Emmanuel Petit slams Arsenal’s transfer policies

Emmanuel Petit has slammed the decision makers at Arsenal after a number of unsuccessful transfer windows.

The Gunners have drifted further and further from the top of the table in the last 15 years, and despite a number changes to the hierarchy in North London, we are yet to see any real improvements.

Mikel Arteta and Edu did manage to undo some of errors by the previous management, ridding themselves of burdens like Shkodran Mustafi and Mesut Ozil, but there is still a big rebuilding job needed, and the first-team needs strengthening somewhat.

It is difficult to figure out exactly what went wrong this season, but if we were to compare our squad to a number of our rivals at present, it wouldn’t look pretty on our part.

Petit has now moved to slam the transfer policy at the club from recent windows.

He told talkSPORT: “How many times were they wrong in buying players at Arsenal? Defenders, Mustafi, Sokratis, with the same talent. They were adding players on players on players, but they were not difference between them.

“This is the end of the street for them. Make changes, you have to. It’s been the case for the last couple of years, but what have they done?

“It’s not a question of money as they have the money.

“After all the famous Super League drop in the water, after all the frustration in the transfer market and the profile of the players who left, I can understand that they have to be careful by repaying the loan from the bank for the Emirates Stadium.

“I can understand that, but now it’s over it’s not the same anymore. Don’t tell me it’s because of COVID-19, when you spend £60million on players every single transfer market, you have the money to bring in talent.

“Can you tell me how you choose your talent? How you choose your profile? What is your target?”

Have Arsenal failed to improve the team with signings in recent years?


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  1. Grandad says:

    Poor recruitment has been a sad feature of our Club for many years with only Martinelli and Tierney standing out from a host of acquisitions who have not set the heather on fire In my estimation.I am fairly certain Partey will come good next season and while Pepe is starting to make a real contribution , we clearly paid a substantial premium for his services.The likes of Leno, Holding , and perhaps Chambers can be considered to be value for money, and frustratingly Guendousi seems to have an inflated ego which may well prevent him from fulfilling his potential.Fortunately,in Saka, ESR , Balogun , and Willock we have youngsters who can make it at the top level and with 2/3 other Academy graduates showing real promise, brighter days may lie ahead without our having to repeat the mistakes of the past.Leicester are an example of how a competent recruitment team can aid Management and create a successful side with limited spending power.

  2. Vinnie2000 says:

    Kudos to Mr Emmanuel Petit!!👍👍
    Keep doing d Good work.
    Let d message get to MA, Edu and the Board!!
    Arsenal FC is not Everton, West Ham or Brighton (with due respect to the mentioned clubs)!!

    We need..
    Wilfred Zaha
    Andre Silva (or Raul Jinemez)..
    Rugged, aggressive, Efficient n win-mentality players who can Arsenal to d next Level…
    We don’t need much signings!!

  3. PBarany says:

    I don’t agree at all.

    Arsenal’s scouting and signing policy is not bad at all. Of course there were some serious blunders like Lucas Perez. Denis Suarez, Lichtsteiner, Willian but many of the signings were at least decent (Kolasinac, Mustafi, Lacazette, Torreira, Mavropanos, Mari, Pepe) or real masterstrokes (Martinelli, Aubameyang, Gunedouzi, Tierney, Gabriel, Odegaard). And unlike Chelsea and the 2 Manchester clubs we didn’t break the bank every season but were looking for unearthed gems and reasonable investments. And we succeeded more than we failed.

    What Arsenal is legendary poor at is disposing players. Run-down contracts, cheap selling price, wasted talents, terminated employments and unreasonably huge squad size burned dozens of millions, but when it comes to incoming players Arsenal belong to the top.

    Compare Gabriel, Mari and Mavropanos (combined purchase price about 29.5M) with Maguire, Lindelof and Bailly (combined purchase price about 144M). I wouldn’t swap the trios, and MU is constantly on the lookout to buy even more defenders for more money.

    1. Grandad says:

      I’m afraid we have differing views on the likes of Mustafi Torreria ,Sokratis, and Kolasinac , none of whom I consider “decent” signings.Nor do I consider the acquisition of Gabriel and Odegaard as ” masterstrokes”.

      1. PBarany says:

        We don’t have to agree as long as we do it in a civilized manner. 🙂
        My focus is not on Mustafi, but if you brought him up, he became twice the Man of the Match in his first 4 games for Schalke. Furthermore he ended up as the 4th best player for the German team (according to WhoScored: https://www.whoscored.com/Players/80921/Fixtures/Shkodran-Mustafi) and the only defender in their top12 players, which is quite something taking their terrible league performance into account. I think he is both seriously underappreciated (like Xhaka and Nelson) and also could have been a better man-marking defender than a zonal one. But as Adajim explained below Shkodran had the potential, but most likely wasn’t coached properly.

        I agree that he isn’t world class, and probably the similarities between him and Mari are apt, and Musti cost us a hell lot of money while Pablo came relatively cheap. Yet, that’s hardly his fault, and I still rate him higher than the no-nonsense Sokratis.

        I think Gabriel had one of the best debut year from a South-American defender in the PL and there is a lot more yet to come from him. But I don’t mind if we agree to disagree.

    2. Adajim says:

      Why I will agree is that, the players mentioned as decent were decent when they arrived in all honesty we kept 6 clean sheets in Mustaffi first 6games, how the mighty have fallen, I only think he didn’t worth the price we paid, he isn’t much better than Mari as far as am concerned

  4. gerry burke says:

    it is so very refreshing to hear petit say that we have the money, at last, somebody has spoken the truth about our finances. the great lie about not having money began when we moved to the emirates. since then all we have heard is we dont have any money to buy players. we have to let 5o something staff go to make up the shortfal. it is clearly laughable all these lies about no money in the club.for many years we have heard that we are going to have so much in our war chest, but yet we spend nothing like that,ever.somebody is telling porkies. whoever they are, they are clearly keeping up the wenger tradition of the untruth.

  5. RSH says:

    it’s true, all of it. transfer policies are horrendous and every summer we either dont complete business in every area we need, or just purchase bad players, or both. Missing out on Buendia is fine but who are we getting instead? If it’s to bring back Odegaard then we are a joke and Kroenke needs to go along with Edu and Mikel. Waiting for Ek to come back some time this year to purchase the club PLEASE.

    1. Adajim says:

      Are you comparing Buenda to Ode? If you are then you really need to snap out of your delusion. Last summer was so better, we spent wisely and to be fair since Edu arrival we have done good, you can name Willian, or Runnarson, I’ll accept Runnarson was a huge blunder I didn’t think the recruiter did enough check before buying, but Willian was not a blunder, it didn’t turn out the way we want doesn’t mean it was a blunder

  6. JW says:

    Sadly, this window does not look to be any different!

    I keep reading that the dynamic duo (Mr Ed and Wilbur) are still trying to get Odegaard.

    If we need any more evidence of how clueless they are, I suggest this transfe, if it happens,r would confirm it!!!!

    1. Joe.S says:

      Love the the analogy JW. Not much to lauagh about regarding how those two are running/ ruining the club?

  7. nelzo b says:

    except torreria the rest are good for nothing bad market.

  8. Reggie says:

    We have a very bad circumstance of buying players, devaluing them and selling players that increase in value. Artetas stewardship has been a pretty damning one, AMN valued 20 mil now 9 mil (all on transfer market) Gouendouzi valued 45 mil now 18 mil, Saliba valued 28 mil now 22 mil, Tierney valued 28 mil now 26mil, Auba valued last summer 35 mil now 20 mil, Xhaka valued 28 mil now 20 mil, and the great one, Leno Valued 24 mil now 22 mil, Matinez, sold for 20 mil now valued Da da da da 28 mil. There are loads of players that Arsenal have devalued and we cant survive buying high selling low. Our development of players as a whole is poor, with the exception of Saka who has, for now gone up in value!

    1. Declan says:

      Perhaps you should also look up how players values in other teams have fallen too. Apart from the very elite players, most player values have dropped over the last couple of years due to Covid, no income etc. This is not an Arsenal problem, it’s common throughout the league, a sign of the times!

      1. Reggie says:

        Well declan, i think you will find we are among the worst of the bunch. Most other teams have lost value but not anything like us. Plus most teams have some major assests, city, utd, Liverpool and Chelsea all have three or four 100 mil plus players. Even squads like spuds, villa and Everton probably are valued higher than ours, with far less outlay. Our players values plummit like stones in a lake, Why?

  9. Joe.S says:

    It seems that anyone with football nous are being critical of the Sham amaturish way the Arsenal are run. The only ones who are happy are mostly regulars on this sight. Keep The Faith or something else>

  10. FingersFurnell says:

    Hi all, I’ve see a couple of mentions on this site recently citing Leicester as a good example for us to look at in the transfer market, now there is a lot to like about Leicester but I’m not sure that they are a particularly good example here

    Yes, they won the FA Cup this season, we won it last, yes they finished above us this season but although they won at our place we won the League game against them away and we also beat them up there in the Carabao Cup, we went a lot further than them in the Europa beating the team that knocked them out on the way, so did they have a better season than us, maybe, are they better than us, I’m not so sure

    Either way my transfer market point is that they sold two current internationals in their prime to top 4 rivals who then finished in the top 4 when Leicester didn’t

    I’m not criticising them for doing that but with pretty rich owners did they really need to?, wouldn’t a more ambitious Club build on those two in the market and push on?

    Certainly if we had done that the media and a number of folk on this site would have gone into melt down

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