England call-up means Arsenal MUST start Walcott at Swansea

It has been a couple of weeks now that the Arsenal match day squad has had Theo Walcott in it, but so far the pacy front man has only been given just over 10 minutes on the pitch, at the end of the comfortable win over Burnley. I know that Arsene Wenger is being ultra cautious about one of his key players but he does need time on the pitch as well as training to get back to his best.

And if the manager was undecided about whether to use him against Swansea City in the Premier League on Sunday, the news reported by the Daily Mail today should have made up the Frenchman’s mind. Because the paper has revealed that Walcott is set to be handed a place in Roy Hodgson’s England squad and you know that the national boss will have little hesitation in using the flying forward.


And I think it should be from the start at the Liberty stadium. With Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the Gunners will have an attacking line up with more pace than the Jamaican sprinting team and that means that we can remain pretty solid and compact and utilise the longer ball in behind.

If Walcott doesn’t start and Arsenal are struggling, the prof will be reluctant to bring him on and if he heads to international duty with no game time, it will increase the chance of him coming back with another knock. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. visited a chelski forum Last nyt (casual visit) on a mission to troLL ……. But what i saw amazed me……. Maribor draws with chelski …. And their fans are already Lambasting Mourihno and his players….. Calling em names….. Learnt something tho (1) How pLastic they really are (2) their burning desire to always win every game (draws are disastrous for em) ….. But its only at AFC, we are made to be patient….. “Better days will come” they kept preaching ……9yrs Later the sermon is still on ….. Are we ever gonna wake up from this horrible nightmare? *SAVE ARSENAL OH GOD*

    1. kwaaaahahahahahahaha buddy, please give me the Chelski & spuds webistes man so i can troll like craze!!!
      OT: lets give respect and praise where it’s due, once our frontline with Walcott clicks i think we could have the best attack in the world par Real Madrid, but we probably have the defense amoungst the top teams in the world except Man United…

      1. *worst defence… miss Sol Cambel, Lee dixon, Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Jens Lehman, David Seaman, Ashley cole lol, Lauren, PASCAL CYGAN kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhahahahahhahhahah

        1. Pascal Whooooooo??? Hhahahahahahaaaaaaa,,, I mis Bendtner.. Look how well Wolfsburg is doing with hime leading their attack…..

  2. 9 years ago we were favourites to beat the likes of Man Utd, Chelski and Liverpool. Now we dread to fear if we’re even going to get a point to the likes of West Brom or Sunderland.

  3. I’m amazed we are still being told be paitent , wenger stated he will get defensive cover “if it’s available”. My god it’s not how Real Madrid think, they want a player they go get him, EVERY player is available for the right price, only we shop at pound stretcher
    I predict 1 signing a CB probably Shar for around 10 m
    That’s NOT enough thumbs up if you agree thumbs down if you think wenger will spend big

  4. Article based : JournaList:::: is waLcott going to be in the starting 11 against swansea? Wenger:::: WaLcott? ….. He Lacks competition but he is 100% fit and is yet to integrate into the team…u knw he’s bin out for months, also we have gnarby coming back, and bellerin could also play up thr……. TypicaL wengeritic ……….. But Jeez! What’s a competition?

    1. It hurts man, when I saw sanogo takes his (campbell) place even on the bench, and he’s relegated to the reserves. Come on you wenger, this arsenal not french National team.

  5. can someone explain to me why we stooped the offside trap is it because Mert is too slow or AW just don’t know what it is, and Bould… Bould WHO

    why is Chambers and Gibbs always in the opponents six yard box when there is a counter attack against us.

    1. DON’T slate Bould, Wenger f**ks up his role in defensive training.
      Can you not see how far Wenger has gone, he banned Bould in the past and has never allowed him full control since that time.
      I would love a new manager to come in and allow Bould to do his job!
      when we had that long run of clean sheets and the best defense in the PL it was because of Bould pre the Wenger restrictions on his defensive training.

  6. Sorry but the premise of the article is silly. The England call up should not affect the decision to play Walcott against Swansea at all. And who says a call up means Walcott will start for England? Most likely, he’ll be on the bench for the first game and then given some minutes in the friendly.

  7. Wenger is by habit ultra cautious with Walcott. It was the same last year as well. Walcott wasn’t getting played even though he had been fit for several weeks. Expect Walcott to get his first start on January 31st next year 😛

  8. I know I’m fooling myself but I had this crazy idea that Arsen is doing us one last favor and not spending to buy players so that the money can accumulate for the next manager.

  9. Once more.. another useless article.If u were Arsenal manager, will your priorities be with Arsenal or England? whether Walcott is selected for England has nothing to do with our game with Swansea.

  10. Wenger believes that patience is a virtue and that patience will pay off dividends eventually.

    In Wenger we must Trust

  11. Shite happens…let’s move on…it’s only about $$$ cos we ain’t gonna win the UCL with this squad. We all know that. AW pissed off because perhaps there was a chance we could’ve gotten to QTRs and reaped some bigger bucks. Does anyone thiink this team could win the UCL? seriously??? Get to the next stage…roll the dice..and maybe get a QTR….wonderful AW…i hope you’re pleased. Now about fixing the defense and the complete mid role (it’s not a DM per se in my boolks). The optkons are Khedira, Bender and much lesser on this Carvalho – because he is much more strict Anchor Man/Destroyer. Frankly I see Chambers doing very well in that role…I think him the nezt Viera..long may I hail Diaby in that breath! Swans next…..fix them gaps…score some. and get back on track. AW too damned scared to rest Sanchez…won’t admit that the rest are crap without him there……ah well…another weekend of intrigue 🙂 COYG!!!! whatever happens…WE ARE ONE!!!!

    1. Soon as you said the perennially injured Khedira was an option I stopped reading and thumbed down.

  12. Off Topic:
    I like Wilshere but not really Wilshere fan, but i have to say this…
    Some people have criticise Wilshere whenever we play good, saying we played well because he wasnt playing.
    Have you ever think of it that we played better against Galatasary(The worst team in our group?), against Aston Villa(who has lose 6 games in a roll?) against Burnley(who has neva win a game this season and might get relegated by xmas?).
    What will you have say had Wilshere feature in our 3:3 match and played like Ramsey or Flamini etc?
    Just asking…

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