England inexplicably ignoring Ben White and Smith-Rowe is Arsenal’s gain

Emile Smith Rowe and Ben White not included in England’s squad? You must be kidding me! by Yash

Arsenal’s best player this season has arguably been Emile Smith Rowe. The attacking midfielder has six goal contributions in 12 games for the Gunners.

It’s not just the numbers at the final third where the Englishman contributes to this young Arsenal team, but also those cheeky one-twos and “that half turn” which prove to be a problem for the opposition constantly.

However, to every Arsenal fan’s surprise, he has not made it into England’s setup for their upcoming matches. Somebody please explain me how has it happened?

Jordan Henderson, Declan Rice, James Ward Prowse, Jude Bellingham and Kalvin Philipps are all central defensive midfielders. Is it too hard to imagine a team without one of them and instead installing Smith Rowe?

I don’t think so. The Hale End graduate could also have made the squad instead of Marcus Rashford and Raheem Sterling, who have not been very good by any stretch of imagination, in the past month.

Smith Rowe isn’t the only player that the Arsenal faithful are making a point for. It is Ben White too.

The former Brighton and Leeds United man has again been overlooked, despite being so robust for Arsenal at the back. And instead, who has Gareth Southgate selected?

Tyrone Mings and Conor Coady??? That’s hilarious.

My two conspiracy theories are:

  • Gareth Southgate has been on his sofa all week and has been smoking something very hard.
  • He hasn’t watched a single Arsenal game. And with how good Arsenal are playing at the moment, I’ll only blame him.

Now that the situation has transpired, let’s think positive. After the international break we have games against the likes of Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester United and Everton.

At least our players will enter the pitch feeling fresh and ready to go. And let’s just hope we gain maximum out of those four games.

For me, anything more than six points would be good. Let’s see how many we actually get.

Yash Bisht

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  1. ESR is not a central defensive midfielder. And he is nowhere near any of those you named. So, stop huffin whatever it is you’re huffin…

    1. NY really, tell me one thing that Jude Bellingham and Kalvin Philipps can do that Smith cannot do or even better.

      1. @lenohappy
        Make it into the England squad, for starters…😂😂😂😂
        You guys need to get off this kids jock and stop overhyping him.

      2. @Lenohappy,

        Kalvin Phillipps is a more of a DM. And he’s been okay.

        Jude Bellingham has been nothing short of amazing this season. And he plays CM. He’s first choice midfielder on the team sheet based on form, hands down.

        However, Coady or Mings are a strange pick.

  2. To be fair Albania have had a decent campaign so no surprise Northfence is staying with those who have served him well this season.
    The bonus for Arsenal is we now have two key players resting for Liverpool, Newcastle on the new manager bounz while Man United and Evernone are both looking vulnerable.

  3. we should know the type of players southgate like by now. ESR does not fit the description. If he could clone Mason Mount he would.

      1. If you think Philip who has been poor all season is currently in better form that Smith then I don’t know what football you have been watching. And you saying Smith is a kid, if Smith is a kid then what is saka what is Bellingham, Maguire who is a poor defender makes it but Ben couldn’t make it, bro I think you should start watching football.

        1. @Lenohappy
          You need to get out of ya feelins dude. There’s a reason he’s not in the squad and those other players are.
          Accept it, go munch on a bicki and chill…✌🏾

    1. They have plenty of time on their side.Patience is a virtue which seems to be lacking in so many today , but ironically,as you age , it becomes easier to get the hang of it.Southgate is a very cautious man by nature but loyalty in itself can be counterproductive when the quality of the opposition is top class which does not apply to any team in England’s group.Against top class opposition the likes of Coady, Mings and Maguire could well be found wanting.White, Tomori and Gomez are the future for England, that’s for sure and ESR will soon challenge Mount,and Grealish for a place in the team.I have excluded Foden from that group, simply because I feel he is the finest young English footballer I have seen in the past 20 years.

  4. So Mr Honesty, Gareth Southgate, who said he will only pick players who are in form, has included Kane and Maguire in his current squad.

    Neither player has been anywhere near their best, but our Gareth has selected them nevertheless.

    Showing he is no different to any other “person of responsibility” in society, you cannot believe what he says!!

    It is obvious he has his favorites, and he is going to pick them regardless of their current form.

    In this shallow world we live in, does “anybody” stick to their word anymore?

  5. I have no problem with our guys not getting selected – England are awash with qualty players who have yet to let Southgate down. As for comparing ESR with Bellingham and Phillips – firstly they are completely different players (Phillips is a DM and Bellingham is a BTB, whereas ESR is an AM, competing with Grealish, Mount and Foden) and secondly you have to play well over a prolonged period to get into this squad – look how long Grealish had to wait. ESR is simply not proven to be in their class yet.
    I agree that White is better than Coady and Mings (I still rate Maguire and Stone). as Ramsdale is better than Pickford.
    Loyalty to players performing badly in a losing team is pigheaded, but these guys have not yet let England down, and we keep winning. The adage of “don’t change a winning team” is valid here. I get Kane’s selection – we simply have no top class cental strikers making a case. Rashford’s section does baffle me though…

    1. @guy,

      Exactly my thoughts as well.

      Coady and Mings are weird picks again. They don’t offer much at the moment so Tomori/White could’ve easily been picked. I mean they have been picked before. Also I don’t see Walker as a necessary pick any more. James and TAA are younger and impressed me much more.

      Sterling is a weird pick too if you base them on form. He’s been dropped by City whole season..

      —— Ramsdale
      James – Maguire – Stones – Chilwell
      Foden – Rice – Bellingham
      Saka – Kane – Rashford

      This is what I would field.

  6. And for those STILL questioning AFC for shelling
    out big money for the former Brighton at the
    expense of the worlds greatest CB William Saliba
    I recommend you take a peak @ the highlights
    of the Marseiile/Lazio EL fixture. Wasnt a pretty
    picture for the young Frenchmen

  7. I think people need to relax and chill out. It’s getting too tribal and emotionally charged.
    Just because they are Arsenal players and we think they are playing better means nothing. I bet you all the other PL teams have players in their squads that they deem should have been included in the England sqaud.
    Ramsdale has been selected. Saka has been selected. You can’t have it all your way.
    And Saka has been in very poor form since the season started but I am yet to see or hear any of our Arsenal fans calling out Southgate for including an out of form Saka. Personal bias I call it.

    In this world you can’t have everything you want. We need to grow up and start reasoning like mature 21st century adults instead of just irrational people that use think with their emotions and feeling instead of mature reasoning.

    Because if all managers went with each individual’s personal opinion and suggestion then what would even be the point of a manager?

  8. My pbvioius question to Yash is this: why on Earth would any wise fan WANT our players to play for their country? It is far better for our team if they do not. Risk of injury, tiredness and overplaying .

    No real benfit at all IMO, UNLESS England are playing a rival top country, eg Belgium , France, Italy, etc., WHERE THE PLAYER WILL GAIN MORE FROM THE EXPERIENCE THAN THEY WIL LOSE IN EXTRA GAMES ON THEIR PLATE.

    But THAT is NOT the case here , so why wish it? Seems unthinking, to my mind!

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