England 2-0 Ukraine – If Mudryk is worth 100m, how much is Saka worth?

England defeated Ukraine 2-0 at Wembley Stadium, and Chelsea’s Mykhailo Mudryk had a tough evening. Many anticipated him to perform miracles against England, but he was restricted and unable to contribute.

 Ukraine’s most exciting prospect was a passenger in England’s 2-0 win at Wembley, being pocketed by Kyle Walker. Saka once caused him to sit down by expertly controlling the ball and leaving the Ukrainian star on the ground.

Bukayo Saka was the standout performer for Gareth Southgate’s team; laying on a beautiful cross for Harry Kane to score his 55th goal for England and then scoring.

Arsenal fans are already claiming that their club was lucky not to acquire Mudryk after seeing Bukayo Saka shine not only on international duty but also in the league.

Truth be told Mudryk has yet to make Arsenal regret not signing him. In the England vs. Ukraine, EURO qualifier clash the Chelsea star was on the field for only 60 minutes before being substituted. And, as disappointing as he has been in the Premier League, he failed to fire a single shot on target.

In that game, Saka demonstrated a distinct distinction between himself and the Ukrainian winger. Chelsea paid £100 million for Mudryk, but he hasn’t lived up to the hype. Arsenal did not invest a fortune in Saka, but he is playing like a £100 million signing.

Mudryk’s unintentional block of teammate Ruslan Malinovskyi’s attempt on goal was his only notable performance in the contest. Arsenal supporters never kept quiet about that; they flooded social media with comments comparing the two stars and the message was loud and clear – We dodged a very expensive bullet!

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  1. I think we need to move on from mudryk. Getting a little embarrassing now. He didn’t sign for us in the end, he moved to chelsea. I get that some fans are still a bit bitter but it’s not a good look to keep talking about him. As for mudryk, he’s clearly quite raw but he’s only started 3 games for chelsea and has the attributes to be a truly top player. Chelsea didn’t sign him for now but for the next 10 years so chelsea could well have the last laugh. Let’s enjoy our players and stop focusing on those who don’t play for us! (Great game by saka by the way!!)

    1. We suppose to thank the Ukrainian club for indirectly giving us Trosaard. So let’s leave Mudryk alone. Right from when we went for him at above 25m I was wondering who he was going to bench.

  2. Saka could be worth nothing if he doesn’t sign a new contract ,let’s hope he’s happy here and he signs in the dotted line .
    Regarding Mudryk he was obviously worth that amount as we also wanted to pay what Chelsea payed .
    I would suggest waiting till next season regarding Mudryk and what he is worth because he could explode ,what I’ve seen of him that probably won’t happen at Chelsea ,but you never know .

    1. This…he’s worth way less until he signs a new contract.

      Completely negligent of Edu to let the contract get this far down.

      1. The Saka contract negotiations have reportedly been going on since the end of last season, and Saka himself has been making some quite optimistic public statements.

        1. If hes that ‘optimistic’ why hasn’t he signed? The answer, as ever these days, more than likely is what his agent is advising. Doubtless that parasite (I hate those greedy spivs) is holding out while he sounds out interest from elsewhere and how much of a wedge he can collect. All totally under the table of course, but as the games ‘authority’s’ do nothing meaningful, it simply goes on. Sorry about the rant, but agents role in the modern game has been catastrophic.

            1. I’ve never liked agents, but the Ashley cole affair tipped it over into full on foaming madness…. 😉

  3. Arguably Tossard would have worth more than Mudryk wasn’t for the Belgian age.

    If Graham Potter cannot trust Mudryk to hold his coffee, how can he carries water for Saka.

    The answer is the lad clearly don’t worth half that £100 mil

    1. But age is a huge factor in anyone’s transfer fee so that seems like a bit of a silly point. Mudryk was only £60m upfront, not £100m by the way! I don’t really get the need to try and have a go at mudryk after literally 3 games at chelsea. Yes he turned us down but, they signed him for the next decade and it just makes us look bitter that we are waiting for any opportunity to have a go at him. Trossard was always going to be a better short term signing so there’s no surprise how things have turned out in the short term!

  4. Feel almost jealous that Saka scored that goal and provided for Kane’s assist for England rather than Arsenal but good luck to the kid he deserves it. I believe that he has now announced himself as a world player and is no longer our best kept secret. The only think that can stop is serious injury, lack of protection from refereers encouraging thug defenders to kick him out of the game, burn out and a big ego. I am confident that he will be able to manage the ego problem best.

  5. Saka should be worth much more in England, because he is younger, homegrown and an in-form inverted RW

    Based on what I saw, Mudryk is still not as good as Martinelli, Sterling, Saint-Maximin, Pulisic and Grealish in the left wing position. I could see his potential, but he needs to work harder next season

    I think Mudryk is currently more suitable for counter-attacking tactics

  6. If he signs the contract then easily somewhere between 120 to 150 Millions
    But if doesn’t sign the contract then somewhere between 30-50 Millions…
    And if he doesn’t sign the contract and if we unable to sell him then he would worth nothing for us..
    We need to get his signature on paper at least for on 4 years extension

    1. You are not keeping up with the news my friend!

      He is about to sign a new, AGREED by both parties,contract at around £300k PW.
      A scandalous amount IMO, but less scandalous in HIS case than in almost any other player who earns that sort of ridiculous wages.

      The whole of ALL Prem wages are ludicrous, but that is now how the market is. Unfortunately but true!

      1. Yeah but sometimes you can only believe on things when they actually occur..
        Has he sign those papers yet??
        Let him sign those papers and then we can decide his value in market

  7. Mudryk does not look like he would fare any better at the Arsenal, he looks like a counterattack option but we are possession-based, graft and craft are what we look for, not pace and space which Mudryk is. Did Arteta want a plan b option, fall back to play on counter v certain sides, I don’t know what
    we had in store, someone should ask Mikel what was he planning to do with Mudryk. The technically gifted are more apt abilities for ourselves. Unless he wanted a hybrid of the two and saw Mudrik as a technically gifted speedster

    1. @escapepod303: Almost every contributor to this forum can accurately predict that our genius of a gaffer will summarily stop any enquiry in its tracks by reminding the questioner that he [Arteta] only speaks about players currently at Arsenal.

      What then?

  8. It seems like our fans are still very bitter about the whole Mudryk situation. A lot of our fans can’t stop talking about him given any opportunity.
    They soung like a bitter, jealous guy that was rejected by a girl and now trying to convince themselves that they feel lucky that that girl did not end up as theirs girlfriend.

    People need to calm their bitter emotions down and move on from always talking about Mudryk at any given opportunity. I know it hurts the way he led us on only to drop his knickers in a flash the moment a richer entity propositioned him. “I Ain’t sating he a Gold Digger”. Lol

    But seriousl, we need to move on as this Mudryk / Arsenal fans bitterness is getting a bit cringeworthy. Our fans can’t seem to let it go even they also say they are happy that we got a much cheaper Trossard at the end.

    1. Goonster, I dont see what any of our fans have done wrong or to annoy you so much and so “wrongly”.
      Surely it is FACT , not opinion , that while Mudryk has played a single half hour (on his Chelsea debut) of effective play, Trossard has been incredibly effective for his whole, albeit short as yet, time with us!!

      All our fans are saying ,imo, is what we can all see with our own eyes. What is wrong with, that PLAIN TRUTH!?

  9. This Mudryk talk is so cheap. I could buy it if he hadn’t done well before in the UCL but based on what he showed in the UCL at Skakhtar then eventually be will be up there with the very best wingers in the EPL. If he was as average as people say many rival fans wouldn’t be having a go at him. The fear is that he could explode eventually explode so people want to bring him down while they can.

  10. At the moment Mudryk is way behind Leo Trossard. I wish we would realise Trossard is a true baller. Saka is so far ahead of Mudryk we could not measure it. Chalk and cheese.

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