, with more to follow…only to let him, the fans and the club down.

    Yet we get fans, many old enough to know better, who bitch and moan about Wenger never replacing them!!!

    First of all, there was never the money to replace like for like and secondly it isn’t as easy as plucking apples from a tree…so…sorry Petit etc understand your regrets, but you like so many others, screwed us, the boss as well as yourself, so let’s see if Auba listens to you.

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