Emmanuel Petit says that Emery’s job is far from safe

There has been many opinions given for Arsenal’s decline under Unai Emery, and with the Gunners having their worst start to the League for over 30 years this was obviously going to become a massive talking point amongst Gooners and pundits, and everyone has got their own opinion.

The latest news from the Arsenal Board is that they are behind Unai Emery, with Raul Sanllehi telling the world that the Spaniard is still “the right man for the job” and they will not consider his future until next summer, but the ex-Arsenal star Emmanuel Petit thinks that Emery’s job is far from safe unless results improve quickly and dramatically. He told PaddyPower: “I believe it’s time for Unai Emery to leave Arsenal. The results are not good at all. I don’t recognise this team anymore and I don’t recognise this club any more.

“Arsene Wenger built this club for 20 years and there was concern as generation after generation came and went. But now they look like an average team without any inspiration or creativity – and I don’t think that’s solely down to the players.

“My opinion is that most of the players have given up on Emery, so it’s time for him to go.

“I watched the game against Leicester and Arsenal looked terrible. They had no spirit, no hunger, nothing at all. I wondered to myself, “What is going on at this club? What is happening to this club?”

“In order to save his job he’ll need to be given until some-time around Boxing Day. But he’ll need great results and a huge difference in the style of the team on the pitch. There needs to be anger on the pitch, spirit.

“The club are lying about Emery – his job is not safe

“What the club came out and said about Emery’s job being safe is not true at all. Everyone knows this, the typical official language clubs send out to the press and fans when things are not going well, when they sense tension.

“This is a political answer and most of the time when I hear officials or shareholders talk like this it’s proof for me that they’re already thinking about sacking the manager. It’s the opposite of what they’re saying that might be true.”

Well that is an in-depth opinion from someone who knows how the club works, and it is hardly going to set Emery’s mind at rest. So all of you who just want to see him gone can be heartened by the thought that his job is far from safe, no matter what the Board say….



  1. gotanidea says:

    Petit is right about Emery’s job security and the aspects we don’t have. We have lost the spirit, the hunger and the urgency in the field since Wenger’s final seasons

    I just want to see whether the players still perform badly or not under Emery’s replacement. Some senior players don’t show any improvement despite playing for two different managers and this has set bad examples for the youngsters/ the new players

  2. Sue says:

    Spot on, Petit! 👍👍

    1. Sue says:

      I noticed a couple of newspapers are reporting he has 6 games to save his job….

  3. Adebayo says:

    As a manager,its fine if you have different tactics or different formation. But what’s not fine is when you don’t stick to a formation for at least two or three matches. You can change your tactics when you are playing against a tougher team or a team who believe in defensivegamr,just to destabilize their strategy. But the way Unai is doing things at Emirate is far from what we expect of him.

    1. Mobella says:

      Adedayo, what Emery is not sticking to is the formation but tactics he does and that is why we played crap irrespective of the formation he employed. His tactics is defensive , if it can’t be called that, and not to lose. Ironically, he sucks at both.

      1. Diogenes says:

        And remember, he said he prefers to win 5-4 when he joined 😀

  4. McLovin says:

    I think the main problem is, we are not scoring enough. Yes, defense is still shambles but difference from last season is we’re scoring less. I think we have conceded the same amount as last year, give or take, but scored about 10 goals less.

    I don’t think this squad is as bad as our results show us. I believe it’s a mental thing and this is down to the manager. Players either don’t want to play for him or are just confused by Emery’s tactics/playing style.

  5. Gunnerphilic says:

    When I read the statement put out by the board, my thoughts were, Oh no, who’s going to save this man now! He is going about with a huge target painted on his back. Never a more politically correct statement.

    He is gone. It’s a matter of time.

  6. Grandad says:

    We are an average side because we do not have top quality players in central defence and defensive midfield.Unless we take steps to remedy these glaring weaknesses we will not improve regardless of who is our Manager.Neither Pep not Klopp could turn this squad into a winning side.Emery does not impress me but until we unload a group of mediocre players we are going nowhere.Edu and his fellow Directors must be aware of the players who are not up to scratch and they will be failing in their duties if they do not make every effort to clear the deck for any new Manager.

  7. De-ra says:

    Hey guys, hope you lovely ladies and gentlemen are all having an amazing day. Been a while i posted on here, something caught my attention during these dark times being an arsenal fan.

    First and formost Admartin, i feel you are doing a nice job keeping this Arsenal news site (as you call it) interesting. Though i must say sometimes the articles tend to be too much/day.

    We are all fans of this great historical club! We all care and love this club passionatley, be it the fans going to matches week in week out, the fans on AFTV ( of which is my main issue for posting) or the fans not rich enough to attend games, but one thing is certain, we love the Arsenal.

    Admartin i have noticed you taking several pops at AFTV (noticed this way much earlier than now but decided to hold my tongue as i was not too sure).
    I just have few questions, do you watch all their shows? Do you watch their videos when we do win or only when we have lost a match? Asking because from your point of view ( which i respectfully feel is a little ignorant ) everything that comes out of AFTV is bad. Have you watched the Kevin Campbell show on there? The unattending fans view of everymatch where they give there views be it negative or positive? Have you listened to the the talk is cheap show? The tactical insight show. With Graham (where talk is made about formations and tactics).Ignorance at its best is not properly educating yourself but still commenting on a specific subject matter like you have made the appropriate research needed. This ignorance undermines the work of the good people at AFTV ( my opinion ). Also its a little bit hypocritical in my opinion because AFTV is comprised of fans voicing thier opinion just like a majority of fans on here, and please spare me the negativity approach because its almost the same as here. You could say its less cursing here but hey there are many more fans on AFTV that can construct their opinion in a manner of class amd i must say rather articulate.

    In this age of big media bullying i fully respect what AFTV has acheived, albeit not perfect, it has shown that the voice of the fans cannot and should not be ignored. Man i could go on all day! You write that AFTV spreads negativity and curses our players, even if true, this is usually done after the match and not during! When is a fan supposed to give his opinions on issues that are so displeasing. There are many fans on there that actually carry out constructive criticisms.

    Also, should we not be embarrased that the club we love so much, rather than address the issues we are facing, would rather address AFTV? And players should stop communicating with the fans???

    I sincerely hope this is more of an ignorance issue and not one of jealousy.

    Just my two cents and sincere apologies for my ramblings. We all love arsenal and should be proud that we have a club big enough to have such a massive following ( as evidenced by the amount of arsenal fan channels or sites like here or AFTV). Peace and love fellow gunners!!! COYG!!!

    1. Admin Martin says:

      This comment was awaiting approval, I have approved it now. Yes I have watched the shows you mentioned, no I do not watch them no more. Why? because the Channel is a disgrace to Arsenal. If you are ok with them standing outside Arsenal telling out players to F OFF and the manager to F OFF and attack players they do not like literally daily then that is fine, that is your choice. I will not stand by and say nothing in return. I think they are a vile tabloid outlet that I find disgusting. Now, I can back up my assertions. You see, I did write a pro AFTV article just a few months ago here https://www.justarsenal.com/aftv-and-what-they-offer-to-arsenal-an-alternative-perspective/213981 I even said this in the article “I rate AFTV very highly and watch it almost every day” But I have changed my mind since then because of the vile abuse towards Xhaka, who I have also criticised highly without swearing and being derogatory towards him. They lost me as a fan simple as that. You know, the same way they turn on ur players but the huge difference is, I criticise without abuse.

      1. Diogenes says:

        Classy response, AdMart.

    2. jon fox says:

      De-ra, I liked the theme and also the toneof your article, even though I differ on one or two key points you make. But you have expressed your own views well and argued for it passionately and on any fansite, that is surely to be applauded.

  8. jon fox says:

    How can any deep thinking Gooner ever doubt what Petit says is true. Of course it is true! It is well known that whenever a club feels they should issue a statement of confidence, the very opposite is true.No one with a decent brain doubts Emery is skating on very thin ice.AND OBVIOUSLY SO!

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