England fans causing mayhem in Amsterdam yesterday (videos)

Arsenal’s Danny welbeck was over in Holland with the England side to play a “friendly” game against the Dutch national side, but it doesn’t look like a lot of the travelling supporters were feeling in a friendly mood as they terrorized citizens out for a pleasant boat trip….

They ran into trouble though when the Dutch police decided to confront them mob-handed…..

An Amsterdam police spokesman said: ‘We arrested 90 English people, mainly because they were disturbing the peace.

‘Some were arrested because they were throwing beer bottles in the direction of officers.

‘From the 90 arrests most were arrested while blocked in by the riot police after disturbing the peace. The commander made the decision to arrest them all with the numbers between 50 and 60.

‘When we arrested that group it became quiet in the red light district although there were still hundreds of English people staying but they were not causing any problems.’

This is totally unacceptable behaviour from the England fans, and I am not looking forward to seeing what will happen if they come up against the Russians at the World Cup….



  1. gotanidea says:

    Good old hooligans are back and it was just for a friendly

    I hope they can use that spirit to help England in the World Cup, because England need more than that to thrive in that competition

    The English internationals showed great athleticism last night and they need more mental boosters to win against technically gifted teams like Spain

  2. Innit says:

    Disgraceful behavior
    I bet The Russian police won’t be as tolerant as the Dutch police
    Tourists represent their country when they go abroad. Have a good time, drink and be merry but behave yourselves. Dont swear, cause property damage, assault people etc

  3. Lol..those hooligans vandalizing property deserved every beating they received. Not sure why so much destruction has to follow football fans. Throwing someone’s bike in the water? Really? Probably bought it for $3k!

  4. Hayzed says:

    What the hell is this…It’s only a friendly match and they are behaving like this.
    I’m gobsmacked.

  5. Wolf says:

    The worst thing is the liberal media have been all week whipping up fear that English fans will not be safe in Russia. I bet them same media outlets don’t mention this

  6. Sue says:

    That is really embarrassing…. what a bunch of brainless idiots. I don’t think Russia will stand for anything like that. If they carry on like that over there, then I’m sorry but they deserve everything they get…. it’s people like that that give all of us English a bad name, and we’re not all like that

  7. Declan says:

    Total bunch of pathetic pissed up morons shaming the English as usual. Good to see some of them getting a good hiding but the Russian police will be much harder and even innocent supporters will need to watch their backs.

  8. Gily says:

    AOB on rehearsal lol

    1. Counsel says:

      Yeah most of them are AOBs who think the team they support are entitled to win everything

      1. Phil says:

        What on earth is this to do with the Topic Headline.So you two brainless idiots are now suggesting anyone who wants Wenger out is now a football hooligan.Have I got that correct?
        Counsel you have posted some pretty pathetic comments recently but this trumps the lot.

        1. PIRES says:

          A,O,B are not hooligans of course but they’r responsible of a lot of negativity surrounding the club

          1. Phil says:

            Really?You don’t believe it’s anything to do with how badly the team are performing YET AGAIN this season under the manager who has proved to a DECADE past his sell by date?But like Wenger YOU believe it’s all the fault of the fans don’t you?

          2. PIRES says:

            Dear phil
            the fans are there to support the team whoever is it’s manager ….not protesting after every single defeat…As for the decade of failure rubbish:If you can’t uderstand that we were restricted financially you’r beyond help

          3. Phil says:

            Pal -I do support my team.I support them through thick and thin.I would follow them wherever they are playing.I would be there Home and away if we were in Division Two.I would support them WHOEVER is the Manager.THIS IS WHAT YOU JUST DO NOT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND.
            But it is MY decision to do this and follow the Team and support the Club.It is also MY RIGHT to criticise WHO I WANT.You do not tell ME what I can DO and what I can SAY.My opinion seems to gather more support than yours on this site.THAT IS A FACT.I would suggest therefore that my opinions seem to be the same as THE MAJORITY.Yours obviously do not.
            Your own posts have been RIDICULED on this site on numerous occasions.Why?One because they are quite clearly proven to be a MINORITY view.And secondly because you spout the same old “Wenger I love you” rubbish all the time.
            Yeah I know-638 FA CUPS in the last 4 Years.2978Community Shields since February of last season.It really is quite pathetic mate.You never OFFER anything.You never ANSWER anything.You have been supported recently by some other Posters who quite clearly have a far better understanding of issues than you do.You seem to hide behind these “Saviours” of yours and shrivel off to the background hoping nobody notices.
            So Pires – For the first time ever ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS.
            1)Do you believe The Club is not progressing?
            2)Are you happy that we have gone from 2nd Place in the Premiership Title Race to 5th Last Season and are likely to finish in 6th place this Season?
            3) Who do YOU believe is responsible for this quite obvious backward spiral?
            4) The most popular CHANT in WORLD FOOTBALL at the moment seems to be this one
            “WE WANT YOU TO STAY
            WE WANT YOU TO STAY
            ARSÈNE WENGER
            WE WANT YOU TO STAY”
            This is sung by opposition supporters and NOT Arsenal fans.
            A) Why do you believe this is sung by these Fans?
            B)Do you know ANY Arsenal fans who sing this chant?
            C)Do you believe it is sung because it seems EVERY SINGLE CLUB WE PLAY SEEM TO RECOGNISE WHAT YOU OBVIOUSLY DONT?That by Arsene Wenger remaining as manager of Arsenal Football Club we will NEVER be a major force in football in this country again?

            You are on the spot now pal as you are very quick to offer your opinions.Now let’s see how you respond.

          4. jon fox says:

            A forensically brilliant dissestion of a mere child, pires. After Wenger , this kid, pires, is the most absurd person whose name is linked with other Gooners. But he won’t answer you. How could he! To be fair to him, he tries to be pleasant when he replies but his absurdity negates any decency he shows as a person. Hard, nay, impossible to respect or like a fool.

          5. Admin says:

            You lads need to stop these personal insults. Disagree with what he says but can we stop with the spiteful playground insults….. Any more will be deleted immediately

          6. Me says:

            Dear Pires
            The fans have a right to protest when the team and its senile manager either capitulate or just don’t even bother to turn up – especially when they are paying the highest prices in Europe to watch that garbage.
            And where are you when they are playing badly because I never see you there defending them except when they can scrape a few wins together (when its far too late i.e. 33 points too late)
            You just show up when they get an inkling of form to claim that Arsenal are in good hands, that we should “get behind the team” and be happy.
            That is you – a fair weather friend there to chastise those who dare to question anything…
            I have far more respect for those who are there to show concern for their club

        2. Counsel says:

          @phil you’re quick to insult us grow up and get circumsized

          1. Phil says:

            Counsel-This is very difficult for me to respond to.I would love the opportunity to discuss this in more detail face to face.But I dare say that is not something you would be willing to do would it?
            I would suggest that you did not like the previous and earlier reply.I was only noting what idiot would bring the AOB V AKB subject into a headline of ENGLAND FANS RIOTING IN AMSTERDAM.
            Well I’m not proposing to discuss on here about my old John Thomas unless you agree to as well.Thats providing of course you can find it and know what to do with it

          2. Gily says:

            Everybody is entitled to his own opinion. It’s either people agree to agree, or they agree to diagree. That’s maturity for me. No need to insult and call abusive names. It is a sign of immaturity and a need to grow up.

  9. OsloGunner says:

    These “fans” wont go Russia they know they will get their asses kicked but a friendly game where no trouble is expected you can be sure the English will give it the biggun , most of them are wa**ers on their own anyway , mugs.

  10. PIRES says:

    Let me tell you something:i read carefully what you say ,you JON FOX and KEN 1945 since you are our “elder brothers”, attending since the sixties(even if you,PHIL, are quit abusive with me, sometimes) therefore i respond to your enquiries:
    1-I believe we’r not progreessing but it’s essentially due to the finincial restriction and the spending power of our oppenents(even if Wenger is RESPOSIBLE partly with his dogmatic conception of economics )
    2-Going second to sixth is not of course what we could:should achieve but it been explained by my first answer
    3-I give attention to my fellow arsenal fans, like you ,what they are thinking,not to the oppenents(most of the PL clubs fans would give their lives to have a manager with the same success as Wenger over two decades,the first of dominating and the second of re-building the club after the stadium building)
    Now i am not against another manager if he can do better than the one we have but you must ,my friend, respect him for what he has done…..
    And just a last thing:you seem to laugh about my english ,you shouldn’t cause english is my third language after arabic and french;you should be proud that foreigners like me support your club.Thank you

  11. Ddog says:

    They probably think Brexit means they are part of great independent nation again just on the verge of ruling the waves once more…..Absolute idiots… and I was just arguing with my dutch girlfriend how football is beautiful sport that brings people together….am I wrong!?…not so sure now tbh.

  12. Phil says:

    Pires I’m amazed you have replied.
    1)So you agree we are not progressing.You blame it on our lack of spending power compared to other clubs.However we have spent far more than we ever have before.Do you not feel we are spending TOO much on the WRONG players.
    I absolutely hate comparing us to those dustbin lids up the road but let’s look at like for like comparisons. Mustafi £35m Dier £4m Who was brought as a defender and now plays mostly in midfield. Lacazette £50m Deli Ali £5m.Xhaka £35m Dembele £15m
    It’s not the players.I honestly believe they are all good enough.The problem is they are not COACHED properly.Who does this reflect on?Arsene Wenger.WENGER COACHES.NOT ME.NOT YOU.NOT THE FANS WHO BOTH YOU AND HE BLAME.Arsene Wenger.
    2)I do not agree the answer is covered.
    3)PIRES FOR GODS SAKE WAKE UP TO WHAT IS HAPPENING.They LAUGH at US.They LAUGH at WENGER.They chant this at AWAY GAMES.They even chant this at THE EMIRATES.Dont Just take my word for this as you can have this confirmed by anybody on this site.The song is so popular it is likely to be the UK entry into the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST.Its embarrassing to listen to but how can we argue
    Wenger has NOT been successfully for 2 decades.He was successful foSEVEN SEASONS.Look at the stats.Please do not quote FA CUPS or COMMUNITY SHIELDS.The BIG Competitions are the PREMIERE LEAGUE and the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.These are what we are measured on.Nothing else.
    In regards the Stadium Build,yes I agree we had a period of restricted financial restraint.But seriously if you look at the players he brought and the performances they gave you have to point the finger of accountability at WENGER and nobody else.This was his team his players his tactics.You should also bear in mind that during this period his own wages NEVER went down.So we go backwards and he gets paid more money.And we the fans pay the HIGHEST TICKET PRICES IN WORLD FOOTBALL for the privilege of a club spiralling down.
    So can you now explain WHY I should respect him for what he has achieved?As far as I’m concerned he has lost any respect I might have had for him over 10 years ago.Its the same with the players who left.Van Persie LEFT because he saw we had ZERO chance of EVER winning the league title.Same with Cesc.Even Thierry Henry left when he realised we as a club would NEVER seriously contend for the MAJOR honours again.
    Finally Pires I would say now that you do not probably deserve some of the comments that I have directed at you.Now that you have explained that you do not live in the UK I can only assume you are a young man with a deep love for Arsenal Football Club and so although I will not offer any apology for any previous comments I will in future refrain from being so personal with what I write in response to you.I totally blame KEN 1945 for this as I can’t think of anyone else.
    With that in mind I’m just about to google up how to have myself circumcised so as I can then at least start laying into Counsel instead of you.
    PS -I take it you speak 3 languages.Well I am obviously more educated than you as I speak the following
    I tried to learn Scottish but unfortunately I just could not understand a single word they were saying

    1. Gily says:

      Kudos for being multilingual. Language is not apart from cultures and customs. Those should have given you a wider and tolerant attitude toward other people’s opinions. Intead of that, all you have learned is to throw vituperations.

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